Final Space (2018) s02e13 Episode Script

The Sixth Key

1 [Music.]
Our course is set for Sector 12 Region 6.
Ava: Arriving at the Orion Nebula in T-minus 30.
Got to be honest I can't believe we got all five dimensional keys.
Not sure how we did it.
Simple we never gave up.
Gary, you've got to make a decision.
Are we freeing Bolo? I can't make one more wrong call.
If my mom is right and Bolo's evil, I could lose all of you.
- My dad taught me a trick.
- I did? - No, my other dad.
- Oh, yeah, sure, yeah Avocato.
He said, "If you don't know what to do, find the least trustworthy person you know and do the exact opposite.
" That's actually really great advice, son.
- Hi, Gary.
- Not now, Mom, alright? W Oh, wait.
Mom?! [All grunting.]
- How did you get out of the cell? - Come on.
You know there isn't a jail cell in the galaxy that can hold me.
- I bet it was KVN.
- Hey, Gary.
No, it was me.
She told me I would simply look dashing in a romper, which I've been very on the fence about.
- But she was so right.
- I lied.
Doesn't matter.
No take-backs! Shut up, Tribore.
Alright, look, you're going back to your cell.
Not without the keys.
I need them if I'm ever gonna see your father again.
You stopped me from being with him when you were born.
You are not gonna do that again.
Now, be a good boy, and get out of my way.
Alright, look, I'm sorry, but I'm saving Quinn, and I'm freeing Bolo.
What? Bolo's evil.
He's playing you! Give me the keys! [Grunts.]
- [Grunts.]
- I read that moment correctly, right? I didn't want to interrupt, but then it felt like, you know, your mom was gonna murder you? Gary, my mother tried to sacrifice me to a snake demon, and yours is still worse.
- Your sucky-mom game's strong, dude.
- [Sighs.]
Listen, lock her up, and no one Tribore let her out this time.
I just pray the conversation doesn't turn to culottes, unitards, or espadrilles, because if loving them is wrong, I don't want to be right.
- It is wrong.
- I know.
[Title music.]
2x13 - The Sixth Key [Engine revs.]
Ava: Arriving at the Orion Nebula.
[Rapid beeping, both gasp.]
A level 9 solar storm is in process.
I advise us to wait until weather conditions on the surface of the sun become favorable.
When are the weather conditions on the surface of the sun ever favorable? There are a few sunny days.
Sunny days on the sun.
I mean, what are Oh.
Okay, that was pretty good.
Dimensional phasing is extremely dangerous.
The only way to enter it is by flying through Flying through the teeny hole in the sun.
Trust me, I've done it.
I've done the teeny-hole thing already.
[Monitor beeping.]
AVA! What is that? Unclear.
Its markings have been erased.
And it's coming right at us! [Suspenseful music.]
[Firing lasers.]
[Beeping continues.]
They're firing on us, Gary! Oh, really? What makes you say that? Lose him in the solar storm! With the flares spraying hot death?! I don't think so.
Gary, we've got to get to Bolo.
I know.
Where are the weapons on this ship? There is a turret pod in the port access hatch.
It's right next to the bowling alley.
Oh, my God, we have a bowling alley?! Yeah, I was wondering why you never came to our barbecue bowling blowout blast bonanzas.
- No one told me about 'em.
- Awkward.
- Little Cato, man the turret! - I'm taking them out.
They're going down so good! - I'm going too, Gary.
- No.
If you go out there, you could die.
- I need you to stay here with me, KVN.
- Oh, wow, Gary.
- You want me by your side? - Sweet dreams - Hell yeah.
- And ever? - Get out of my face, KVN! - Aah! [Monitor beeps.]
[Machinery whirs.]
Whoever you are, you're going down.
Come on! [Music.]
Gary big flare! Very big flare! [Music.]
- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
What's the "oh, no"? - It's my dad! - Avocato?! He's still alive, seriously? Seriously! [As Invictus.]
You tried to kill me.
You tried to kill your father.
I thought I did.
What's he saying? Is he saying "hey"? Is he still possessed by Invictus? [Chuckles wickedly.]
Sure looking that way.
- [Grunts angrily.]
- Fox, she is one bad apple.
That's right, and that's why we need her.
Oh, no.
Oh, no! She's got those crazy eyes.
She does have those crazy eyes, but, listen, we're up against Titans, people! We need her on our side, and the only way that's gonna happen is if we get her and Gary on the same page.
- There is no such page.
- Unless we use deep, deep, deep, deep, deep brain-ial therapy.
I've seen it done on a number of my favorite soap operas.
"Edge of Madness"? When Lorenzo tricks his twin sister into committing crimes of the heart? A classic.
Thing is, we're gonna need a Virtualazium.
A Virtualazium? You're in luck, my man.
Well, that's a bingo times bingo.
That's a super bingo.
You might be a bingonaire.
Wow! What a day! [Grunts.]
[Monitor beeping.]
Don't make me do this.
You already tried and failed.
Now it's my turn! [Monitor beeping rapidly.]
[Laser firing.]
He's hit.
Ava: Gary, if we are phasing into Inner Space to free Bolo, we must do so now.
Then, that means it's now.
Alright, we're going in! [Grunts.]
Entering the aperture in 3 2 1.
Lightfold! I can't believe we're doing this aga-a-a-in! Yeah! We're all dying together! [Electricity crackles.]
Welcome back to Inner Space.
And there he is.
We're gonna fix you up real good, sister mama.
I've constructed a hyper-link bypass into her cerebral cortex.
Just like in "Edge of Madness," except Lorenzo had to factor in Loretta's high red-blood-cell count, 'cause guess why.
She was pregnant with the ambassador's baby! [Machinery whirring.]
- Ready.
- Turn it on.
[Electricity crackles.]
You were only using me.
What kind of a monster has a child with someone just to steal some plans? So this fight is why you two split up.
He said he couldn't trust me [Music.]
told me to get out.
- And that made you feel? - Broken.
I wish you had never been born! Oh, heavens.
You were a total Lorenzo.
Oh, Lordy.
Those bowls, are they crystal or a plastic I need to learn more about immediately? [Music.]
Hey, Bolo.
He's just as ugly as I remember him.
- [chuckles.]
- Ava: Systems are critical.
The lightfold engine is offline.
The drop drive is offline.
The video arcade is offline.
Oh, c Oh, come on.
Are you serious? We have an arcade? Yeah, and a soda parlor with Waffle Mondays! Are you kidding me?! Whatever.
Alright, look, Little Cato, fix the lightfold engines.
- We're going out.
- On it, Gary.
I'm detecting the presence of oxygen in Inner Space.
Mooncake: Ohh.
Yo, Bolo! Bolo: Gary, have you obtained the dimensional keys? We have, but before we get to that, real quick, I need to know something.
You playing us? My mom was contacted by a buddy of yours.
Does the Titan Oreskis ring any bells? Oreskis? Not that guy.
- Yeah, that guy.
- Frickin' dick bag.
And that was before his mind got poisoned.
He is not to be trusted.
Hey, we're not sure you can be trusted.
He says you're evil and you're gonna destroy a bunch of important crap if you're freed.
He said that? Did he also tell you that he seduced my first love, Jill, and gave her a raging case of upipi-ums.
Upipi-ums? The hell is that? The worst! Makes you leak actual lava out of your pee hole.
That is horrifying! The cranberry pills only made it worse.
What do you think? Should we trust him? - I'm in if you are.
- That's what I was looking for.
So, how do we free you? The walls of my prison are impenetrable, but if you give the keys to Mooncake, the enormity of the blast will shatter anything.
- Will Mooncake be safe? - Yes, but before we proceed, the sixth key must come forward.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
The sixth? I thought there were only five.
There is a sixth key, and it's one of you.
Let me get this right.
You had love, a career, these bowls, but then you lied, you betrayed, and you took it all out on Gary? When Gary came into the picture, he ruined everything.
[Voice breaking.]
Oh, man.
This is really drudging up some stuff for me.
Stay down emotions! "Hun hun," that kid is the result of yours and John's love.
Ever think about that? [Music.]
Sheryl, hun hun, look into my eyes.
You robbed yourself of a life full of happiness.
- H.
? - Ready.
Do it to it.
[Device beeps, whirring.]
What's happening? These are the moments that could've taken place, had you stayed around.
I lost all of this.
This isn't It's too late for any of this.
You're right.
It is too late.
For these ones, but you can still make some new ones.
- John's gone.
- Yes, but you still have Gary.
In other words, hot mama, it's never too late.
Join us.
You got a chance right now.
Take it.
Put it in your pocket.
Bring your skills and that black onesie to the bridge and make this moment count.
You in, or you out? [Music.]
Or you in? Or you out? Or neither? Oh, no.
Not neither.
[Metal clicks, clatters.]
Oh, heavens.
She's in.
The sixth key is one of us? What are you talking about?! Bolo: One of you must give your life.
What? No.
Are you crazy? You waited till now to tell us this? You wouldn't have come.
I'm sorry.
There is no other way.
Every path to Final Space ends with you losing something.
But why does someone have to die? Because nothing is as powerful as a life.
Through your very sacrifice, you become the key.
Okay, okay, well, what if we don't free you? Then Quinn will die.
I'll be the sixth key.
No, I've got a much better idea.
KVN! Get out here right now.
- Yes, Gary? - I need a quick favor.
Can you die now? Right? That was my first thought, too, Gary, but KVN isn't life.
Hooray! KVN will never die.
Bye! We'll find another way.
There has to be another way.
I thought I could trust you.
No one is freeing Bolo! [Both grunting.]
Gary! [Music.]
Aah! [Coughs.]
Avocato! Did you think you could take my son away from me and leave me for dead?! Gary, Avocato's under the sway of Invictus.
- I can see that! - You will not defeat him.
The last thing you will see is me ripping your heart out of your chest! Mm.
Lots of balls in the air, lots of balls.
You thought you could face the power of Invictus alone - and live? - Sheryl: Who said he was alone? Oh! The Team Squad! - [Grunting.]
- [Grunts.]
Ha! - [Laughs evilly.]
You'll all die here.
- Aah! [Laughs evilly.]
Ha! Ooh! [Laughs.]
Just like "Edge of Madness.
" [Screams.]
- Quick, Mooncake, while he's distracted.
- Chookity pok? [Grunts.]
Hyah! [Screaming.]
It has to be now.
Chookity chok chok.
One last giant middle finger to the universe so that, for once, Gary and Quinn can be together.
Dad! [Grunts.]
Chookity pok.
[Electricity crackles.]
- Nightfall: Gary.
- No, no, no, no! Stop, Nightfall! Always meant to be together, but never meant to be.
Don't do it! Nightfall! When you see Quinn, never let go.
No! No! Please, Nightfall! Please, no! No! [Groans.]
Alright, Mooncake.
Here we go.
[Electricity crackling.]
Chookity-y-y po-o-o-k! [Music.]
Nightfall: Maybe you got them for something amazing down the line.
Ash: You mean something that hasn't even happened yet? Nightfall: Yeah.
So great job.
You're gonna be awesome.
Aah! [Growls.]
I'm free! [Music.]
Gary Nightfall's sacrifice will not be in vain.
[Intercom beeps.]
Avocato: [Normal voice.]
Gary? - Where the hell am I? - Avocato? Is it really you? Shut the hell up and answer the question.
- Where the hell am I?! - It is you.
O kay.
What in the hell is that?! It's good to have you back, buddy.
[Both grunt.]
Hell yeah.
[Rumbling, stone clattering.]
Uh what is that? It's KVN! All of you must get back to your ship right now! The blast from the dimensional keys weakened the walls of Inner Space.
Inner Space is collapsing! AVA, spool the lightfold engines.
The whole dimension's collapsing! Ava: Lightfold engines are still offline.
Drop drive is disabled.
Why, I don't know how we're gonna get out of this! Aw, geez, if only you had the best pilot in the universe.
Oh, wait.
You do.
Sorry I'm late, love, by about what, 30 years? - 32 years, but, hey, who's counting? - Well, you are, obviously.
Little Cato, we need those lightfold engines fixed - if we're gonna get out of here.
- I'm working on it.
I can't believe both of my dads are together right now.
- It is tight! - Dads? It's a thing.
Go with it.
Bolo: Gary, go! [Roars.]
Pull up, sweetheart! Pull up! Collapsing dimensions are quite new to me, Mom! Sure could use some tips.
Got any? - Actually, I do.
- Please! Move it! I got this.
There's no time! [Grunts.]
Titan speed! [Roars.]
[Alarm blaring.]
[All grunt.]
Tight! [Bones crack.]
And now we join the fight! Arachnitects! [Twinkle!.]
Arachnitects: Bolo? Oh, Arachnitects.
More balls, more balls.
Arachnitects, I'm taking the fight to Final Space.
You know what lays between you and Invictus an army of Titans.
I'm going to kill them all.
If you fail, the universe falls.
I'm going to kill them all! Ooh! He says he gonna kill them all! - I heard him, Jeremy.
- I know, but I was inspired.
We'll open Final Space, but once you enter, we seal it behind you.
There's no turning back now.
We're going in.
Now, for revenge.
Let's go to Final Space.
[Alarm blaring, electricity crackles.]
[Machinery powering down.]
- Quinn? - Gary.
[Demonic breathing.]
[Evil scream.]