Fighting Spirit (2000) s01e71 Episode Script

Time for the Showdown

Hey, the poster's done.
Ippo really posed for it.
Lalooloo'a'palooloo-oza, huh?
That makes sense.
La Lalooloo?
Is that some kind of incantation?
This is pronounced "La-la-pa-loo-za."
It refers to a punch so loud,
it sounds like an earthquake.
It's the perfect selling phrase
for their match.
Don't "yeah" us.
You fed us nonsense.
Still, I'd sure like to experience
the excitement of a title match,
for once.
What? Have you two boys
never had a title match?
How many years have you been boxers?
Five years.
Five years, and not a single title match?
You already know that, so shut up!
Whoa, we're on the cover.
I'll take this, please.
-Sure thing. Oh?
-Uh, no.
Sendo-san sure looks pumped up.
-You're out already?
Damn, I was too late.
It's Makunouchi!
-Give me your autograph!
-Me, too!
-It's the real thing!
-He's so cool!
-Over here!
Who are all those people?
They came here to buy tickets.
The tickets for your match sold out
the moment they went on sale.
You're a huge success.
What? They're already sold out?
Now you definitely have to take the belt!
Yes, sir.
Did you read my article?
Do you see the name "Iimura"
at the end of the special report
in that magazine?
You're right.
I didn't know you wrote this article.
Did you find it boring?
No, I can feel
Sendo-san's intensity in it.
And you've written
about his sparring in detail.
I believe only someone who actually saw it
could write this article.
Really? That's a relief.
It says that he widens his stance
to lower his center of gravity.
So, maybe it's something like this.
The body axis won't move,
and he'll probably
deliver a barrage
with his body weight on it,
so it will be difficult to make him
back off with an exchange.
The Dempsey Roll
is becoming less of an option.
Knowing Sendo-san's disposition,
he'll come forward right away,
so I'll have to go
for the win right away, too.
An exchange from the get-go?
That'll be a suitable development
for a talked-about match.
A talked-about match?
It hasn't really hit me yet.
Before I fought Date-san,
it definitely felt like
I was facing a title match.
But this is kind of like
we're not just fighting over a belt.
Tell him that the belt isn't at stake
in the next match!
It's each other's pride!
What is it?
I think Makunouchi-kun
could write a better article than me.
"The belt isn't on the line."
They both said the same thing.
They're the ones most looking forward
to the upcoming match.
Who do you think will win?
I can't tell.
To be frank, they're equal in strength.
How about you?
I can't tell.
But I believe it will definitely
be settled by KO.
Well, excuse me for only being able
to come up with a silly prediction.
That explains why the tickets
are selling like hot cakes.
That's true.
How are you, Nekota-san?
I have been continuing with my back
muscle training every morning since then.
You'd probably be surprised
if you saw my back now.
I am sending you a ticket.
I can't say that
I have the confidence to win,
but I'm looking forward
to seeing how far I can go.
Please come watch!
I'm told the champ's already inside.
You're here, Makunouchi!
Good afternoon.
What are you looking so scared for?
The match is tomorrow.
Sendo-san certainly is relaxed.
That's how complete his preparations are.
He really worked on his body.
His back is a size bigger.
That's the body of a guy
who's completed the entire menu.
That's utterly amazing.
Just baring their flesh is turning it
into a demonstration.
125 and 1/4 pounds. Sendo passes.
Right on!
124 and 1/2 pounds. Makunouchi passes.
Excuse me, could I get
a shot of you two shaking hands?
A handshake?
Sure. Uh, please wait a moment.
Sorry. I'm ready now.
I think I'll pass!
We're hateful rivals
until the match is over.
Uh, right.
Don't cool your body.
For now, go home and
What is it?
Is it okay if I borrow Makunouchi
for a while?
I won't take long.
I don't approve of leaving opponents
alone together before a match,
but I guess it's fine.
The Mecca of the Japanese
world of boxing, Korakuen Hall.
Every professional boxer
wants to fight here once in his life.
Undoubtedly it'll be
a full house tomorrow.
It's real thrilling.
You're impressive.
You're definitely a champion
to talk so calmly with someone
you're going to fight against tomorrow.
I don't have that kind of leeway,
so I can't talk that clearly.
Is that how I appear?
After seeing your face,
I've been desperately trying
to keep my composure.
I've been getting the shakes.
I'm getting the shakes
because I feel so thoroughly happy
to my very core.
When I saw your body a minute ago,
I realized it's been a while
since we last met.
Actually, we met after your match
with Shigeta-san in Osaka.
That's not what I mean.
It's really been a long time
since we've met as boxers.
To hit and be hit
by an incredibly tough opponent, and win!
That's when I'll fully know I'm strong.
I'm going to win this.
He hasn't changed.
To him, the title of champion
means nothing.
He hasn't changed.
I also trained in order to win.
This time it's your hometown,
so you'll have more supporters.
I'll get them whipped into
an earthshaking Makunouchi chant.
That's encouraging.
I've gotta make up
for feeling so small in Osaka.
I'll show you!
You ain't nervous or nothing.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Hey, boss!
Is this the behavior of a boxer
on the eve of a title match?
I wouldn't know.
I don't know the first thing about boxing.
You've been like this every night.
You may not be able to sleep,
but if you don't get in bed,
your body can't get the rest it needs.
You're fighting someone strong,
aren't you?
-Are you scared?
At least climb under the blankets
and close your eyes.
Or you'll end up sleepy
when you need to be alert.
I can't sleep.
My heartbeat is too noisy.
I've never been so worked up before.
I've never looked this forward to a match.
Do you understand, everyone from Tokyo?
Shout out "Makunouchi"
on the count of three.
This is why it's nice having it
in your hometown.
Sorry, Sendo, but everyone
will be cheering for Makunouchi.
Looks like another group has arrived.
We're counting on you, too, guys!
On the count of three
-We came a long way for this!
-We ain't losing to no Tokyo wimp!
-Go for it, Sendo!
-Take Makunouchi down!
There's more of 'em over there.
Don't be intimidated! Go, Makunouchi!
Ryo, hurry!
The curtain raiser
hasn't even started yet.
Let's cheer for Makunouchi-san today.
No way.
Fine, 'cause I will!
It's finally time.
A fight with exchanges of
earthshaking blows and signature punches!
The Japan Featherweight title match
we've all been waiting for
is finally here.
The semi-final is finished, and the fans
are heating things up
even during the intermission.
Kourakuen Hall is getting lively!
Expectation rises
for the entrance of each fighter.
The bell is about to ring!
Tiger, are you worried about him, too?
Yes, it's about time
for the match to start in Tokyo.
I wonder what look he'll have on his face
when he comes home?
The cheering is impressive.
Everyone came from Osaka to see you.
You'd better respond
to their expectations.
I know.
It was probably like this
the last time, too.
Although I don't remember it clearly.
The only thing I clearly remember
are the earth-shattering cheers.
The stage is set. Well, let's go.
Let's pick up where we left off.
I know!
I know.
Calm down. Don't jump the gun.
Don't jump the gun! It'll start soon.
Makunouchi will be waiting
in the Blue Corner.
You'll see him soon.
Kid, can't you tone it down a little?
You'll tire yourself out before the match.
Hey, you'd better leave it at that.
You've got enough of a sweat going now.
Just a little more.
Hey, it's Neko.
Last one!
All right, that's pretty good.
I'm amazed.
I'm amazed you trained yourself this far.
After seeing the shape of your body,
I can tell you don't need encouragement.
I can watch feeling secure.
Thank you, sir.
If I remember correctly,
you began boxing
because you wanted to be like me.
Win this, and I'll acknowledge
that you've gotten closer.
We'll catch up to you soon.
Get going.
We have faith you'll win.
Thank you so much.
If the going gets tough,
remember that training camp.
Yes, sir!
Well, I think I'll find my seat.
By the way, Neko, do you have
another bear pelt in that bag?
That's a secret.
The ring announcer is up.
Mr. Makunouchi, it's time.
The two men who fought
for the All Japan Rookie of the Year
are matched up again today.
You were no more
than a hatchling back then.
But now, you're not.
Sendo is waiting for you
as the strongest man in Japan.
Listen, we are the challengers!
Box like a challenger to the very end!
That's right. Sendo-san
is waiting in the Red Corner.
Waiting for me!
-Let's go, kid!
-Yes, sir!
-Let's go, Sendo!
It is time for the entrance
of the fighters
for the Japan Featherweight title match!
Entering from the Blue Corner
is challenger Ippo Makunouchi!
With 12 fights, 11 wins, and one loss,
the Dynamite Kid has won
every victory by KO!
He heads for the ring
to put up one hell of a fight
to win his second title match!
The champion Takeshi Sendo
appears from the Red Corner!
With 16 fights, 15 wins, 14 KO's,
he has suffered only one loss!
His one and only black mark
came at the hands of Makunouchi!
Burning with revenge, the Tiger of Naniwa
takes center stage
for the first time in Korakuen Hall!
Can you hear our voices
from the commentator stand?
The cheering battle is drowning us out!
This fight promises not to disappoint
the fans' excitement!
The Japan Featherweight Class title match
will commence momentarily.
In the Red Corner,
from the Naniwa Boxing Group,
weighing in at 125 and 1/4 pounds,
the Featherweight Champion of Japan
Takeshi Sendo!
In the Blue Corner, from the Kamogawa Gym,
weighing in at 124 and 1/2 pounds,
ranked number one in Japan Featherweight
Ippo Makunouchi!
Ippo, take that belt!
Are you the head
of Makunouchi's cheering group?
Let's heat it up today!
I'm counting on you!
The fighters are called to the center.
The fated foes are facing off.
For Sendo, this is a revenge match,
and for Makunouchi, this is
an important match to capture the belt.
It's so touch-and-go
they can't even look at each other.
They're setting off sparks.
I bet the bell rang
in their heads ages ago.
They both have a look of determination.
The concentration is incredible.
Makunouchi-san will win, won't he?
Makunouchi is more focused.
But the champion also looks really scary.
He's too worked up.
In horse racing,
it's what they call over-zealous.
I bet his one lost match
is having a snowball effect.
He's probably been grinding his teeth
in frustration for two years.
If it were me up there,
I wouldn't wait for no damn bell.
The fighters head
to their respective corners.
The fateful bell will ring shortly.
Show me what you've got, Makunouchi.
Sendo, don't get edgy.
No matter what kind of exchange
it turns into, stay calm. Understand?
I know!
He's obviously gotten worked up
after seeing Makunouchi in the ring.
Use the first round to relax your body.
I am calm.
I've been waiting for this.
I've been waiting for this.
I'll tear him to pieces!
One punch can wreck you.
Be sure to take the initiative.
Don't let him control the pace.
Go out hitting first!
Yes, sir!
I've been waiting for this day.
I'll use everything I've ever learned.
I won't even consider conserving stamina.
I am the challenger!
Makunouchi charges in!
The champion is caught by surprise,
delaying his reaction!
And what is this?
It's the Dempsey Roll!
He's fast!
My hands are full just guarding!
I can't block in time!
He's down!
Astride position.
A stance spreading the legs
to lower the center of gravity.
Footwork stops at close range
and punches are exchanged in barrages.
They come out sharp
with brutal destructive power.
I can't shield myself from all of them.
If I'm hit, I can only hit back.
That's right! This is a battle of power!
We each built up for this day!
Next time, "Lallapallooza."
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