Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e25 Episode Script

Grudges, Sorrows & Dreams

Round three, two minutes, 22 seconds, KO.
Winner, Mashiba.
That's the outcome of today's match.
It's hard to believe Miyata-kun lost.
Boxing really is unpredictable.
Did Mashiba do it on purpose?
Accidents like head butting
or tripping over opponents' feet
aren't uncommon during a match.
But in Mashiba's case,
it was obviously intentional.
That cheating bastard!
We should be more worried about Ippo!
He lost Miyata, who was his only goal.
As I've told you many times already,
Mashiba won't be in today.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
He needs to recuperate
from yesterday's match.
Then, can we ask you a question, Chief?
About the "accident" in the second round
That's what you were after
in the first place.
Yes, about that How can I put it?
I feel bad for Miyata, but that sort
of thing happens a lot in boxing.
-Oh, Mashiba-kun!
-Hello, there.
Can we ask some questions?
Hey, what are you doing here?
I told you to rest today, didn't I?!
Mashiba-kun, that sure was
an amazing match yesterday.
Any comments?
Would you like to say
something regarding the final bout?
Uh, wait!
We've heard that Miyata-kun
will be hospitalized for a while.
I'm sure that bothers you.
I hope he has a speedy recovery.
About the accident
which caused the reversal
He really had you in a corner, didn't he?
Naturally, it was unintentional, right?
Unintentional? Get out of here.
Not one punch from that suck-up got to me.
Give that Miyata a message from me.
Tell him he's lucky
that a hospital stay is all he got.
What an idiot!
He's confusing boxing with brawling.
So, he did it on purpose.
Man, he pisses me off.
Is he actually happy winning like that?
Looks like you still have a lot of damage.
Are you still here?
If you want to write
that I did it on purpose, go ahead.
Say I stepped on that wimp's foot
to teach him how tough
boxing really is.
You're the one who knows best
how wimpy Miyata-kun really was.
Besides, I'm not interested in
the accident.
It was a splendid match.
And you won.
However, there's one guy
who isn't exactly at peace with that.
He came all this way
with Miyata as his goal.
He worked his butt off to reach the final.
And he saw yesterday's match.
I'm sure he'll give
the final everything he's got.
What do you think
your odds are of winning?
That was his goal? He makes me laugh.
Does he think he's in a ring with a buddy?
Give me a break!
There's no way I'll be beaten
by a loser like him.
I will win!
I will be the winner.
Hey, those are great sounds!
Hey, Ippo!
-What do you think?
I think he's okay, probably.
So what do you think of Ippo?
He seems to be in great condition.
That little
I'm sorry!
You've been hitting the sandbag nonstop
while I was out doing roadwork!
Stop it, you idiot!
I told you to stop!
You stupid fool.
Unbelievable. You were
punching way too recklessly.
His bones seem to be all right.
But he won't be able
to punch a mitt for a while.
And we only have a month till the match.
I I'm sorry.
I understand how you feel.
However, if you take
emotional baggage into the ring,
like the desire to avenge Miyata,
you'll only be killed.
However, it would be unreasonable
to ask you to cool your head right away.
Still, you need to at least
be calm enough to analyze
how you can defeat
Mashiba and avenge Miyata.
Oh, yeah. Chief, let's show him that.
Huh? Oh, yeah.
It should help you conquer Mashiba.
Just watch.
Match two of the Eastern Japan
Rookie Championship Tournament.
Same tournament, match three.
He uses flicker jabs to pin down
the opponent within his reach,
then aims careful punches
from the upper right.
This is Mashiba's KO pattern.
The "chopping right."
You need to watch out for that.
The hitman style is
practically tailored to Mashiba's needs.
However, that very hitman style
is also his weak point.
Although it gives
the user invincible power
when used for offense,
it has an unexpected pitfall.
Here, for example.
Here, and even here.
Do you see it?
His left guard!
Yup, you got it.
Hitman style puts emphasis on
the offensive,
which inevitably leads to the lowering of
the left guard to throw fast jabs.
Because of that, defense is sacrificed.
That is why not many boxers use
this technique full of offensive power.
Mashiba's primary weapon is flicker jabs,
the right straight,
and long hooks from either side.
It is safe to assume that all
of his punches are long-range.
So, if I step in deep
and attack him from the right
You got it! Hitman style is vulnerable
to attack from the right!
If that's the case,
you need to aim at his chin.
His knees buckled
after a single counterpunch,
so he's got to be weak there.
Dive in, deliver a right straight,
or even a hook, and BOOM!
This could work, Ippo!
I don't think it'll be that easy.
Come on, you can do it!
Your hard work will pay off.
Have faith in yourself!
Well, yes. I do think I can see
the light at the end of the tunnel.
How do you plan to
get that close to Mashiba?
Why, he'll simply jump in. You know.
Ippo did a great job
getting close to Hayami, you know!
Okay, then why couldn't
his other opponents get close to him?
Now that you mention it
Ippo, stretch out your arm.
Like this?
Yeah. Now
Oops! Sorry, I didn't mean to.
The hell you didn't! What's your point?!
Just hear me out.
Mashiba has a reach of 187 cm, right?
That's about the same as mine.
Which means
His is bigger than yours by this much.
Approximately 20 cm.
If you dive at him like usual,
your punches won't reach him.
And if you end up wasting time,
mucking with his flicker jabs
This can't be.
But I just discovered what to aim for.
It'd be impossible to master
Miyata's technique in a month.
If only Ippo could spar with someone
who knows how to do flicker jabs.
But there's no one at our gym who can.
You need to do more
than just imitate the guy.
I know that!
Who asked you to reach him?
Your quick step-in isn't bad,
but, like Kimura said,
if you just dive in,
you might hit a breakthrough.
So you're telling him to go in head-on?
But the guy has sent
several boxers to the hospital!
In the match, it will be crucial
to secure a good distance.
Mashiba has the advantage
fighting outside,
while the kid has the inside.
It will be a battle of wills
over who can get close
and who can stay away.
-Yes, sir.
-It's all about force of will.
The one who gets cold feet will lose.
That's what it will boil down
to in the final.
If you can't chill out
because of Miyata, fine.
Take all that anger out on Mashiba!
I will!
Infighting is all I've ever had.
In a sense, it may be
just as well you hurt your fists.
You're going to need more dash
and dart power than ever before!
Run and run and run some more!
Yes, sir! I'll go right now!
So, your countermeasure
for flicker jabs is to play it by ear?
But if he can't do it,
the kid will never even lay
a finger on Mashiba.
His reach is 20 cm longer.
I need enough dart and dash power
to instantaneously bridge the gap!
All right!
It's not like I didn't expect it,
but running every day
sure makes my legs sore.
But I still need to do more running.
Maybe I'll get some buns on the way home.
I wonder what's wrong?
She doesn't look happy.
Well, she did go to Miyata-kun's match.
Maybe it was a big shock for her.
Thank you. Let's see
-Excuse me, but
You were at Korakuen Hall the other day,
weren't you?
You were rooting for Miyata-kun, right?
I I was, too.
It was a real shock, wasn't it?
But in reality, he would have won
if only his opponent hadn't cheated.
So I'm saying, it's not
like his real ability is at fault,
so please cheer up!
Stop it, please!
Please stop badmouthing my brother.
You don't know him that well,
so how can you talk about him like that?
Why does everyone
make him out to be the bad guy?
Give me a break.
Every time you have a problem,
you come to me.
So, what is it this time?
It must be really serious.
I'll hear you out without poking fun.
Um, don't tell anyone.
Of course I won't!
Just pour your heart out.
You'll feel better after you tell someone.
Takamura-san. Actually
I saw Mashiba-san's little sister today.
His little sister?
And then, I accidentally
badmouthed him to her face.
Thanks for your help!
Do you feel a little better?
Yes. I'll start running hard
again tomorrow!
Yeah, that's the spirit!
Don't let stuff distract you.
Uh, please make sure
not to tell anyone about this.
Right! Of course I won't!
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Okay, time to do some running!
Still, that's surprising!
Yeah, Mashiba's little sister
doesn't look a thing like him.
What a shocker.
Are they really siblings?
But you got to admit, Ippo has good taste.
Just a minute!
Oh, you're here?
How do you know about that?!
Those bags
Good afternoon!
So, what do you think of her?
Well, she's way beyond cute,
for one thing!
He kept it from us at Miyata's match.
You told them, didn't you?
I confided in you
and you think it's funny!
How could you?!
I don't think it's funny.
Aoki and Kimura are worried about you
too, you know!
Or are you suggesting
that they're not part of the team?!
That's not the point.
Seriously speaking though,
you're going to have it rough.
You just got devastated
by the thing with Miyata,
and now you've fallen
for the little sister of his killer.
It's depressing.
You're like the main character
in a tragedy.
Yes, it is a tragedy, isn't it?
He thinks he's Romeo or something!
Ippo's becoming a man!
He's totally in the mood!
I must have been out of my mind.
I consulted the most dangerous person
in the world.
These people will turn
any tragedy into a comedy.
Hi, there. It sure is lively in here.
Hey, Fujii-chan! We've got
a real scoop for you!
You see, Mashiba has a little sister
And he's fallen for
Give me a break!
Mashiba's little sister? Oh
It seems like you already know about her.
Actually, I just met with the person
who was his probation officer.
Probation officer?
Well, nobody's perfect, you know.
In particular, young people
tend to lose control of their energy.
Mashiba's abnormal level of obsession
for victory aroused my curiosity.
Does it have anything to do
with him stepping on Miyata's foot?
Yeah. Three years ago,
they lost their parents
to a traffic accident.
A traffic accident?
They've been surviving
on their own ever since.
On their own?
Oh, Ryo, you're home!
You must be hungry.
I'll make something for you right now.
-No, thanks.
You're about to go to
your part-time job, right?
I'm going to the gym.
No way.
If you're going to train,
you definitely need to eat first.
I'll make spaghetti!
It's full of carbs and easy to digest.
It turns into energy quick.
I appreciate it.
The boss congratulated you
on making it to the final.
He says that if you become
Rookie of the Year,
he'll throw you a party!
So what?
Oh, come on! Don't talk like that.
Your boss takes good care of you.
People never say what they mean.
We don't know what
they're actually thinking.
We've been lied to so many times already.
No matter where I work,
I'm always the first to be laid off.
The reason is simple.
They all rehearse to say the same thing.
"He misbehaves.
He'll try something sooner or later."
Still, you can't speak badly of your boss.
He's never said anything like that, right?
They're understaffed right now.
They'd hire anything that moves.
Otherwise, they'd never hire me.
Don't worry.
Even if I do get laid off,
I have nothing to worry about.
I have boxing.
If I become Rookie of the Year,
I'll be ranked 10th in Japan.
The Japanese Title
will be within my grasp.
If I become World Champion,
I'll make a fortune.
After that, people can take
their opinions and shove them!
I can't wait.
You have nothing to worry about.
You don't have to worry about money,
making ends meet, school
You don't have anything to worry about.
I don't care about going to college
or making ends meet.
I can't bear to see
you suffer so much for me.
You work a day job, train,
and get even more hurt in the fights.
Ryo, someday you'll wear out.
But the match is another matter.
I can't forget how Miyata-kun looked!
I absolutely can't lose this match!
Hitman style.
You put your weight on your
back leg, and sink your stomach in.
You go on offense,
in which the left guard is lowered
in order to make fast jabs.
But if I can step in deep enough,
his lowered left guard
will become his weak spot,
and his chin will be wide open.
That's why I must dive in!
I must reach his chin somehow
with the power of
my newly trained dart-and-dash!
Next time, "The Battle for Distance."
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