Fight For My Way (2017) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

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- Ae Ra. - I'm telling you to stop.
Ae Ra!
What's wrong?
Dong Man.
What's wrong? What is it?
Tell me! What is it?
Why are you talking like that?
Why won't you make a sound?
Why is everything so silent?
Why is it so quiet? Why?
The storm passed,
and the world grew dark.
(Episode 15)
I wasn't expecting you.
Lie down.
I said to lie down.
Shouldn't we talk first?
You can't treat your own back.
Why did you do it?
Why did you
You're being ridiculous right now.
It's okay with me
if you date Chan Ho.
I'll wait.
I wish you wouldn't go out with him,
but even if you do,
I'll wait for you.
You can hurt me.
You can hurt me all you want,
but I'll still wait for you.
Do I have to go out with Chan Ho
just to hurt you?
I will
wait for you until I turn 50.
Do as you wish.
I'm not the same Baek Sul Hee from before.
I won't fall for your lame tricks.
Sul Hee. Why are you talking like Ae Ra?
Back in the Joseon era,
they branded people for cheating.
You stubbed your toe while moving Ye Jin's packages.
You burned your back on the coal today.
You're being punished.
So I don't feel bad one bit.
I'm just putting cream on it for you, that's all.
Get down.
Get down.
What happened?
Is he okay?
He has a concussion,
which is why he couldn't hear temporarily.
Based on the scans,
the damage isn't severe,
so he'll be fine soon.
Thank you.
The problem is
there's a hairline fracture
in his temporal region.
To be honest,
I cried a little
when I saw that flip phone.
A little?
No, I cried a lot.
That flip phone is the only way to show
how the real Hwang Bok Hee's life was,
rather than the clown Hwang Bok Hee.
Keep it safe for now.
I thought
you were a warrior
who wasn't fazed by anything, but
But it turns out I'm a crybaby?
Not at all. You seem even cooler.
I was young,
I was an assistant at Rose Photo Studio.
I just really liked being in front of the camera.
When I met my husband, I decided to give it up,
but the fire
within me wouldn't go out.
I wanted to be in front of the camera
and be an actress.
So that's why
you auditioned for that movie.
I heard the odds were 1,000 to 1.
I hid it in order to beat
those 1,000 to 1 odds.
Back then,
no one wanted a new actress with a child.
That's when my life started to get messed up.
Come on. It wasn't completely messed up.
You were the fairy in the posters in my room.
The path I chose
was a thorny one.
Dong Man, it's time to eat.
Wake up already.
Dong Man slept for days.
Your First Lady Choi.
- That's right. - Yes.
Let's see how he does in the next round.
Please give him a big round of applause.
That's right.
A red hat
I'm a clown that always smiles
The blue smile
(The Clown Always Smiles at Us)
Are tears that no one sees
I'll really be on TV?
It's an MMA show,
so the demographic is small,
but it's a famous show among fans.
But why am I
We've always had male hosts,
and they all seem the same after a while.
Above all else,
I thought you'd show innovation and spunk.
So I recommended you.
The production director saw your video,
and approved you right away.
It's a bit pricey
to sell on a home shopping show, so
we could throw in sauces to make it a package.
Mr. Kim, would you like the claws and the gut
Anyhow, we should give customers more options
to make a strategic approach.
What strategy?
Mr. Kim, are you okay?
One moment please.
Are you crying?
It's my first pay.
I wanted to treat you to something nice,
so I looked all over Cheongdam-dong.
- Joo Man. - What should we get?
Cheese? Chili?
I heard from somewhere
that steamed cockroaches
taste the same as lobsters.
- What? - You know
I'm a bit grossed out. I can't eat this.
Let's go somewhere else.
You're worried about the bill, aren't you?
Isn't 57 dollars too much though?
It's just an insect from the sea.
Sul Hee, can't we just enjoy our time?
Sure. Go ahead and order.
Why are you giving me the whole thing?
Are you going to eat fries only?
Whenever you do this,
I get kind of emotional.
What's wrong, Joo Man?
Why is your nose flaring again?
Why are you making me look like a bad guy?
Don't do that. You'll upset me.
I'll eat the tail.
Forget it. Just
Stop this.
You should stop now.
Sul Hee, I cried at work today.
I made a fool out of myself.
I know. It's the talk of the office.
Chan Ho knows we used to date now.
That's a good thing
We dated for 6 years and we had 2 bad months.
The rest was really good.
Can you forget all of that?
I missed the six years we dated for,
but because of the last two months,
I don't want to go back to it.
I saw you change.
I can't do it again.
You changed too.
Why are you acting like you didn't?
How did I change?
You were never worried about anything
and you were naive. You were just a pure
white puppy.
Why are you talking about a puppy?
After you met me, you became mature
and started becoming conscious of yourself.
Whenever you did that, I blamed myself,
and it was painful for me.
Sure. I changed and you did too.
- So - No.
I don't want to. I can't break up with you.
You said you don't have regrets because you tried.
I'm going to try everything I can too.
I'm going to cling on so that I don't regret it.
So take this.
I love you so much,
and I won't get married to anybody else.
And I need some ointment today too,
so come up right away.
If I get infected, I'll die.
Thank you.
Before we start the broadcast,
we'll conduct a short interview.
Here's the first question.
I heard your shoulder injury is pretty serious.
Aren't you afraid of going back in the ring?
I'm lucky my injury is not too bad.
You're lucky?
Think about Sam Vasquez or Gary Goodridge.
It can get scary.
What happened to them?
I'm putting porridge in the fridge,
so eat it when you get up.
Don't just lie around and not eat anything.
Why are you yelling at me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear everything now?
Yes, I can.
I heard you being noisy since you came in.
You're unbelievable.
I was really scared.
I really was.
Excuse me. What brings you here?
Excuse me?
You can't come in here.
How have you been?
You look well.
I tried looking for you everywhere.
Do you know how scary it is
to not be able to hear for merely five minutes?
It's like the world has been turned off.
It feels like you're in the bottom of the ocean.
I couldn't even breathe.
You can hear me now, right?
There's no ringing, right?
I'm good.
Try some.
It's good. Why aren't you eating?
Why are you so calm?
Dong Man.
You can hear me really well now, right?
Yes, I told you.
Then, you don't need
complete rest, right?
listen to me carefully.
What is it?
You have
a fracture somewhere in your skull.
The problem is
a hairline fracture in his temporal region.
A fracture?
With fractures in the temporal region,
they heal without any treatment.
It's not a big deal.
However, the fracture
is near the ear cochlea.
If he receives more impact
in the same region
So if you receive more impact,
you might not be able to hear forever.
You'll get trapped in that ocean forever.
What nonsense is this?
I can hear just fine now.
So the conclusion is
that you can't fight anymore.
I won't let you.
I'll meet the doctor first
and hear from him.
A fighter named Sam Vasquez
was deemed brain dead and died in six weeks.
Gary Goodridge
got chronic traumatic encephalopathy in his 40s.
Those are the extreme cases.
During a fight, injuries occur often.
They occur often?
Why do I have to watch you get injured so often?
Ae Ra.
If I was going to quit so fast,
I wouldn't have started again after 10 years.
Fine. Do as you like.
If you decide to fight again,
that's the end for us.
It's been over 20 years.
I still can't
forgive you.
Your kneeling down
won't bring back the years I spent in silence.
But still,
stay like that a while longer.
I'd like to
watch a bit longer.
Let go of me.
We already aired the preview. It's done.
We can't pull a show.
You should know that.
You're making me feel uncomfortable.
Mr. Director.
- Stop it. - Help me out.
What a mess.
This show
can't go on TV.
Stop, stop.
Look for Dong Man on VCR 3.
Hang on.
Are you sure we can air this?
We can.
Is this for show?
I guess you can find out by returning to the ring.
You can't blackmail me with this
just because I love you.
I can't choose one.
I will protect you even if it means playing unfair.
Fight again, and we're over.
We can't even be friends.
We'll never meet again forever.
Hi, Dad.
On TV? I'm on TV?
What preview?
Show her the footage first.
The show airs in an hour.
There's no time for another inspection.
Who is she?
Mr. Jang.
Did the person you filmed agree to this broadcast?
- Pardon? - From what I heard,
you and Ko Dong Man
once met as a suspect and victim.
Are you allowed to use a program to get revenge?
It was in the past.
Who are you anyway?
Me? I represent Dong Man.
It's quite cheap.
(Mackerel helps beat cancer!)
Where did he go?
Is he at the gym?
She must be upstairs.
What is she dragging around?
Is she hanging herself?
Oh no.
She can't kill herself in the flat above mine.
You can't barge in like this.
You barge into my place or Dong Man's. Can't I
What's that chair for?
Why is it over there?
Die 60 years later quietly some place else.
- Why in the flat above - Why would I die?
What's that?
I was changing the bathroom light bulb.
The light bulb?
(Unpaid bills)
Do you think you won?
Gossipers say
you got a fortune in alimony.
Why would I take their money?
Like people say, I'm a spoiled brat.
Do they think I'd leave with a fortune?
I told them clearly that I didn't want a cent,
and walked out.
Is that why you're renting a place for 300 a month?
I asked if you think you've won.
No one knows more than you what I mean to Dong Man.
He will take me back.
I won't lose him to you.
Going way back
is only good for friendship and loyalty.
To her, this was
Don't think that you won.
The only way to preserve her pride.
What are you doing?
You've been struggling with this for a week.
What's this noise?
What? Come and hold the chair.
Don't air the show. I refused to interview.
It'll air soon.
- Pull it. - No.
Ae Ra's right.
People never do change.
I told Ae Ra something.
That I'm not the old Jang Kyung Koo.
That I'm not as lame or sloppy.
What are you doing outside my place?
What's in there?
You mentioned in your online profile that
you want strawberries.
Do you think I asked you to buy me some?
You confessed to me a day after leaving
your girlfriend and got me pulled from the show.
You text incessantly.
You're telling people we're dating.
That's what I want.
Does that make sense?
Why should I become an outcast because of you?
If no one likes you, maybe you'll date me.
What kind of stupid logic is that?
Don't come here again.
Why are you here?
I'm out on my 100-day holiday.
I have just 546 more days to serve.
If you bother her again, I might desert.
I'll bring a K2 rifle with me.
I'm warning you.
Don't bother Ae Ra again. Okay?
Did you want to get back at me that badly?
Or do you still want Ae Ra back?
Just watch the show. It'll air soon.
I bet you made up a story to paint me like a fool.
Without a story,
will anyone care for an unknown fighter?
The story and malicious editing was strategical.
I caught the deliberate headbutt.
- What? - I made you look good.
Watch it for yourself.
From my point of view,
it was an intentional outburst.
It looks like he purposely induced a no-contest.
This is malicious editing.
The director
was determined to create fiction with fact.
He replayed the headbutt in slow motion,
and inserted an interview.
It's a mess.
Our people are unable to deal with
the media backlash.
Didn't you know they were filming Dong Man?
Tak Soo, you can't get excited.
Even if it's a light concussion,
you need to relax and stay calm.
Let me make this clear.
I won't ever fight against that monster again.
Get the media to stop talking.
Make sure talks about rematches
don't start.
(We root for Dong Man, the rising star.)
What is this?
Why is it so
Are you touched?
Did you cry?
Is my face
Did you photoshop my face? What did you do?
What have you done?
Why are you slapping your husband's back?
If you knew he would get hurt like that,
you should've stopped him.
Why did you support him?
This is a sport.
He's in a cage.
How can I watch him bleed?
Dong Hee, do you want something?
I want to go see Dong Man.
I have something to give to him.
This is our newest menu.
- Then we'll have that. - Okay.
My wife used to be an idol trainee.
She's really beautiful.
Our daughter is so cute since she takes after her.
People call her a fairy.
A fairy?
See? You got it all wrong.
Why did you have to come find Ae Ra
and chase her around?
My daughter is really cute, right?
Not too long ago,
she got bullied at school.
One boy named Choi Ji Ho started it.
It turns out
He thought if no one liked my daughter,
she'd only play with him.
If no one likes you,
you might go out with me.
That really woke me up.
It's karma.
What I did is coming back to my daughter.
That's why I came looking for you.
I wanted to get rid of it.
Have you been going to church or something?
You shouldn't make food and deliver them to men.
You don't look like the housewife type.
You're so nosy.
Are you having instant noodles again?
You're so nosy.
Why are you coming up?
To eat with you.
You and me?
- Yes. - Why?
We both don't have anyone to eat with right now.
It took me 20 years and I couldn't fix him,
but Sul Hee fixed his rhinitis.
Why aren't you at work?
I took a half day
because I had a package to send.
I see.
By the way,
why did you two break up?
Is it because of me?
Was it his sisters?
No, it's not like that.
Then what is it?
It just happened.
Sul Hee.
Don't lie to me and tell me the truth.
Did Joo Man
cheat on you?
That scumbag.
You can't really say that he cheated.
when Joo Man's dad was alive,
he had two more women aside from me.
I fell ill twice because of it.
You shouldn't live like that.
You don't deserve to suffer that way.
I didn't know.
A mother can be sly.
If your child is precious,
you should know other children are too.
However, I keep feeling sorry for my son.
He was always so protective of you.
I guess I was jealous.
I think
I was lonely.
It was fine. I'm fine now.
If you get back together,
I won't ever
visit your house.
You don't have to come to any family events.
I won't let his sisters ever call you again.
I swear it on my name.
I'm sorry, Mother.
You're right.
What a fool I am.
I didn't want to lose you.
I was being silly.
I'm really sorry
we didn't last in the end.
Even if I don't see you again,
please take care, okay?
I'll visit your place to see your fairy one day.
Right. Do you know Hwang Bok Hee?
- Who? - Hwang Bok Hee.
That Hwang Bok Hee.
What's this?
Is it a soup or a stew?
It's mackerel stew.
My parents own a fish stew restaurant.
Why would anyone make mackerel stew?
My dad is really bad at fishing.
He used to be a fisherman.
He could never catch the expensive fish.
He'd always get some Pacific saury or mackerel.
We had a big family
because we lived with my grandparents,
but there was only one mackerel.
My mom
got mad, so she put it in water and boiled it.
But my dad
liked it.
That's why we opened a restaurant,
but the business isn't good.
Do you normally talk so much while eating?
I'm starting
to get a headache.
What about you? Do you only eat?
You should have conversations
I get indigestion if someone talks.
So just
take your food and go to your room.
Then you can eat it by yourself.
I'll come back for the pot later.
Eat it.
No wonder you don't have anyone to eat with.
- Hurry up. - Rock, paper, scissors!
Blue sky, the milky way
What's the time, Mr. Wolf?
What's the time, Mr. Wolf?
Do you call yourself human?
What brings you here?
How can you do this?
Why would you do this to the kids?
(Adult movie actress Hwang Bok Hee)
(found to be a single mother)
Am I an adult movie actress?
You hacked me to pieces with a few lines.
You ruined my acting career.
You already
made it impossible for me to be a mother.
The preview already aired.
I can't let a show miss a broadcast.
Come on, you should know that.
Don't make it difficult for me.
- Mr. Director. - Darn it.
- Stop this. - Please help me out.
This show
can't air.
My baby
understands everything now.
What did my child do wrong?
My baby Ae Ra
Please leave Ae Ra alone.
You can't tell a child that her mom
was an adult movie star. That's too cruel.
If my parents find out you're here,
they'll freak out again.
Chun Gab.
I couldn't even nurse my baby
and was kicked out for taking off my clothes
in a movie.
Bok Hee.
I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow.
Can't I
sing to my baby just once?
Wearing a red hat
I'm a clown that always smiles
The blue smile
Are tears that no one sees
(Adult movie star Hwang Bok Hee, a Single Mom?)
"Dwarf Flower"?
(Adult movie star Hwang Bok Hee, a Single Mom?)
("Dwarf Flower" star, Hwang Bok Hee)
Dong Man.
You'll give me this?
Dong Man.
Protect Ae Ra
as you always have.
In my place, okay?
The caramel lady.
Why do you keep going to my place?
I wanted to eat with Ms. Hwang.
- Why? - What?
Why do you care so much about my mom?
Why are you pretending to be nice?
Is eating with her "pretending to be nice"?
I tend to believe
that people are inclined to be evil.
Whenever I see you, I want to test you
to see if you really are nice,
and if you really are that clueless.
People are all the same when it comes down to it.
Everyone is weak and insecure.
You're so prickly.
Seems like you're going through puberty.
Are you going through puberty?
Why did you get an ink on your arm?
Get it removed.
What's your deal? Why are you hitting me?
If you're a brat
but have no one to smack you,
that'd be the saddest thing in your life.
I won't let Kim Nam Il become that pathetic.
Now, Kim Nam Il
is Hwang Bok Hee's nice son.
If spankings are medicine, I will hit you.
Got it?
Spankings are medicine for punks like him.
why is it "Nam Il"?
She's a girl.
Are you that sad because of her?
Have you ever been that sad because of me?
I'm tired right now.
When your business went bust,
and you cried alone and got cancer,
who was by your side?
Was Ae Ra there?
Nam Il.
Let's go
back to Japan, Mom.
(Hwang Jang Ho's Gym)
Why is Dong Hee coming out of the blue?
- Hi. - Sorry we're late.
Dong Hee.
Can I get this delivered?
Here. Just jot down the address.
You're wearing the new sneakers.
Didn't you come to see me?
Why won't you look at me?
You still don't want to talk to me?
Do you want to see inside?
- Okay. - Sure.
Don't lose anymore.
Dong Hee.
You'll talk to me now?
Why did you make me feel bad for 10 years?
You were mean.
I told you, it wasn't because of you.
What's this?
I'm your
It took me
10 years to make this scrapbook.
So don't lose anymore.
I hate seeing you unable to get up
more than being unable to get up myself.
So don't lose ever again.
This is where Dong Man practices.
I don't get it.
What's going on?
You have four interviews,
a magazine shoot,
a water park poster shoot
A water park?
Yes. But you need to take off your shirt.
You have an offer for a TV commercial too.
- A commercial? - Yes.
The effect of going on TV really is huge.
- Look. - Yes?
He's an assistant director at RFC.
Their CEO told him to get you to confirm
for a rematch with Tak Su.
They want a fair fight.
But you know,
I may be unable to continue MMA fighting.
It is scary
after an injury like that, isn't it?
They say skull fractures heal on their own.
It's a common injury for fighters.
Once a baseball player gets hit in the face,
it's hard for him to get back in the batter's box.
Traumas are tough.
It's not because of the trauma.
If I keep doing this,
I have to give up something huge.
What brings you here at this hour?
I saw the article.
I see you made up your mind.
I was afraid.
It was the first time that I couldn't hear.
I was terrified.
The trauma of the injury
What scared me most when I couldn't hear
was that I may never
stand in the ring again.
That scared me the most.
Then will you fight again?
I request a rematch with Kim Tak Su.
That's one way of getting dumped.
Ae Ra.
Must we?
I really
can't let you go.
Dong Man.
When you couldn't hear,
I pulled all sorts of selfish tricks.
I never went to Sunday School, but I went
to an early morning prayer service.
I begged and pleaded,
"If you'd grant me this wish,"
"I'll be good from now on."
I actually prayed.
For me to get better?
I begged that you'd quit MMA fighting.
Whenever my dad went out to the sea,
my grandma
would pray with her rosary all day and night.
Later on, she got dementia and forgot his name,
but whenever it was windy, she asked for her rosary.
Grandma was trapped there all her life.
She said, "Whenever your dad goes out to sea,"
"I'm so nervous, I can't breathe."
I don't think I can live like that.
I couldn't even survive that one week.
I'm scared too.
I'm scared that I'll lose my hearing again.
I'm scared of being hit and getting injured.
what frightens me more
is going back.
If I'm told that this was all a dream,
and I need to go back to exterminating ticks,
I won't survive a single day.
I don't want to be an extra again.
I don't want to live without a dream.
I don't want to.
To be honest,
I knew you couldn't stop.
This isn't
just my dream.
It's also my dad's dream, Dong Hee's dream,
and Coach's dream.
Ae Ra.
If you'd trust me
I guess this means
we can't even be friends, right?
I can't be.
I didn't hide myself,
beat around the bush,
or plan to break up with you.
I can't be just friends with you again.
Ae Ra.
Ae Ra.
Ae Ra.
Must you do this?
Can't you just stay by my side?
I can't bear to watch.
It's too hard.
It's really hard.
I wish
I wish
we had never started this.
(Please tune in for the final episode.)
What brings you here at this hour?
Please protect Ae Ra
from now on.
I don't think
I can protect her anymore.
Dong Man.
I never told you,
but I
am very thankful to you.
There's no need.
Come to think of it,
it wasn't because of the caramel you gave me.
I think it was always Ae Ra for me
from the beginning.
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