Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e29 Episode Script

Rocky of Naniwa

Sendo! Where's Sendo?
It's time for his roadwork.
Where the heck has he gone?
If you want Sendo-san,
he went in the back.
The back?
You're watching it again.
I could watch this guy fight
over and over without getting bored.
I'm totally stoked
that I get to fight him.
Yes, about that
What? What the heck do you mean?!
It's like I just explained
Hey! Where are you going?
Where else?!
To Tokyo!
There you are. You have a guest.
Who is that?
He's been demanding to see you
since he got here.
Oh? So, you finally showed up, Makunouchi.
I've been waiting.
Um, I'm sorry I kept you waiting,
but may I ask who you are?
What's that? You're saying
you don't know who I am?!
Well, yes.
Fine. I'll introduce myself.
My name is Takeshi Sendo!
I'm Western Japan's
featherweight rookie champion.
Rookie champion of Western Japan?!
Sendo? I've heard of you.
You're the one featured in magazines
as Kansai's number one rising star.
You're Rocky of Naniwa?!
People always want to call you "Rocky"
so-and-so if you're a little tough.
They think the movie "Rocky" was so cool,
so I understand why they want
to add the name of our town to it,
but don't get the wrong idea!
I'm not nicknamed after any Rocky Balboa.
It's Rocky as in "Rocky Marciano."
Rocky Marciano?
The only champion to retire undefeated
in the history of the heavyweight class.
You got it!
49 matches, 49 victories, and 43 KOs!
In a nutshell, Marciano was the only
class champion
without any losses or draws!
But it gets even more amazing.
Boxers nowadays tend to compete
with skills alone, right?
However, Marciano was different.
He would see who was more powerful.
Who could withstand the most punches!
Testing to see who was
a man among men was his religion!
Don't you think that's awesome?
That's how I want to live.
But I'm disgusted with
the Western Japan Tournament.
Every last one of them use cheap tricks
and they all fall on their asses
after one little punch.
Just when I was bored sick of it,
I saw your video tape.
My tape?
I knew you were the one.
I knew that with you,
I'd be able to have
real man-to-man boxing!
So, what's this crap
I hear about you withdrawing?!
Don't wimp out over a little fist injury,
and do the All-Japan!
That's easy for you to say
Are you a man or a mouse?!
I even worked on a deadly technique
to fight you with!
A deadly technique?
Actually, it's still a secret.
I haven't made it public yet.
Still, my smash would knock
anyone's socks off.
What?! You can do smashes?
If memory serves,
it's a three-quarter uppercut, right?
Oh, nuts! I spilled the beans!
Please keep this a secret, okay?
Oh, well. The cat is out of the bag,
so to hell with it.
The match is more important anyway.
Are you going to back out of All-Japan?
Yeah, but I can't use my right fist,
so it wouldn't be much of a match.
You'll be healed in two months, right?!
It'll be in time!
Don't ask the impossible!
I know you came all the way from Osaka,
but Ippo is in no shape
to fight in the match.
I'm sorry.
Damn it all!
I need to get going.
Huh? Where are you off to?
It's time for me to do roadwork.
Come to think of it
I hopped the train
when I was supposed to do roadwork.
I need to run anyway.
I see.
Dashing, huh?
What, are you through already?
Actually, I alternate
between dashing and jogging.
Oh Why didn't you say so?
You sure run a lot.
I can't train my fists,
so I run twice the norm,
but he kept up with me no problem.
I bet he does this much
on a regular basis.
So, you're really going to back out?
I guess I should give up
and stop nagging you.
I'm disappointed
because I was looking forward to it.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
Some things just can't be helped.
This guy was seriously
looking forward to fighting me.
He must really love boxing.
Um, so how did you start boxing?
Uh, well I was just a little curious.
You probably think I was a street brat
who liked to mix it up.
And that I started boxing
because I was influenced by it.
Uh, I didn't really
Well, maybe just a little.
I knew it!
I'll have you know I can't stand it
when people judge me like that!
Yes, sir.
-Now, listen to me!
-Yes, sir!
I started boxing
because I love boxing!
That's why I started boxing!
Aw, man! I sound just like a street brat.
I know!
Ask a mountain climber
why he climbs mountains,
he'll say, "Because there are
mountains to climb."
-It's like that!
Wait, I can describe it better!
Yeah! If you're a boxer,
you'll know what I'm talking about!
If there's a tough guy in the ring,
you want to fight him, right?
You want to have
a ferocious battle of the fists
and win! Then I can believe
from the bottom of my heart
that I am strong.
I love that moment!
If I could fight you
I wasted my time.
I'm going to catch a shower
and get myself back to Osaka.
Oh, man! All that trouble for nothing!
My punches are dynamite!
Where the heck is Aoki?
Oh, if you want Aoki-san
He's in there!
He's in the washroom.
It It's huge!
This thing is freakishly huge!
You! You're definitely not Aoki,
so who the hell are you?!
Don't do that to a guy out of nowhere!
You were about to crush it.
What? I haven't seen you before.
If you're a newbie,
you are obliged to greet me!
Hey, it's Takamura-san,
the middleweight champion!
I'm a big fan of his.
I wonder if I can get his autograph?
Don't size me up, you!
Mine has more destructive power!
What the hell are you doing?!
What's wrong, Takamura-san?!
What are you guys doing together naked?
Yeesh. I feel pathetic
for rushing to your rescue.
Shut your face!
It's your fault I ended up gripping
that nasty thing!
Is that Aoki guy always treated like that?
Well, thanks for everything.
What? You're going back already?
I need to train.
And I already got an autograph.
Besides, there's nothing left
for me to do here.
What? You don't need me
around anymore either, right?
Well, so long!
The guy's like a whirlwind.
Heh! I went through hell thanks to him.
What is it now?!
Looking back
I only had enough money
to buy a one-way ticket.
Would you let me stay the night here?
This is amazing.
He's been in the public eye
ever since his debut.
Flat-footed infighter
Six matches, six wins, six KOs!
Wow, that's just like me!
"His defense has room for improvement,
but his destructive power
more than makes up for it."
"He is one of the top notch hard punchers
in the featherweight class."
We're the same!
Not just our match records,
but the way we fight and win.
The praise in his article
reads a lot like the praise in mine.
Could it be that we're
the exact same type of boxer?
Come to think of it,
I've never fought a boxer like myself.
I wonder what would happen
if I fought him?
The fledglings are working hard today.
Is that a new trainee?
He's making sweet music
with the heavy bag.
Hey, you!
You have good form,
but try raising your guard a bit more.
It's Chief Kamogawa,
the genius trainer
who made a boxer out of Takamura-san!
Like this, sir?
Yes you've got potential.
Do you really think so?!
However, when you step in,
it throws off your body axis.
It's slightly slowing down your combo.
What? So, I should do this?
No, you should position
your head like this
Old man! Why the hell are
you giving advice to the enemy?!
Huh? What are you talking about?
Oh, so you're Sendo
from the Western Japan Block.
That explains why you looked so good.
Are you still here?!
It only took you a day to fit in.
What, do you really think so?
So you came to discuss
the match with the kid.
I'm sorry you came all this way,
but give up.
The injury to his fist is serious.
If he strains it now,
he could be out
for more than just a couple months.
If you're a boxer,
you'll understand that, right?
Here. It's your return fare.
I'm sorry, but I have no more time
to play with you.
Let's go, Yagi-chan.
Hey, where are you guys
going off to together?
To Thailand.
We couldn't find you a challenger
here in Japan, Takamura-kun.
We heard Thailand has good boxers,
so we're going there to negotiate.
I'd take on the world title
at the drop of a hat, you know?
There's an order to everything.
We'll bring you back good news!
So, my next victim is a Thai.
All right! Aoki, let's kick it up
a notch and spar!
Who, me?!
In my humble opinion,
Kimura looks more Thai-like than me.
Why are you making up excuses?
You do it!
I don't want to die just yet!
-Stop fighting over me!
-Hey, Makunouchi?
Is he the only heavyweight in this gym?
Yeah. The heaviest person
next to Takamura-san
is Aoki-san, who's a lightweight.
A challenger is one thing,
but he doesn't even
have a sparring partner?
Excuse me!
I need to borrow your spare gym shirt.
Sure. Help yourself!
If you're cool with it, I'll help you out.
You're going to do it?
You're a featherweight, aren't you?!
Do you realize how many classes
are between you two?
He gave me so much money,
I should at least offer my services.
Besides, it means I'll get to spar
with my hero, Takamura-san.
It'll make a great story to tell the guys.
Ooh, you're a smooth talker!
Not everyone gets the opportunity
to spar with a guy like me,
so make sure to take lots of notes.
Yes. I fully intend to.
Listen. One round only, okay?
One round and no more, okay?
It'd really suck if we hurt an outsider
while the Chief is gone.
Yeah. I know.
Aoki is a total worrywart.
There's no way he'd take him full-on.
And Sendo is just curious.
He won't try to incite him.
I only hope you're right.
Damn. No matter what happens,
I'm not responsible.
Hey, that's unusual.
Takamura-san is in a tight fighting pose.
He usually has his guard lowered
to focus on offense.
He's trying to give Sendo a lesson.
Oh, right!
He's intimidating all right.
This is a great experience for me.
He's fast!
There he goes.
What heinous jabs for 16-ounce gloves!
So, that was his firing range.
It comes as no surprise
that he can't touch Takamura-san,
but still, his moves are pretty sharp.
-Hey, look!
Isn't Sendo getting
a little too worked up?
Don't worry. They're
on totally different levels.
Dodge with your upper body,
then as the opponent withdraws,
dive in for the punch! Rock-away!
Counter a counter
with a counter Crisscross.
Whoa! High-level techniques on parade!
This sure is educational.
Look how good he is
without going all the way.
-What? Did he hit him?
Hey, you used your elbow. Watch it.
-I did it on purpose.
What's going on?!
He suddenly got mad!
This is bad! Let's stop them!
Enough, Sendo! You can't touch him anyway!
That's true if I was going
to throw a normal punch at him.
A hook! No An upper?!
What an ill-defined stance.
No way!
A smash!
-Takamura-san's body
That was a tricky little punch
you little shit!
Hey, Sendo!
Is he dead?!
Damn, that hurt!
If you had a smash up your sleeve,
you should've said so!
It was so unexpected that I took one.
Didn't I ask you not to go nuts?!
It's his fault!
He said it wouldn't make
a good story for the guys
unless real boxing was involved.
So that's what he said!
I don't know whether
that was brave or just plain stupid,
but either way, it's impressive
that he made Takamura-san go all-out.
Hey, someone get some water!
I'll go!
Real boxing, huh?
Different class levels
don't mean anything to Sendo-san.
He does it because he wants
to fight someone strong, that's all.
If you're up against a tough guy,
you want to fight him
and win!
I love that moment!
He really loves boxing.
I don't want to lose.
You sure bought a lot!
Yeah, I just took off,
so I needed some souvenirs
to smooth it over with my trainer.
If you ever come to
Tokyo again, drop on by.
And next time, I'll spar with you.
I'll be waiting in Osaka!
So, he'll be waiting in Osaka, huh?
The All-Japan RCT alternates
between the east and west.
This year's will be in the west,
at the Osaka Prefecture Gymnasium.
It doesn't look like he's given up
on his match with you.
He's not the only one.
My passion for boxing is
no less than anybody else's.
I want to fight him.
I don't want to lose!
Takamura-san really is powerful.
I'd been working on my smash
to be a single, fatal blow.
It's a do-or-die kind of punch,
so if you fail to knock him down
the first time,
there's the danger of a revenge hit.
I need to iron the bugs out
the moment I get back to Osaka.
What a great souvenir that was!
Hard puncher.
A boxer with a superior punch.
While his destructive punches
could result in dramatic victories,
he is prone to injuring his fists
from his own destructive power.
I know full well that a fist injury
could mess up my hand.
But I don't want to use
that as an excuse to give up!
If I can be in the match,
I don't want to run away!
Next time, "To Enemy Ground."
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