Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e30 Episode Script

To Enemy Ground

I'll be waiting for you in Osaka!
-Uh, yeah?
Would you take care of
the customers over here?
What's wrong?
Uh, well Isn't one
of our clients a professor
at the University of
Health and Sport Science?
-Do you mean Professor Miyazaki?
-Yeah, that's the one.
Do you think he knows
a good orthopedic doctor?
You still can't get yourself
to give up on that match, huh?
Yeah. I don't want to make the decision
to withdraw before I even try.
Maybe there's a way to heal my fist.
I want to go to Osaka!
Oh, all right. I'll contact him for you.
You will?!
I'll contact him, and no more.
Thanks, Mom!
Professor Miyazaki's doctor friend
is spoken of very highly.
Apparently, this doctor is quite
the combat sports fan, does judo,
and was even grand champion
at a national tournament!
If you explain your situation,
the doctor will give you a consultation.
But if you're told
that it's not going to heal in time,
I want you to step back
and let the match go, all right?
May I help you?
Uh, actually, I'm here
to see Dr. Yamaguchi.
Professor Miyazaki at the University
Oh, so you're Makunouchi-kun.
Huh? How did you know?
I'm Dr. Yamaguchi. Pleased to meet you.
Well, that's silly.
I heard you're really strong,
so I expected someone intimidating.
You're nothing like I imagined.
You really don't look like a boxer.
Really, ma'am?
Uh, well, I was a little surprised
to see you too
Huh? Well, uh
I was told you were
the number one Judo champion in Japan.
Oh? I may not look it,
but they used to call me "Lady Sanshiro."
No, I mean I didn't think
you'd be a woman
No wonder she comes so highly recommended.
Wow. That explains it.
Um Actually, it's not my shoulder
I want looked at,
it's my broken right fist.
Yeah. No wonder it broke.
After the match,
the pain wasn't only in your fist,
but your right shoulder hurts too, right?
Huh? Now that you mention it
It's already begun to heal,
but your right shoulder muscles
are in very bad shape.
These injuries only occur
with substantial destructive power.
In your case, the power
of your punch is too much
for your shoulders and fists to handle.
So, at the moment of impact,
the reaction injures
the strained parts of your body.
The Chief told me the same thing!
You can tell all that just
by touching my shoulder?!
Uh-huh, of course!
The professor really recommended
a great doctor! You're amazing!
You're amazing too.
To be honest with you, this is difficult.
But "difficult" doesn't mean
it's impossible, right?
There is a way, isn't there?
Tell me, please!
But this is a tricky injury.
As a doctor, I can't recommend
you accept a match
that might shorten your boxing career.
Ippo-kun, you have
only begun to box, right?
For your future,
you should let this match go.
But that means I'd be running away.
Running away? Why?
I can't explain it well,
but I'm the type of boxer
who goes forward.
Otherwise, I can't fight.
If I use my injury as an excuse
to run from my match with Sendo-san,
I feel like I'll never be able to
be in other matches again.
If there's even a 1% chance
I can be in the match,
I want to take those odds.
I want to fight Sendo-san.
Would you promise me one thing?
I want you to follow
my rehabilitation regimen
for the one month remaining
until the match.
If you do, I believe you will
recover enough to get into the ring.
However, I think the pain
will still persist a little.
If that's the case,
I will inject anesthesia
directly into your fist right
before the match.
Anesthetize my fist?
I think you'll be fine during the match,
but I hear it hurts like hell
when it wears off.
That's fine with me! As long as
As long as I can fight the match.
Very well. The truth is
I understand how you feel very well.
Let's work hard at it together
until next month's match!
Yes, ma'am! Thank you so much!
Is that the treatment
the doctor prescribed?
If my fist heats up during training,
she said it's important to cool it down.
I see.
Also, you're going to hurt your muscles
in every match at this rate.
Let's train your shoulder muscles
and make them strong enough
to absorb your destructive punching power.
It feels like we've been away
from Japan for a long time, doesn't it?
Yeah, but now it's going to get busy.
Hey, did you find me an opponent?
Well, we were given
the cold shoulder a lot.
We still managed to come up
with two opponents, though.
So, my powerful reputation
has finally reached Thailand, huh?
Your intensive training starts
immediately. Prepare for the worst.
What the hell is that?
Uh Welcome back, Chief.
I only left for a minute
and you started some monkey business.
Uh, actually I'm
What? Inject anesthesia directly
into your fist?
Yes. The doctor says the same
was done in a previous case.
Please give me permission
to fight in the match!
Yes, there is a precedent for that
However, injuries to
the fist tend to become chronic,
and the fact is, it won't stop
after a couple of incidents.
In the long run, I think
you should let it heal completely.
Ippo-kun! This is very important!
Don't waste your breath, Yagi-chan.
Once this kid thinks of something,
nothing we say can dissuade him.
What are these?
This is material I've been hiding from you
to stop you from getting stirred up
about Sendo.
Sendo is a die-hard in-fighter
just like you.
He is by no means
endowed in the defense department.
But he is equipped with more
than enough power to compensate.
He has extraordinary destructive power.
Needless to say,
his opponent was hospitalized.
Fortunately, it was not life-threatening,
but he will never be able to step
in the ring as a boxer again.
Listen. You're suggesting
you want to take on this guy.
And with a handicap, no less.
Sendo-san is amazing.
Just thinking about fighting him
gives me the shivers.
What he's saying doesn't match
his expression.
Damn! He never gives up.
Hey, kid! Let me ask you one question.
Boxing is an extreme sport.
The lifespan of a boxer
is the shortest of any athlete.
Do you want to make a decision
that may make
your already short career even shorter?
I understand that fists
are a boxer's life, but
If my injury becomes chronic
and destroys my career,
I will admit that's all the boxer I was.
Very well.
If you're that determined,
I will respect your feelings as a boxer.
We will proceed with practice
for your match.
-Thank you!
I'm not 100% convinced
that you're up for it.
The decision to proceed or withdraw
will be made
based on how well your fist heals
before the match.
-Any complaints?!
-No, sir!
Looks like you're getting
the hang of the smash.
This is bad. That's enough for today.
What do you mean?
Even if I get the hang of the smash,
I can't get the hang of my opponent.
You got a package from Tokyo.
Oh, it's from Makunouchi.
He sure is conscientious to send me
the stuff I left behind.
Huh? What's up?
What?! Didn't you just say
you had enough for today?
Yeah, right! If he says he'll come,
he'll come in his best condition.
I bet he's deep into
his intensive training right now!
I can't let even a second go to waste!
-Like this?
-You look great.
-You're doing this too.
There are many tough boxers in Thailand!
They've been going through
the rigors of kickboxing.
I came up with this training in order
to compete with their stamina.
This is stupid.
Are you telling me to build up stamina
this late in the game?
Stop muttering and get to it!
Dr. Yamaguchi!
What are you doing here?
I couldn't stop thinking
about your training.
The guys at the gym said you'd be here.
Hey, who's that?
She's the chiropractor I've been going to.
You must be the Chief.
Pleased to meet you.
The kid told me all about you.
-Is this how you do it, old man?
I doubt this kind of training
will build up stamina,
but the perks are yummy.
I bet I know what he's thinking this time.
All right, now do a 50-meter dash
in that position for three laps!
To the steel tower and back!
Whoa! That looks really hard!
Damn! We didn't just
have to hold the pose?
Now, go!
Damn it all!
Takamura-san, you're fast!
This is a piece of cake!
This not only looks really hard,
it is really hard.
Oh, yeah!
Just a little more
Damn! I'll be right back!
I've got to catch up to him!
This is a fun exercise, isn't it?
Isn't it hilarious?
Yes, this is really interesting.
It will build up stamina as well as
develop shoulder and back muscles.
It just might be the most
appropriate exercise for Ippo-kun.
But this activity is harder than it looks.
Isn't three rounds from
the very beginning too much?
Time isn't a luxury we have.
The match is in only one month.
My job is to create winning boxers.
What are his odds?
Who knows? Even though
Sendo has a weak guard,
he is a tough boxer.
Unless the kid can put
100% of his power into the match,
it will be difficult to knock him down.
You'll let me accompany
all of you to Osaka, right?
It is my job to help
get Ippo-kun's right fist
as close to perfect condition as possible.
Yeah, whatever.
Things are going to get busy!
Well, see you later!
No wonder the kid got all pumped up.
I'm almost there!
-It's your fault!
-What's your problem?!
Sendo-san's video?
If there's a video, I want to watch it.
We should learn his moves
so we can help you practice.
That's true.
Oh, Takamura-san. Can we use the VCR?
At any rate, his destructive power
is really impressive.
Anyway, take a look.
He was practically begging
for a fight with Ippo
So, don't let us down.
I'm telling you, it's awesome!
Yes He certainly does seem
to have destructive power.
This is amazing.
This isn't it!
What? That's strange. I don't get it!
Forgive me. I saw the tape sitting there,
so I thought it was just a blank
and I recorded over it.
How could you do such a thing?!
Don't get so pissed off!
I noticed halfway through,
so the match is still there.
Thank God.
Sendo is getting hit.
-His guard is too low.
From that position?
Isn't it amazing?
He's a stubborn guy.
Still, he sure can throw a good punch
from that awkward position.
That tells us he has
good lower body strength.
Right after this!
His finishing straight right punch!
His amazing punch
blows away the opponent's guard!
Oh, it's amazing!
Not only once, but twice.
Oh, come on. I already messed up,
so why not?
You're too much.
Hey, check all the other tapes.
Got to break all the write-protect tabs.
One hundred!
Day in, day out,
nothing but resistance training.
Although I guess
he can't use his fist anyway.
But haven't his shoulders
and arms become one size bigger?
Yeah. I wonder what kind of punches
he'll throw
once his fist is completely healed?
I can just see the look on Sendo's face.
All right!
He's out doing roadwork again?
Isn't he practicing too much?
Yeah, that's the problem.
I guess he can't stop himself.
Look what he did to the sandbag and mitts.
This is amazing.
If Makunouchi took a hit like this,
even he would be flat on his back.
Yeah, but Makunouchi's punches
are the equivalent of Sendo's.
If they took each other's best punches,
the match would end instantly.
Thanks, Grandma. I'm going running again.
Hey, it's Rocky! Rocky's goofing off!
What do you mean,
you silly kids?! I am not!
I gave Hiroshi in Division Four
the right straight you taught me
and it got to him. His legs got shaky!
You idiot! I told you
not to use it for fights.
Watch this! Hook!
Forget it. The angle is all wrong.
Hey, you guys sure look bored.
Why not play like the other kids?
But we don't have a video game console.
You told us you'd buy us one when
you become Rookie of the Year, remember?!
Buy us one now!
Buy us one!
-Are you a liar, Rocky?!
-Shut up!
If you guys are that bored,
I'll give you these.
What's this?
Tickets for the Rookie
Championship Tournament.
Aw, man!
It's going to be a real exciting match.
It'll be way more exciting
than a silly old video game.
Well, see you later!
Hey, wait!
Don't follow me, you bratty kids!
You're cramping my style!
Hey, Rocky! You're
the All-Japan champ, hands down!
Want some tangerines?
Sorry, I'm on a diet.
Look, we made a banner for you!
Thanks! But "in the world"
is a little hasty.
KO that Makunouchi!
You're the Rookie of the Year!
We'll all be there
at the match to cheer you on!
Go for it, Rocky!
We're counting on you, Star of Osaka!
Leave it to me!
I feel almost no pain now.
Besides, I can't complain now
that I've come this far.
Sendo-san, I challenge you!
Thanks for coming out all this way.
Thank you for having us.
Nice to see you folks.
Kid, I want you to start warming up.
Do some sparring.
What? I'm going to spar, sir?
This is Komori.
He's an eight-round level lightweight.
-Pleased to meet you.
You might find him a bit overwhelming,
but it's only a warm-up.
I see.
What's wrong? He's a class higher
than you.
Take advantage of your opponent
and go all the way.
Yes, sir.
Worried about your fist?
What? Yes.
Listen, you don't have to hit
with your full power.
Your hand is 70 to 80% recovered.
Use the power you have now.
70% of your punching power will be plenty.
Yes, sir!
Peek-a-Boo style, huh?
His guard looks pretty tight.
The pain is gone.
I need to get my feel back!
What a fast step-in!
What kind of a left was that?!
That kid is good!
He's at his peak.
His speed and power have improved.
This guy is strong!
Good! I'm getting the hang of the rhythm.
Next is double punches from the left!
Oh, no! I held back my right fist!
My turn!
I'll do it this time!
-Hasn't his fist
-healed yet?
It's healed. But he can't punch with it.
The All-Japan Rookie of the Year.
Every rookie in Eastern
and Western Japan fight in tournaments,
and the winners in each level
keep holding matches
until the winner is determined.
I am about to stand on the stage
that will judge me.
Also, I am looking forward to fighting
the most powerful rookie boxer
in Western Japan.
Until only a short time ago,
this was beyond my wildest dreams!
Next time, "Traces of Intense Battles."
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