Fight For My Way (2017) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

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(The Origin of the Fantastic Four)
I'm too scared to ride alone.
Then what? You want me to ride alone?
I'm a girl, you know.
- Anyone riding alone? - Here.
Joo Man, look here.
1, 2, 3.
(Final Episode)
That's enough.
You'll have nothing left if you give away so much.
Text Lush Lady, "Thank you for the plum extract."
Sul Hee.
How did you decide to make wine when you don't drink?
My dad. You. Dong Man. Joo Man.
Everyone I like is a lush.
Everyone becomes happy when they drink.
True. We were happy thanks to your plum wine.
Everything else is fine and whatever,
but I miss the four of us drinking at Namil Bar
and having breakfast together.
That's when we recharged ourselves.
Why do you miss something that stupid?
One shot himself in the foot,
and the other left so that he could fight.
Joo Man, that little
Hey. Why are you being weird and cooking for me?
What is this?
What are you wearing? You're offending me.
I'm going to start a lunchbox business.
You didn't eat yet, right? Eat the end pieces.
I always ate Sul Hee's cooking,
but I never cooked for her myself.
I guess your diaphragm is wide awake now.
I'll make her breakfast
and pick up dinner from the best restaurants.
Don't be like that.
Why not?
Well It makes me look bad in comparison.
Did you really date Ae Ra? It wasn't in your head?
Do you want a beating?
I had no idea. How did you break up already?
I guess your plum extract is selling well now.
We won't eat it, so don't bother.
- Ae Ra, this isn't - This is between us.
It's between us.
It's lunch I made for Sul Hee.
Gosh, this punk.
You made this?
Also, can we talk for a minute?
Do you want to carpool?
What's this?
Mr. Choi from team two was dispatched
to an overseas branch.
I bought it for cheap.
Isn't Mr. Choi a man?
Why is everything pink inside?
I did some tuning.
So you could carpool with me?
Our country doesn't produce any oil, so
I'm not getting in.
I shouldn't have mentioned the oil.
Get out.
When did you learn how to drive?
My parents' restaurant.
We make deliveries by car.
Our Sul Hee got even cooler
after starting her own business.
I'm not your Sul Hee.
You can eat the porridge in the freezer.
Just defrost it and then boil it.
Why are you so cool about this?
Are we talking again two weeks after breaking up?
I never said that.
I'm not cool with it.
I feel the same
about you as I did two weeks ago.
I want to hold your hand,
and take you home.
But you still wanted to break up.
I can't even tell you to eat what's in the fridge?
If you linger around and talk to me too,
I won't be able to stand it.
Unless you plan on going out with me again,
don't talk to me.
Why is he so straightforward?
My goodness.
What? What is it?
Why haven't you returned my pot?
Did you think I'd keep it?
Why do you always come up here?
That's the only big pot I have.
Did you bring that for me?
Why are you such a busybody?
Do you have
Who would ask such a thing so frankly?
You're not terminally ill, right?
My breast cancer is now gone.
I'm completely recovered.
That's good.
Thank you.
Aren't you going down?
It's hot. Let me get some cool air.
This isn't the bank, you know?
Are you home?
Why are you throwing your bag?
I'm so mad. I won't go to school.
Did you not get picked as the class president?
Why does every homework
have to do with moms? We have to draw her,
write to her, and help her.
Then they should only allow kids with moms
to enroll at schools.
Why am I the only one without a mom?
Sul Hee has one, and Dong Man does too.
Why don't I?
But you're still the boss out of the three.
I don't want to be the boss.
Bring my mom.
Did she really die?
She's an angel now.
She's protecting you.
She even made you the boss of the town.
Grandma's poker friend told me
that my mom was kicked out.
She must have gone senile.
Are you sure
she's up there?
What is it?
Are you upset?
I don't know.
I've never even seen her before.
Then throw these out.
What is it?
All the other kids
were making them.
(Merry Christmas)
Mom, Merry Christmas.
I made it just in case.
Our dog came back home after a while too.
I thought maybe Mom might too.
Ae Ra.
Do you want me
to make you a snack?
Try making two.
All right.
We can share.
I love you. I love you.
Ae Ra loves you, Mom.
Who are you?
Those pictures
Are they of me?
I'll explain it all to you.
I had no choice but to do this.
It's strange.
I'd understand if you had died.
doing so well. You're aging beautifully.
No. Ae Ra
I didn't leave you. It's not like that.
Were you watching me as a landlord?
You weren't here when I needed a mom.
Now, you're watching me in hiding?
That's unfair.
I just missed you so much.
I feel like I was thrown away.
This feels strange.
I'll just remember that you're alive.
I don't want to see you.
(Make sure to eat it!)
Why do you care if I eat or not?
If you're so worried, then don't break up.
Don't make food for me if we're breaking up.
Can you tell Ae Ra not to go overboard?
What is this?
I'm giving it to you because I made too much.
What kind of logic is that?
the same porridge she made
when you left for the army service
and when you were sick in the army.
Eat some, and get sober before serving the army.
I'll be waiting.
Your First Lady Choi.
(Eat some and get sober before serving the army.)
Dong Man.
Can't you stay?
I can't
- live without you. - Why is she holding that?
I know
you thought I waited for you
because of this porridge,
but it wasn't me.
Ae Ra waited for you while you were at the military,
and she convinced me to get married.
Let go.
You're getting married tomorrow.
I can't do it.
I don't think I can do it.
Dong Man is dumb.
He doesn't care about what's beneficial for him.
He liked you with everything he had.
If you sway him and get married tomorrow,
Dong Man won't be able to live.
I can't do this either.
I can't.
I know you liked Dong Man.
I get you want to get married to a wealthy guy.
But leave Dong Man alone.
Leave him so that he can live.
What is it?
My heater is broken.
Sul Hee went to Joo Man's.
So you want to stay at my place?
Can't I?
How can she sleep so well?
She sleeps as soon as she puts her head down.
It's food.
I don't want it.
Why? Why not?
Are you telling everybody you got dumped?
Stop overreacting. Just eat.
It's braised short ribs.
Are you having a party? Why would you get it?
Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
- Hey. - Gosh.
What do you think I'm doing?
Do you have constipation?
I didn't hear the water running, so I checked.
Please go home.
Dong Man. Dong Man!
His heart is beating too fast.
I think he took something.
It's for indigestion.
You fed me so much that I have a bad stomach.
My gosh.
Why would you get a big bottle of it?
Ae Ra.
What, you punk?
Your heater didn't break, right?
You're watching me because you're afraid I might die.
Do you think I'm going to hang myself?
Do you think I'll take some pills?
My heater is broken.
Why would you stay at a guy's house
because your heater broke in the summer?
You're not that smart, you know.
What's this?
It's chicken soup. It's with abalone.
- Two abalones. - Goodness.
Gosh. Stop feeding me.
I got dumped
and gained 3kg because of you.
Shut it.
You're both naive, so I got in the way.
Focus on what's important. Don't lose her.
A dummy like you
needs another dummy like her.
You're a strong candidate this time.
If you get promoted,
there's this new spicy chicken place
We can talk once it's confirmed.
It won't be chicken then.
I'll treat you to steak.
You're so good with words.
What do I do, Mr. Kim?
I think I broke this.
I keep causing trouble.
All right.
Stand up.
Don't crouch down in the photocopy room.
You can fix it by yourself.
There's a manual here. You can read it
and never make the same mistake again.
You deserve a full-time position.
People keep taking credit for someone else's work.
I know.
I'm sorry for saying this to you.
What's this?
(Resignation letter)
Don't do this out of anger.
It's not out of anger.
My plum extract is on high demand,
so I need time to package them.
So you're quitting work?
I'm sorry. It's so sudden.
Sul Hee, out of all the resignation letters
You must be flustered.
It's very satisfying.
My goodness.
Do they sell that well?
It's really good if you mix it with soju.
Sul Hee.
Please do well and come on our home shopping channel.
Boss everybody around like an owner. Okay?
I'm home.
What is it? You're not even looking at me.
Did something happen?
Nam Il.
Can you get my flip phone back?
You wondered about it.
go back to Japan.
What's in here, anyway?
Money? Documents?
Is it something like that?
You can probably figure out the lock code.
She said it's her daughter and son's birthdays.
It's the will she made when she had cancer.
(Little goblin)
(Ae Ra's field day)
(My Ae Ra)
(Ae Ra)
(Your brother Nam Il, born in March)
(By the ocean)
(Nam Il)
(My son Nam Il)
It's yours. It's from Mom.
I don't want it.
Whatever it is, I don't want to see it.
was by your side for all 30 years.
That's why she kept this phone,
so just have a look.
I'll get going.
I was looking at something right now.
What's this?
What's all this?
Who is she?
(Parents' Day)
(Ae Ra's teddy bear)
This is not everything.
(Pretty Ae Ra)
She would come to the graduation ceremonies,
fields days, and picnics.
She showed up for all special events.
She covered her face with sunglasses and a hat,
but she stood out even more.
My mom was really horrible to her.
So everyone but me knew.
Don't hate her.
For every dollar she made when in Japan,
she sent you 80 cents.
She couldn't even do that when her business failed,
but she sent a lot while you were growing up.
What money? I never got a cent from her.
There were times when
I only sold two mackerel stews a day.
How could I afford to send you to college?
You were hardcore too.
You got into a lot of trouble growing up.
I did not.
You rode a scooter in college
and scratched someone's car.
That's not even an accident.
In middle school,
you played with matches, and set fire to a field.
You burned 30 hectares.
- You were almost jailed. - Come on.
That's enough.
You spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Now, there's an entry written "Mom" in my phone.
You don't want to talk, but you can carry my food?
Egg Porridge.
You saw your dad so late. It means you met your mom.
How'd you know?
I knew everything about you for 23 years.
Don't pretend we're close.
Lie low for about two months.
Don't go on blind dates,
or see anyone else for two months.
I'll go clubbing.
For the time being, we went our own way.
You're the first female announcer
in Korea's MMA history.
The concept of the cover shoot
is "pioneer" or "role model".
Why should a role model wear something like this?
You'll wear this, and hold a microphone and a glove.
Why should an announcer
wear a short skirt and hold a mic?
I guess you weren't briefed beforehand.
I guess you weren't told about me beforehand.
Ae Ra became a microphone moron with a louder voice.
Without a prince charming or a makeover,
Sul Hee stood on her own two feet.
Send this photo to Drunk Fairy.
(To Drunk Fairy)
Drunk Fairy, your lovely plum extract's on its way.
(Business License)
Joo Man has been apologizing for 61 days.
That pizza's family-sized.
Can you eat it all?
Dong Man just trained like a monster as if
he was getting an upgrade.
I tapped out.
Tap? There's no tap.
We don't have time for tap.
One more time.
One more time.
There's no standing up when you learn from me.
- Let's go. - Darn it!
Listen, Dong Man.
We only have two months for you to get ready.
I'll teach you
just three techniques for you to master.
Three? I got it.
Just three. Master, go.
These are all finishing techniques,
and you only need one for you to win the fight.
Why do you care about me?
I had to visit. It's your birthday.
Who did you say ordered the large size?
Mother, Mother.
I'll deliver that. Where to?
This is too awkward.
You're back.
How are you?
Wear something with sleeves. That's gross.
Did the gym close early today?
I heard you broke up.
Why are you here?
I heard you broke up.
Why are you here?
Why are you here?
Sul Hee.
It's our new menu. See if you like it.
It tastes good.
I thought the phone was the key to a fortune.
If I had a fortune, I'd spend it.
I wouldn't give it to you.
You make me look bad.
You put me in such horrible situations.
Nam Il.
In Japan,
the police told me they had the pickpocket.
That's when I met 15-year-old Kim Nam Il.
Kim Nam Il who was born in Korea in 1989.
An orphan with no guardian.
I was shocked.
Were you a mess because your mom failed you?
You reminded me
of the daughter I couldn't raise.
So what? You raised Nam Il instead of Nam Il?
You weren't a replacement. You are my son.
From then on, I lived for you.
I didn't save you. You saved me.
Would I leave you because I found Ae Ra, you fool?
Are you trying to make me cry?
You're all I have. I'm bound to feel jealous.
When will you fully grow up?
Is our flight tomorrow at 7pm?
I'll head to Japan alone. You stay a bit longer.
- What? - We shared 14 years,
but you spent less than a year with her.
Let's say I'm lending you to her.
Spend a little more time here.
You weren't always this thoughtful.
Why did you come here?
Why care about your ex's dad's birthday?
Sul Hee, I think I'm sick.
You couldn't say a word.
- Sul Hee, you know - What?
- Your third brother - He's sweet.
He should be a soldier.
Prick your thumb at home.
My thumb? Myself? With a needle?
My back still hurts.
My whole back could get infected.
- Darn it. - "Darn it"?
- Brothers! Brothers! - Don't. Stop.
- Come on. - What do you want?
If your student for 15 years ends up a loser,
you said your life would be a waste too.
So what?
Dong Man's been filming commercials,
using the media, and threatening me.
- We have to fight. - How exactly?
Will you bribe people, and try to cheat?
I'll fight for real.
Just come with me.
I won't lose this time.
Do you have your passport? You can't go without it.
Thanks for everything, Sundae.
Did he just call me, "Sundae"?
Dong Man.
I'm sorry for training you so hard,
but we only had two months to get you ready.
Why am I sorry?
All I can say is thank you.
Thank you, brother.
I'm sorry
yelled at you and everything.
We won't see each other again,
but see you again.
You never know. We might meet in a ring very soon.
Yes, yes. You can come eat sundae.
Here. Air. Eat it there.
Take care of yourself, Sundae.
Sure. Thank you.
- See you later. - Bye.
(Hwang Jang Ho's Gym)
(Dongchun Gymnasium)
Thank you everyone for your patience.
It's finally time for tonight's big match.
It's RFC's top predator, Kim Tak Su
versus the rising star that shook the octagon,
Ko Dong Man. The match will start soon.
Please welcome them with your warm applause.
That's my daughter.
She's got that talent from me.
RFC final.
Championship title match for lightweight group.
Here comes Ko Dong Man!
He's so cool. Right?
I'll fight in standing for the first round.
- Dong Man. - From the second round
Dong Man.
Just do what you want.
- Pardon? - Forget coaching.
Just do what you want.
Just for today,
I won't yell at you to do something.
What's gotten into you?
Think about it.
Dong Man.
Just standing here
makes you the winner.
I don't like
open endings that are ambiguous.
If I'm going to win,
I want to win properly and end it for good.
Go get them.
Against him
is Kim Tak Su.
Today's game will have three rounds
- and one extra round. - Hey.
Ready, fight.
Tak Su wants to use the ground from the start.
Stop. Stand up.
Can't you fight on the ground?
This is your limit, isn't it?
Is this the best you got?
Thanks for the show.
I'll start playing now.
What are you talking about?
Dong Man is taking him on the ground now.
Give up?
Give up?
Give up?
Dong Man, end it!
Tak Su, get out of it!
Give up? Stop.
Spit it out.
What's with him?
When did he start fighting on ground?
We have no choice. Face him head on.
No, no. Let's wait until the judges' call.
If you can last, I'll make it happen.
Are you sure you won't coach me?
Why bother coaching an animal?
Ready? Fight!
I told you
to do it properly if you're going to copy.
I have to protect Dong Hee until the end.
I shouldn't go if I know I can't win.
I want to do it.
I'm dying to do it.
I'm going to fight!
I'm going to do it!
I'm telling you I can do it!
Don't stop me!
I can do it! I can!
This match
ended at 27 seconds in the second round.
Due to a knock out from a kick,
Taekwon Boy Ko Dong Man is the winner!
Good job, Dong Man!
He's my son.
I didn't say anything.
Dong Man ended up getting the gold medal!
That punk.
I better break his legs to stop him from fighting.
Why is he so cool?
How annoying.
You fool. Not again.
I dare to say
that no one in Korea will be able to beat him.
I think we could say that
it's a feat achieved in 10 years.
Could you say a few words about how you feel?
I was weak on the ground.
I'm happy since I was able to overcome it.
I want to thank everyone for cheering for me.
We'll do a detailed interview
in the studio.
Ko Dong Man.
I sincerely congratulate you.
Why are you crying again?
Who cares if your ex wins or loses?
Why are you crying?
We should've never dated.
Ae Ra.
can't live without you, but I can't
ask you to take me back in case we break up again.
I should've listened to Sul Hee.
let's forget this dating and breaking up business.
Just live with me.
Live with me.
You want to move in?
If we kiss, we're dating.
If we live together,
it's marriage.
Marry me.
I can't live without you.
That's how it's been for 20 years.
If I have to choose
between never seeing you and seeing you every day,
I would choose
to see you forever.
What about MMA fighting?
It's you. You.
It has to be you.
Marry me.
Why are you asking?
Who will stop those young kids?
Why, that punk
What did he say to make her cry?
You punk.
Why are you calling my son a punk?
I'm just
letting you hold my hand for a minute.
People watching soccer hold hands at times too.
Anyway, I didn't forgive you.
We're not back together.
Why you
Why did you kiss me?
Why? Why did you kiss me?
I'm fine being beaten to death for kissing you.
Why you
Darn it.
Did you just swear?
(Wedding Invitation: Ko Dong Man, Choi Ae Ra)
It's not a small wedding because I want it small
but because it's forced on me.
The groom is clueless and totally unprepared.
Is a wedding a joke to you?
We need to plan what we're going to do
Trust me.
I have a plan.
You shouldn't make plans.
You shouldn't abuse your head.
Okay, okay.
What is that?
Joo Man, are you crushing garlic?
Why would he crush garlic?
I think
I know this sound.
What? What is it now?
Get up.
Let's go.
Hey, Diaphragm.
Were you peeling green plums?
That's what that sound was.
Stop calling me, "Diaphragm".
Why are you peeling green plums?
It's just a side job.
I'm helping Sul Hee with her plum extract.
I get paid a set amount for every bowl I peel.
Joo Man, did you know that Sul Hee
ran away from home often when she was little?
- She did? - Yes.
She came to my house because her brother
ripped her doll.
She went to her house.
Because her mom didn't buy her a dress for a picnic.
Guess what she did each time?
What? What do you mean?
Sul Hee.
You said you'd never take Joo Man back.
You said you'd go to Seoul.
Who said I'd take him back?
We're just peeling green plums.
You're too busy with your invitations.
Who else would help her?
Sul Hee. Just be cool and kick him to the curb.
Start over, and
Why does everyone have to be cool?
Sometimes, I want to beat him up, but
Please let us just love each other.
I ought to give you a flying kick.
We never asked you to donate liquor.
I'll start calling you, "Mom" then.
Already? That easily?
It's strange being all loving from the start,
but it'd be rude to call my mom by her name.
Sure. Okay.
Thanks for being well-mannered.
Also, "Dwarf Flower" was kind of awesome.
I was proud of you.
It was Cannes-worthy.
Why did you watch something like that?
You're embarrassing me.
Would it be too awkward to have a formal dinner
with Dong Man's dad?
Not at all.
Every guy in Seosan
was into me back then.
But he wasn't
cool enough to even talk to me.
I see. I'm glad.
Then does that mean
I'm rich now?
I lived my own life, and took care of myself.
I had three businesses fail.
I have only a few hundred grand left in debt.
Only a few hundred grand?
The villa and store are all mortgaged.
I sold parts of the villa to pay off my debt too.
The one you live in is all I have left.
Make sure not to fall behind on rent.
Pay on time, okay?
I should've known.
Why don't I ever get a break?
I bought Hwang Jang Ho's Gym.
I had to support you guys.
My debt only grew because of you.
Anyway, why am I Nam Il?
I'm a girl.
Fetus name.
What does it mean?
I don't know.
No clue.
Why was her name Nam Il?
You see, Namil Expressway is where
Ae Ra was
What? The interstate
The highway?
Yes. That's where I
That's where you gave birth to her.
What kind of a life did you lead
that you gave birth on a highway?
No. When you exit Namil Expressway,
there's Namil Inn.
What? Namil Inn?
Yes. That's where
we conceived her.
Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness.
Hey. Jang Ho.
Should we start a sundae business?
Let's follow another dream.
(National Athlete's Sundae)
(Congratulations on your wedding.)
Be happy. I'll come back if I see a way in.
(Choi Ae Ra)
(Olympic Silver Medalist, RFC Champion)
Is this the plan you mentioned?
Yes. We're starting a business.
We'll work together to run the business,
and he'll fight only during the seasons.
I said I'd tell her after we register our marriage.
Must you spend the rest of your lives together?
We've agreed to spend this life together.
Ae Ra. You see,
our lives may be intertwined in many ways.
Intertwined? You're making me nervous.
I have a feeling you and I will see each other
for the rest of our lives.
Why would you and I do that?
Anyway, I'm just saying I wish
you'd just see me as a cute boy.
How are you cute?
Your mom says I'm cute.
What the
Don't get too close. That would be weird.
Are you the only ones who can love? I can too.
- Let's have a cold drink. - Okay.
Are you insane?
Not even one?
Our wedding is tomorrow. You can't drink today!
Darn it.
Just one.
- Order chicken feet. - Okay. Medium spicy.
Is your mom buying you a place to live?
My mom has several hundred grand in debt.
So make sure to pay your rent on time.
I hoped I'd benefit from knowing the owner's child.
Are you going to move into Dong Man's place?
I don't know. He has no plans whatsoever.
He thinks living together means you're married.
Do you have to have plans in life?
It's fun to just wing it.
It's not like planning makes it happen.
If it's random anyway, might as well have fun.
What possessed me to say I'd live with him?
If we weren't reckless, you wouldn't be an MC.
I wouldn't be a fighter. Sul Hee wouldn't be a CEO.
And Joo Man
wouldn't have found his diaphragm.
Why are you so obsessed with diaphragms?
Even if we can't win, let's play anyway.
Living our way is winning. Who cares what others say?
You need to be reckless to hit a jackpot.
Don't mind what others are eating.
Where I am is the major league.
- Okay. Cheers. - Cheers!
Dong Man, when you become a married man
Did you just sigh?
- Why did you sigh? - Because I was happy.
(Thank you for watching Fight For My Way)
What's this? What's going on?
Darn mosquitoes. Darn it.
My wedding is today. Why did I sleep here?
Chewbacca. Did you have a dream or something?
What? Chewbacca?
Why am I back to being Chewbacca?
You look even uglier today.
What? Aren't I getting married today?
You want to get married? With whom?
Are you seeing someone?
I must've slept funny.
Was that all a dream?
I can't believe it!
You're so cute.
Hey. Isn't it mad cute that she's still drunk?
To you, maybe.
The thought of teasing her for the rest of my life
really excites me.
This life will be super fun.
I'm sure it will be fun.
Right? My wedding is today.
Why did we sleep here before our wedding?
Everyone, thank you for watching Fight For My Way.
- Thank you! - Thank you!
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