Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e18 Episode Script


Takamura-san looks so cool!
Japan Middleweight Title Match!
When you see something like this,
it feels so real.
Good luck, Takamura-kun.
Bring back the first champion belt
to our gym in ten years.
In return, Yagi-chan, don't forget to
plan a banquet to celebrate my victory.
Of course I won't!
All right!
First one in ten years?!
Do your best, Takamura-san.
I'll cheer for you
on the day of your match!
Hey, Ippo.
You'll need to pour all you've got
into this one, not cheering. See?
It's my match.
So, Ippo's match is a curtain raiser
for Takamura-san's match.
That's perfect! Your opponent
is that wimpy Kobashi.
Your victory will give a welcome boost
to Takamura-san's title match!
Um well don't say that.
There's no guarantee that I'll win.
What are you saying?
You did watch that video, didn't you?
Yeah. It'll be nothing but a free pass.
What's concerning is Hayami.
Oh, no. I can't be too optimistic!
I'll do my best for each match.
Oh, man! Give me a break!
You're way too serious!
Well, that's what's great about you.
All right. Get up in the ring.
Let's review what we've learned.
Yes, sir! Thank you very much!
What are you doing?
Once again your left is wide open!
All four of them are looking crisp.
The results of the camp are
showing in their movement.
Especially the kid.
His power to kick off
the ground has gotten stronger.
Shifting his weight has become extremely
smooth compared to how it was before.
It was the right decision to make
him go to the camp with the other guys.
Okay. It was nice.
Thank you very much.
I need to concentrate more and more.
Hey, Ippo!
-Good response!
-Well, thank you.
Incidentally could you go
buy me some juice?
I want some orange juice.
Five hundred yen.
It has become a habit to jump and catch
when something is tossed to me.
I wonder if he wants to join the gym.
I'm sure it's hard for him to enter.
I really understand how it feels.
I wonder if I should have told him
to take a tour inside.
Ah! He scared me! He came out so suddenly!
Please wait!
Wait! This notebook!
-You dropped it!
-Ugh! Oh, man!
What am I going to do?
Finally I caught up with you. Here it is.
I wonder what's wrong with him?
I didn't want you to see this.
You must think me petty to spy on you
while we're still in the four-round level.
What? Spy?
I wonder what this guy is talking about.
Is he talking about
looking into the gym earlier?
-You've just noticed?
-Then the contents of this?
-No! I haven't looked!
I see. Of course.
Otherwise, there's no way you'd
go out of your way to deliver it to me.
The reputation is well founded.
Your punches are incredible.
Uh well
I really wish I had punches like yours.
In order to compensate
for the lack of destructive power,
I need to make efforts of my own.
I've watched your videotapes
until they're worn out.
I also watched your training
for a long time.
This is one of the results of my efforts.
Um well I
You were kind
enough to deliver this to me.
But I've started in with you Sorry.
Oh, not at all.
It doesn't mean a thing
unless I give you a bad time in the ring.
I have no flashy punches or
incredible technique that I can show off
but still, boxing is not predictable.
What? Kobashi came to spy on you?!
He seems to be taking notes and analyzing.
He sounded really confident
and now I'm a little anxious.
He's nothing but a boxer with cold feet,
relying solely on clinches.
You have nothing to worry about.
He's a piece of cake!
You think so? What do you think,
-The only thing I can say is
I won't allow you to lose
as a curtain-raiser to my match!
-Yes, sir!
Don't worry too much about your opponent.
Instead, think of taking advantage
of your destructive power!
Hey, Kobashi! You're doing
the clinch again?
If you keep hugging me, we can't spar!
Get away from me!
You idiot!
-Thank you very much.
-Oh, sure.
At any rate, Kobashi,
can't you throw more powerful punches?
With that punch, you'll never get a KO.
You're only clinching.
See? You do this to
support it with your hip
-Hey, what is it?
-Uh nothing.
The motion is too big. It's easy to dodge.
-What did you say?
-Um, nothing.
Kobashi, come over here.
Let's do some mitt-punching.
Yes, sir!
Hey, Kobashi! Don't get too serious!
Yasuda-san is old.
You don't want to break his bones!
Don't worry. That's not
going to happen with his punches.
Well, I guess you're right.
They are a good match for each other.
Don't let them get to you.
Now, give it a try.
Yes, sir.
Listen, Kobashi, powerful punches
are one's natural talent.
You can train to some extent,
but only the ones with natural talent
can excel beyond that.
Unfortunately you are not one of them.
Here this side.
Long ago, there was an American
boxer by the name of Maxie Rosenbloom.
If I remember correctly, he won 209 times,
but only 19 KO victories were recorded.
He won 209 times, but only 19 KOs?
His punches weren't powerful?
Well, back then,
there was no TV or anything like that.
Since I've never seen him myself,
I'm not sure,
but at least it is a good indication
that powerful punches
are not everything in boxing.
Believe it or not,
he defended the light
heavyweight world title six times.
Six times?!
Certainly, a KO is
the grand finale in a boxing match,
but a KO is not everything in boxing.
What's wrong?
Uh well, I'm happy.
Knowing that there's someone
who acknowledges the way I fight.
You don't need to worry
about how people perceive you.
It will change eventually
if you keep winning.
Are you all right?
Did I make you strain too much?
What are you talking about?
I can still manage.
By the way, why don't you come
with me to have soba?
Yes! Of course!
-Thank you for the meal!
When I was a boxer,
I used to go spy on
my opponents quite often.
There was no such thing
as a VCR back then.
So, I would go there
and intensely study my opponent.
So, what do you think?
Do you think you can conquer Makunouchi?
Honestly speaking, it'll be hard.
His strong punches swing so fast
that they will easily break
through my guard.
Indeed, there aren't very many guys
with that level of punches.
I don't know what to do.
When I think of Makunouchi,
this has been happening lately.
But I do believe there is a way.
He is still an imperfect boxer.
Even I can find many shortcomings.
Is that so?
Knowing your opponent and knowing yourself
are important principles of war.
And you know yourself very well.
This is just my hunch,
but in the upcoming match,
the outcome may just surprise everyone.
I'll do my best.
Wow, what a long line.
If I lose first,
it will dampen
the victorious atmosphere for him.
I have to do my best!
Yasuda-san, the third match is over.
Please get Kobashi ready.
Sure. Koba
They're not making
chattering sounds today.
Well, I'm just taking
a "so-what" attitude.
-Then shall we go see the outcome?
You seem to be moving sharply.
Right. It's not bad at all.
I'm ready to get in the ring.
So he says.
It's unusual for him to say
something with such confidence.
He must be in super great condition.
Makunouchi for the 5th match,
please get ready.
-All right. Let's go, kid.
-Yes, sir!
I'll be watching on the monitor
in my green room.
To celebrate my victory in advance,
show me a flashy KO!
Yes! Takamura-san, good luck to you too.
Mind your own business! Hurry up and go!
All right!
Watch out for head-butting and low blows,
and fight fair and square with each other.
Boxing is not predictable.
I shouldn't get distracted!
All I need to do is play my own boxing!
Now I see him at close-range,
I can see he is well-built.
He must have real destructive power.
No, don't chicken out.
Calmly I should fight the match calmly.
Now, go back to your own corner.
Listen, your opponent is a passive boxer.
The match won't start if you keep staring.
Be aggressive from the get-go!
-Pull him in to exchange punches!
Seconds out!
What is that?
I've never seen such a pose.
What shall I do?
I wonder what kind of attack is coming?
Hey, don't let him mislead you, kid!
Go forward and punch!
That's right! There is
no use contemplating.
I'll go forward!
Whoa! Awesome!
The other guy put up his guard,
but he lurched!
What a guy!
All right! He's in tip-top shape!
Keep showering him with punches!
I'm going all the way without stopping!
Incredible. The power of
his punches and dash and dart
is far beyond what I imagined!
Kobashi Calmly
Ugh. My arms are feeling numb.
I can't fend off
his punches with my guard.
But now I have a good grasp
of the speed of his punches.
Good! He dove in!
Ippo, don't strain too much!
Your swings are getting too big!
Swing small! Small!
That left hand is tricky.
I need to step in deeper
before his left hand comes over me!
Just ignore it and step in!
I'm in!
That's good!
-Oh, man!
-It was getting exciting!
It's a clinch!
Otherwise, Ippo's uppercut
would have connected for sure.
Break up! Step back!
Ah! You idiot! What were you
day-dreaming about?
Right after separating from
the clinch is a dangerous time!
Damn! He is connecting so well.
Those are not jabs.
They're like swing punches.
I wonder if Ippo's
having a hard time dodging them.
Something something is wrong.
I'm in good shape, though.
If I could connect only once just once
What a powerful attack!
When a barrage starts,
it's hard to stop it!
It's not good!
I've cornered him!
Very good.
Break it up! Step back!
Oh, come on! Break it up!
Kobashi, break it up! Step back!
We're not here to see you guys hug!
Trade punches!
I've got booing going.
But if I trade punches with him head-on,
I'll be gone in a flash.
His every punch is incredible
but the power of
his entire body is just amazing.
That was fine.
Don't pay attention to booing.
You boxed according to your image
and you controlled the first round.
Makunouchi has completely lost sight
of his own rhythm.
Yes. But I have a long way to go.
So I can't slack off.
Indeed, he cannot afford to slack off
because he is producing
such incredible punches continuously.
This kid must be
under tremendous pressure
He's doing a great job.
Hang in there, Kobashi! Hang in there!
You idiot! You allowed him to
disrupt your rhythm completely!
Your swing was wide.
No hit would ever connect like that.
My body feels great,
but something was awkward.
With a clinch and stuff,
I was evaded at a crucial moment.
And I found myself swinging very wide.
Right. He seems to be good
at evading during crucial moments.
He took the time to spy on you.
He did a good job analyzing your moves!
But, his analysis
is coming before his boxing
and his style is ever more passive.
It proves that he's afraid of
your powerful punches.
Don't do the wide swings,
but be aggressive again.
Keep putting pressure on him!
When he can't take it anymore,
there'll be an unguarded moment!
Seize that moment!
Seconds out.
Don't forget, don't lower your guard!
How is he? Quite a few punches
landed on him
Kobashi doesn't have
single-punch knockout power.
They didn't cause much damage
to Ippo at all.
That's why we should be concerned.
If the opponent's punches are mediocre,
Ippo may lose sight of
the importance of a tight guard.
Right. If he could just capture him
and drag him into an exchange of punches
Could we be falling into his trap?
I need to be aggressive
and gain the initiative!
Kobashi took the initiative!
This is not good!
Very good, Kobashi!
Hey, kid! I told you not to swing wide!
This is not good! He can't hear me at all.
Kobashi's preemptive attack crushed
Ippo's chance to recover his confidence!
Damn it!
Just connect once somehow!
Then you'll get hold of your own pace!
Well, it might be hard
to connect even once.
Though very awkward, Kobashi is sticking
to the textbook-perfect "Hit-and-Away."
Even we are intimidated by
Ippo's powerful punches from time to time.
Kobashi is amazingly calm.
Unlike what we thought,
he could pose danger.
Whoa! Ippo forced himself in!
To the corner!
I should force him to the corner!
Then he won't be able to use his footwork!
Hang in there, Kobashi.
Ippo led him to the corner by force!
Good! Don't let him get away!
I won't let him get away!
I'll nail him this time!
Good! Don't give up!
Kobashi, hang in there.
Man! A clinch again?!
Break it up! Step back!
Don't let him rest, kid!
Go all the way at once!
-This isn't good, Yagi-chan.
This isn't good at all.
A spirited and powerful punch
shatters the obsession for victory
of a boxer who trained long and hard
and it sinks him deeply into the floor.
It is spectacular. And in boxing,
it is the most clear-cut form of finality.
That's all the more reason
why it is difficult to aim for it.
But I have to aim for it.
No matter how painful it is,
I have no other choice
but to keep punching
to capture him and knock him down.
Next time, "Dream of a KO."
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