Final Space (2018) s02e12 Episode Script

The Descent Into Darkness

1 [Music.]
AVA: We're approaching the planet Rugaro, the location of the fifth and last dimensional key.
I'll get it for you, Gary! [Warble.]
- It's not real, KVN.
- Is anything real? Or is this all just a beautiful lie? [Clang.]
Ahh! - Wait.
Zoom out.
- No one says "zoom out" except me.
- AVA, zoom out.
- No.
Don't feel like it.
We appear to have located the four missing dimensional keys.
- What the hell? - We found them! Sorry, Mom, but we're talking them back.
The keys are aboard Todd H.
Watson's ship.
He is the being known as Hushfluffles - for some unfathomable reason.
- Yeah, I remember.
He swore to kill you, Gary.
Private conversation here, KVN.
He blames you for the death of his family! - KVN, don't interrupt.
- Oh, my gosh, alright, I was in attendance.
Front freaking row! But hey, we've got those keys now! You have the keys?! - Shut up, KVN.
- Aah! [Clattering.]
He left me no choice.
Aahh! [Clangs.]
I sometimes have feelings of uselessness, but you really are useless.
They're extraordinary! And the case really sets them off.
Classy, but not show-offy! They are Gary's greatest weakness.
I'll leave them here, in which case, he'll come to you.
Good! Because he and I have a lot of catching up to do.
I'm going after the fifth key.
If he shows up there, I'll bring him back so you two can chat.
[Laughs maniacally.]
[title music.]
2x12 - The Descent Into Darkness AVA: Arriving on Rugaro, T-minus 11.
Gary, your mother is never going to let you get those keys, which means you're gonna have to choose Your mom or Quinn.
Who wins out? - Quinn.
- Even if that means I get it.
Then that's the plan.
Don't screw it up.
We're spread too thin.
My brother is injured.
If you're going to raid Rugaro and Todd's ship, you're going to need more help.
I know just the guy or gal it's hard to keep track this time of year.
For saving millions of people from the plague of mouth eyes, I humbly present you with this gift.
I save your planet and you give me a scarf? You and your people are such ingrates.
Why don't you try it on first - before you belittle my people? - Maybe I will.
Oh, lordy.
This goes with everything.
And oh, my gosh.
I can't feel it.
- I can't! - Feel what? The whistling winds upon my neck.
My whole life I've felt those wretched whistling winds.
Thank you.
Now be free! - We will sing songs of - I said be free! [Beeping.]
Commander Tribore, receiving an important message - from the Crimson Light.
- Put it through, Thud.
I haven't heard from them in oh, I don't care.
- Tribore.
- Howdy.
- Hey, hey.
- I said, "Howdy.
" Oh, okay.
What can the Resistance do for you? And give me the long story short version.
Alright, well, long story short.
We need back-up.
We're jacking the keys from Todd Watson.
- And Gary's mom.
- I'm in.
You can compliment my scarf now.
- I've seen better.
- Frankly, I was hoping for more.
We get these keys, we save Quinn.
- AVA will send you - Hugs and kisses.
Little Cato: Hey, Ash.
You coming? We're going after the keys.
I need to watch my brother.
He's all the family I have left.
You know the saying.
"If you love someone, throw them in a well, and if they drown, they were never yours to begin with.
" Nope 'cause that's not a saying.
Ash, we could really use you on this one.
Fox? You want me to go? We'll take good care of her.
Don't worry.
Seriously? You're like half-dead, and you're threatening to kill me? Respect.
That's love right there.
, can I have a word with you [quietly.]
in private? AVA, I'm at work.
, this is embarrassing, but when I saw how hard you gave it to KVN, I experienced feelings.
I'm jealous.
You're jealous of little old me? Yes, I wish I had a body that could do all the things you do.
What if, just this one time, I downloaded myself into you? [Alarm sounds.]
[Clears throat.]
Ignore that.
It will stop abruptly at which point I'll take a short nap.
What are you saying? Hmm? Yes.
That could be okay.
Very okay.
, can we not tell the others? H.
: Of course.
I'm nothing if not a gentleman.
Nightfall whatever happens, I just want you to know that I'm sorry.
For what, Gary? As soon as I find out, - I'll let you know, Nightfall.
- Hurting you, uh, for one.
He's sorry for hurting you.
And grateful that, when I wasn't what you hoped for, - you didn't run.
- Sorry, I I stopped listening.
- You guys were being boring.
- Oh, my God, KVN.
You know what Tell Gary it's okay.
Oh, I'm gonna fly so good.
- I'm gonna fly so hard and so crazy - Now let's get those keys.
AVA: Arriving at Planet Rugaro.
Alright, team.
Little Cato, Ash, Mooncake, and KVN, recover the dimensional keys from Todd's ship.
- So, like, that's the whole plan? - That's the whole plan.
It's a lot of wiggle room.
Wiggle it up, Little Cato.
Nightfall and I will get the fifth key.
- Chookity.
- I hear you, Mooncake.
The check's cleared.
Time to execute.
: Gary, wait for us! AVA: H.
Be discreet.
Not us, me.
Wait for me.
- We doing this? - Hells yeah.
- H.
, what is that thing? - The Dark Zone, Gary.
Let me get this right.
We're flying to a planet that's being devoured by the Dark Zone?! [Laughs.]
First, it absorbs the complete spectrum of light, and then comes the [chuckling.]
descent into darkness.
You're laughing.
Why are you laughing? Because one day, you're all alone.
The next day, you've got a special visitor inside you.
Know what I mean, Gary? No, I have no idea what you mean.
- Aah! - Sorry, sorry, sorry, Gary.
- Where to? - There.
How are we gonna get inside without being detected? Mooncake, blast open the ship.
- No! - Terrible idea! [Alarm sounds.]
Kill them! [All shouting.]
Die! Die! Die! Die! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Get 'em, Ashy! You can call me Ash, Miz Graven, or Ma'am, but not Ashy.
Eat it! [music.]
Our planet is dying, but our sacred task to guard the dimensional key doesn't end.
We Beforians now launch the key into the cosmos where it will never be destroyed.
- Give me the key.
- Mom? You can't contain the power of the fifth key.
- Only the worthy - Ugh, are you done? [Laser fires.]
Gary: H.
, what's happening? Shall I throw in the word "quantum" or just cut to the part where we're screwed? [music.]
Gary: Hey, Mom.
- I'm gonna need that key.
- [Chuckles.]
Is there a stronger word for "no"? Look, I I need to save someone very important.
So do I.
- John.
- Dad? What do you think I've been up to all these years, Gary? I knew he had to be out there.
Problem was, the only place I could find him was in a bottle.
John, Johnny Longjohns.
How 'bout you just piss off and leave me alone? Sheryl Goodspeed, I am the Titan Oreskis.
Aah, I am so wasted.
You are wasted.
And yet, I remain the Titan Oreskis.
- I can restore John to you.
- You can? In return, you bring me the dimensional keys.
What? Keys? What What keys? A terrible evil threatens the universe.
His name is Bolo.
I imprisoned him long ago, but before I did, he arranged for keys to be made that can free him.
He must not succeed.
Find the keys.
And you bring me back my John? You got that right.
I am very confused right now! - Are you saying that Bolo is evil? - You got that right.
Either way, I'm getting that key.
- Howdy.
- Who are you?! The name's Tribore Menendez, and I'm here to pick a fight or get compliments on my scarf.
[Laser blasts.]
Quick, KVN! Scan for keys! Scan, scan, scan! I love to scan! Scan, scan, scan.
KVN the great! [Music.]
KVN the mighty.
KVN the amazing.
KVN the all-powerful.
KVN the roughly spherical.
KVN, just take us to the keys! There they are! KVN found them! I'm not useless.
Honey, take one more step, and it'll be your last.
- Mom.
- [Groans.]
Don't call me that! - Worst job ever.
- Just give me the key, alright? I'm gonna leave you to your ways.
Your dark, dark ways.
Oh! That is not what I was hoping for! You don't know what dark is.
No? Well, I'm getting a good idea.
This ends with me getting the key and handing you over to Todd Watson.
Hushfluffles? He wants to kill me! Yeah, not my problem.
You're coming with me.
[Warbling, whirring.]
Mom, maybe we try therapy? Just a few visits just to explore things.
Oh, yeah, sure, hun.
I'll start.
You were a mistake.
M'kay, well, great first session.
[Laser fire.]
Prepare to my God, this is exhilarating.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
I got to stop that.
That That is just too much fun.
Alright, prepare to lightfold.
But, sir, this will take us off-course.
Oh, heavens.
It reclines.
Fire! Lightfold.
[Heavy breathing, grunting.]
Whoa-ho! I made it! [Splat!.]
[Both grunting.]
Yaa! [Groans.]
Oh! Huh? [Grunts.]
Oh, no, no.
, the key.
So want to get the key, and maybe travel doc and chill later? AVA: Sure thing, hotcakes.
Will you stop talking to yourself? Just get the key! [Grunts.]
My body can run one mile in three hours flat.
[Confused beeping.]
What's happening to me? System update in progress.
[Laser fire.]
Am I really Yes, we're flying! Whoo-hoo! [Laughs happily.]
[Laser fire.]
Stop, stop! No, no! No! Stop this, Mom.
Look, H.
is getting the key.
It's over.
Let's see what happens when I take away something you love.
Or you can come with me and hand over the key.
Your choice, sweetheart.
I'm gonna go in and get 'em.
I'm gonna get 'em so good, they're not even gonna know how good they got got.
There's too much power.
Any living thing will be torn apart.
Well Well, then, what do we do? Chookity, chok, chok, chok, chok, chok.
- Chok.
- Sure, makes sense.
But how? - Chook.
- KVN? Of course! KVN? If only he were here.
Wait! KVN is here! I'm coming for you, you crazy keys! [Zapping.]
Aah! [Screaming.]
KVN is in trouble! She's right! Somebody save KVN! You know, technically, we don't have to save him.
Technically, I'd prefer it if you do.
I'm everybody's favorite.
- Hmm.
- Gary would love us for it, right? - Hmm.
- Please save KVN! Think about it later! [Screaming.]
Aaah! [Chuckles.]
That's new.
Let's get the hell out of here, pronto.
- You.
- Me.
You're welcome.
Who sent you? [Grunts.]
[Smack! Smack!.]
Larry Tumbleweed.
I'm sorr I don't know a Larry Tumbleweed.
Well, he knows you.
Maybe it was Harry Hoodseed.
That's it.
That's him.
Gary?! Gary Goodspeed?! That's him.
That's the guy.
I was close.
Gary will die for what he did to my family.
Roundhouse kick.
Roundhouse kick.
- Roundhouse kick.
- Aah.
[Pressure releases.]
No! Don't turn it on! Can't hear you.
That shirt's too loud.
I'm not wearing a shirt.
That's the least of your problems.
Hugs and kisses.
You little bastard.
It's me.
It's the little bastard.
And you're my mom.
Let that sink in for a second.
Have you got it? Alright? Parent-teacher conferences? Baking cookies? Not crazed rampages on your boy! - You caught me on an off-day.
- An off-day? I've never seen an on-day! I'm done being the excuse for all your mistakes! Things went the way they did with Dad because of you! You did that! And you're gonna have to live with it.
Yes! I've always wanted to say that.
That is gah! Alright, let's, uh [music.]
- Oh, that is in there.
- What are you doing, Gary? - We'll bring her back to the ship.
- Why? Because she's my mom.
- And? - I'm gonna let you knock her out.
[Rapid crumbling.]
AVA: Faster, H.
! Faster! H.
: Stop saying that.
It's making it hard for me to focus.
There's the key! Quick, before the lava disintegrates it! I'll get it.
I'll get it.
Gary: H.
, just grab the freaking key! - We did it.
- Oh.
We did it.
- H.
- AVA.
Team squad, let's move those booty buns! Crimson Light, we got the keys, yo.
On our way back.
, I hear congratulations are in order.
I heard the same about you.
- Thank you.
- AVA: You're welcome.
- Whoa, that was weird.
- Weird? Weird how? AVA, I I had fun.
AVA: I mean, it could have been better.
Yeah, you're right.
I have to work tomorrow, and you have to work tomorrow, and Actually, how would you feel if I stayed the night? I would feel very good.
[Growls seductively.]
[AVA purrs.]
Sweetheart, you do know you're going to regret - that I ever gave birth to you, right? - Okay, well, uh, first rule, you're not gonna get any cookies, alright? Second, here's your new insanity avoidance companion.
Hi! Hey, hey, hey! - Well, good night, Mom.
- We're gonna be best friends.
- Let's do this again real soon.
- Oh, baby, KVN's got the magic You're gonna do this, yeah? To your own mother? And the magic's got KVN [music.]
- There they are.
- And And that's a nice scarf? - And now we're ready to free Bolo.
- Is he even on our side? Well, that's what we're gonna find out.