Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e06 Episode Script

Saisen no gongu

Hey, it's Ippo! Let's catch him!
What's with you guys?!
It's too hard! He runs too fast!
We're sick of running after him.
You lazy wimps!
I finally get to spar
with Miyata-kun today!
I'm home! Where's today's luggage? Hurry!
How come you're in such a big hurry?
Okay, load up those small shrimp.
Wait! I said shrimp!
Oops! I'm sorry! You wanted shrimp!
Shrimp! Shrimp are over here!
It's heavier than it looks.
Ippo, don't worry about me. You can go.
Don't you have something important
to do at the gym today?
I'm sorry.
You silly boy. Go get ready and get going!
-Hey, Mom?
-What is it?
Have I changed at all compared to
how I was three months ago?
Uh, no! It's nothing!
I'll give you a little tip. It's a trick
that I learned from your father.
A trick?
Your father was always ready for a fight.
When he fought
someone stronger than himself,
he would stare at his opponent's face
to see if he resembled a kind of fish.
"He's a tuna!"
"How can a man of the sea be afraid
of a tuna?" he would say.
Apparently, that helped to
ease the tension in his shoulders
and calmed him down tremendously.
That's so like Dad!
Isn't it?
Thanks, Mom.
See you later!
She's cute!
She sure smells good!
Boy, was she cute!
Maybe something good will happen today!
That was the message
from the confident champion
who is ready to defend
the championship for a third time.
Now, let's turn to the challenger
for his comment.
I'm Fujii with
Monthly Boxing Fan Magazine.
Hi, I haven't seen you in a while.
Hey, isn't there supposed
to be a press conference today
for the challenger of
the World Title Match?
Shouldn't you be there?
I sent my lackey to cover it.
I don't think the guy stands a chance
of getting the title and I prefer to use
my time more efficiently.
That's harsh.
Anyway, getting down to business,
we're currently planning
a new article series
called "Meeting New Faces."
We'd be getting close-up interviews
with the hopefuls of various gyms.
I'm sorry to just barge in,
but can I get some comments from Miyata?
Uh, actually
Interviewing Miyata is more important
to you than the World Title Match?
I see you've kept your wayward ways!
I merely want to interview
boxers who I believe have potential.
Never mind Miyata
Couldn't you cover me once in a while?
Why would he want to
cover the king of mud wrestling?
What did you say?!
-Do you have a problem with that?
-None whatsoever.
Hi, Takamura. What's with the bowtie?
We're about to have
a sparring session downstairs.
I'm going to be the acting referee.
It's going to be a pretty serious match,
so I need to look decent.
Oh, yeah? Who's fighting?
Your beloved Miyata.
Ooh, what luck!
Yagi-san, if I promise to take
good photos, I can cover it, right?
It's a sparring match
between two new pre-debutants
so I didn't want outsiders in on it,
but I suppose so.
Wow. You have a new guy
who can compete with Miyata?
I'll call it
"When Two Golden Eggs Collide."
Well, you could say that.
Well, sure, Ippo is doing his best, but
I understand why you'd call Miyata
a golden egg.
He's my equal, and I'm two rounds up
in a six-round class.
You're not his equal.
-Shut up!
-You shut up.
I'll devote myself to
playing referee this time
because I think this could be
a turning point for them.
Give me a break!
I have a feeling this
will turn out to be very interesting.
Calm down!
Ippo! Miyata!
Are you ready? We're going to get started!
I can start at any time.
Uh, please wait a second!
Don't get nervous!
Two, three, four. Two, two, three, four.
Oh, come on. That kid is
Kamogawa Gym's secret fireball?
He looks like a wimp to me.
Ordinarily, I'd agree with you.
Well, it doesn't really matter,
because I'm after Miyata-kun.
For now, I guess I'll see what he's got.
The rules are the same as last time.
Four rounds and three knock-downs.
No headgear and the gloves
are the regulation match of eight ounces.
Don't treat this like a practice match.
Fight as though this is the real thing.
-Yes, sir!
-Good, back to your corners!
It's no good! My heart feels
like it's going to leap out of my mouth!
I can barely stand!
Oh, yeah! A fish! Think he's a fish!
It's impossible!
No fish is that good-looking!
I can't think of anything!
Listen, there's no reason to hesitate.
Just do what you've been doing.
Yes, sir!
-What's so funny?
-Nothing, sir.
Huh! You're more relaxed than I thought.
Thanks to you, Chief!
Oh, really? Okay, show me everything
you've learned in the last three months.
He's right. I just need to do
what I've learned.
Don't hesitate!
His punches have real power.
Don't worry.
No matter how powerful they are,
they're pointless if they don't connect.
I practiced every single day
until I felt like a rag doll,
until I finally achieved it.
My counterpunch.
No matter who my opponent is,
I'll face him fair and square,
and I will rise to the top!
Ippo took the initiative!
I can't let Miyata-kun keep a distance.
I need to catch him within my range!
Hmph! Catch me if you can!
Ippo's learned to make good jabs.
He's definitely impressive
for a non-licensed newbie.
However, Miyata-kun's footwork
is even more impressive.
He's far better than when I last saw him.
I thought I captured him perfectly
in shadow boxing,
but his image is
nothing like the real thing!
Remain calm! You must remain calm!
Remember everything you've learned so far!
It's this way!
Oops! I got it backwards!
His left foot is in front! I'll get him!
Miyata's footwork is brilliant, huh?
I never saw him use those moves
in regular sparring.
The bastard was holding out on us!
Yeah, he's no newbie.
Wait a minute! If he's doing
something he ordinarily wouldn't,
that means he's been forced into it!
-By our little Ippo?
You're pushing your luck!
Your face is wide open!
It connected! My punch connected
for the first time!
You caught him flawlessly.
Back to your neutral corner!
Holy cow!
He suddenly scored a knockdown on Miyata!
I've never seen Miyata go down before!
The chief's training really shows.
I I can do it. I can continue!
Looks like I underestimated him.
So, he's not the same guy
I fought three months ago.
Thanks to that, I'm awake now!
Kid, go without hesitation!
I'm not dumb enough
to fall for the same punch twice!
Whoa! This time Ippo's down!
Don't fall for that counterpunch!
This is just like three months ago!
-Kid, go without hesitation!
I'm not dumb enough
to fall for the same punch twice!
Whoa! This time Ippo's down!
Don't fall for that counterpunch!
This is just like three months ago!
The edge of the family
heirloom counterpunch is sharp as ever.
Too shallow?
I can continue! I'm fine!
-Tell me I'm dreaming!
-How can he get up?!
Good job!
He's maximizing what he learned
in the past three months!
It was shallow! The timing was bang-on
but the pressure just wasn't solid.
Did I not step in deep enough?
Or did I not lure him in far enough?
Either way, I'll nail him
with my next chance!
The last time hurt
so bad I could pass out,
but this time, it wasn't so bad!
Those three months were not in vain!
The Chief's special anti-Miyata-kun
counterpunch training is clearly working!
Is he coming on forcefully?!
If I allow him to keep a distance,
I'll fall victim to his out-boxing!
Ippo is stepping in so aggressively,
Miyata can't box like he usually does!
Still, it's amazing Ippo can go forward
against that powerful counterpunch.
You said it. If his dart
and dash slows down even slightly,
a counterpunch will come flying
at him like an arrow.
That takes courage.
It's going to hit! It's going to hit you!
Miyata-kun flinched!
My timing is right on!
My pull-in is perfect!
You're mine!
Back to your neutral corner!
Did you see that?!
Yeah, it was amazing!
He scored another knock-down!
No, I meant right
before the counter connected!
He went forward on purpose
to shift the point of impact!
If you step forward right
before the counterpunch,
the opponent's arm will
still be bent during impact,
reducing the power of the punch by half.
Oh, so Ippo stepped into it!
He must really have
worked on his dart and dash.
That was an incredible counterpunch block!
So his dart and dash
was not just for offense,
but also for defense
against counterpunches!
I can't believe the way
he blocked Ichiro's counterpunch.
It's not like the previous knock-down
where timing was a factor.
This knock-down really hit hard.
Did he win?
-Can you go on?
Hey, Miyata's feet are wobbly.
He can hardly stay up!
Hey, if Ippo lands
one more knock-down, he'll win!
-He'll have KO'd Miyata?
This is getting exciting!
I I could win?
When he's at full-power, my punches
are too broad to hit Miyata-kun
but now, I just might be able
to hit him while he's exhausted!
I'll use an uppercut!
This is not good.
I already have two strikes.
Calm down.
He'll definitely try to finish me.
What will he use?
Go, kid!
Come on, go for it!
Great job! Hang in there!
What's he going to use?!
Damn it!
I lean my upper body forward,
and keep my knuckles facing up!
Extend my knees at full force,
and use the momentum
to thrust my fist upward!
An uppercut! Should I block?!
No, intercept!
Whoa, the tables are turned again!
All right!
Miyata showed his pride! Damn, he's good!
What a guy! How could
he counter a punch like that?!
He got us! I never dreamed
he'd counterpunch an uppercut!
It's impossible to block a counterpunch
from a mid-uppercut position!
He took the brunt of it.
Can he get up?
-How could he recover from that?!
-You're kidding!
All right! Good boy!
Now where's the gong?!
-Ippo, can you go on?
The first round is over!
Awesome, you guys!
Oh, I'm getting goosebumps. Damn!
Miyata is living up to his reputation,
but Ippo's doing a great job, too!
What Takamura-san said earlier
may not be far from the truth after all!
A fighter boxer with the dash power
to block a counterpunch.
An out-boxer who intercepts an uppercut
even after his counterpunch is blocked.
Is this really a match
between two non-licensed boxers?
Especially that kid.
He might turn out
to be an incredible find.
Kid! Hey, kid! Come on!
Snap out of it, kid!
Are you awake now?
The uppercut. It makes
an attack three-dimensional.
It is an attack from below
that can threaten a skilled defense.
I don't want to fall down!
I want to continue the match!
Miyata-kun is incredible,
but I don't want it to end yet!
My most powerful weapon that
I acquired in the past three months
still might work against him!
Next time,
"The Destructive Force of 1 cm!"
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