Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e10 Episode Script

Debut Match!

The opponent for your debut match
has been selected.
Nishikawa Gym's Yusuke Oda!
What? Did you say Yusuke Oda?!
-Do you know him, Takamura-san?!
What the heck?
-Who's Oda?
I'd like to tell you the details
but I don't know, either.
If you don't know,
don't build up the suspense, moron!
Yusuke Oda, 21 years old.
He has fought a total of five matches,
with three wins and two losses,
and all three were won by KO.
He scored every KO using
a right straight in the early rounds,
so you need to watch out
for his right punches.
My debut match.
Ippo! A debut match? You?!
Ow! That hurts, Aoki-san!
We heard that you're
going to be fighting against Oda.
Do you know him?
Yeah. He's a boxer in junior light,
just like me.
He was still at the four-round level?
Junior light? That means
he's one level above me!
He can't get ahead there,
so he's coming down to
featherweight to take the top.
Anyway, considering his record
as a four-round boxer, he's no biggie.
You'll win easy.
Don't tell me that!
You'll make me feel more pressured!
Still, he's already
fought five matches as a pro.
I have to stay sharp!
Where is that blasted Oda?!
If you want Oda, he went to do roadwork.
Really?! That's good to hear!
Although it's been nearly three hours.
That bastard! I bet he's loafing
around somewhere as usual!
And do you know who that policeman was?
It was Yuji!
Remember him from high school?
Can you believe that hooligan
is a policeman? Isn't that a hoot?!
So, I said to him
Yusuke, shouldn't you
be heading back to the gym?
Huh? Why?
You have a match coming up, don't you?
Won't seeing me like this
when you should be training affect
your condition?
Why would my condition be affected
by something minor like this?
But you'll be fighting in
featherweight class this time, won't you?
What about your weight control?
I'll pass their silly weight
check by sweating a little.
Don't worry.
Or is it that you think
I'm going to lose or something?
Not at all! Still
I'm telling you. I'll win for sure!
That's true. You'll win for sure.
No, duh.
Oda, you bastard!
What are you doing in there?!
I'm coming in there right now,
so don't try to run!
Oh, man! Mikami-san is going to
ream me out inside the restaurant.
What about the roadwork
you were supposed to be doing?
The Chief was gracious enough
to give you a chance to start over
in the featherweight class,
but here you are,
dilly-dallying in a place like this!
Dad, please don't yell.
Reiko! I can't believe you, either!
Secretly meeting with this slob!
There's nothing secret about it.
I did my roadwork.
I just ran into Reiko down the street,
and we've only been here ten minutes.
You bastard. You have a lot of nerve.
Are you still upset about that last match?
I feel I should mention
that even though I lost the match,
I don't believe for
an instant that I lost the fight!
That coward bobbed
and weaved me out of points.
When it comes to exchanging blows,
I'm confident that I can win
with a smooth KO no matter
who my opponent is!
With my right hand!
Is that all you have
to say for self-promotion?
Win with a smooth KO?!
The reason you lost is obvious!
With your skill, he should
have been easy for you to beat,
but you got weak in the third round
because you didn't do enough running!
Do you understand
even a little bit of my frustration?!
You're not the only one who's frustrated.
If I had landed even a single punch
with my right, I would have won!
I was deceived by your right punch.
When you won your debut match
with a single KO punch from your right,
I was honestly blown away.
It made me believe that both the Japan
and World titles were not a dream.
But in reality, you got a swelled head
and turned into a dumb boxer
who just swings his arms
around like an ape!
You seem to believe
anything but a KO is a loss.
But you will experience humiliation
in your next match.
Give me a break. My opponent is
just a greenhorn on his debut match.
Besides, he's one below me.
Rumor has it that
he's the talk of the town with that
spectacular KO
at the pro certification exam.
I'm sure his punches will
overcome any differences in weight class.
This is a great chance.
Get him to smack you into shape,
along with your rotten spirit.
Also, if you lose this match,
it'll be your last!
The gym says they won't sponsor
any more matches for a bonehead like you!
I'm getting tired of it, too!
Oh, and one more thing.
I have no intention of leaving my girl
with an irresponsible bum like you!
If you don't show grit in the next match,
I'll make sure you never see her again!
Let's go!
That all you got?!
I can take more! Again, please!
Jeez, it's disgusting
how much he loves to train.
If it were me, I'd slack off the moment
I found out I was up against Oda.
I can take more!
What's wrong, Reiko?
Your noodles will get soggy.
Oh, yeah. That's true.
You worried about something?
No, it's nothing.
-Hi there!
Hey, you're all here!
I'm treating him to noodles to
cheer him up before his debut match.
Give us a freebie, okay?
Like I'm telling you,
you don't have to be so worried.
What's up?
You know, the kid's such a worry wart.
Anyway, Oda's famous for being gutless.
You know, Yusuke Oda.
Maybe, but he's one rank above me.
I'm sure one of his punches
could really do damage.
A sporadic right punch won't connect
no matter how much he flails it around.
Either way, when the third round comes,
he'll run out of gas and plotz out.
Here you go!
I hear that he calls himself
a KO artist or something.
What a clown!
He only has three wins and two losses,
but he's bragging that
his right punch will take over the world!
It's pretty pathetic
when someone is that wrong, huh?!
Uh, but
If you're that worried about it,
I'll tell your fortune.
Whoa, there he goes!
Uh, is he accurate?
Yeah. I don't know how he rigs it,
but he's never been wrong.
It's your lucky day!
This is the best card you can get!
Your fortune for the match is extra lucky!
What? Really?!
Huh? What?
What's so funny?
Hey, you waited for me.
Is your training already done for the day?
Everyone else still seems to be at it.
Oh, those guys are making
a futile effort to compensate
for their shortcomings.
A natural such as myself,
on the other hand
What do you think you're doing, Reiko?
Are you really a bum like my father says?
Why, you!
You're always all mouth.
You're making me lose faith in you!
You're not making any sense!
Let's break up.
Actually, I've been considering it
for a while.
If you lose in the next match
I decided that I'd break up with you.
I don't know if I can
believe in you anymore!
I've had it!
Dummy! I told you I'd win, remember?!
You'll see with my next match!
Your next match?!
Earlier, I happened to hear
your opponent's friends talking about you.
Do you know what they're saying?
They called you a clown! And pathetic!
Yusuke, what happened to you?
You didn't used to be this way.
You used to be the last one
to return from practice,
and though you've
always had your flaky moments,
when you spoke about boxing,
you were so serious, it was scary.
That's the Yusuke I fell in love with.
I want
I want to see the Yusuke I used to know!
Uh, hey!
Get him to smack you into shape along
with your rotten spirit!
They called you a clown! And pathetic!
Goddamn them!
Why were you laughing so hard
when Aoki-san told my fortune?
It doesn't make sense,
because I got the best card.
It's true that Aoki's fortune telling
is 100% accurate,
but the result is always
the opposite of the card he draws!
You idiot! Don't step back!
Step forward more! Then jog!
What are you doing here?
You're done training, aren't you?
Take your sorry ass home!
What's with you? You want to take me?
-Uh, what?
Teach me a way to sink my right
into Ippo Makunouchi's face!
I'm talking about my right straight
that you said blew you away.
How can I take advantage of it?!
Anything I say is useless
as long as you keep relying on your right.
A skilled fighter knows
how to use his left.
That's it! Tell me more!
How do I use my left?!
If you want, I don't need to knock
him down, I just need a way to win!
It's a bit late for that.
You were so hung up on winning with KOs!
I still feel the same about that.
But things are different this time!
I don't care if I only win by one point!
I want to win at any cost!
Well, I am your trainer.
If that's what you want to do,
we'll start tomorrow.
No, we'll start now.
Start now? Are you nuts?
Teach me what you just mentioned.
It was something about left punches.
Just a minute. Hey!
It's great that you're so eager
to train and all that,
but don't you think you've
been overworking yourself?
Not really. I don't feel tired
because I'm looking forward to the match.
To tell the truth, I'm a little anxious.
I feel better when I'm training.
I guess it's easy to tell
what I'm thinking.
Well, I don't quite understand
the mindset of a small-shot like you,
but just don't ruin your health.
I know.
But this is all I have.
Don't drag your feet! Dash!
Where have you been?
Idiot. Oda's roadwork, of course!
I told him he needed stamina most,
so I got stuck training him personally.
Did he come up with the idea?
I didn't think he would last three days,
but it's been a week today.
I heard you guys haven't been
seeing each other lately.
Yeah. Yusuke said we shouldn't see
each other until the match.
I see! He came up with the idea, did he?
He always had the gift.
His rusty right punch just
might come back to life in this match!
What's wrong, kid?! Raise your guard!
You'll take Oda's right straight
in your chomper!
Force yourself close into him!
Give him a barrage of body blows!
All right! Remember that combination
of punches to the body and face!
Yes, sir!
Those were great body blows!
You're pretty good
if you can maintain that kind of attack
against a six-rounder like me.
-Thank you so much!
-What are you doing?! Get over here!
-Uh, right!
124 pounds.
Makunouchi has passed the weigh-in.
Next, Oda.
124 and a half pounds.
Oda has also cleared
the limit for the featherweight class.
This is the first time you've entered
a match looking so lean.
You've got a chance.
Why are you getting afraid?
Go and greet him!
-He's your senior in this world, you know.
-Uh, right.
Excuse me
Pleased to meet you. I'm Ippo Makunouchi.
I'm glad to make your acqu
-I'll let you judge whether I'm a clown.
Chief, are you sure he's gutless?
He's nothing like you told me!
A man without a spine wouldn't
be able to build that kind of body.
Well, your match starts tomorrow evening.
Make sure to get
plenty of rest until then.
Yes, sir!
My debut match. The day has finally come!
You want to be like me, don't you?
If so, you at least got to try this.
Let's see here. You should
be able to grab at least ten leaves.
Match One, Makunouchi-kun. It's time.
-Let's go!
-Here he comes!
Give him heck, Ippo!
Go throw those punches!
How can I be so nervous
after all I've done to get here?!
I must focus on the match!
The first match of
the featherweight class,
scheduled for four rounds,
is ready to begin.
Cuts. Blood spewing from wounds.
The cornerman has the techniques
to stop the bleeding like magic.
But the magic is wearing off.
At this rate, I will lose!
No! It's my debut match!
I've worked so hard for this day!
I won't accept defeat like this!
Next time, "Obsession for Victory."
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