Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e19 Episode Script

Dream of a KO

Not good. This is not good at all.
We seem to have completely fallen
for Kobashi's strategy.
Kobashi's strategy?
Kobashi's style looks like
he's running away,
but it is a shrewd strategy
to confuse Ippo's pace
and drain stamina out of him.
But there's no way Ippo's energy level
goes down in only two rounds.
Only if this was an ordinary match.
But Kobashi had Ippo by the short hairs.
Even if he has stamina,
if he keeps the opponent's pace,
the level of exhaustion
will accumulate twice as fast.
The kid is a straightforward fighter.
When he loses stamina,
it's easy for the opponent to dodge him.
That's perfect if someone's
trying to win by points.
Damn it!
Hey, not again!
Come on!
Are you going to box or what?!
Start fighting!
Hey, exchange some punches!
Good. You're doing well.
Don't worry about what others say.
So, they were aiming to win
by decision from the beginning.
I couldn't catch him again.
Good job. You won the second round
just like the first round.
You're leading by two points.
So I'm leading by points.
What high concentration.
It's highly risky to go for points while
dodging Makunouchi's powerful punches.
He must be under extreme pressure.
Two more rounds to go.
It's tough, but just hang in there.
I know.
But Makunouchi-kun is
more exhausted than I am.
He must have used up his stamina by now.
For the remaining rounds,
I'll just stick to "safe driving"
and pull away till the end.
If I can do that
Ippo, how's your exhaustion level?
I'm all right.
If I connect just once,
I won't even feel tired at all.
Way to go.
Kobashi's tired too.
Keep punching aggressively head-on.
But his guard is solid
The "Cross Block" Kobashi's using
could even absorb
heavyweight level punches.
Straightforward tactics won't do much.
Look for space
and whale in from both directions.
In particular, aim for his body.
Punch higher and cut in from the bottom.
Yes, sir!
Seconds out.
Do you think that was enough instruction?
If Ippo is so exhausted, don't
you want to let him rest in this round?
No. This is a four-round match.
We have only two more rounds
six minutes, left.
It's obvious that he'll exhaust
more stamina,
but he has to keep punching aggressively.
Give Kobashi a chance to relax,
and the worse the situation
will get for the kid.
We're counting on you, Ippo.
Catch him in this round!
Round Three.
Go, Makunouchi!
Annihilate this wimp!
Exchange punches, or it's not boxing!
From Ippo's point of view,
Kobashi is taking an oblique stance.
There aren't many spots to aim.
Besides, Kobashi's left hand
is close to Ippo.
And that just might be
an ideal pose to go for points.
The Cross Block is certainly solid,
but I can see a space.
I'll throw some punches higher and
when the guard goes up
from down here
Right there!
He even read Ippo's combination pattern!
How extensively did he study Ippo?!
His punches are still strong,
but his speed of dashes
and barrages is slowing down.
I can deal with him until the end!
If I focus on dodging,
I'll maintain the two-point lead
and I will win!
Not good. Ippo is not
keeping up with him. He is too tired.
His leg muscles were stiff.
How come you're looking run down?!
What did you learn at the training camp?
Rather Kobashi's punches are working.
They don't have damaging power,
but Ippo received way too many of them.
Exhaustion and damage are accumulating.
The third round is over!
He got us!
Even if they were even in this round,
Kobashi is still leading by two points!
We can't win by points.
There's no choice but to knock him down.
I can't get deflated like this!
The kid is the one fighting out there!
You seem to be extremely exhausted.
But if he gets clear away
in the final round,
you're not going to win by points.
Just as Kobashi has planned.
That's not acceptable! I'm going to do it!
I won't give up until the end!
Sure! I haven't given up either!
-Yagi-san! Give me the bucket!
How's that? When you cool down
your "thing,"
you can cool down your entire body.
Don't you feel better now?
Yes. The burning sensation is gone.
See? But your "thing" is too big.
-I needed more ice.
Now, it's the final round.
Be extra careful and watch out
for a devastating single punch.
So far, it's just as I imagined.
It's almost scary.
I'll just keep believing in my own boxing
and stick to my tactics.
That's right. Just keep up the good work.
After three minutes,
it'll be my hand that will be raised.
Uh sure.
Seconds out.
The only way out is
a come-from-behind victory with a KO.
Go knock him down in three minutes!
Yes, sir!
I'm not going to give up
until the very last swing.
I'll keep guarding for
three more minutes. Then I'll win!
We have no choice but to
count on the kid's persistence.
Do your best, Kobashi.
Now, here I come!
As expected, he'll concentrate on defense!
Kid, go!
I have to exchange punches!
An uppercut after dodging a hook!
He used it in the match with Ozuma!
His punches are still strong.
As planned originally,
I need to keep my focus on defense.
I need to go in deep!
I'm not going to let you in!
Ippo's allowing the distance too easily!
Good job. Victory is
just around the corner.
The guy in the blue corner's
doing a great job, but he won't win.
It'll be decided by points.
What an amazing spirit!
He's still strong.
He should be out of power by now.
Your guard is wide open!
Not good!
Whoa! He threw a perfect one-two
and it connected!
What was that?
What did I feel?
Not good!
What was that?
What did I feel?
It's working.
I've never felt such a solid response,
even in a sparring session.
Now must be the chance.
No. I should stick to my plan.
I'm already winning by points.
I'll stick to my plan.
It is working.
Can't you support your punch
with your hip a little better?
With the way you're punching,
you'll never get a KO.
Now could be the chance.
Now's the chance! I can knock him down!
A little more till I score a KO!
Fall down!
Fall down!
I did it! He's going to fall!
His body!
Whoa! He struck back!
He still had power left?
I connected
for the first time it was a clean hit.
Ippo is still suffering
from the earlier one-two punch.
I wonder how much longer he'll last.
What shall I do?
Should I wait for the victory by points?
But I'm so close.
I'm so close.
I'm so close to winning with a KO.
Don't do it, Kobashi! Keep away from him!
Don't exchange punches
with Makunouchi! Kobashi!
My right hand can still feel it.
That solid response
when I connected perfectly!
I'm so close to nailing him down.
I'm gonna win with a KO! With a KO!
As long as my body lasts,
I'll keep punching!
Good job, Kobashi! Go for it!
Go! Both of you!
Kid! Exchanging punches
is your cup of tea!
It's your chance now! Go all the way!
I'm going to win with a KO!
Ugh I can't let him keep up with this.
Use your fist, Ippo!
You can't win unless you knock him down!
Hey, haven't we seen
a similar situation before?
What? Ah! You mean "Operation Turtle!"
It's the same scenario as
the second time he sparred with Miyata.
At that time, he also waited out
until Miyata's barrage of punches stopped.
Then he's aiming for a single chance?
The chance will come.
There will be a flash
of an unguarded moment!
I'll win with a KO!
It's unbelievable that Kobashi is
showing fighting spirit so aggressively.
Go, Kobashi! Give him the fatal blow!
One more punch!
It'll be over with one more blow!
How do you like this?
A big swing!
It's a down! He reversed it with a KO!
I did it.
-He did it!
-He sure did!
Not yet! Stand up, Kobashi!
If you get up, you'll win!
There are 13 seconds left.
If he gets up, it'll go to decision.
If it goes to decision,
the kid's going to lose.
Stand up, Kobashi! Stand up!
You gave up on your style of boxing
and exchanged punches so courageously!
You have to win! Get up to win!
Don't get up.
I'm gonna knock him down so I can win.
I'm gonna get up so I can win.
Hang in there, Kobashi! A little longer!
I'm gonna knock him down so I can win
I'll win with a KO!
Whoa! He got up!
What a fighting spirit!
What the?
I'm gonna win
with a KO
The winner Makunouchi!
Finally, the winner is decided!
Great job, Makunouchi!
You did a good job, too, Kobashi!
As I expected, Kobashi couldn't get up.
You did It, Ippo!
You put me on pins and needles!
I'm so sorry.
I had only two seconds left.
Indeed, boxing is absolutely unpredictable
until the last second.
Great fight, Kobashi!
Keep up the good work!
Awesome, Makunouchi!
You're so strong!
What's wrong? Where does it hurt?
I was so dumb, wasn't I?
If I had stuck to my original plan,
I might have been able to win.
I knew better!
I knew that I had no chance of winning
if I exchanged punches with him head-on.
Because such a perfect one connected,
I daydreamed for a little while.
Daydreamed, huh?
That one-two punch in the final round
was certainly impressive.
Fine, isn't it?
If it's a wonderful dream,
let's have it over and over again.
I look forward to
the daydream becoming reality.
I'll do my best.
I'll do my best.
Takamura-san, I won.
Now it's my turn.
You knucklehead! You received way
too many punches!
Such a lame boxer is not qualified
to watch my match!
-Stay in this room!
-Please let me watch it!
I said no! Watching it on the monitor
is more than enough for you!
Uh huh?
See? Didn't I tell you?
Don't worry. We'll watch
his match closely.
So you can die with peace of mind!
That's not nice!
Now it's about to begin.
By the way, the champion
has a large crowd cheering for him.
We need to cheer loudly too.
Of course!
Man! They're too noisy!
What's wrong? You're irritated?
It's not like you.
Are you nervous or what?
Why should I be?!
Don't look at it so longingly.
-I'll get it for you soon enough.
-Uh, sure
Seconds out!
Until I met the old man,
I had never even dreamed
of becoming a boxing champion.
I've owe so much to
the old man since then!
Now, the Japan Middleweight Class
Title match.
I can't believe
I don't get to see the match
in which Takamura-san is
going to become a champion.
The bell is about to ring.
I want to see it.
Now, it has begun!
Wow! The challenger went forward very
aggressively as soon as the bell rang!
Takamura's strike caught
the champ off guard!
He's stuck against the rope.
Whoa! The champion's knees are shaky!
I really have to see it in person!
What? It's already over?
How is it going?
Whoa! The champion's
spectacular counterpunch!
The invincible challenger's
knee has finally touched the floor!
In the 9th pro match,
it's the first, humiliating down!
Do you understand now, young man?
The champion is a boxer of higher caliber!
I can't believe
Takamura-san allowed a down.
A feint usually never tricks you!
You are under a lot of pressure!
The countdown keeps going.
Can Takamura stand up?
Damn it!
No! I don't want you to lose!
Stand up, Takamura-san!
I don't want you to lose!
Lose? Did you say I lose?!
Please stand up, Takamura-san!
If you don't become a champion,
we're not gonna have any dreams or hopes!
Hooray! Takamura!
Don't lose, Takamura!
Don't lose, Takamura!
That's right! We've come
to see your spectacular KO!
Get up, Takamura!
Hey, what's that frantic cheering for?
Do you guys even think I might lose?
You idiots!
He stood up!
Intuitive sense for boxing.
It's a natural talent as a boxer.
Exceptional power.
Brilliant footwork.
Technique to dodge by a thin hair.
You take control of
the pace and punch your opponent.
But that's not all
you need to win in this world!
What supports the strength of
strong boxers the most is
an amazing amount of
down-to-earth and relentless efforts!
Next time, "The Threat of a Shotgun."
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