Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e44 Episode Script

Blind Spot in the Ring

Now Makunouchi's moving!
A left barrage!
However, Saeki dodges!
Dodges! Dodges and dodges!
He dodges! And as he dodges,
he makes forward progress!
That can't be!
Thanks. That had its share of thrills.
That's ridiculous!
There's the bell ending round one!
Saeki completely shut out
Makunouchi's barrage!
The Speed Star has shown
what he's really made of.
That's a good start.
Makunouchi can barely see your moves.
Can't see my moves?
No, the fact that he led me into a corner
before I knew it is proof
that he can see plenty of my moves.
I will completely disappear
from sight in the next round.
So, how does it feel
to take him straight on?
He's fast!
I can't believe my punch isn't effective.
I can't even get a chance to stop him
with a body blow
before he comes attacking.
Yes, the rhythm of his speed
is nothing like the video.
I thought I'd be able to catch him
if I got him in a corner,
but if not, I'm through.
Don't be dejected.
The plan to stay put
and put on the pressure is not wrong.
The next time you back Saeki
into a corner, gut him from below.
-Your target is still the body.
-Yes, sir!
If it were me, I'd swat him
like a fly to kill his speed.
What would you do, old man?
Those guys circling around
in front of us are such a drag.
You're the drag!
Round two!
What amazing power of concentration.
Every time I move,
he moves the same amount
to maintain the distance.
Several steps faster than me, too.
What? Are you gazing at each other again?!
Get pulverizing!
He's putting on good pressure!
Take it slow, real slow!
Makunouchi makes his move!
He's using his head.
He's hitting left to bring Saeki
around to his right.
Which would make his target
All right! The rope's behind him!
He has nowhere to run!
The body is mine!
What the hell?
He bent the rope to create more space!
Makunouchi swings into thin air!
In the meantime, Saeki escapes
from the corner with room to spare.
Thank you for letting me
have a healthy sample of the thrill
of the most powerful fists
in Featherweight.
From here on out, it's my turn.
Whoops! Now Saeki makes his move!
Is the hunted now the hunter?
This is bad!
I have to get out of the corner.
This punch!
That trajectory lashing out
from below in a swiping move
I'm surprised!
Can he do flickers as well?
Even I have trouble with those.
He moves so fast, you can't see his limbs.
That's why he's called the Speed Star.
And ultimately, he will begin
to disappear.
Saeki sets up a barrage of jabs
as payback!
Makunouchi is in his power!
Makunouchi balls up and charges!
He finally escapes from the corner!
All right, Makunouchi!
Give it back to him!
Is it another case
of the hunted becoming the hunter? Oh?
Sempai's right eye!
It's already fully swollen.
Looks like the flicker whip
was really effective.
My right eye is completely blocked!
No way! He disappeared?
To your right, kid!
He's circled round to your right!
My right?
Oops, and there's the bell!
Round two is over!
Makunouchi is saved by the bell!
However, Saeki is strong!
This is turning into a one-sided match.
His moves were first to disappear,
then his fists,
and now you can't see him.
His speed and flicker jabs are incredible.
There's nothing I can do at this rate.
Don't let me hear you talking
like a quitter.
You're an A-Class boxer
just like him, remember?
But still, now that
we've been driven back this far,
we need to brainstorm.
It's difficult to pull off an intricate
plan in a situation like this.
We need to start by achieving
specific goals one by one.
Kid, what did you want
to accomplish with this match?
Huh? Well, I wanted to win.
You had a more specific goal, didn't you?
I wanted to show everyone
who went out of their way for me
that I'm all right now.
Don't use past tense!
There are still four rounds left!
Uh, right!
Just one punch! Can you do that?
You only have to score
one punch in round four.
Give him a punch that those who
helped you back into the ring will accept.
Even if it's only one punch.
One punch. A punch
that everyone will accept.
Just one punch.
Seconds out!
Now, the bell has sounded for round three.
Whoa, Makunouchi charges in with the bell!
He can still lash out.
I have to get close to him.
If I leave a distance,
he'll dive into my blind spot again.
He definitely has amazing punches.
However, that's only if they hit.
Not again!
He disappeared!
Saeki throws a right!
Saeki barrages! Makunouchi is caught!
Saeki-sempai, go!
Go, go!
Finish him off!
Damn it!
He's fast! He raised his speed even more!
Right from the blind spot!
That hurt! Will he fall?
Don't you dare fall.
That wouldn't be good PR for the store.
Whoops, Makunouchi stops himself.
Nice fight!
That was close. I nearly defaced our sign.
Umezawa-kun and Mom
helped me back into the ring.
I promised them I would win.
I can't let it end like this!
I have to score a punch
that everyone will accept,
even if it's only one punch!
Twenty seconds remain. Can I finish it?
One punch
Just one punch
It's no good. I can't see Saeki-san.
I can't hit him.
Two seconds remain. I can still hit him!
Whoops, Makunouchi leans on Saeki
to block his punch!
And with that, round three is over!
It was a miscalculation on my part.
However, there's no need to panic.
He was watching the clock and calculating,
even during the barrage.
Yeah, you okay?
Good job staying on your feet.
It was effectively a stroke of luck
that you fell on him.
Yes, sir. It was.
-But I realized something even luckier.
-What did you say?
It was an accident,
but I realized something
when I blindly leaned on Saeki-san.
In the next round,
I just might be able to catch him.
Sometimes even if you can't see something,
it means it can be seen.
Don't talk! Focus on recuperating!
I have no idea what you've come up with,
but give it a shot.
Score one hit,
and you will find a breakthrough.
He sure is tough.
I connected a bunch of good shots, too.
Sometimes you'll find pro boxers
who thrive on adversity.
Adversity, huh?
Chief is my rhythm off at all?
Huh? Does it bother you even though
you've got such a lead on him?
Sometimes I don't realize it myself,
you see.
It's fine. It amazes me how
it's been so constant since Round One.
Seconds out!
Now, it's round four at last!
Both contenders slowly walk towards
the center.
Will it hold a KO for Speed Star Saeki?
Or will we witness
a reversal from Makunouchi?
Looks like he's finally
losing control of his legs.
He can't dash like that again.
I'll finish this in one swoop!
Makunouchi can't see it coming!
A clean hit!
-Knock him, Saeki!
-Dodge him, Makunouchi!
It's no good! I can't see him. But
What was that?
Did he throw a fist into his blind spot?
I don't want any lucky punches from you!
A left from Saeki! Makunouchi is wobbling!
Damn it!
He's not like this.
Ippo is much better than this.
That's amazing. You have
impressive strength of spirit.
But it's all for nothing.
As long as you have a blind spot,
you won't be able to lay a finger on me.
He's started going into step.
He's heading into my blind spot again.
It was a nice, long acquaintance,
but now it's over.
He disappeared!
But it's not as though he's left the ring.
Last round, I was fortunate enough
to lean on him when he was invisible.
He was there.
I'm positive that's where he'll be!
Even if I can't see him
he will be there!
Right here!
He scored!
Makunouchi's right connects!
I see you!
A right body blow!
This one also scores full on!
And a payback left!
Oh, my! He's down!
Saeki's knees hit the canvas!
After much perseverance,
Makunouchi's right finally explodes!
There it is!
Hey, this can't be for real.
This is what Makunouchi does.
-I know!
Now, the countdown! Will Saeki stand?
Calm down. He merely managed
to connect a blind punch.
I'm fully conscious.
My left, my right,
and my legs are all functioning.
I have no damage.
Whoops, Saeki gets back on his feet
as if nothing happened.
It appears the damage
was lighter than was feared.
Damn. You seriously scared me there.
However, I'm positive
you can't see out of your right eye.
Your blind spot is still in effect.
It won't happen twice.
He's going for my blind spot again.
But I know where he is.
He's here!
He shoved him out of his blind spot!
What's going on?
It's not a fluke.
I don't know whether he can see me or not,
but it looks like he can tell
where I'm positioned.
It doesn't matter.
If that's the case, I'll get a good taste
of that particular thrill as well.
I have my footwork.
He stopped moving? He's inviting me.
Still, I've been presented with a chance,
and I have to take it!
Here it comes.
That awesomely thrilling split-second.
No, it's a feint! His real target is
As I thought!
I can align a counter to this!
To this
What just happened?
His response was slow somehow.
Has he taken damage?
It was his chance to counter.
What? How's he hitting me?
Speed! Do I need more speed?
All right, I'll take it a gear higher.
How about this, Makunouchi?
I get it. Looks like
he took on damage, all right.
Yeah, I bet Saeki didn't even realize it.
His flesh remembers what it felt like
to take a punch from Makunouchi.
He didn't slow down
due to physical damage.
He was paralyzed by fear!
To your neutral corner!
Makunouchi, to your corner!
Come and get me.
Come and get me, Makunouchi.
My feet are still moving got it?
The referee has stopped the match!
Saeki is unable to continue!
The match is over!
Good job hanging in there, kid.
That's enough! You can relax now.
They saw you!
It was an attack everyone who helped
you back into the ring would accept.
They both fought a pretty good match.
I get the willies thinking
these two are after my head.
Sorry to barge in when you're tired,
but there's something
I just don't understand.
How come you knew
where I was in your blind spot?
If you can't see me,
that means I'm in your blind spot.
If you lash out in your blind spot,
you'll hit me.
I understand the logic.
But I was careful to keep my rhythm
so I wouldn't get taken
by that kind of lucky punch.
So how did it happen?
Please tell me.
It's your rhythm.
Your rhythm was just so perfect,
I became confident
that you would enter my blind spot
at the same exact moment.
Well, I lose!
That's a load off my mind.
Is your eye okay?
Huh? Uh, yes.
Are you all right, Saeki-san?
-Why would I not be?
-You know, your injuries.
My feet are still working.
Is it okay for you to sit upright?
Huh? Yeah!
Still, I'm amazed you didn't fall.
Yeah. But the reason I did my best
was because of everyone
who cheered for me.
You pressured me not to fall,
saying it wouldn't be good PR
for the store, remember?
I might have fallen
if it hadn't been for that.
This match felt very real to me.
It made me realize that I'm really boxing
supported by lots of people.
So thank you, Umezawa-kun.
What do you mean?
Did you let a silly thing
like that get to you?
How can I put it?
I have no idea what to say
at a time like this.
But, you know, I guess
I should say congratulations.
Yeah. Thanks!
Oh, yeah!
We have to show the boss
you in all your glory.
It's okay to be all beat up since you won.
-Okay, strike a pose!
-Like this?
-Good, hold it.
Here goes! Say cheese!
Amateur boxing.
Point totals are based
on the number of accurate punches.
It's a form of technicality.
Add distinguished technique to
the one crowned number one in the world,
and you get a boxer
who has acquired overwhelming power.
I can't see any gaps in his defenses,
but if I don't win, I can't get
into the ring with the champion,
which is where I want to be.
Next time, "The White Fangs of the Wolf."
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