Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e45 Episode Script

The White Fangs of the Wolf

The Featherweight second match
will commence shortly.
I made it!
Ippo, over here!
Congratulations! It was amazing.
Should you be up and about?
Date-san! Did you watch me?
That was a totally ridiculous match.
Uh, no
You're still not the opponent at hand,
so I'll congratulate you.
Thank you, sir.
It's about to start.
That is, the match
starring your opponent at hand.
Now, the next match in
the A-Class Tournament is about to begin.
Attention is on the entrance
of the former amateur world champion.
What kind of match will we see
now that he's switched to
the professional ring Volg Zangeif?
His opponent, Suzuki,
is totally ready to rumble.
That's because this is
his last chance due to his age.
So he has over 200 victories
in the amateur circle?
It takes more than technique
to make a fight.
Who knows how far
his enthusiasm will take him?
When Volg was an amateur,
I hear he was feared as "The White Fang."
White Fang?
Apparently it has something
to do with wolves and their fangs.
I'd like to see how a wolf boxes.
That's a real basic pose.
He's an amateur champ, all right.
So he does it by the book.
Take it nice and calm!
I know that.
An orthodox upright style.
Judging from the way
he's putting weight on his rear foot,
he's going for a counter.
Suzuki one-twos!
Volg dodges it brilliantly
with a back step!
That's good step work.
He's using the entire ring to his favor.
His speed is amazing, too.
This is powerful!
Suzuki's forward progress has been halted!
Was that a jab?
Speed, power, balance.
They're all flawless.
If he's this good,
it'd take something big to topple him.
To topple him
That's a heavy jab.
That's a world champ for ya.
I'm ready for something like this.
However, I bet this kind of boxing
isn't in the book!
Suzuki throws a right after a tricky move!
He throws himself into his opponent!
That's it! Press him that hard
and you'll smother his technique!
He used his shoulder to raise his trunk.
Get him, get him!
Sorry you had to come
all the way to Japan for this,
but to me, this is my last chance.
I'm going to win, if you don't mind.
Oh, my! Volg is hit!
Has Suzuki gained control
of the pace with his moves?
That's a terrific way to put on pressure.
It has more effect because he's reckless.
Still, I don't like it.
His cornerman hasn't budged
an inch at this stage in the game.
It's true. Even though his boxer
is clearly in trouble.
Center of gravity is on his front leg?
Will he use infighting?
I couldn't ask for more!
Close quarter combat is my turf!
A simultaneous hit!
Volg accepts the infighting challenge!
It's now a ferocious exchange of blows!
Who will out-punch the other?
If I'm pushing him this hard,
how can he punch so smoothly?
Don't tell me he's shown his true colors!
-Hey, he's
-An infighter.
I can't believe the look on his face.
He looks like another person.
Suzuki-san stepped back.
This is bad. I have to guard.
Don't let him daunt you! Go forward!
He's throwing punches accurately
through tiny holes in my guard.
Clean hit!
That hurt!
Volg checkmates in one attack!
Suzuki is groggy!
The referee steps in!
It's a standing knockdown!
Hey, Volg!
Stop it!
Please stop it!
Volg, it's the towel!
Stop it!
Suzuki! Pull yourself together!
Bring a stretcher, quick!
The match is over!
What an indescribable ending!
Volg Zangeif is powerful!
Why, you! How dare you do this
to a boxer from my gym?
I can't believe he defeated him
faster than Date-san did!
Uh, Sempai, Date-san is leaving.
He didn't do it using techniques.
conquered the world by force.
Volg, you won. Let's go.
He won but he doesn't even smile.
Far from it. He somehow looks unhappy.
His sharp edge and his violence
are like a wolf with bared fangs.
And I have to fight him next?
A counter connected!
Go, Kimura-san!
Flatten the bugger!
In the blue corner, the victor is Kimura!
It was a flawless full-mark win
by decision.
Yeah, he fights with class!
He should have flattened him.
Aoki-san, keep trying!
Get buggered!
You barbarian.
It's no good. He'll get me at this rate!
But I can't let it end
with Ippo and Kimura alone
in the winner's circle!
I was going to keep this under wraps
until the final, but
All right!
Way to go, frog-jumping guy!
Frog jump?
That guy has really stooped
low enough to use anything.
Good work, you three.
Use the next few days to recuperate.
However, don't get careless.
The tournament has only begun, you know.
Thank you, sir!
I sure am glad I cleared the first match
without a hitch.
What's wrong, you guys?
Nothing. After seeing Volg-san fight,
I sort of
You started to worry about it?
I know how that feels.
I just watched Mashiba fight a moment ago,
and when I remember that freak
will be waiting for me at the final, I
What's with you gloomy losers?
Oh, fine. I guess it's my job
as your major role model
to do a favor for the lot of you.
We're gonna party! Come with me!
What? Is it a celebration party?
Right on!
We'll start from the juniors.
But this is my first time
in a place like this.
I'm one of the youngest juniors here.
Look at you,
acting like the haughty sempai.
But I can't help it.
I've never done karaoke before.
Has a 360-degree view
Wow, he's actually pretty good.
You go, Barf-michi!
Not bad, Barf-michi.
After hearing that,
I can no longer stay silent.
Aoki! Select 9-A-5!
Yes, sir!
He knows the number
without looking at the booklet?
It's his special song.
Wow! The Champion is going
to sing "The Champion."
I started to grab on
To those hot arms
Don't tell me you thought he'd be good?
Just sit tight until the song's over.
And as you turned to look at me
So that's what he's been doing
all this time!
A part-time job!
-You laughed forlornly
What I wouldn't give for a job like that.
Yeah! Thank you, thank you!
Why are they reacting like that?
I don't mind singing,
but I've never received
a standing ovation before.
An encore it is!
Way up high in the ring
This is the fifth time, isn't it?
Somebody stop him,
or else he'll keep it up all night.
I'm getting more and more pissed off.
In the first place,
why did they cast someone
who lost to Ippo as the champion?
But, you know,
even if it's only a bit part,
I'd love to wrap that around me just once.
Stand up! Burn the fire of your life
Oh, yeah. Very soon now all three of them
will be within reach of the champion belt.
Damn it!
Okay, I'm joining you!
You too, Sempai?
When they think of the fight coming up,
I bet they feel
a crushing amount of pressure.
This is the 20th time!
Somebody stop them!
All right! We'll have party part two
at my place.
Are we still partying?
It's part two, plus review meeting.
It's to give a power boost
to my left counterpunch.
I also need to perfect my frog jump.
That's incredible, isn't it?
Everyone has their own deadly technique.
What about you, Sempai?
All of your moves are deadly.
Your left liver blow is an art.
I don't think I got it right.
Step in more firmly,
and pivot on that leg
to rotate your body. Watch me.
He's pivoting on his left leg and
moving everything from knee to shoulder.
You idiot!
I'm sorry!
We'll never be able to go there again!
I got carried away.
Um I should be getting home soon.
Oh, yeah. I forgot
you're still in high school.
I'm sorry. We kind of made a mess of it.
Please! I enjoyed myself.
I've never been able to goof around
with friends before.
Who're you calling friend?
You keep saying that
Uh Good night.
Thank you for everything.
"Thank you for everything"?
What a strange guy.
I was told to keep a lid on it,
but I guess it's all right to tell you.
Are you really sure?
You don't want to quit
Kamogawa Gym, do you?
Don't worry about it.
I've never seen you this happy
at a new location before, Nao-chan.
This is a special town to you, isn't it?
Yeah. It's special.
They're hearty and cheerful,
rough and gentle.
I spent time
with really incredible people.
The memories from this town
are my treasures.
I'm sorry. I give you nothing
but suffering.
It's not like that, Mom.
It's like something has changed
since I spent time with them.
I'll be okay anywhere I go now.
Something has changed inside of me.
That's the treasure I'm talking about.
He's moving?
Why didn't you tell me?
You can't keep a secret to save your life.
What did you say?
Now, now, think of how Barf-michi feels.
He doesn't want
a fuss to be made over him.
You're all shallow.
And you abused him more than anyone,
What do you think? Want to try that?
That, huh?
Do you have a plan?
Very well.
However, this particular send-off
is on the bitter side.
Thank you for everything.
-Take care of yourself.
-Yes, sir.
The guys are waiting for you
in the ring downstairs.
Huh? I thought no one would be here
because they're resting.
They say it's your send-off party.
For me?
-Sorry to keep you waiting!
-He's here.
We're already warmed up,
so hurry up and get ready.
Is this the send-off party?
Yeah, Kamogawa-style.
You've heard of the 100 Man Kumite
in karate?
We're going to spar you in turn,
just like it.
Ippo took too much damage yesterday,
so he's sitting this out.
Thank you so much!
I'm sure it will be a memory
I'll never forget!
We'll start with me.
Try to stay alive.
I'm going all-out!
Thank you, sir.
Next is me.
All right, in Aoki-san's case,
I can give you some advice.
Watch out for anomalies.
Take the initiative and attack him.
Don't whisper about me behind my back.
Junior welter jabs are powerful!
Keep exchanging punches!
Double punch!
I guess it is easy to get fooled by him.
Kimura-san is an orthodox outboxer.
Don't let him establish distance.
Stick close to him.
Someone's filling his head with nonsense,
so watch out.
Nice dash!
Amazing! He's keeping up with Kimura-san.
It's proof of his roadwork.
Nice body shot!
He won't fall.
Even though he took
a clean hit from a counter.
I'm an easy target for bullies.
I can't believe this.
So close! If he could just
step in a little more,
he would score a hit.
He's almost there.
You throw such good punches,
I got worked up.
Thank you, sir!
His basic physical strength is holding up,
and he has guts now.
Ability-wise, you wouldn't think
he was a pre-debut rookie.
I guess we can't call him
Barf-michi anymore, huh?
Huh? Sempai?
Hey, Ippo.
I can manage one round somehow.
I don't want him to forget this, either.
I'm giving it all I got.
All right, go!
He's still exhausted from the Saeki fight.
Numbers are what counts among fighters.
Make more hits.
You can kill him.
We'll say it was an accident.
This is my final sparring session
with my sempai.
I'll get him to look over everything
I've ever learned.
He's fast!
-That little
-He's serious!
Hit him first!
Is this a jab?
I'm so close, but I can't hit him!
He's getting more worked up than we were!
His fighting method
is the best reference for a fighter.
Even though he's coming apart
at the seams.
You really love your juniors, don't you?
This is a lecture
from Professor Makunouchi!
Don't miss a minute of it!
I don't have that leisure!
It's no good! I won't make it!
This step-in!
Don't look away!
This is his liver blow!
What destructive power
Are you okay?
Thank you so Urp.
Not in the ring!
I'll go have a shower.
It's your fault for hitting him
in the liver.
Tough love should only be taken so far.
I'm sorry.
I guess he stayed Barf-michi
to the very end.
This one's Takamura-san.
And this one's Aoki-san,
and this one's Kimura-san.
And this one
I'll never, ever forget this.
Keep boxing.
If you do, we might be able to meet again.
A challenger in line for a title match.
A position to take the belt.
However, the path to the belt
is treacherous.
Challenge rights will be stripped
from the loser,
even if it were a close match.
Even if you're uneasy or tired,
all you can do is keep going.
It's a chance that finally came your way
after a repetition of matches and efforts.
Next time, "Be the Gazelle."
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