Final Space (2018) s02e11 Episode Script

The Set Up

1 [Music.]
Two down, three to go.
Keys, keys, keys, I got keys, keys, keys - Keys, keys, keys, I got keys - Gary: KVN, put down the frickin' keys and let's go.
Doo, doo, doo, doo We don't have time for this stupid Carnovolo dinner, alright? Quinn could be dying, and we still have dimensional keys that we got to collect.
I told them we didn't have time for this, - and they got pissed.
- I'm just honored to be invited.
I made my first greeting card.
Here, take a look.
- Gary: What the hell does that even say? - I don't know.
I can't write.
Do you want to sign it? No, I don't want to sign it.
There's no room.
I mean, it's front and back with just gibberish.
Not just gibberish touching gibberish.
Hey, I'll sign it! I'm showing my face and ghosting.
Happy Carnovolo! Diet Lemon Lime Dart Juice? Throw it in the sacred fire.
Now I'm gonna leave and not say bye to anybody.
[title music.]
2x11 - The Set Up Before we eat, first we lavish praise on each other.
It's tradition.
- I lavish praise on Mooncake! - Ah! The best pal a deep-space insanity-avoidance - companion can have.
- [Chuckles.]
- Chookity, pok, pok.
- AVA: My turn.
I lavish praise on you.
Me? It's been a long time coming.
I find you adorable, and don't let that go to your motherboard.
This is what I've been waiting for, - so why do I feel so empty? - My turn.
I lavish praise on - Nightfall.
- What the freak, Ash? Anyone you'd like to lavish with praise, Ashy, because of his delectable delightfulness? Uh, sure.
You're my dad, which is cool, I guess.
I don't know what this is.
Is this normal Carnovolo stuff, or is Clarence just losing his mind? Ooh.
My turn.
I lavish praise - Ah.
- Mm - Yes, my boy? - on KVN.
You're the best talking microwave I've ever had.
KVN is popular! - Hooray! - Aah! - Okay.
Time to get those keys.
- Well, this is ridiculous.
Carnovolo is a holiday I invented for my own glorification, and you're bringing me diet juice drinks, a cheapo homemade greeting card, and now we're getting stingy on the lavishment? It's not about what they brought, Dad.
- They're family.
- They are? We are? Yeah, why don't you lavish some praises, Pop Pop? Dump a hot steamin' load of lavish - all over Gary's face.
- No, that doesn't sound No.
Oh, alright.
Uh, primate - I find you to be - No, that's plenty.
Primate, you are quite the - I'll take the "quite the.
" - Gary, I find you to be I'll finish.
Gary, you're warmhearted and kind of great.
Well, I've had enough! Ash, Fox, you ungrateful mice.
Remember the guy who saved you, gave you a home, filled your carcass stocking, taught you how to bake inorganic, kindness-free toffee? That was me! All me! Am I not deserving of praise? Well, fine.
Then I bid you both a dark Carnovolo, a dark car Oh-oh! I lavish praises on you, Clarence.
You're so You're You're You're so "Clarencey.
" You [Sobbing.]
[Comm rings.]
- Clarence.
- Sheryl? Is it really you? Have you thought about my offer? [Music.]
Yes I have.
Clarence: All of you, come to the bridge right away.
We're in the middle of Carnovolo dinner, which, by the way, I just found out they have a yam course.
At least I think these are yams.
This This is a marshmallow on top, right? - Get up here! - Clarence, you know what? Unless this involves a dimensional key, - I've located a dimensional key.
- I'm not Oh, look at that.
I'll be right there.
Before we start, I want to apologize for my behavior.
You see, it's been me, Fox, and Ash for so long, but I really am happy that you're all here.
- What is this? Is this whipped cream? - Good news.
An associate of mine by the name of Horace Vercox has contacted me concerning a rare artifact he believes might be a dimensional key.
I've arranged a little meet with him on the Darga Space Port.
Star Travel calls Darga Space Port a "four-star family space station filled with charming shops, cafés, and free jazz on Tuesdays - between 11:00 and 11:05.
" - Chookity? You say you want to pack a bag and bro out for the day? - Chookity chook! - Alright.
Boys night out.
Clarence: Horace will be at the Drilling Factory in District 69.
Ah, yes, of course.
A mining camp.
Man, that key must've been buried deep.
Alright, never thought I would say this, but, Clarence thank you.
- Oh! - Uh! - Gaww! - How 'bout you don't swallow my hand? AVA, lock in course to Darga Space Port.
AVA: Spooling engines.
Lightfold! [Music.]
AVA: You've arrived at Darga Space Port, where all things are possible.
- Oh, wow! Guns! - Okay.
It's 11:02.
If we hurry, we can still catch some free jazz.
11:02 Don't wait up for us knuckleheads.
Due to the heartiness of the partying, we may be home late.
Clarence, you coming to the Drilling Factory? No, I have two tickets to see my favorite singer, Venus Marston.
She has eight mouths but sings with her dried-out eyes.
Well, that's a big bag of suck.
I'm gonna skip that.
I'd love to hear those dried-out eyes sing! Oh, well, lucky for you, I have an extra ticket waiting at will-call.
- Why don't you grab them for us? - Father-son opera night? That's every little boy's dream! Yes! Yes! Yeah! [Music.]
AVA: Clarence, why are you deactivating my security protocol? What are you doing with the dimensional keys? Sorry, sweetie, but none of it's your business.
Clarence, I have been tasked with guarding the keys.
- I will not allow - Go to sleep, my electronic princess.
The retail opportunities are spectacular.
- Chookity, pok, pok.
- I know, right? That hat would turn me into a Super Beast.
It would almost be unfair to the ladies.
10,000 dropnoids? Where am I going to get my hands on that amount of scratch? - Chookity? - "Battle Royale.
Last bot standing wins 10,000 dropnoids"? What an eerily convenient development.
- Pok, pok, pok, pok! - It looks like it might be dangerous.
Then again, this bod was built to rumble.
[over PA.]
Welcome to the battle of the century! [audience cheering.]
Introducing Rangor, Bisector of Souls Bangadron, Humbler of Demons Flarsgrow, Emperor of Madness and the the paper here says "H.
" [Scattered applause.]
- Pok.
- Do you mean that, Mooncake? - You think I'm capable? - Chookity.
That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.
Let the battle begin! Alright, everyone, get ready for H.
, bringer of the little baton.
Take that.
[Beeping, whirring.]
You want some more? Hmm.
I'll take that as a no.
[Buzzer blares.]
[Cheers and applause.]
- Chookity! - I am invincible.
Whoa! I really am a god.
- Pop Pop? - Aah! [Gasps.]
Why are you here? You're You're supposed to be at the concert I completely made up.
Why would you lie about father-son opera night? All of you have clearly gone on without me.
You have a new family now.
Well, I've also moved on.
I've found someone who loves me as much as I do her.
But Gary needs those keys to save Quinn.
They're my keys.
It's my ship.
All of this belongs to me! Drop the keys.
[Clicking, whirring stops.]
- Sheryl: Clarence.
- I'm on my way.
This is not a drilling factory.
Ooh! That lady's shirt accidentally fell off.
Excuse me, miss? You dropped your shirt.
KVN! Please, no.
Why is that guy shoving his butt into the Okay, we're gonna wait over here, then.
[Breathing heavily.]
We need to turn the power back on.
You can do this.
You can do this.
Just count it down.
1! 2! 31! I lost count! A! B! [Groaning.]
D! [Grunts.]
AVA: Ship's power has been restored.
Fox, you are severely injured.
Oh, I'm so glad I powered you up to tell me that! Patch me through to Ashy! [Comm beeps.]
- Ashy? - Fox? It's Dad! He stole the dimensional keys! - [Gasps.]
Fox! - I'm starting to think there isn't a Horace Vercox here after all! - My brother needs me.
- Ash, no! - KVN, go with Ash.
- Got it.
Bye! - Thank you! - [Woman giggles.]
I am the deathbringer, Robot of Chaos.
And I'm here for my money if you don't mind, please.
Congratulations! Thing is, that's a lot of money, so, uh, we keep it in an a very safe place.
It's in the tallest building on the space port.
Another unforeseen wrinkle? Hmm, this is turning into quite the boys' night out.
- Ooh! - Ooh, whee.
That's the tallest building I've ever seen.
- It's the height of inconvenience.
- Hmm.
Sorry about the door.
I couldn't find a handle.
Zixneeyak! How did you find us? Did you really think you could steal our loot and get away with it?! Well, we've got a killer bot who's gonna mess you up! Actually, I'm just here for my money.
- Alright, H.
! Mess 'em up! - What? Sure hope this is the money.
- Let's bounce.
- Chookity! [Music.]
- Police: Freeze! - The cops? Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no.
- Chookity.
- Excellent idea.
I think I will give my legs a stretch.
Hello, officers and guns in my face.
There he is.
Give us the keys! - You're a snake! - And a rat.
Oh, oh! He really is a snake rat! You seem surprised.
I've been wearing a skin suit the whole time.
- What a twist! - So long, suckers.
M'lady? Ow! Ooh! Why did you punch me? Nightfall, what the hell? You just laid this poor guy out.
- Does it sting? - Ooh! That really stings.
- Nightfall, it stings.
- Oh, my gosh.
Does anyone have any ice? Or like a bag of frozen bean snaps? Both of you get on! No! Don't take my Chucky.
Well, hey, we're gonna return Chucky to you, sir! You have my solemn word! We're definitely gonna forget to return him.
No, no, no, no.
Not this time, Little Cato.
Not this time.
AVA, scan the city for the strongest power source.
AVA: Scanning I've detected Clarence in a hover car 3 kilometers west and moving fast.
Fox! Aah! [Groans.]
- Hold on.
- Come on, KVN.
This is your moment to make it about you! [Music.]
Yes, you're doing it! We are at maximum KVN! [Music.]
Fox's mechanical-life-support systems are shorting out.
I don't have the materials needed to save him.
I knew Clarence was a deceitful, cowardly, untrustworthy con, but he was our dad.
- I never thought he'd con us.
- Aw, hey.
Hey, wasn't that when they tried to kill [Music continues.]
What kind of material do you need? - Tritanium.
- KVN knows what he must do.
Aah! What are you doing? [Sobbing.]
Don't look at me! Is this what those women were doing to you earlier? No.
Well, well, yes, but not for this purpose.
- What is that? - That is my falanger.
It's made out of tritanium, and it keeps me from going insane.
But you're a deep-space insanity-avoidance companion.
Don't you need that? Probably, but, you know, I want Fox to live.
I like him.
- Ash, Fox's vitals have stabilized.
- [Gasps.]
KVN, I just want to say, thank you for this for everything.
Insanity levels reaching dangerous levels.
- You're a hero.
- Help me! Help me! Yum, yum, yum, yum! Gary: I see him, that little snake rat! I'll get closer, and you two jump.
Are you crazy?! I'm not jumping! Plus what's gonna happen to Chucky at the end of this? We all knew going in the Chucky ride would end - even you.
- I'm so sorry, Chucky! I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Aah! Chucky! [Gary screams.]
Clarence! Hand over the keys! - Never.
- Aah! [Both chuckle.]
What? Ha ha! Ohh! How are you so agile at your age? And don't say sex stuff.
- Sex stuff! - Gary! Jump! [Gary squeals.]
- Gary, he's on the train.
- I can see that! [Grunting.]
Clarence! Come on.
Why are you doing this? I wanted someone to love me, too! - Is that so hard to believe? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'm actually really surprised about that, but I'm also surprised you think you can escape when we have you cornered.
Now, Little Cato! How little you know about me! Aah! How many skins are you wearing? Not enough! Well, ta-ta! No.
No! [Music.]
Almost forgot.
Ooh! [Chuckles.]
Much better.
- Guess who? [Grunts.]
- Were you followed? For a bit, but I shook them.
- Do you have the dimensional keys? - Yes, my love.
- One more left.
- Do you know where it is? The planet Rugaro.
You did well.
I did it for you.
Now let's talk about all the times ahead we have together.
You're not serious, are you? You and I, we're the same liars, cheaters, thieves, hedonists who live for nothing more than our own selfish pleasure! Don't make me laugh.
We're nothing alike.
You're a disgusting little toad.
- I'll never be yours.
Got it? - Wait.
No, no, no, no.
Don't go.
I abandoned everything I have in the world for you.
You You can't leave me with nothing! Aw, yeah, but, you see, you left yourself with nothing.
No, no, no, no, no! - Who did you give the keys to? - Sheryl.
My mom? What did she want with them? Oh, I don't know.
But - But I can you where she's going.
- Where?! The planet Rugaro on the edge of the Dark Zone.
Let's go.
Let me come with you, please! Why would I ever let you? You lied to us.
You almost killed Fox.
I did? Well, that wasn't my intention.
Things will be different.
I told you where she's going.
I betrayed her for you.
Take me with you! Please! Nah.
Too little, too late.
[Chucky grunts.]
[Whirring up.]
Here, officer.
I believe you're looking for this.
10,000 dropnoids? This is the stolen loot from the Xerdoninex robbery! Wait.
I can explain.
It took extreme bravery to recover these funds.
We've been after them for a long time.
I Uh, wh-what? - You're heroes! - Chookity pok! We're on a real tear tonight, Mooncake.
[Voice breaking.]
It is my extreme privilege to award you our planet's highest honor.
Chookity! Mm.
- Look, Mooncake.
That's us.
- Chookity! And here's your reward, 50,000 dropnoids? The reward for returning 10,000 dropnoids - is 50,000 dropnoids? - Ha! Just another reason why our economy's in shambles.
Hey, kid.
Almost forgot.
Try this on for size.
It's part of the reward.
Alright! This is why we play the game.
Chookity! [Music.]
[Electricity crackles.]
[Hydraulics hiss.]
I'm barely holding on.
We lost the keys, all of them.
I failed Quinn.
This must be what KVN feels like all the time.
We got hit hard, but we get back up.
AVA: Sweet lid, tiger.
Ooh! It's working.
Leave it on.
We all need a win.
This is not just for Quinn.
- It's for Fox.
- KVN: Yum, yum, yum, yum! It's for all of us.
- And if we fail? - We won't.
And we're getting those dimensional keys all of them.
[Chucky grunts.]
Oh! I knew we forgot something.
- How many keys remain? - One.
When can I see my husband? When your task is done.