Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e07 Episode Script

1 cm no hakairyoku

-Ippo, can you go on?
The first round is over!
Awesome, you guys!
Is this really a match
between two non-licensed boxers?
Kid! Hey, kid! Wake up!
Snap out of it, kid!
Are you awake now?
Too bad. You were able to
counter his long uppercut, but
That right straight I took earlier
made my feet weak.
If I could have stood firmer,
that last punch
would have finished him off.
He's practically a different person
from who he was three months ago.
Starting with the second round,
I'll fight him as though he's at my level!
If I don't watch it,
I'll be the one who loses!
You each have got two knock-downs.
You're fighting at his level.
In Incredible.
Miyata-kun really is incredible.
I can't believe he could save that
that awesome attack
until the very last minute.
That must have hurt bad.
I hope he's not emotionally crushed
from having the tables turned
when he was so close to victory.
Anyway, I'm glad you're back!
I hit him.
Last time, I couldn't touch him,
but I've knocked him down twice now!
The last three months
of training has been tough,
but right now, I'm so happy it's unreal!
If I could, I'd love to get up again
and again and keep fighting forever.
A great fighter like Miyata-kun
is taking me seriously enough
to use a secret weapon on me!
I can't afford to just lay around!
What a kid.
They're both at the same level of damage.
Ippo may have
blocked Miyata's counterpunch,
but Miyata took advantage of
Ippo's long uppercut for his counterpunch.
They blocked each other's Sunday punches,
making them totally on par.
No. I think the odds are against the kid.
If neither can use their best punches,
it won't end with a single punch.
Which means, whoever
delivers the most punches will win.
Which means
All right.
Let's start the second round!
-Whoa! Ippo unleashed one!
-How will Miyata react?
What's this?!
He's clinching?
Hey, it's not like Miyata to clinch.
What's going on?
Miyata-kun is clinching? Why?!
Break it up! Don't stand still, Miyata!
Miyata-kun, why?!
Break it up! Get away from him, Miyata!
I get it.
Miyata is clever.
The second round is over! To your corners!
Something's wrong. I thought
that Miyata-kun wasn't the type to run.
So why?
Do you get it now?
Miyata gave up attacking this round
to focus on recuperating from any damage.
His longer boxing experience shows.
At the start of the round,
he was heaving his shoulders,
but now his breathing
is already back to normal.
In the remaining two rounds,
he'll come on strong!
It's not that Miyata isn't proud.
In fact, he's the proud type.
He's doing whatever he can to win.
I can tell he's dead serious.
Still, it's unbelievable that Miyata
was driven into a corner so quickly.
He's still dragging his feet
from the damage in the first round.
But as long as he charges aggressively,
your counterpunch will remain blocked.
How do you intend to beat him?
If I can stop his feet,
he won't be able to step forward.
-That's what clinching is for.
I'll nail him in the next round.
Watch me, Dad!
My feet are back to normal.
The look in his eye has changed!
What'll I do?! Don't hesitate!
No matter what,
all I can do is go forward!
Here I come!
Miyata has changed
the style of his attacks!
His feet are moving light and swift!
He's using hit-and-away.
You jump in and attack quickly,
and by the time
your opponent strikes back, you're gone.
Though not many of those punches
will lead to a single KO punch,
it will definitely pile on the damage.
It's a textbook example of out-boxing.
He's focusing on body blows.
No matter how strong Ippo's body is,
he can't withstand that kind of barrage.
The kid is still reeling from
his damage in the first round.
He's totally helpless against
that incredible hit-and-away technique.
-Oh, no!
-Ippo's feet stopped!
Miyata's tactics won out!
As long as Miyata can stop Ippo's
forward motion, he has nothing to fear.
This is where their difference
in experience clearly shows.
I want to keep standing more!
Miyata-kun is taking me seriously!
There's still one more round left!
How do you like that?!
To your neutral corner!
He won't get up from that.
Guess I'll grab Miyata's comments
and get going.
He's still going to fight?!
That's the bell! The third round is over!
Whoa, awesome!
They're fired up!
Saved by the bell.
They took it all the way
to the final round.
Yeah, the kid is doing
a great job against Miyata.
But the result is obvious now.
It's impossible to turn the tables.
That was good footwork.
Still, I've never seen you
make a victory pose before.
I'm surprised at it myself.
Every one of his punches
is potentially fatal.
I can't let myself take even one.
I love this kind of tension.
That's what you need.
In the professional ring,
the pressure of "beat-or-beaten"
is always with you.
Unless you overcome the pressure,
you can't become a real pro!
I need to thank the Chief.
He's given good experience to my son.
The way you're fighting,
it's only a matter of time
before you score a KO.
However, he'll be going after
a reversal like nobody's business.
Watch out for his uppercut.
I already have a perfect grasp
of his uppercut.
If he keeps trying to throw it,
I'll finish him with my counterpunch!
You can hardly breathe
through that bloody nose.
I'm amazed you got back on your feet!
However, your charging feet
have been taken away
and his counterpunch has
your finishing blow uppercut in check.
You're out of tricks.
So, do you want to give up now?
Even if you go on to the next round,
he'll only use you as a punching bag.
I was content at first,
just to get close to him.
I've already been able to do
more than what I thought I could.
But since I've come this far,
I want to go a little farther.
Since I'm already fighting,
I think that I'd like to win.
Is that strange?
This kid's been taking a thrashing,
but he's still thinking like that?!
But it's so obvious that
he'll be beaten to a bloody pulp.
Should I let a kid who hasn't
even debuted as a pro yet do this?!
Kid, are you going to go for it?
Yes, I am.
There's still one more thing I need to do.
All right, go out there and
show me what you've left undone!
Go finish up, Ichiro!
All right!
Last round! Round Four!
-Go for it, Miyata!
-Don't back down, Ippo!
Here it comes!
Miyata took the initiative!
He went over Ippo's guard from
the right, forcing him into the ropes!
You won't get away!
It's Operation Turtle.
Ippo's gone and reverted back
to how he was three months ago!
He's determined to finish it
by knock-out, no matter what.
The barrage of punches is
so overwhelming, I can't do anything!
I have to be strong until it subsides!
When is it going to subside?
His guard is wearing down.
The KO is only a matter of time.
If this keeps up, he's going to lose
before he uses whatever he left undone.
Is this it?!
I won. This is the end!
The barrage has stopped!
The motion is small!
It must be a right straight!
I'll dodge to the left!
What?! Is that an uppercut?!
A short uppercut without motion!
So that's what the kid was aiming for!
How could he still produce
a punch like that in his condition?!
That was so close!
I couldn't predict him
like I could before.
You made me break into a cold sweat!
I missed! I'm done for!
What? Why?
Why did Miyata fall? Did he slip?
To your neutral corner!
What? Down?!
Did that connect?
It didn't miss it!
That uppercut grazed
the end of Miyata's chin!
What a waste of a knock-down!
A motionless uppercut, huh?
It was impossible to anticipate
an uppercut from that position.
All right already. I'm getting up.
What's wrong, Ichiro?!
How can this be?
Wait! I'm getting up.
Wait, please! I can go on!
I said I can go on! Didn't you hear me?!
Damn it!
What? Huh?
Huh? What?
Ippo wins!
-That was awesome!
-He won!
-Can you believe it?!
This can't be happening!
Ippo ended up winning!
He won against Miyata with a KO!
I don't believe it!
Uh Miyata-kun!
Uh, I
It was a good match, Makunouchi-kun.
You worked hard for it.
Uh, yeah.
-Hey, kid!
-Uh Yes?
I'll commend you on your mental strength
not to give up to the bitter end.
But if you ask me,
your technique still needs a lot of work!
We need to start you over from scratch!
Starting tomorrow, we'll resume
the killer training, so be forewarned!
Aw, he finally gave out!
He's completely out of it!
It's surprising he lasted this long,
considering the beating he took.
Huh? Where's the Chief?
He was delivering a speech a minute ago.
Ippo's lucky that he doesn't
have to hear the old man nag anymore!
If Kamogawa heard you, he'd kill you!
How do you like it?
It's the decisive moment, no?
It's one of the photos of that uppercut
that I caught with my motor drive.
A pinpoint blow. The punch
that grazes the tip of the chin.
When this punch connects,
the brain is rocked side to side,
causing functional impairment to the legs.
That's why Miyata couldn't get up
even though he was conscious.
So, his superhuman reflexes ironically
contributed to the result of that match.
However, for an ordinary boxer,
it would have been a direct hit,
possibly resulting in disaster.
-That's the thing.
The amazing destructive power of 1 cm.
I look forward to his progress,
not just as a magazine reporter,
but as a fan of boxing!
Fujii-san, the Editor-in-Chief
wants to see you!
Make sure he matures
into a good boxer, Chief! Later!
You really skipped the press conference
for the World Title Match?
The Editor-in-Chief is furious!
That's okay.
Makunouchi Ippo.
I still can't believe he produced such
a powerful uppercut from that position.
Humph! I never taught him
to punch like that!
He has a lot of nerve.
What if he injured a fist or something?!
-Uh, nothing.
It's been a long time
since I saw the Chief so excited.
Hey, what's up?
Chief, the truth is
Ippo wins!
I can't sleep!
If I don't get to sleep soon,
I'll be late for school in the morning!
Oh, no! What'll I do?!
A professional boxer. Harsh dieting.
Fierce training.
Only a select few can persevere.
At least, that's what I used to think,
but it's different.
They don't persevere because they can,
it's because they have to!
They deserve
the light and the applause
because they won against themselves!
Next time, "Promise to Meet Again."
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