Fire Country (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

It's Not Over

Previously on Fire Country
- MAN: Close the camp!
- What the hellis this?
- Close it now!
- EVE: We're closer than ever
to getting shut down.
JAKE: It was a bad
shock, but it seems like
your dad's going to
make a full recovery.
How long has it been like that?
Not one word.
BODE: You got the
results. She's not mine.
Whether or not you're right
for the job, I have the job.
She doesn't know you.
Your mom didn't abandon us.
You made her out to be
the bad guy. I just let you.
You should call her,
hear her side of the story.

42, stand by for the daily report.
Lazarus wildfire expanded
to 25,000 acres overnight.
Zero percent containment.
Strike teams called up
from Shasta-Trinity Unit.
Be on alert.
Greencrest, Station 42,
we copy and will stand by.
Lazarus Fire's at 25,000 acres,
which means we could
get called up any minute.
Should we cancel?
No, Manny, don't even say that.
The governor's coming. This is our
last shot to keep Three Rock open.
I'm just saying, our shot's gonna miss
if the governor's here and
we're out fighting this fire.
Don't jinx this.
25,000 acres, one night.
That's all I'm saying.
EVE: Three Rock is too
crucial to this community,
to this state.
But there's still time
for us to [GROANS]
There's still time for
Wh-What was the word? "Remedy."
Why do I keep forgetting that? That's
You're gonna be great.
Hey, uh, thank you
for letting Three Rock hijack the ball.
I don't want to take away
from the firefighters' fund,
but when you told me that
the governor was coming
No, it's an absolutely brilliant idea.
She's the only one that can reverse
the decision to close Three Rock.
We-we got to seize the opportunity.
And we have 3,500 signatures already.
So, when the governor sees the petition,
meets the inmates, and sees
the impact of the program
I mean, how can she say no?
Yeah. Also, doesn't hurt that
we are, uh, calling her out
in front of some of
her richest constituents.
Stop ignoring me, Vince.
SHARON: All right,
at 7:00, we're going to open the doors
and get this party started.
Make sure you're on time.
All right, should we get fabulous?
I'm saying, bro, it's hard
enough to get my family up here.
If I get shipped out to
San Diego or someplace,
I'll never see them.
That's why tonight matters.
We got to keep Three Rock open.
Come on, bro.
We're supposed to be putting out fires.
EVE: We are putting out fires tonight.
You're repping Three Rock
in front of the only person
that's got the juice to keep us open.
Hmm. So we are props, then?
We're firefighters.
EVE: Yeah, and the more people see that,
the more signatures
we get on the petition.
But anyways,
dishes over here to the right,
and then, uh, help with
the hot plates over here.
I need more information than "fine."
Have you had any other symptoms
besides tremors?
No. I got every test
they had at the hospital
and they released me,
so I don't need you
to be my Fitbit, okay?
That's the price of secrecy.
You have to tell me everything.
the tremor's probably just
a temporary side effect
from getting electrified.
And and it-it's
probably psychosomatic.
Okay, WebMD. Or it's nerve damage.
SHARON: Is my purse in there?
I'm fine. I will see you there, okay?
GABRIELA: Vince? Vince.
SHARON: Vince?
You're not ready?
Yeah, I can't find
my other cuff link.
Have you seen it?
You have been dragging
your feet all day about the gala.
Yeah, well,
it's no secret I don't love
playing dress-up.
And now you're gonna ask
if you even have to go.
Yeah. Do I?
- This is for Three Rock.
- I know
You have now seen firsthand
what happens to Bode
when he gets sent away from
all the people who remind him who he is.
You and Luke have to
schmooze this governor.
- Don't leave this all on me.
- All right, yes.
Yeah, you're right.
So, you just you should go ahead
and I will be right behind you, um
I-I'll be there in time for Eve's speech
and the photo op
and the, the big push, whatever. I
I promise.
You better.
Jake, turn around.
Now I have to have a photo.
Perfect. You look so cool.
No, you look like a movie star.
Up in your giddy up, giddy, giddy up ♪
Up in your giddy up ♪
Drunk in the city ♪
Big night, fellas.
You look like gentlemen.
Up in your giddy up
You clean up nice.
Yeah, well, I'm way more comfortable
in an SCBA, I'll tell you that much.
Oh, look, there's my son.
- There he is. Have fun tonight.
- Thank you.
Life is gettin' shorter,
gotta drink it up ♪
Time to shine like I know you should ♪
Slide to the left
Hey, don't forget to
- blink, man.
- Shut up.
No, I get it.
It might be the last time that
you can tell her how you feel
before she gets married.
Stop, stop.
Doesn't matter how I feel.
She's happy. That door's closed.
Tonight's about Three Rock.
Mm. Keep telling yourself that.
Got litty in the cup
Up in your giddy up
When it gets tough,
gotta get a little love ♪
- Hi.
- Hey.
You look
- Stunning?
- Yeah.
But I was gonna say worried.
No, no, this is my game face.
Eve is gonna do it,
and the governor is gonna come through.
Look who's coming.
- Hi.
- Hi, beautiful.
Oh, look at that face.[CHUCKLES]
- He's so handsome.
- DIEGO: Good to see you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for coming, man.
We got you, man.
Three Rock isn't going anywhere.
Everyone looks so nice.
'Cause the East Coast
weather's too cold-cold-cold ♪
SPORTSCASTER: threatening
in the top of the second.
Swung on, hit in the air, right side.
That's gonna be down for a base hit.
Ah, come on. Get this guy off the mound.
He's done.
Gabriela, hey.
- Mija.
- Hmm.
Did you invite Roberta?
Who's Roberta?
Look at you, all pretty.
Hi, not too shabby yourself.
Diego, thank you so much for calling.
Well, I totally see why my
daughter would lose her head
and get engaged after knowing you
for less than a minute.
Not that it's all about looks.
Looks fade, I hear. [LAUGHS]
MANNY: We know, Roberta, Latin is satin.
But, hey, this is not about me.
It's about Actually, it is about me.
It's about me spending time
with my stunning daughter
before her wedding day. [LAUGHS]

So, Gabi was ten
when Manny went into prison,
and it was just her and
me for a couple of years.
Then Manny got out,
and then him and I split
I'm sorry, did I miss
like a text message
or a voicemail from you?
You're funny.
I wanted to surprise my baby girl.
And you, huh?
Can you get me a drink?
You know my order.
So, then I went and got my degree,
and then Gabi pursued her Olympic dream.
Right, baby girl?
I literally can't believe you're here.
I know. [LAUGHS]
And you invited her.
I don't know ♪
Hey, you love this song.
We'll be right back.
We got to dance, okay?
We love Gabriela.
And Manny. They've become
like family to us.
Really? Tell me everything.
Maybe I'm not supposed
to understand ♪
That's Gab's mom?
And you had no idea she was coming?
You okay?
- Nope.
- Oh, wow, all right.
You know I have a history
- of addiction, right?
- Mm-hmm.
You know, Roberta, she's
got me ordering her drinks.
I got to stay on the wagon tonight,
but right now I feel like I'm
driving on the Vegas Strip
with a big-ass bottle of Jack Daniel's.
Those are the guys
from Station 96, right?
Did they just get the call?
Yeah, up to that Lazarus Fire.
Think it's just a matter of time
before they call us up, too.
Mm, no.
No, that can't happen. Not tonight.
DIEGO: Gabi, I asked her,
She said she would think about it,
and then I never heard back.
But why? Why would you invite her?
Because you seemed so nervous
about her coming to the wedding.
I thought maybe if you saw her before,
then it would take the edge off.
Mm-mm. The wedding gave me time.
Time to think about what
I wanted to say to her.
What not to say.
Right now I just feel like,
if I open my mouth,
I'm gonna yell at her
about how angry I am.
Well, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
Can I cut in? Is that a thing still?
Hi, Mom
You want to show me around your work?
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
I want to see what
you gave up diving for.
You say I hang the stars in ♪
We're called a hand crew, but
we do all kinds of support.
We even serve food to firefighters
on long campaign fires like this.
You guys saved my kid's diving class
from a fire last year. Keep it up.
Sign our petition over
there, and we'll get to.
Hey, Bode.
Look at you, you-you look nice.
Um, it's true
they might send you guys away?
We're trying to do
everything we can to stop it.
But we'll always know where you are.
We'll always be in touch.
Listen, B, I'm sorry, man. I
had no idea that you'd be here.
You're holding up the line.
She seemed pretty happy to see you.
Jake told me to focus on myself.
Three Rock's the one thing
I have left, so
That's what I'm focusing on.
What is Three Rock doing here?
Okay. Well, hello.
Um, I got a work detail for the inmates.
And this is my last
push for Three Rock
Eve, Eve, governors do
not like unplanned events,
especially with convicted felons.
This is an ambush.
It's gonna blow up in our face.
They need to go now.
- I don't
- Sure. If you want to cause a scene
and have the donors get their own food,
we can send them back to camp.
- D.C. Leone?
SHARON: Sorry, old habit.
Jonathan Chen, Governor Kelly's aide.
Are you Battalion Chief Leone?
The governor wants to take
photos with all the battalion chiefs.
I'll need you at the front
of the receiving line.
I think you're confusing me
with my husband Vince Leone.
He'll be here shortly.
Ah. Well.
Uh, send him to me
when he gets here, please.
So, this is the office.
Kind of like a command center.
So Diego tells me
you're a paramedic now.
I always knew you would go
into health care.
What, hon?
It's just weird when you say
things like that.
Like what?
Like you know anything about me.
Station 42. Perez.
PETE [OVER PHONE]: Hey, it's
Pete Terry at Station 96. Vince around?
Uh, he's not. Uh, what's up, Pete?
Uh, I know you got
your party over there,
but 96 was designated a supply
drop point for Lazarus,
and now they're rolling us out.
Can you cover?
Copy that. Reroute it all to us.
We'll receive supplies.
Will do. Probably see you up there.
Okay. Good luck.
Gabs, the-the truth is,
I thought if I asked
if I could come tonight,
you might say no.
Uh. Mom, I have to deal with this.
Can you get Dad?
JAKE: You can also bid
on the personal
home fireproofing consult.
Given by one of 42's
very own firefighters.
Dinner for two at Smokey's. Romantic.
Um, each bid gets you
a ticket for the raffle. Thank you.
Thanks. You know, thank God you're here.
Why were you so weird with Bode?
I thought you two
were, like, best friends?
What's wrong?
Nothing. N-Nothing's wrong, Gen.
Don't worry.
What are we bidding on?
Uh, Genevieve, Jake,
this is Roberta, this is Gabriela's mom.
Hi, uh
Wow. Uh, it's nice
to actually meet you.
Jake? Like the ex?
- Yeah.
- Oh, honey,
we have to talk.
Uh, yeah, no, I'm-I'm sorry, I can't.
I would love to, but I have
to man the auction table.
Manny, can you watch the auction?
Jake and I are gonna get a drink.
- Oh. Wow.
- Come on.
You're strong.
She's like that.
It's infuriating.
Okay, put the pallets here.
And then separate them
by station number.
And then the crews can swing through
on their way to the Lazarus
Fire and pick them up.
Don't even, Luke. I'm-I'm not canceling.
No, the Lazarus Fire's
canceling it for you.
It's at 30,000 acres.
And where's Vince?
He's not answering my calls.
I told you, he's, he's on his way.
Vincent Leone, where are you?
Pick up this phone.
He's not answering for you either?
No, I'm gonna have to run home
and drag him by his hair.
No, I-I'll go.
You need to stay here and
make sure Three Rock stays open.
It's probably a good idea.
I might kill him. Thank you.
Chief, are you in there?
[PHONE RINGING, BUZZING] Come on, Vince, answer my call.
I'm coming in.
Chief, where are you?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey. [GRUNTS]
Get out of here,
I'm trying to watch the game.
No, you are not.
Gonna check your heart.
Heart palpitations. How long?
Three innings?
I just got a little dizzy and I
Have an irregular heart rate.
Okay, I'm gonna hook you up
to the monitor.
Okay, I need you to sit up.
Sit up, careful.
How mad is Sharon at me?
Almost as mad as me.
I think you're in A-fib.
The electricity
in your heart's misfiring.
- I'm gonna call an ambo.
- No, no.
You are not.
You call this in, my career's over.
I don't, and your life
may be over, so
Let's all right, let's
l-let's talk about this.
- Who else wants some tenderloin?
- Yes, please.
- All right, there you go.
- BODE: And once you've eaten,
don't forget to go sign our petition.
Yes, right behind you.
BODE: You see?
You're a natural.
Gabs and I just weren't meant to be.
Hmm, what happened?
She fell in love with another guy.
Of course Diego.
He seems lovely, though,
and he loves her.
Uh, no, no, no, I'm sorry, uh
Gabs she didn't break up
with me for Diego.
She broke up with me for Bode.
Who's Bode?
Ah, that's Bode.
Behind the table.
- In orange.
Like mother, like daughter.
This is ridiculous. Where's Vince?
He's been summoned.
LUKE: Madam Governor, welcome.
Luke, good to see you.
You, too, ma'am.
Sharon Leone. So glad to have you here.
- Thank you.
- Yeah,
thank you so much for being here.
It's so important to the
people of the community.
Happy to support.
- Thank you.
- You look good.
Thank you.
And you look
you look incredible.
But stop sticking your nose
in other people's business.
It's not cool.
I teach cultural anthropology.
Being nosy is a tax write-off.
Yeah, but these are my friends.
Well, I came to get to know my daughter.
She's avoiding me like anthrax.
I'm gonna talk to people who know her.
KELLY: Yes, thank you so much.
All right, fine.
We will find her together, okay?
ROBERTA: Thank you.
Look, I don't think twice about
going into burning buildings,
but the thought about doing
this speech is just
really making me want to vomit.
This has got to work, dude.
I okay, so just let me run it
one more time. "Good evening"
Eve, Eve, we've run
your speech 100 times.
You're good.
Yeah, you're right.
- Just talk to me while you're up there.
- Yeah.
Go save Three Rock.
Hey, the Lazarus Fire's
up to 38,000 acres.
Only two percent containment.
38,000? How?
Well, it's on an uphill run.
It's being pushed
by all the wrong winds.
We're coordinating with
Shasta-Trinity Units right now.
- Are they rolling us out?
- Most likely.
I need your husband here now.
My husband is not answering his phone.
And I have more experience
coordinating resources
than both of you combined, so let's go.
You got this. Make us proud.
Well, she's not in here either, so
She's actually hiding from me.
Yeah, well, do you blame her?
I mean, you kind of blindsided her.
She called me.
She said, "Please come."
To the wedding.
[SCOFFS] I have
dreamed about getting
that call for years, Manny.
I know you don't understand
because you got to love her.
- And you got to be there for her.
- No, come on, no, no, no, no.
Don't start rewriting
history here, okay?
- So I'm sorry if I couldn't
- Because you could've been there.
You could've been there,
if you wanted to.
I wanted to be there.
And I wanted to come back.
- But all I got was resentment.
- Yeah.
Because you left us.
We had to learn
how to survive without you.
But you know what? I guess
I should thank you, right?
'Cause I was the one who went to prison.
I was the one who was supposed
to be unreliable.
I was a wild card.
But I got to be the one who showed up.
Every day. And got her to school.
And got her to all her dive meets.
I offered.
I offered to pay for her
to go to world championships. [CHUCKLES]
And I sent you money for Tokyo.
- Come on.
- But you were too stubborn
Can you sit there honestly
and tell me th-that,
that you think that she would
care about who paid for it?
I'm the one who celebrated
with her when she got home.
I'm the one who had to hold her
when she cried about Tokyo.
That was me. That's what I did.
That's what I gave Gabriela.
But what did you give her,
huh? What did you ever give her?
Nothing but questions.
"Why did she leave?"
"What would life have been like?"
"Why does she not love me?"
Don't you dare say that! Don't
You think you can just
show up here out of the blue
and think everything's
gonna be just fine?
Th-That you can just
start over from scratch?
Like you don't have to earn it?
I don't know how!
Yeah, well, I didn't know how either!
Well, we're different, Manny,
you and I.
[SIGHS] I just
I just I [SIGHS]
I-I didn't think I was ready
to be a mother.
And somehow you stepped up, but
Manny, we were so young.
And-and that's okay. It's fine.
I just I miss her.
So much. Every day.
And now that I saw
her, I miss her even more.
I know.
And I miss you.
Me, too.
Good evening, everyone.
Uh, thank you for joining us
for this year's firefighters' ball.
I am Captain Eve Edwards.
And I have the honor
of leading the inmate firefighter crew
at Three Rock Conservation Camp.
As you've learned tonight,
state budget cuts threaten
to shut down our camp.
That would be a mistake.
Three Rock is too crucial
to our community.
To this state.
Thank you. Yeah, give it up for them.
But luckily, there's
still time to remedy this
with your help, Governor Kelly.
At last count, we have 3,500 signatures
on our petition to make Three Rock
a permanent fixture
of the Edgewater community.
EVE: It's, uh
And it's not only crucial, uh,
to support the, uh,
Cal Fire crews in the field
but also in the fire camps
and in the stations.
I just want to thank you all
for your support
of the firefighters in your
community and Three Rock.
- What do we do now?
- So, want y'all to continue
to enjoy the evening.
- Dig in and eat, drink
- Nothing.
Our target audience
of one just walked out.
All right, thank you so much.
It's over. [APPLAUSE]
I think this is probably
a one-time event.
You know, I've seen it
before, on the job.
All it takes is one shock
to correct the arrythmia, right?
So let's let's do it.
Shock me, Perez.
I can't.
Yes, you can. I'm giving you permission.
No, it's not you.
What do you mean it's not
me? I'm your boss, aren't I?
It's Bode.
If I hurt you
I can't look at him in the eye again.
I-I-I can't, I can't.
That's fair.
I guess.
I'm shocking you, but you'd better live.
Come on, Vince. [FLATLINING TONE]
Come on, come on.
We had a deal.
GABRIELA: Oh, no, asystole.
Come on. [COUGHING]
Oh. You're okay.
You're okay.
[LAUGHING]: Damn, that hurt.
Ugh, it's not funny.[GRUNTS]
Well, I think it worked.
I'm telling Sharon.
What? No. D-Don't.
You've been
like a second father to me, Chief.
If anything happens to you,
I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.
I can't keep this secret anymore.
Hey, all right.
You've been like
a second daughter to me, too.
I understand.
But what you actually are
right now
is my health care provider.
And if you tell anybody about this,
you could violate my right
to privacy as a patient.
And that'd be bad for both of us.
I got to get to the station.
I think you should probably drive.
You want to make the announcement
that the auction's gonna end?
Nobody ever told me ♪
Feel like you're hiding things from me.
You were weird at home,
you were weird with Bode.
I know when I'm being lied to.
My grandparents did it for years.
Can't stop 'em runnin'
through my mind ♪
Hood of my car ♪
I found this in my pocket.
And I miss your mom.
And I really wish
she was here right now.
I didn't want to make you sad.
So good, so good, whoa ♪
Is it weird it makes me feel good?
Because I miss her, too.
Of course not.
Gen, I'm sorry.
You and Bode?
It's true you guys are fine?
Well, it's, um
No. No, the truth
The truth is that we both
were really excited
about being your dad.
All that means is that
you are an amazing kid
and everybody
wants to be a part of your life.
So good, whoa ♪
Better than I ever thought it could ♪
So good, so right, so high ♪
Come here, munchkin. I love you.
'Cause with you I know
it would be so good ♪
Now, make that announcement
so we can get out of here.
Whoa, so good ♪
Bode. Hi, I'm Roberta,
I'm Gabriela's mom.
Uh, um, I know. Nice to meet you.
So, here's the deal.
I won the consult with the
firefighter and I chose you.
Oh. Well, I-I'm not really sure
that they're gonna let me.
Oh, my winning bid was $3,000.
They're gonna let you.
Shall we go?
So high ♪
Honestly, ma'am, I feel like the person
you should be talking to is Gabriela.
Oh, I totally agree.
But she has fled the scene.
So I wanted to talk to you,
if that's okay.
I just want to understand
what happened between you two.
I guarantee you won't like the answer.
Try me?
How dare you threaten me like that.
I'm sorry.
You didn't deserve that.
Here's the deal.
Bode's gonna get out in
little more than a year, and
I just want to fight fires with my son.
I know you know what it's like
to wait for Bode.
I mean, you did at one time.
My pulse is normal.
And th-the tremor's getting better, too.
Uh any more symptoms,
I-I'll go straight to the ER.
Just give me a little more time, okay?
For me and
and for Bode.
BODE: Gabriela's been
through so much disappointment.
I pulled away
and she felt abandoned,
just like you made her feel.
I hurt herin a way
that I didn't know I could
and never wanted to.
But, really, I was reopening a
wound that you had already made.
And then surprising her like this?
I can see that it upset her tonight.
You still love her?
All I want for Gabriela is happiness.
Even if that means
keeping my distance and my mouth shut.
Maybe you should consider
doing the same.
Mm. I can see why she likes you so much.
It's over.
You know, I thought Gabi and I
were done, too, and one day
I received a phone call, so
Nothing's over till it's over.
KELLY: Division Chief Leone,
how's the unit doing on resources?
Well, we're all right for now, ma'am.
Our air tankers are doing
water drops, and our last
remaining dozer has been sent out,
- but Lazarus IC is requesting more.
- No.
You need to call
Joe Blanchard in Eureka.
Is he in the mayor's office?
No, he's owns a construction company,
but he has four dozers he'll be
happy to loan to Cal Fire.
We saved his business in 2019.
- Jonathan, get Mr. Blanchard
- Sorry. On second thought,
Governor, I-I think I'd better call.
He's a little wary of politicians.
I'm sorry. You are, again?
Uh, Sharon's part
of our 42 crew. Her husband is
Battalion Chief Leone.
[CHUCKLES]: I know Joe Blanchard
and everyone in NorCal because
for 15 years I had Luke's job.
- Impressive.
- VINCE: Sorry
Hey, everybody. Sorry. Sorry I'm late.
- This is Battalion Chief Leone, finally.
- Your husband?
Well, till she divorces
me for being late.
EVE: Uh, ma'am, if I may?
All the dozers in the world
can't match teams.
We need con crews up there.
They're a huge part
of Cal Fire's operations,
and if you want to put out that fire,
- save Three Rock.
- SHARON: Yes, she's right.
- That's what this night is about.
- KELLY: Yes, I see that.
I have to say, I'm surprised
at the big push. Luke made
a very strong case when he
recommended closing Three Rock.
Um Hmm.
Uh, Bode, we're gonna take off.
Uh, would it be okay with you
if we had our visit at Three Rock
- before it closes?
- I would love that.
- Cool.
- Cool.
Put your dreams, your goals ♪
Hey, you didn't need
to make her do that.
Oh, Bode, I didn't.
No, that
that was Genevieve.
Oh, but why cheapen it with words? ♪
JONATHAN: Make way, please.
Take from the meaning
of how beautiful you are to me ♪
Now, that would be absurd ♪
I appreciate, as always,
Cal Fire's responsiveness
- and quick thinking.
- Yeah, of course, Governor.
I'm very proud of the
whole team here at 42.
EVE: Hey, Manny. Manny,
I need you to calm down.
He lied, Eve. He lied to all of us.
And he played you. He had us
jumping through hoops, knowing
that we don't have any hope.
Ain't that right, Luke?
Hey, pal, um, I don't think
this is really the time
or the place to get into this.
No, I think it's the
perfect time and place.
- Okay.
- Look these men
in the face, and you tell your nephew
that you're the reason,
you're the reason
that Three Rock's
getting shut down. Tell him.
And then you tell these men why
you got their hopes up for nothing!
Governor, I apologize.
Emotions are running high,
as you can understand. Manny,
you need to understand something.
What's that?
We closed Three Rock because
it freed up the funds to keep
the whole con camp system open.
I saved the entire program.
Why us?!
Why Three Rock?
'Cause it's a mess, Manny.
Because you wrecked it!
Take responsibility for your
actions, for crying out loud.
EVE: Hey!
How's that for responsibility?
BODE: Hey, hey, hey
- Come on!
- Stop it! Hey, stop it! Enough!
Oh, hey, hey.
Oh, watch out. Watch your eyes.
- You're good.
- Everybody stay back.
You're all right.
Okay, you good?
MAN: Here, take this.
You're all right, you're all right.
You're good. You're good.
EVE: You okay?
[APPLAUSE] All right,
he's okay, he's okay.
Stay on this side.
Nice to be photographed
with genuine heroes.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Wish you the best.
Nothing's over till it's over.
Governor, I'm not a hero.
I'm, you know, I'm
I'm I'm in orange for a reason.
Without Three Rock, I'd still
just be drifting through life.
But with Three Rock, I've been
given a chance to live it.
My boy's a poet.
BODE: When I first got sent
to Three Rock, it was the
last place that I wanted to be.
And now I can't imagine
being anywhere else.
Three Rock is
is it's given us a purpose.
It's given us a, a chance
to be a part of something.
- To be firefighters.
- That's right.
We need Three Rock.
And you you need us.
VINCE: Bode's right.
A stop order
tonight will allow all these men
to leave right now.
You'd be sending valuable resources.
Pretty strong call to make.
Get me Corrections
on the phone right now.
Yes, ma'am.
I will get you to that fire.
COLE: Yeah!
COLE: Y'all hear that, fellas?
Snake is the word.
What is wrong with you?
Sharon, don't start with me, too, okay?
State's been forcing
budget cuts down my throat.
You know better than anyone
that sometimes
you got to make a hard call.
Don't give me "hard call."
I have had your job.
Yeah, and if it was any other camp?
I will try and smooth things
over with the department
about Manny.
Hmm. Well, it's a start.
Thank you.
Then don't move.
Look, mija, look.
I'm sorry, all right?
I don't even know what happened.
Oh, I know.
He's passionate with no impulse control.
[PHONE CHIMES] But far be it
from me to stick my nose in.
And my ride is here.
It was nice seeing you.
Walk me out?
Oh, you found it.
Cuff link, yeah. Uh
So, what-what happened?
You-you look a little, like
Um I don't know.
I I think I ate something bad.
Um, 'cause I had to lay down
for a little bit at home,
and I almost fell asleep. I'm
I'm really sorry.
Well, only only get
dressed up once a year,
and you kind of missed it.
Well, I think you look
just as hot in your turnouts,
but this is a very nice look, too.
Do you know that we raised $35,000
for the firefighters' fund
and got another hundred
signatures on the petition?
Not bad for a night, even without you.
I wish we had more time to talk.
Then you should have let me
know you were coming.
Didn't want to show up
to your big day a stranger.
[GROANS] But we are strangers.
And-and and if
we want that to change,
then you have to change.
You're right to be angry.
I made a choice to leave, and
you had to live with it, too.
And sometimes
I wish I'd chosen differently, I do.
But, Gabi, your dad was
He was just a better parent.
I was impatient,
I was immature, I was critical.
I left because of my faults.
if the message I gave you
was that there's something
wrong with you
There's nothing wrong with you.
I'm the problem. I'm
still the problem. I
Mom, you don't have to say those things.
No, I-I Wait. Gabi,
I'm not even apologizing.
No. I know it's too late for that.
But I just want to tell you
that the only thing
that I would change
is just knowing you better.
But Bode he knows you.
Did you talk to Bode?
I mean, I talked to everyone.
- Hmm.
- Gabi.
Bode was just doing what
he thought was best for you.
And he didn't want to hurt you
any more than I did.
Why? Why? Why are you telling me this?
Because you're about to make a choice.
A choice you'll have
to live with for a long time.
Choose wisely.
Learn from my mistakes.
EVE: Eyes and ears, Three Rock.
The Lazarus Fire
is a complex campaign fire,
currently being fought
by over 2,000 firefighters,
and it's winning.
It's a beast, y'all.
We're gonna be living on-site
until we can kill it.
So say goodbye to camp
for a little while.
For how long?
Yeah, what do we tell our families, Cap?
Well, it's unknown. It could
be days, it, uh, could be weeks.
Yeah, what about Three Rock?
We saved Three Rock
so we can fight fire.
We get to go do that.
But what are we coming back to, Eve?
It's unknown, Bode.
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