Final Space (2018) s02e06 Episode Script


Don't shed tears for me.
We don't even know what you're doing.
I'm leaving.
The old world needs to rise from the ashes like a bedazzled phoenix.
My senses tell me undisclosed dangers are growing, undisclosed dangers are brewing! I must rebuild the Resistance so we can resist the Uprising against the Insurgency who's resisting the Rebellion - against the Insurrection.
- What? - No tears! - I wasn't even tr Look towards the stars at the rising dawn.
The Resistance will be there.
And Tribore will be there, leading it.
[music continues.]
Tribore: And so my story begins A blood moon rises.
I seek others.
To heed the calling.
And, like myself, we will be [lasers firing.]
[title music.]
2x06 - Arachnitects Clarence: Will the Triblahdoors ever get their homeland back? [Cackles.]
I certainly hope not.
Any, uh Any of you seen Mooncake? I heard some weird sounds coming from the hangar bay earlier.
And I was not eavesdropping, okay?! Alright, geez, okay.
Weird sounds? I mean, oh! Ah! [Laughs.]
I think I know what's going on.
His skin's getting greener, his antennae are quivering - we've all been there.
- We have? I have.
Stop looking at me! Yes.
His body's changing.
He's becoming a man cake.
- Gary, he doesn't have any - Yeah, I know.
- We can all see - You don't have to tell me.
- I mean, he's r-round.
- I know! Alright? I'm gonna give Mooncake "the talk" I never got.
What What do you guys me What are you guys talking about? What talk? Avocato never gave you the talk? [Squeals.]
And that's when I got caught upside down pants-less in a hammock at Bailey Beth Sanderson's summer cabin.
It was - It was an ordeal.
- Chookity.
- Okay, good talk! - I have a question.
- Yeah, go for it.
- Um Why? Why? Because little invisible chaos marbles are exploding all over your insides.
- [Gasps.]
Then they're real? - Yes.
Yes, they are.
- Mm, thought so.
- That explains a truckload, friends! Huzzah for pubescence! Remember little buddy, you can always talk to me about anything, okay? About this, about losing your powers - anything.
- Hmm! Hooray! Solved the problem.
- See ya! - Ohh! - You okay, little buddy? - Ohh, oh-ohh.
- Chookity pok! - Mooncake? - Chookity! - Mooncake! Did I scare you with my detailed stories of bodily changes?! - Mooncake! - Chookity.
No! No, no, no, no! Mooncake, no! AVA, follow Mooncake! - Lightfold! - AVA: What's the magic word? I know! Uh, please? Now? Tuesday? French vanilla? Washing machine? Am I warm? Give me a hint! - We don't have time for this, AVA! - Got it.
A cat! AVA: Lightfolding.
Anything to shut him up.
Still not fast enough! We're losing him.
Engage the drop drive! Engaging! [Music.]
I need you to do your thingy.
I need to get Mooncake! I can't just make it happen.
I'm not you at Bailey Beth Sanderson's summer cabin! - I need to be sparked! - How do I do that? - How? How? - [Sighs.]
As me about the prom.
Everything prom related brings me to a very dark place.
Everything about prom brings me to an even worse place.
Oh! Have you even had to find a dress?! Fix your hair?! Impress Jordan Hammerstein who you hate with all your guts because he won't even look at you?! - Look at me now, Jordan! - I am not I'm not Jordan! [Echoing.]
Ask me to the prom, Jordan! Ask me right now! - Ash, will you go to the prom with - [Screams.]
Chookity! [Music.]
No! Gary: I was so close.
I was so close to getting Mooncake back.
Take that, wall! You've been cruisin' for a bruisin'! Stupid wall! [Thudding.]
Oh [Gasps.]
Don't worry, Gary.
I'll get that Lightning Bug.
Uh, hmm.
Voice: Gary.
- Bolo? - I got it! [Grunts.]
I don't know how you tolerate him.
Yo, did you just shrink yourself to chat me up? Because now is not the time.
Gary, nothing happens without Mooncake.
- You must retrieve him.
- I get it.
Okay, but where is he? Mooncake has been taken to another dimension by the Arachnitects.
The Arachnitects? I thought they were only legend.
Any idea how we can get him? With a dimensional key.
But first, it must be activated.
Hurry, Gary.
The Arachnitects wait for no one.
[Metallic clank.]
We can work with this.
Does anyone know how to activate a dimensional key? I don't, but I might know someone who does.
Hey, Fraskenhauer.
Look, we need to find Mooncake.
- Can you unlock one of these? - Sure, I can.
But first you have to beat me in a little scrum, niblits, tittlepops.
I don't [Laughs.]
Oh! Scrum, niblits, tittlepops, squaw! - Aw, crap.
- Seriously! You have 18 hands, and you go all tittlepops? Just tell us how to freakin' open the key.
Find Molelito.
He's a cosmic locksmith.
He knows everything about keys.
Clarence, how 'bout an arm wrestle? - Get in there! - Oh, God! Oh, I've already had therapy to forget his little cavity hand.
Gary: Molelito! Good to see you.
- Sup? - Uh, yeah.
Wh W-What's up? So, hey, so - Sup.
- Sup.
- Sup.
- Yeah, s-sup.
Sup, okay.
- Sup.
- Yeah.
- Sup.
- Sup.
- Alright, sup.
- Sup.
- Can we stop this? - Sup.
- Sup! - Suuup.
What do you want from me, Molelito? Alright, look, we're we're trying to save my little buddy Mooncake, and - Sup! - My Son of a Can you stop saying that?! [Rumbling.]
[All gasp.]
Oh, my God, there's a bigger one now.
- Oh, no.
- Super Molelito Deluxe.
- Hey, big guy, what's up? - Sup.
- Sup.
- Sup.
Do any of the freakin' two of you know - how to unlock a dimensional key? - No.
But we know someone who does.
- Sup.
- Sup.
I swear, if this next person can't open the freakin' key Calm down, primate.
The good general will know.
He always knows.
[Firing lasers.]
Clarence, what brings you around? Clarence, why the hell does everyone know who you are? Strictly business this time, Catalope.
- You bet, Mr.
- Hey, hey.
Keep it cool.
I We're looking to unlock a dimensional key.
I'm a simple scout.
You need a great leader.
The Head of the Resistance! [Music.]
[Wind whistles.]
Tribore: I felt their eyes on me as I entered Sal's Watering hole.
Sal's was always filled with the hardest of hard.
And I needed hard.
Really super hard.
But not so hard that I couldn't break it.
Otherwise, it would be too hard.
Half way semi-hard.
That's it.
That's what I'm looking for.
[All gasp.]
I'm looking for someone.
Someone with skills.
Someone's who's half way semi hard.
You just killed my cousin! Go get your drinks somewhere else.
Who was he to give me orders? I mean, look at him.
And that shirt.
My eyes searched and searched [Groaning.]
until Oh, lordy.
What's your name? - Thud.
- Thud.
I like that.
You want to join the Resistance? - What are we resisting? - Take your pick.
But I'm sensing things are about to heat up.
Tribore! Mooncake's been kidnapped.
I sensed that.
We need to unlock a dimensional key.
Whiskey on the rocks.
- Tribore! - No, no, no, no, no.
- M-Make that old fashioned.
- Tribore! Look, I haven't a clue how to do that.
But the Resistance is on the Actually, make that a sea breeze.
Well, he's not gonna be any help.
I heard that.
I'm always listening.
Gary, don't worry.
We'll get Mooncake back.
I am worried.
Alright, Primate.
I suppose I may know one last person - who could unlock that key.
- What? Why didn't you bring this up sooner? Family drama.
Didn't want to pull that thread Don't need to hear the story, just tell me who can help us.
My niece, Dartreeshio, Unlocker of Worlds! Your niece's name is Dartreeshio? Unlocker of worlds and consumer of Realms! Oh, it's getting longer.
So, unlocker of worlds and consumer of realms is her - It's her family name, yes.
- What's your last name? - Polkawitz.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, Dartreeshio - Unlocker of worlds! Consumer of realms! -And world's worst niece! - More names.
Alright, you know what, can she active the key? - If she can't no one can.
- Why are you being so helpful? I find your question insulting.
As for the answer Well, okay then.
He's not gonna finish that one off.
Where is she? I must warn you Her powers are greater, but her beauty is immeasurable.
Do not look directly into her face.
- Clarence.
- Oh! I looked! Oh, oh! Why did I look?! Oh no, you were right, Clarence! - Oh, this is My eyes! - Aaargh! I looked, too! - My eyes! - Why?! Why didn't I listen?! You miserable goat.
I see you remembered my birthday.
Yes, yes, of course.
Your birthday Urrrggh! I looked, too! How does one forget the day the heavens smiled.
Nice of you to lie, Clarence.
What brings brings here - with this minion of the misbegotten? - This! [Gasps.]
A dimensional key.
I haven't seen one of those ever.
Activate it.
If anyone can No, no, oh! What is with your family eating keys! Get it out! That's ours! Stop it! Stop it! You're a weirdo! Stop it! - Let go! - Sorry.
[Groaning continues.]
It's happening! It's happening! [Weakly.]
Aaaaaaaaaah! Well, that didn't work.
- You're melting the freakin' key! - Ooh! [Grunts.]
Uh! Oh, it burns! Oh! Aah! KVN's got it! Ow, ow, so hot! I could turn off my heat sensors, but I want to feel something.
Of course.
A combination of song, painful screaming, and being whacked about with abandon.
How could we have missed that? The unlock-ening of the world awaits.
- So says, Dartreeshio - Unlock-ener of worlds! Gary: Oh, my Oh, there's a key hole.
This part is cool.
I will give you that.
Who among you dares to unlock the unlock-ening? Hmm.
You? Naw.
You? Definitely not you.
Oh, good.
I thought it was gonna be - You! - Uh Ash, I was thinking I could wear a crisp white tux to prom to match your [Screams.]
Now turn the key that turns the worlds.
[Electricity crackling.]
Whoa, I can taste my eyes.
- Oh! - What is this place? [Buzzing.]
- Whoa.
- Aww, they're cute! - Look at it.
- Disappointing.
Mm, chookity pok.
They got Mooncake, and we're getting him back.
Tribore: Just like that, the Resistance doubled! Our mission? Find Mooncake.
But our numbers are still too small.
If we're gonna stand a stand a chance, we need the Blade! This place seems so familiar.
Like a memory long forgotten.
What the hell are you doing back here?! I ignored the bartender.
I mean, look at him.
And that shirt.
It's awful, just awful.
I'm looking for The Blade.
Unt ya! Those slacks could use a pleat.
A pleat.
His sharpest blade was his tongue.
Looks like we found him.
A new approach was needed.
We had to think outside the box.
No bad ideas.
Just different.
- What the hell?! - Change your shirt.
Then we'll talk.
- Mooncake! - Gary? These beings seem a tad too powerful - to take down with a blaster.
- What are you? A power far beyond your comprehension.
We are the authors of Final Space.
We are the Arachnitects.
You took something from me.
The missing piece.
- Mm.
- His name is Mooncake! And he wasn't missing until you took him! He was never yours to claim.
Yeah, well, I respectfully disagree! All are blind until their eyes are opened.
We Arachnitects were created by beings of unimaginable light.
They commanded us to craft the Titans to aid us in the layering of dimensions.
You made the Titans?! That's very impressive! - They made the Titans, Gary.
- I heard.
All was well until we reached the end of the universe a place of endless darkness where an unconquerable evil named Invictus dwells.
- Clarence, pay attention! - What?! Invictus poisoned the Titans.
Chaos reigned.
Only one Titan remained uncorrupted Bolo.
Oh, yeah, we met him.
Cool dude.
Yes, Little Cato, he is, as you say, a cool dude.
With Bolo's help, we imprisoned Invictus and the Titans in Final Space.
Great story, alright, but can someone please tell me what this all has to do with Mooncake? He's getting there, just give it a sec.
For eons, the Titans tried to escape Final Space, clawing at the walls until they broke through.
Your father, John Goodspeed, closed that opening My dad? But in doing so, he released a piece of Final Space that crystallized into your world.
Creating the one you call "Mooncake.
" Wha Whoa.
My dad made Mooncake? Okay, doesn't that make him mine? So, how about you just hand him over, - and we'll be on our way.
- No! Oh, good! There's more! When Mooncake left Final Space, he created a cosmic imbalance.
That weakened the walls of Final Space, making your world vulnerable to the onslaught of Titans and their master, Invictus.
As we speak, the walls holding them back are crumbling.
Unless the balance is restored, all will be lost.
Invictus: You can not hold me.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Mooncake must be returned now.
[Whirring up.]
Chookity! [Music.]
Mooncake! There has to be another way.
Take me.
I'll do anything! Are you really willing to endanger everything for him? I don't know.
I've lost so much, and I can't lose him, too.
Invictus: But, Gary, all is already lost.
Mooncake! [Grunting.]
Oh, wow.
That hurts.
Probably should've seen that coming.
I won't let go, Mooncake.
I've got your back.
Chook-it-y pok! [Invictus screeches.]
Mooncake! You got them back! Your powers! You got 'em back! Yeah! - Chookity pok! - Fascinating.
It seems Mooncake not only has the power to destroy, he also has the power to heal.
Jeremy! We figured that out! - I'm sorry.
- It's alright.
You're new.
See? Mooncake can stay with me and the universe can still be balanced.
So, what do you say about him working from home? - That's a good idea! - Jeremy! - Ugh.
- Alright.
Then we will let Mooncake work from home.
But he must swear to never use his power to open Final Space again.
And he must be reachable on weekends.
- Jeremy! - I'm sorry, again.
I got excited.
Break that promise, and we take Mooncake back.
- Forever.
- Gary: Well, to be clear Oh, okay.
You're just gonna go.
Tribore: One more piece, and my puzzle was complete.
Henry was a sharpshooter in the Infinity Guard.
The best there was, the best there is.
His head shots were also to die for.
The time has come at last - for a group photo.
- Save Mooncake.
- All: Mooncake! - Unt ya! Why, I think we've got it.
Every great resistance begins with a great newsletter.
Yo, Tribore, good news, we found Mooncake, so, uh piss off.
Big news, guys.
Thanks to our tireless efforts, Mooncake's been saved.
How did we do it? We don't know.
But we sure as hell looked great doing it.
[Clicks tongue.]
Gary: [Chuckles.]
This newsletter's so stupid.
Right, Mooncake? Mooncake! [Laughs.]
Mooncake! Nice to have you back for our regular game of shadow blockers.
Invictus: I'm coming.
Do you think because I can't be seen I'm gone? [Dramatic music.]