Fight For My Way (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

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(Episode 13)
I love you too. I love you a lot.
That's why I hate it.
Can't you just support me?
Tak Su isn't an ordinary thug.
He's really good.
I heard he's a good fighter.
What's so wrong with losing?
I'd rather lose than to avoid him.
If I do, I'll regret it for another 10 years.
Even if he beats me, I want to give it my best.
You won't just lose.
You'll die.
Everyone's saying that you'll lose.
I looked up the comments. They're all saying that.
You'd be beaten to a pulp. They'll carry you out.
A new fighter won't be a match against Tak Su.
Then do you agree with them?
You said so yourself.
Other people don't know me.
You've seen me for 20 years.
You said you knew me better than anyone.
Do you agree with them?
Does it look like I'd lose against him?
Don't you think about the people worrying?
It's good that you are fighting again.
But it doesn't have to be against Tak Su.
Ae Ra.
I've been living with my head down.
My heart's finally racing again.
Can't you give me your trust?
Work is work, and this is personal.
We should eat tteokbokki together.
How is this different from when we were friends?
You still don't listen to me.
What did you say?
Why date me if you won't listen to me?
Why kiss me? Why say you love me?
Are you talking to yourself?
Are you?
You'll regret it when I dump you
and you're in the karaoke singing a sad song.
Are you going to dump me?
Are you really going to dump me?
Go away.
I told you to go away.
You were my underling when we were in school.
Don't act cute now.
Even if we're dating, I'll teach you manners.
Our ranking is as follows. I'm over here,
and you're still down there.
Do you understand?
- Hey. - What?
You're good at eating tteokbokki now.
Does your stomach not hurt anymore?
I guess not.
Am I still down there?
You were just an errand boy.
I won a stuffed animal.
It's pink
What's that?
I have to look for a new place.
We dated for six years.
It'd be weird to suddenly act like strangers.
But it doesn't make sense to live so close.
I'm looking for a new job too.
Sul Hee, why are you rushing?
If I have to do it at a certain point,
I don't want to be a coward and delay it.
Let's just
do it all in one go.
Sul Hee.
You don't listen, but your arm's crazy.
It feels like a wooden pillow.
Don't fall asleep.
It'd be embarrassing if Sul Hee finds out.
I'm going to leave soon.
Hey. Instead,
can you sing me a song? The one from Daecheon.
- What? Kim Wan Sun? - Yes.
How do you know that song anyway?
Dad used to sing it to me as a lullaby.
Is he a fan?
There's no way.
I bet Mom sang it for him.
It's okay.
My dad loved me twice as much.
I had you and Sul Hee. It wasn't so bad.
You guys always let me be the leader.
You two always saved the best stuff for me.
I don't think you ever talked about her.
I wouldn't know how to miss her
since I've never met her.
She was never there to begin with.
It's just You know.
Why did I bother bringing you food?
Did she make all these for you?
Did something happen? It's early for a visit.
I came because I was worried.
Why won't you pick up our calls?
Sul Hee wouldn't pick up either.
Did you call her?
She's the one that begged to come
to your sister's housewarming party.
Why are you inviting her? To make her do dishes?
When did we ever make her do that?
You don't say it, but you make her do them.
You shouldn't protect her. It's not any good for her.
I thought you came to drop off food.
Why are you cleaning the sink?
I'm doing it since I'm here.
This is why I hate it when you visit.
Why does that one have her arms up?
No reason. It's being punished.
Isn't it from Joo Man?
Did you two fight?
All men are the same.
You might think this one is better than that one.
Just be thankful he's not any worse.
It's all good as long as he's faithful.
Unless they cheat, they're all the same.
At least we know Joo Man would never cheat.
He's very fond of you. Am I right?
Next time you come, call me first.
Why? Because it'll make Sul Hee uncomfortable?
Do you two visit each other's houses?
It's okay. It's your loss.
Don't go visit each other's houses.
Oh, hello.
I didn't expect to see you here.
Hello. Have you been well?
I've been well, of course.
Why did you wear that?
Sul Hee is hard-working. She has a full-time job,
but she filled his fridge with food.
She must like Joo Man a lot.
He likes Sul Hee a lot too.
Yes, that's right.
Anyway, we should have the families meet
There's no rush.
Still, we have to consider Sul Hee's age, so
They're both getting older.
They're the same age.
You know Joon Hee's having her housewarming
at the end of the month, right?
Well I
Why would she go to that? She isn't going.
What? We're inviting her because she's like family.
She isn't family, so don't order her around.
When did I do that? Come on, now.
We broke up.
I'm sorry, Mother.
It's all my fault.
Sure. It's for the best.
You stalled marrying her
because you weren't all that into her.
How could I make her live in a tiny studio?
Why should she suffer like that?
Is that why you couldn't get married?
Did she say she wanted a house?
Like she would.
I said I won't get married if it isn't with her.
At least no one has to get a new sister-in-law.
Did Sul Hee really say she'll break up with you?
It's a good thing for her.
I'll never meet a girl like her ever again,
but she'd be loved anywhere she goes.
You know that.
Why did you guys break up?
I'm garbage.
That's why.
Joo Man.
Do you want to go home?
It's okay.
Your room has an air conditioner now.
I'm totally fine. I'm not a kid.
I won't die from breaking up.
No wonder you weren't talking about Joo Man.
- What? - You're all about him.
"Joo Man likes the mixed grain drink."
"Joo Man gets hot easily."
"Joo Man this," "Joo Man that."
I did not.
Now, don't think about Joo Man all the time.
Instead, think about yourself. What you like.
What you want. Live like that, okay?
You're the queen of your life.
Go already.
Don't cry. Make sure to eat, okay?
- Go. - Okay.
Call me.
Mom, she's our landlord.
Hello, ma'am.
Mom. Aren't you going to respond?
How have you been? I mean
Hello. It's nice to meet you.
Darn it.
Why are you tiptoeing? We didn't do anything.
Why are you acting like we did something?
Still, what if someone sees?
We did nothing.
Just say we're like army roommates.
What do I tell Sul Hee?
You should've woken me.
You said you'd lie down for just a minute.
You said you can't sleep unless it's in your bed.
I couldn't sleep.
Wipe the drool off your mouth.
Are you a dog? You sleep anywhere.
That wasn't drool. I didn't sleep.
Why is the orange shirt and 102
together so early in the morning?
You didn't both come out from 102, did you?
I'm not wearing it today.
You're right.
Don't hang out together so early in the morning.
Are you okay?
Do you feel sick?
Why did you go alone to get Lasik?
What was Nam Il doing?
Why do I need anyone?
I'm the only person I need.
Why don't you sit there?
Did your things not get delivered yet?
I don't need much. This is how I live.
You dress fancy,
but your home is so empty.
After a while,
your home tends to become like you.
Can you even cook?
I'll be fine soon.
They said it'll hurt only in the beginning.
It's that woman from Rose Photo Studio.
That woman is living upstairs from the kids.
Hwang Bok Hee from Rose Photo Studio?
Are you sure it's her?
How could I forget her face?
How could I mistake her? I'm positive.
When you slept over at Dong Man's before,
was it really to see Dong Man?
Help me with the back.
Did you really go to see Dong Man?
Why are you suddenly dying your hair?
What are you talking about?
Help me with the back.
Did you see someone else?
Like who?
What is it? Why are you staring at me?
Hwang Bok Hee.
Bok Hee from Rose Photo Studio.
You saw her, didn't you?
Bok Hee?
Did she call us?
Did she ask for me?
By any chance,
did Nam Il live in Seosan when he was little?
Doesn't he look familiar?
All babies look the same because they have no hair.
Is that it?
But this side looks more familiar to me.
Is this you when you were young?
Dong Man.
Make me some cup noodles before you go.
(Breast Cancer Prevention)
She seems all fancy on the outside,
but she's like a lonely, old woman on the inside.
Why are you coming from up there?
- Look, Mr. Kim. - Don't.
Take better care of your mom.
The day she's getting LASIK surgery
you shouldn't be out eating chicken alone.
Yes. I think you need to take better care of her.
I own a chicken place. I worked all night.
You sell chicken.
Why do you two care about my mom?
Why were you upstairs?
We prevented her accidental death
- Don't exaggerate. - And made her noodles.
You two must be really nice.
You're nosy and compassionate.
That's a horrible way to say thank-you.
Watch your step.
(Nam Il lives in Namil Villa)
Does that jerk keep talking to you?
Did you say you're dating a fighter?
He does look at me with that certain gaze.
Are you sure?
The last time too, he
Are you sure he was looking at you? You?
Why you little
Hey, it's me.
- What? I'm driving. - Listen.
Someone saw something.
What do you mean? Who saw what?
At the house the kids live in.
Just get to the point.
Don't call me at work and beat around the bush.
Hwang Bok Hee.
Hwang Bok Hee from Rose Photo Studio.
Did you get LASIK surgery?
Why don't you just wear glasses?
I don't look pretty with glasses on.
I want to be pretty until I die.
Stop eating cup noodles.
Stop thinking about that kid.
I feel upset and I want to lash out.
The real Nam Il
lives in Namil Villa.
Will you get a grip?
Why are you messing up something this basic?
- I can't get a grip. - What?
What are you talking about?
Excuse me. Your coffee's
Sul Hee's the only thing missing
and my whole life is falling apart.
Will you pick a background and point color?
I want a pink background and the point color
Do it in black.
- Okay. - Oh, and the jewels.
Can you use a lot? So it's really sparkly?
Would you like to choose?
They're all priced differently.
Use the most expensive ones.
Isn't this a new model?
Yes. I just got it.
I got a new phone and I'll fill it up again.
We got coaches to hone your ground skills.
Combine that with your judo moves and you'll win.
Are you sure only Jang Ho is training with Dong Man?
They both did taekwondo. How would they beat you?
They have no ground skills.
I bet they spend the day chatting and sparring.
I'm dying here.
You might die trying to train me.
No, no. I'll find you
a coach to teach you ground skills
even if it's part-time.
You must make a fortune selling sundae.
It's sundae season right now.
Sundae doesn't have a season.
- Don't look for a coach. - Don't make me talk.
I'll ask around the jiu jitsu
and wrestling community, so don't complain
and just do as I say.
How can we help?
Do you want to lose weight
A three-month deal gets you a discount.
Byung Joo, stop training and go home.
Well done. Bye.
So, did you
spend some money?
I tried to bribe people, but the RFC's
new representative is a stickler.
He grew up abroad
- and I can't get through. - Then
Make him get the message.
Make him want to talk to me.
Give him a bigger wad of money.
You're turning into a real scoundrel.
Coach Choi.
Why would you say that?
Win or lose, do one or the other.
Don't act like a scoundrel.
If a guy I trained for 15 years
goes down a scoundrel, I'll look bad.
You should watch what you say.
You are my coach and I your pupil,
but I'm your employer and you're my employee.
Fire me if you want.
Fine. Let him go. Just fire him.
I never liked him.
- Then you leave. - What?
You can be replaced. Coach Choi
is irreplaceable.
Don't say that.
We can always find another coach.
Guess why Jang Ho won silver in the Olympics.
Because that man won gold.
John Karellas.
Do you know him?
This tattoo is their mark.
One of the best Brazilian jiu jitsu families.
The Karellas.
You fought the second son.
The nephew he taught for fun
is John Karellas, the UFC legend.
I'm Karl.
My father lost all our family's money
from gambling.
We needed money for my wife's surgery,
so we had an embarrassing fight.
I'm ashamed and heartbroken.
I will sacrifice my body to pay you back.
My nephew is better than me.
Good luck.
Do you think
UFC legend John Karellas
- wants to teach you? - I think so.
It is a working visa.
Two months.
Guess what, Jang Ho.
I think I might just win.
- Thank you. - Thank you, thank you.
Your pink phone and pink nails
and pink face look like a set.
I used to have a fungus on my fingernails.
It's all gone now.
I see.
My nails got a bit wonky
and I got too embarrassed to ask buyers
for handshakes.
I see.
Yes, so I don't go often but only sometimes.
Can you
keep it to yourself?
We don't have to pinky swear. I won't tell.
I see, but I'm already waiting.
Then I won't tell anybody
you got your nails done
because of nail fungus.
I'll keep it a secret.
I don't have nail fungus anymore.
I just
I understand.
I have short and ugly nails.
That's not true. They're pretty.
Your fingers are pretty too.
You're pretty all over.
You're pretty all over,
and you even remember my name.
I'm happy.
You think I'm pretty?
Didn't you know?
You're very pretty.
I'm sorry, Mr. Kim.
That day, it was my fault
Ye Jin.
Do you want to go out for a drink?
Come on. Get up! Is that all you've got?
Tap. Tap.
No tap, Dong Man. No tap.
No tap when you're with me.
Tap, tap.
I want to tap. Yes tap.
Look at him, Coach.
I am
He keeps on going even when I tap out.
He'll kill me. He won't go easy.
If it's that bad, try saying it in English.
- What did you say? - You don't know English.
You have to deal with it.
I can't help you.
Why didn't they make athletes
study back then?
He should be compensated by the country.
Dong Man. You'll master
3 finishing techniques within 2 months.
Three? Okay.
- Enjoy. - Thank you.
I'm responsible for your breakup.
You were swayed by me too.
It might be difficult for you now,
but I'll wait for you.
Ye Jin.
After a long, long time,
I might meet someone other than Sul Hee. Even then,
it won't be you.
Why not?
You'll keep reminding me of her,
so how could I date you?
What do you mean?
It's not like I couldn't date you because of her.
I was swayed by you because of Sul Hee.
You reminded me of Sul Hee in the past.
When you broke the copier, got into an accident,
and got your skirt ripped when you were drunk,
I couldn't ignore you.
I think I broke it again.
Why do I always cause problems?
Why do I always cause problems?
I like you so much!
I want your attention.
I like you so much, Manager Kim.
I want your attention.
It wasn't that you liked me?
That was why?
It was my mistake.
I broke up with Sul Hee,
but I have no intention of dating you.
This is why I wanted to talk to you.
You shouldn't go on a date by a food truck.
The date's been set already.
I'm turning 30 next year.
I think I should finish my 20s with passion.
That's how I feel.
There's no guarantee I'll be better next year.
Let's try something.
Ae Ra doesn't like it.
I don't want you to do it.
Don't talk about passion. It's all rubbish. Gosh.
Dong Man is sad.
Ae Ra keeps saying that Dong Man can't fight.
That makes me sad. I'm so mad.
(He's mad that Ae Ra won't let him fight.)
Dong Man, I'm holding a knife.
(Results of Cheongju KBC announcer interview)
(You have passed the 2nd interview.)
Why did they pass me?
I messed it up, so why?
Ae Ra.
What is it?
No, I mean
What is it?
I mean
This address was on the GPS.
Dong Man was on the show,
but I didn't give him the gift card.
I got his address to send it to him by mail.
So I wanted to talk to him.
About what?
He won't be on your show.
Take this first.
These are fruits. There are strawberries too.
You like strawberries.
Since that day, I don't eat strawberries.
Ae Ra, I'm not the same Kyung Koo anymore.
I really wanted to see you and Dong Man
I don't believe that people change.
Don't ever come back.
She's making me so mad.
Hey, push for the broadcast.
I'll take care of it. Just do it.
Don't cry.
I'm going to make fun of you
until your third grandson becomes an adult.
What is it?
What? Why?
Do you feel like you're going to die?
Is your whole world falling apart?
You know how people say you have a diaphragm,
but you don't feel or have any problems with it,
so you don't know it's there.
It's like that's gone now.
I can't breathe
Why are you mentioning your diaphragm?
Did you go to medical school?
You die without it.
It's a scary thing.
- The diaphragm? - Don't act like you know.
Diaphragm. I know how that feels.
No, he doesn't. He never had a girlfriend.
What? I never had what?
I can do it too. I'm a big fan.
I mean
See? He has no idea. He was always single.
Let's drink.
Let's drink.
You must really like sundae.
What are you doing?
I'm hungry.
Can't you be bold like your usual self?
Be cool and give me your support.
I was never cool.
When I think about you getting beat by Tak Su,
it makes me feel queasy.
I wish you wouldn't do it.
You had moved on and you forgot about him.
Don't fight Tak Su again.
I never forgot about him, not for a single day.
- What? - I acted like I forgot
doing the many odd jobs.
Even when I was dead beat tired,
I kept on dreaming about November 3, 2007.
I would always be at that match.
I would lose every time.
I'd fall, and I wouldn't get up.
- Hey. - When I opened my eyes,
I acted like I was fine and went to work.
I just kept on going in circles in a fish tank.
I acted like I wasn't thinking.
I only went out to kill ticks.
You're the best simpleton I know.
Why didn't you tell me you were suffering?
It took me
10 years to get back in the ring.
Just let me do it. Please?
You're such a pain.
Why did I have to move to Seosan?
We should have moved to Dangjin.
Hey, if you want to quit, just walk out.
Just call me after you get out.
No matter where you are, I'll find you in an hour.
I wish you were a man. Too bad.
Hurry up.
By the way, Ae Ra.
You two shouldn't date.
- What? - Men and women change.
I don't want you two to become like us.
To me, you guys look really cute.
Open up.
Don't try anything funny.
Hurry, hurry, hurry,
hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
What about Sul Hee?
She went to work.
- Is she okay? - Of course not.
I feel so bad for her, I can't tell her about us.
I couldn't tell Joo Man either.
What are you going to do about Jang Kyung Koo?
I'll talk to him in person and decline.
What about Tak Su?
I didn't ask for a kiss.
So you have the interview today?
Is it what you really want to do?
Don't change the subject.
If you really fight him, I won't see you anymore.
No more kisses. It'd be over.
I don't need you to do anything for me.
Get on.
- Pardon? - I'll drive you.
- You don't know where - It doesn't matter.
I'll drive you anyway.
I'm interested in you.
It's bothering me,
but it's also interesting.
You should know that my boyfriend is a fighter.
Also, I'm a psycho.
A psycho?
Also, I hate handsome and rude men.
Am I handsome?
Anyway, I have no interest in you.
You never know.
You might end up seeing me forever.
Have you been drinking?
Ladies and gentlemen,
in a few minutes, Korea's MMA tournament
is scheduled to begin here.
Welcome and thank you for attending.
Everyone's hearts race after a tournament ends.
The announcer to say the first words
must be passionate like no other.
I need my stuff
(From Sul Hee: I need my stuff)
This bamboo salt spray is good for rhinitis.
Does it only have bamboo salt in it?
- Here. - Ouch!
What is it?
- It stings. - Does it hurt?
Blow it out.
I just want to enjoy the small things with you.
- It'll be sweet - Small things?
Small things
Why must happiness be so small?
Sul Hee said small things made her happy.
Her sacrifice was kind,
and it wasn't small either.
It filled up the whole place.
Explain this.
You practically lived with me.
Why is this all I have?
You just wore my worn out shirts,
but why do you use only free samples?
I hated that you did this!
Seeing you do this made me want to get promoted,
and made me work harder and longer hours
so that you wouldn't act so poor.
Did I ever ask for that?
Did I say that mattered?
It didn't matter to you, but it did to me!
I'm sure it did.
Your blogger friends live in nice houses,
have nice sinks,
and bake cookies in nice ovens,
and you post comments that their houses are nice.
Did I ever say I envied any of them?
I just hated that.
That's why I found
all those businesses with popular items
and worked hard to make commission.
I guess I was just a burden to you.
Is that why you delayed our wedding for six years?
Sul Hee.
How could I make you live in a studio?
Look, I knew I couldn't
give you the best of the best,
but I wanted to give you at least the average.
It hurt my pride too much
to say something this pathetic,
but I wanted to have at least an annual lease.
I worked to the bone for six years,
but that "average" was too hard to reach.
Nam Il?
- Here you go. - Thank you.
- Here. - Thank you.
That should be right.
Why don't you ever pick up the bowl from upstairs?
I always do.
She orders every day.
I see.
Why are you asking?
If you know each other, would you order together?
She always orders just one bowl.
Have you ever seen her?
She pays on the app and says to leave it.
She hasn't been ordering the past few days.
Let's go in.
- Enjoy! - Thanks.
Chun Gab.
What is this?
You said you'd never return.
What are you thinking?
I never planned on coming back.
Imagine how bad it was that I did.
Darn it.
I got a text from Cheongju KBC
for the final round of interviews.
RFC called too.
I made the final round.
Maybe we should've celebrated tonight.
But they're both on Friday.
What will you do?
I don't know.
I have to think about it.
Is that for Sul Hee?
She isn't feeling well.
Then Joo Man?
Why would I bring him food?
Don't tell me
Yes. It's for the woman upstairs.
Hyung Shik.
What are you thinking?
What are you doing here?
Who is it now?
Maybe she's out.
Maybe we should pretend no one's home.
She's home. She just turned off the light.
You're right.
You idiot.
What do we do?
Is the bell broken?
What is it? What?
Let me bring this in.
- No. - Excuse me.
No. Wait. What's wrong with you?
What are you doing?
It's awkward ordering just one dish.
I never asked for this.
Do you like to pour or dip?
- Pour. - I see.
Is someone else here?
Who would be here?
Oh, Nam Il isn't home?
Nam Il?
Is that him?
What's going on? Why are they here?
Someone is in here.
I don't understand.
Why do I have to hide in here with you?
It's hurting my pride.
Same goes for me.
Wait. You dropped it off, so leave.
Hold on.
There were several break-ins nearby lately.
Pull your toes in.
She's got incredible survival instincts.
Why couldn't she go home to sleep?
Why is she torturing me?
How does she fall asleep so easily anywhere?
Aren't you going home?
Wake up!
You'll get mosquito bites!
Darn it.
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