Fight For My Way (2017) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

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Who is it?
Is it Ko Dong Man?
What do we do?
I'll lift.
Every storm in life
comes when you have your guard down.
(The Calm Before The Storm)
(Episode 14)
There were several break-ins nearby lately.
- Hey. Dong Man. - You scared me.
I said to be quiet.
There's no one here.
Don't be an idiot. Let's go.
What? I'm sure there's someone here.
Darn it.
Hey. I'm sure there's someone in there.
I saw their toes.
Why are you so clueless?
What do you mean?
It's her private life.
- What? - I noticed
she was wearing lipstick.
Why would she be wearing lipstick at home?
It's her boyfriend.
Why were you so clueless and looking around?
So that's why
So this is what woman's intuition is.
By the way,
have you ever seen Hye Ran come out?
I never see her.
Why do you care?
Go in.
What? Are you going to follow me in again?
Don't come over anymore.
It's too hard for me.
You sound like I do something to you
or something.
You do make it hard for me.
This isn't an army barrack.
How long
a man and woman
What is this? Dong Man's self-control test?
Sleep in your home.
Why were you hiding in there?
Mom, who are these men?
Which one of them is it?
Madam Hwang's one and only son.
I'm Kim Nam Il.
I know why you guys are here,
but don't tell me to hide anymore.
You've been doing fine. What's gotten into you?
Was I
doing fine?
I was never fine. Not once.
For the past 30 years,
I have never stopped being a mom.
You know that.
Why tell him now?
Is it still bad
if he's Hwang Bok Hee's son?
- What a shame. - Darn it.
- His legs grew weak. - It is.
His legs What? What is it?
So? Will you really get weighed in tomorrow?
Why are you kicking your boyfriend like that?
Why are you dating if you do whatever you want?
What am I? A house plant?
Yes. That's right.
Your interviews overlap tomorrow, right?
Which one will you go to?
Did I complain about your doing MMA?
I'm saying not to fight Tak Su. Why you
Hey. Turn down the TV.
What is that sound?
She's home.
She is, right?
What's it to you?
Why do you care?
(Explanation of Conditions for Alimony)
(You shall not speak about the family.)
When did Bok Hee have such a grown-up son?
Why are you so serious?
Who says I am?
Should we see the kids
since we're here anyway?
Your non-functioning brain was always your problem.
What will you tell them you're here for?
Will you say you came to see Bok Hee?
By the way, why did you come here?
We live in Bucheon.
Why does it matter where you live?
We live in Bucheon.
There's a bus that comes directly here.
You call that an excuse?
What gibberish.
What? Whatever.
A good luck charm.
They're so funny though.
Maybe your yelling at them made an impact on them.
Is it something like, "You're the first ever"
"to fight back at me"?
Choi Ae Ra?
As someone with more life experience,
let me give you some advice.
Please don't.
You won't pass me anyway.
Then don't hurt me. I
I have the right not to be hurt.
Let's go.
The ring announcer interview is also today.
Why did it have to overlap like that?
Have you set your mind for the TV station
and not the octagon?
Of course.
It's been my dream ever since I was six.
Was your dream to be an announcer
or to be behind the mic?
- What? - As your boyfriend
and friend who has watched you for 23 years,
let me give you some advice.
To be honest,
you're not announcer material.
Why are you putting me down before my interview?
Your skills would be wasted sitting on a chair.
A moron should fly freely.
An announcer seems
like the major league.
I want to be in there too.
Isn't wherever you are the major league for you?
Isn't wherever you like the major league for you?
Just do
what makes your heart pound.
But how could I pass up the announcer spot?
That would be insane.
- Tak Su. - What?
- Isn't he - John Karellas?
What is he doing here?
Get some photos.
Hang on.
Why is he here?
Why did you come to Korea?
I've come here to train the first Asian fighter
to represent my family.
Is that the only reason you came to Korea?
Because of him?
Focus on him.
I'm just here to be in his shadow.
He's the one that's got to step in the ring.
John, when did you hear about Dong Man?
- Sorry, sorry. - Since when
- Let us through. - Can we have a moment?
What's going on?
Excuse me, wait.
Pose for the cameras.
Number 11, Choi Ae Ra.
Is Choi Ae Ra present?
Choi Ae Ra is present.
What you like to do is the major league for you.
Do what makes your heart pound.
The core strategy to make MMA more popular
would be to target women.
Ring girls are the only females in the octagon.
But they don't grab the females' attention.
A professional woman who hosts matches
in front of fighters, not beside them.
That's what you need to captivate female viewers.
Isn't a female announcer too unconventional?
It's not unconventional. It's innovative.
Let's just wing it.
If you don't give me the job,
I'll apply to be your competitor's announcer.
That means you will lose Korea's first ever
female ring announcer
to your competitor.
I'm running short on time right now.
Oh. Okay.
I think we're done here. You're it.
- What? - You're hired.
But why?
Just like that?
You did well. You've got spunk.
Excuse me. To the back of my resume
I attached the Master's I got from England.
You don't need a Master's to talk into a mic.
In the ring, it's all about competence.
I really like this place.
You're on for the upcoming big match.
That's a bit
We already hired someone for that.
Why is John Karellas in a sundae uniform?
Why is he coaching Dong Man?
I can't believe we must deal with such a variable.
Take it away from him. Take everything away!
Offer him more money than Jang Ho did.
Tak Su, do you think this is about money?
He won't work with you even for a fortune.
Burn down their gym,
have John deported,
or bribe the referees!
Do something!
Something tells me you already lost.
What is it?
Why are you like this?
I don't want to do it even for a fortune.
- What? - 15 years ago
Dong Man came to me first, before going to Jang Ho.
I noticed his talent
but fell for your family's money.
Jang Ho took a steel ax and became a general.
My pupil of 15 years and I became scoundrels.
I'm sorry I couldn't raise you properly.
Why must it be her?
If a celebrity's involved, more people show interest.
Ms. Park came to a match and that was a big issue.
What does celebrity status have to do with MMA?
Our representative was raised abroad.
He doesn't know how we do things.
Can you show us what you can do?
Are you asking me to audition?
I was asked to donate my time and talent.
I heard we offered you 10 times what she'll get.
That's not a donation.
A 10 times the price, you must do that much better.
Isn't that common sense?
Why? Do you lack the confidence?
It's not about confidence. It's about self-esteem.
passed. I passed.
Just like that.
You beat Park Hye Ran.
I guess.
I didn't mean what I said earlier.
I hope we get along.
Yes, I hope so.
I didn't think Ms. Park would really show up.
I heard she doesn't have any work.
It must be true.
Why doesn't she have work?
Her ex-in-laws don't want to
see her on TV.
She can't return to mainstream TV.
The online comments are vicious.
I'm surprised she's still around.
Why is she taking a bus instead of driving?
This bus will take us to our neighborhood.
Follow me until we get home.
Why would I follow you?
- How much? - 1 dollar and 30 cents.
Just a moment.
- Two people. - Okay.
Multiple passengers.
No way. It's Park Hye Ran.
She ditched her boyfriend to marry an heir.
I don't care about you. Crawl under a rock.
I bet we can still find that photo.
Here's a link.
(Forever Hani and Mani)
What am I to tell Sul Hee, then?
I'm not exactly homeless
I can't say I slept at Namil Bar again.
Should I sleep alone when my match is tomorrow?
Don't I need to recharge myself?
- Should we just tell her? - Would you?
Are you serious?
You came onto me first.
I want to hit your face with my elbow right now.
Hey. You can't say that to your boyfriend.
Are those plums?
They're peaches.
Plums are so good these days, right?
They're peaches.
Why are you outside? Aren't you going in?
I was about to.
Let's go. Disperse.
Sul Hee.
I'll sleep with Ae Ra tonight.
My match is tomorrow.
I need her tonight.
Can you let me borrow her?
You see Sul Hee. The thing is
I will.
Take her.
Hey, sundae.
Are you closing for the day?
I'm not sundae. I'm Jang Ho.
Jang means "general", and Ho means "tiger".
I need to ask you for a favor, honey.
That's not what I meant.
Are you going to do me the favor?
Can you keep a secret, honey?
I'll do anything you ask.
Keep this for me.
Keep this and then
My girlfriend is the best.
You made it in one shot.
If I win tomorrow, would you interview me?
So make sure you win.
I won't interview Tak Su ever.
I will.
Are you scared?
Are you a little bit scared?
Stop being honest.
Just say you're not scared.
It took me 10 years to earn 15 minutes.
I won't lose.
So don't worry.
Dong Man.
During those 15 minutes,
I won't blink once.
I'll be watching you the entire time.
I'll be right by the octagon.
I'll protect you so that nothing happens to you.
You're so tiny,
but you always talk about protecting me.
No matter what, it'll be over in 15 minutes.
Once you open your eyes, I'll be in front of you.
To be honest
I want to make sure you don't wake up.
I want to anesthetize you
while you sleep and
Stop crying.
I won't lose so that I won't see you weep.
If I just think you're an okay guy,
I'd say go ahead.
But I don't simply like you. I really
I really, truly like you.
So I can't just say that.
How do I say yes?
Why are you confessing your feelings again?
You're awfully cute.
I'm sorry,
but I like you so much
that I can't do it.
You love me so much
that you want to protect me?
I like you so much
that I can't stop myself today.
You're like a dog.
You're so fluffy.
Did you really anesthetize me?
I don't want to get up.
Do you want to just sleep in?
I'll take care of Coach Hwang.
You know what?
I thought
I liked you so much these days.
I liked you so much that I wondered
if it's possible to like someone so much.
That was all nothing.
Since yesterday,
I like you
500 times more.
Why are you so frank, you punk?
You're going to give me arrhythmia.
How did I resist you for 20 years?
I must be an idiot.
Do you
like me that much more?
I like your potbelly,
your short limbs,
and even your smell.
You smell
like my favorite dish,
seaweed soup.
I like you so much.
Why would I smell like seaweed soup?
Do you want to go in together?
What a bully.
I'm so embarrassed.
I don't want to think about it.
I thought you said you'd protect me.
It should be between just the girls.
What do I tell her?
I should've dried my hair at least.
Ae Ra.
Are you coming with me?
Good luck.
It's so nice out.
I think we can hang our laundry outside.
It's practically summer.
It is July, you know.
You resisted for 20 years,
but you finally gave in.
Don't just come in by unlocking my door.
Are you my girlfriend?
What are up to?
You cried, didn't you?
You did. You cried.
I just yawned.
Did you get dumped?
Is your diaphragm all tattered?
Don't use my diaphragm as your joke.
Stop embarrassing yourself and get up.
Joo Man.
I've known you for 10 years,
but I've known Seul Hee for 20.
If you two fight, of course I'm on her side.
Get out. Get out.
Sul Hee is more than 99 percent kind.
She's 100 percent kind.
She's unbelievable. She's too good for you.
She's an angel.
But I can't trust any other guy.
You're the best out of them all.
So just go down and beg her.
- But in that house - What about it?
Ae Ra's there too.
I have a match today.
Of course the four of us should have breakfast.
That has been our custom.
Why are you being like that to Joo Man?
It's okay.
I like wooden chopsticks.
There are only three eggs.
I'm okay.
I have high cholesterol.
Since when?
Sul Hee, come eat.
Even Joo Man's eating, so why shouldn't you?
Ae Ra.
- is this? - What is it?
Is this a fraud?
Sul Hee, is your plum wine for sale?
I've wanted to buy the mulberry wine.
What's wrong with them? Why do they want my wine?
Could it be fraud?
You'd getting money. It can't be.
If anything, you'd be the scammer.
You could get the money, and not send the wine.
- Do you think so? - There are many weirdos.
It's because you make it nice and neat.
Everyone wants to buy it.
I'll buy it too.
Drunk Fairy wants to buy it too.
That's a suspicious nickname.
I guess they all wanted to try it.
After that one inquiry, there are a whole bunch.
What's going on?
How much should I sell them for?
Let's think about the prime cost.
How much profit do you want to make?
- I'm not sure. - Net income should
take incidental costs into consideration
- 70 cents? - Say it's not for sale.
80 cents.
That's not even bus fare to the post office.
Then, a dollar and 10 cents.
- Think about it. - What?
What is it?
Is it too expensive?
(Dongchun Gymnasium)
I heard a lot about you. It's nice meeting you.
Sir, thank you for being accommodating.
Of course I should help.
I told you I'm fine.
I'm not scared.
Why are you sighing
when your man's about to go to the battlefield?
Why are you hitting me on the head?
I take back telling you to win today's match.
- What? - You can lose.
It's okay even if you lose.
So tap out.
If it hurts, tap out. You better tap out.
I didn't even start. You want me to tap out?
If you don't,
I'll go up there and ruin the game.
I'll go over the fence.
Fine, fine.
I'll tap out if I feel like I'm dying.
I'll go on my back and call it quits.
But if I can stand it,
I'd win properly. It won't be half-baked.
This punk's eyes are on fire again.
That's why you should do your best today too.
Show them what you got.
Last week,
I drank with Mr. Kim until 11pm.
You don't have to tell me anymore.
He turned me down right at 8pm.
He only talked about you for three hours.
Mr. Kim
will pick you over Mansour's daughter.
Mr. Kim, we should go home.
What? To be honest
Be careful.
It doesn't matter
if your family owns Granny Park's Pig's Feet.
Even if the daughter of Mansour comes to me,
I'd still pick Sul Hee.
I get you, okay?
Sul Hee
is prettier than Kim Tae Hee.
She looks like Lee Young Ae.
You're like Park Bo Gum and Lee Young Ae.
And her hair
That hair only looks good on Sul Hee.
That's why it's pretty. If you do it
Same goes for me.
Out of the guys I've liked,
you're the fattest.
Why did I end up
breaking up with Sul Hee?
Gosh. I deserve to die.
Because of you, he
He had been rejecting me from the start.
Did you say you live in Oksu-dong?
That's the direction I'm going.
Do you want a ride?
Get on, get on.
Hurry up and get on.
I'm okay. I have somewhere to go.
Do you want to eat it together?
Next time. I'll gather all the interns
and treat you to tteokbokki.
Ye Jin.
I want you to stop.
I'd prefer it if you'd stop.
Even when he said no,
I thought he didn't mean it.
What is it that you want to say?
I didn't want to draw Mr. Kim in it,
but I did anyway.
Why are you giving this to me?
To feel at ease.
I don't want to be punished
for making someone so kind cry.
It's killing me inside.
I really wanted
to sincerely apologize before I go.
Are you going somewhere?
Great work.
- Great work. - Great work.
Since it's the company's anniversary,
I'll just consider this my goodbye party.
Gosh, how can we do that?
We can't send you to England like this.
Ye Jin, I hear British men are really dashing.
I won't take interest in men anymore.
I'll focus on studying.
Sul Hee, I was wondering
"Sul Hee"?
When are you going back there?
Do you want to go with me next time?
It's more fun to go with others.
Sure. I'll see if I have time.
Chan Ho. Here.
Thank you.
I feel like I'll die if I eat this.
It's cooked to perfection.
You haven't tried it, right?
I guess the weekend isn't so good, right?
You probably have plans, right?
You must have a boyfriend, I assume.
Stop poking around, you punk.
I guess you don't know, Chan Ho.
"Chan Ho"?
I had one,
but we broke up recently.
Excuse me! We need more charcoal!
Hello. Thank you for coming.
Tonight, here at Grand Dongchun,
the greatest MMA league in the nation, RFC,
will have its 38th competition.
We welcome all of you here today.
We ask that you give the athletes
endless support and encouragement.
This is not your last fight, but your first.
Avoid injuries at all cost.
Don't get caught up in his pace.
You're not ready for the ground. Remember.
It took me 10 years to get here, Coach.
I'll fight with no regrets.
Open up.
Enjoy yourself.
Who is it?
Which one?
Which of the two is it?
The fight will consist of three rounds.
Im Tae Wook will be the head referee.
Clean fight. Take your corners!
Ready? Fight!
I told you to put a plate under it! It's dangerous!
Excuse me. Please remove the grill.
Mr. Kim. Are you okay?
Sul Hee, are you okay?
Ko Dong Man is evading Kim Tak Su's attacks.
What was that?
Kim Tak Su took a hard blow just now.
Hey. I'm positive he wobbled just now.
He's stunned right now.
Are you okay?
Tak Su. Standing won't work.
Bring him to the ground.
Stay alert and off the ground.
Mess with his psyche. Okay?
Make him lose his temper.
And then drag him down onto the ground.
Clean! Clean!
Ready? Fight!
I'm sure no one expected
this fight to turn out this way.
Kim Tak Su's in top shape today.
So why is he fighting like this?
Come down. Come down, you punk.
Don't fall for it! Stay off the ground!
Come down.
Ko Dong Man seems to be avoiding the ground.
But you can also say Kim Tak Su is avoiding
fighting Ko Dong Man while standing.
What? Are you afraid of the ground?
Your sister sits all the time,
so you want to fight standing?
No, Dong Man!
Intentional headbutting
is difficult to tell if you make it look good.
If you trail behind, headbutt him.
Let's just aim for a no-decision.
Darn it.
If you make it look like you led the fight,
I'll take care of the media afterward.
Where else can you get hurt?
What are you doing?
It's a spell.
So that you don't get hit wherever I kiss you.
So that you don't get hurt.
My ears hurt.
Don't get hit in the eye.
Here too.
- Here? - Yes.
- Here too. - Here?
Here too.
- There too? - I think it'll get hit.
I could not
move my feet at all.
Two, please.
Come in.
Darn it.
It's serious.
Coach, I'm fine.
I'm really fine.
I'm okay.
Don't stop the fight.
I can fight!
I'm going to fight!
Coach. Don't let them stop the fight.
Stop them.
Don't let them stop the fight!
Don't stop it! I can fight!
At 2 minutes 17 seconds,
due to Ko Dong Man's injury
from an accidental illegal strike,
the fight will end as a no contest decision.
I can still fight!
I said I'd fight until the bitter end!
Why? I said I can fight!
Don't stop the fight! I won't stop!
I won't stop!
Darn it.
Are you sad?
But Mom,
you don't like hearing me
call you "Mom" anymore, right?
There are many abandoned dogs recently.
But you know,
of all the many reasons why dogs are abandoned,
there is one very beautiful
and cruddy reason.
When a baby comes along, the loving parent
abandons the dog that they raised.
What are you trying to say?
It's only natural to bite
if someone takes what's mine.
I told you
not to touch the kids.
Anyway, Mom
What did you do
with the flip phone?
Punk. Why didn't you just come
Please give us a statement about the fight.
It's obvious I was leading the fight.
I'm disappointed
it was stopped because of his injury.
It's only a no-decision by technicality.
- An injury shows lack - Tak Su.
Is your head okay?
Where were you?
Your head.
Tak Su!
- Tak Su! - Tak Su!
- Tak Su! - Tak Su!
- What's wrong? - Tak Su!
- Tak Su. - Excuse me.
Tak Su.
Hey. Give me a call from the hospital.
I will.
Tak Su.
Come with me, punk. You need to see a doctor.
You must've been scared.
Sorry. I'm sorry, Ae Ra.
I told you to tap out.
Coach said to avoid the ground!
I'm fine.
Why are you dating me if you do as you please?
Why do you say you love me?
Sorry. I messed up.
wasn't hurt much.
So it's all good, right?
Didn't you see Tak Su get wheeled away?
Can't you not do this?
You realize how cruel you're being to me?
No matter how many times I see you get hit
No matter how many times
I just can't do it.
I can't stand to watch it!
If you insist on keeping this up, I won't date you.
I won't.
Ae Ra.
I'm telling you to stop.
Ae Ra!
What's wrong?
Dong Man.
What's wrong? What is it?
Tell me! What is it?
Why are you talking like that?
Why won't you make a sound?
Why is everything so silent?
Why is it so quiet? Why?
The storm passed
and the world grew dark.
Should I turn off the lights?
Don't bother asking.
They're off.
(Fight For My Way must abide by the Age15 rating)
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