Fire Country (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

No Future, No Consequences

Previously on Fire Country
- I'm telling Sharon.
- Don't.
I can't keep this secret anymore.
You still love her.
All I want for Gabriela is happiness.
Even if that means keeping
my distance, and my mouth shut.
Tell 'em. You're the reason that
Three Rock's getting shut down.
- Why Three Rock?
- Because it's a mess.
You wrecked it. Take
responsibility for your actions.
What happened?
You-you look a little, like
I think I ate something bad.
I almost fell asleep. I'm really sorry.
The Lazarus fire is
a complex campaign fire.
So say good-bye to camp
for a little while.
What are we coming back to, Eve?
It's unknown, Bode.
EVE: Nice job! Keep fighting!
Hey, Chief, I didn't talk to you
since the gala.
What are your symptoms?
No symptoms.
Just a normal EKG,
and clean bill of health from
my doctor after a follow-up.
Everything worked out, right?
You kept your mouth shut, I got better.
And the department didn't even
know anything about it.
Wins all around.
And the doctor said that
arrhythmias are unpredictable?
They can come back?
Doctor cleared me to go on this fire.
- So you told Sharon and Bode?
- Not yet.
That fire line out there,
it takes every bit
of concentration and focus
that one can have,
and I don't need Sharon
worrying about something
that's not in front of her face.
Okay? That's not happening.
Play it safe, okay? You're chief,
so command from the sidelines.
You giving the orders now?
- Sharon? Sharon!
- Hey, hey, hey. No, d
Okay. Fine.
You all good to hang out here
and wait for my mom
before she comes and gets you?
- Yeah.
- SHARON: Oh, Gen,
you're gonna love Lilly.
And if you tell her that
her shoes are great,
she'll spoil you rotten.
Hey, Jake, are you gonna
be back for my birthday?
Well, I should be.
It just depends on how fast
it takes for us
to kick this fire's butt.
Okay? I will try.
But campaign fires can be long.
Hey, hey.
Gen, what's up?
Can you promise me one thing?
Promise me you won't die.
I promise.
Of course I won't.
Come here.
MAN: Pack this up. Could be a long one.
Are you even allowed to be on this fire?
With the disciplinary
board investigating you
for hitting a division chief and all?
Until someone tells me otherwise,
I'd rather be out there fighting a fire.
Especially if it could be my last one.
Do you even think
you've done anything wrong?
EVE: Three Rock, head to
base! Backup's on its way.
EVE: Let's go, let's go!

White horse ♪

If you want a cowboy
on a white horse ♪
Ridin' off into the sunset ♪
If that's the kind of love
you wanna wait for ♪
Hold on tight, girl, I ain't there ♪
If you want a cowboy
on a white horse ♪
Ridin' off into the sunset ♪
If that's the kind of love
you wanna wait for ♪
Hold on tight ♪
You been here, what, 48 hours,
and you already look worn down?
Well, you know, we've been
cutting line all morning,
probably for, like, a mile long,
only for the fire
to jump it like
it's playing double Dutch.
Come on, help me out. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
BODE: Hey, Mom.
SHARON: Hey, how are you two doing?
COLE: Fine.
Just wish we knew
that there'd be a Three Rock
- to come back to.
- Mm.
- Honestly, I dig it. [LAUGHS]
It's just I don't know
things are a little looser here,
and I get to sleep outside,
instead of the barracks.
It's almost like
we're just firefighters.
That's why I love
a campaign fire! [LAUGHS]
It's like being in a bubble.
I mean, when you put
your camp next to Armageddon,
all the BS and reality just floats away,
and it gets real simple.
We have we have one goal.
Stop that fire.
Your dad's keeping a secret.
Um, something's going on with him.
He won't tell me what it is.
Maybe he'll talk to me.
1591 is here at last.
These are my virgins from Edgewater?
Oh, well, Jake is.
I was wondering why I didn't
miss you. Now I remember.
Vince Leone, Station 42.
Reese, division supervisor.
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Welcome.
Leone, yours will be
Lazarus Task Force 42.
I'm attaching Captain Edwards
and Three Rock to you.
Unload and come get briefed.
You'll be heading out early.
Welcome to the Lazarus Fire.
The fire is six miles away.
It's churning and burning everything.
But so far, it hasn't
hit the Four Horsemen.
- Four Horsemen?
- Yeah. These four
large hills here.
If it gets to the base
JAKE: Then it'll burn uphill
so fast, we won't be able to stop it.
REESE: Then the wind will take the fire
into the town of Welles,
population 55,000.
I need you backing up Diablo Point.
There's a finger of fire
extending too close
to the base of one of
the Horsemen as we speak.
Get your engines up there first light.
Mm. Yes, sir.
I, um
wasn't looking where I was going.
MURPHY: Leone?
Move it.
See you out there.
ANSARI: Get initial assessments
on all the patients.
Serious burns go straight
to the Davis Burn Center.
Treat minor injuries here.
- Where'd they just come from?
- That's the team
that you are going to back up.
So it's up to 42
to hold that line alone.
Good luck.
All right, 42, let's mount up.
Let's do what we do!
Get some, be safe! And I mean be safe.
This thing's a beast.
Yeah, whoever named this place
"Diablo Point" sure knew
what the hell they were talking about.
Uh, this flank is brutal.
I mean, the fire keeps
jumping every line we cut.
Crews are scraping
all the vegetation behind us.
We just got to slow this thing
down to get 'em more time.
Keep it up, watch those embers.
EVE: Hey, you heard from the board yet?
Still here, ain't I?
Well, don't convict yourself
before they do, man.
I'm not. I stand by what I did.
Really? You stand by
starting a fire at 42, man?
Do you hear yourself?
Look, I regret the fire,
and I regret that it may cost me my job,
but I don't regret punching Luke.
He deserved it. And besides, what I did
got Three Rock here, so get off my back.
And you really believe that?
I don't need a lecture, Eve.
You're not my captain.
Okay. I'm not his captain.
- Hoses are ready.
- Okay.
Oh, hey.
"The family that fights fire together"?
You want to jump on with us?
Still a lot of fire to knock down.
Just get water on it.
Hey, Chief, what is it?
Are you dizzy? You feel lightheaded?
It's slippery.
I slipped, okay? I'm fine.
Hi. What was that about?
That was me doing my job.
Go back to sleep.
It It's not even 5:00.
I'm safe, I promise.
Okay. I'll call you soon. Bye.
Sorry, Chief.
Hey, I thought our shift
didn't start for a few hours.
Well, Chief Reese called us in early.
No rest for the wicked.
How's Gen?
Oh, you know, hoping I get
back home for her birthday.
- That's not likely.
- Yeah, I know.
And she also made me promise
that I wouldn't end up getting killed.
- Dark.
- Mm.
But how do you say no to that promise?
You don't. There's no sense
in getting her worried
about something that
hasn't happened yet. And
so far, you're batting a thousand.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, well
maybe don't jinx it?
We have a problem.
The area at the base
of the Four Horsemen is filled
with too many hazardous trees
to be cut down.
It's a lot of fuel if
the fire makes it there.
Maybe you could clear it with a
blast team if they use explosives?
I did. Explosives are the problem.
We think that
their explosives malfunctioned,
and they had an accidental detonation.
We need a team out there ASAP.
All right, Jake, take your crew.
All right, copy, Chief.
Hey, Sharon, you're with me.
All right, the blast
must've started the fire.
- MAN: Over here.
- WOMAN: Over here!
All right, we got
one patient pinned under.
Manny, give me a 360 of the area.
On it, Cap.
Help me! Help me get him out!
SHARON: I got a severe head laceration.
Sit back, sit back.
Possible concussive injuries.
Okay, get her back to the
engine for medical treatment.
We'll work on extricating this patient.
- One, two
- You need help?
Up. Slowly.
What do you think, Cap?
Can we get him out?
Damn it.
Hey, Cap!
They got another tree rigged to go.
All right, everybody, hey, get back!
Get back! Back to the rig!
Hoses! Let me get water
on that tree right now!
Uh, Cap, there's no time. I'm
taking down these explosives.
No, no, no, Manny,
Manny, what are you doing?!
SHARON: Manny!
Manny, no! Listen,
as your captain, you need to stand down!
MAN: Manny, run!
- Get the hell back here!
- Manny!
Manny, no! Manny!
All right, hey, get back! Get back!
Get down!
GABRIELA: Really? You had to be the guy
that dives on the explosives?
You know I should punt your ass
back to Edgewater for that.
What, what the hell's
the matter with you?
That was reckless and stupid.
What were you thinking?
I wasn't thinking. That's the point.
- I acted.
- JAKE: And what's that supposed to mean?
MANNY: What do you mean?
Nothing. People were gonna
get killed. It was a reflex.
Chief, I did the same thing
you would've done, man.
How are your reflexes
working out for you, huh?
When you almost got killed
and now you're gonna
get fired from Cal Fire?
Chief, are we done?
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Thank you.
You need to keep an eye on your dad.
Oh, is that a joke?
When I'm already taking care
of a stubborn firefighter
who keeps rolling the dice on his life.

BODE: Mom's worrying about you.
VINCE: Well, wouldn't
be Mom if she didn't.
BODE: Are you good?
VINCE: Yeah, why?
We're out here as a family,
fighting a fire together,
thought you'd be a little happier.
But something's bothering you.
Well, if anything's
bothering me, it's that
we should have been
doing this for years now.
I lost a lot of time with you.
Now's our chance to get some back.
Then what?
We get done knocking down this fire,
they close Three Rock
send you away.
It's only a year, Dad.
Who knows where I'll be in a year?
What? Wha-What does that mean?
It means there's no guaranteed tomorrow.
For anybody. Especially on this job.
How much further to base?
JAKE: Five more miles.
All right, everybody, find a spot.
We sleep here tonight.
Is something going on with my dad?
What do you mean?
He just
he seems like he's tense
about something.
I'm too worried about my own dad.
When I was little and
he would get like this,
it was like I was just caught
in between his fire and my mom's.
It was just chaos.
I hated it then,
and I don't want it back now.
"Fire" is a pretty good word
for your mom.
- Now that I met her.
- Hmm.
You talked to her way more
than I did at the gala.
She cornered me.
I mean, I'm-I'm guessing
that your dad is
feeling a little cornered, too.
Whatever Cal Fire decides,
it can't be worse than waiting.
I'm sure once he
he knows something, he'll-he'll
he'll settle again.
Thank you.
Get some sleep.
VINCE: Tomorrow ♪
Then your guy Mullie
and one of our guys was like
they flushed out a whole family of deer.
It was like, "Run, Bambi, run."
It's no different than it used to be ♪
No one settled any scores ♪
Won any wars ♪
Leave things how they ought to be ♪
I think we're done ♪
Rewriting history ♪
I heard of a place ♪
I got three burritos
and four bakers ready.
Who's eating? I'll take one.
- Trust me.
- Okay.
"Eddie Special" is way better
than the cook tent.
No one left alive ♪
Some guy from LNU heard there's
contraband beer floating around.
Well, we could always get one.
What, just pass one beer around like
Stacy Jensen's sweet 16 party.
Yo, that was the night
I found my people.
Aw. Aw, that was beautiful.
Okay, I'm trying to be serious.
Listen, Riley and you guys,
I just, I don't know.
Y'all liked me for me.
Yeah, and we still do.
Mm, mostly.
Even funnier?
Now that I finally found
my footing at Three Rock?
Just in time for them to close it.
We got right now.
That's it.
To the bubble.
I hate the bubble.
When we got to the blasting crew,
I mean, when I saw the explosives
I should've done what Manny did.
Jump in, get it done, but
I just kept thinking of someone
telling Gen that I was gone.
EVE: No, you did
the right thing for Gen.
MANNY [SIGHS]: Oh, man.
EVE: Manny is in some
kind of place right now.
Hey, watch my burrito.
Yo, Manny! [SIGHS]
Look, man, what I
what I told you
about you needing
to look at yourself, it
it was only meant to
make sure you're okay.
I'm more okay out here than ever.
This right here, this is
this is what I dreamed
that freedom was like.
It's like
friends, family, fighting fires.
It's like a taste of-of reality
with guardrails.
So I love the bubble.
Now I'm gonna go enjoy it.
I may or may not be your
captain, but I'm gonna talk
When's the last time you
hit the shower trailer?
I worked with 16 all day.
Just leave me alone.
I know, you were working
while everyone else was off.
That's what guilty people do.
You know, you're putting up this front,
like justice was served.
But you know you're in the wrong.
And you're ashamed. Because Three Rock,
they don't just look up to you, Manny.
You are the blueprint.
Not just on how to be a firefighter.
But how to turn your life around.
Become a good person.
What you're showing them right now
is that if you ever make a mistake,
just go ahead and hang that up.
Is that what you want to show them?
Is that what you want to show Bode?
Or your daughter or me?
Take a shower, Manny.
Ah! All right.
Chief, what else can you
play besides this, uh,
twang-twang music?
Oh, I think I know your favorite song.
Goes like this.
FIREFIGHTER: Hey, guys, Chief Reese.
Hey, sorry, Chief.
Being too loud?
No, no, it's
I'm glad you're, uh
I've got some difficult news.
Two firefighters were caught
when the fire shifted.
And were burned over.
We lost them.
Get some rest.
Be safe.

You didn't come to the campfire.
How come?
I'm sure you had fun without me.
You know, after the Pine Fire,
I said I wished
I had been there with you.
Yeah. And so, here we are now.
Well, I'm here. And you're here,
fighting fire with anyone but me.
And you're still closed off to Bode.
You can barely
make eye contact with me.
Is there something you want to tell me?
Or that you don't want to tell me?
I'm just trying to keep my crew alive
while we fight this
unwinnable fire and
Hey, can we just be here now?
If I'm gonna feel this alone,
I might as well be alone.
I'm sleeping outside.
- Sorry.
- No, you're good.
I'm just trying to reach Diego,
but there's no signal.
Sit. Come on.
Your mom was right.
It's a bubble out here,
being in the now, where we are.
I like that.
No future, no consequences.
I have to tell you something.
I know what's wrong with Vince.
He has a heart condition, an arrythmia.
What-what do you mean?
What do you mean? Since when?
Since the hospital.
After his electrification.
Wait, since the hospital?
He didn't want anyone to know.
You serious?
He's asymptomatic now and
I've been watching him like a hawk.
If he got worse, I could
I can't lie to you.
You just did.
I asked you about him.
No, Vince lied. Vince lied to you.
I just stumbled upon knowing
and he asked me not to say
anything, so I just focused on
keeping him alive.
If-if you want to be pissed,
be angry at him.
I got enough anger to go around.
BODE: You've been lying to us.
Are you okay to even be out here?
Sit down.
Please sit down, all right?
I wanted to be out here.
With you and-and your mom.
Fighting fires together.
If I told your mom, there'd be reviews
and forced medical leave.
They could they could take me
out of here right now.
I wouldn't get this time with you.
I'm fine.
Look, the doctor cleared me.
And I'm, I'm not gonna endanger
my crew, you know that.
You got to tell Mom.
Yeah, of course I will.
we're all home and safe.
What about 9120 Charlie?
They were up at White Oak Ridge.
And had to fall back, overwhelmed.
Now the fire's in the foothills.
At the base of the Four Horsemen.
And tomorrow it's over our heads
and into the town.
The homes, the schools.
[SIGHS] We're losing.
Lazarus was the guy who
rose from the dead, right?
What's your point?
Never count yourself out, I guess.
Well, in that spirit,
I'm gonna need a small team
to recon in Division Alpha.
The woods are dense.
You're gonna have to go in on foot.
VINCE: Copy that.
What are you doing up?
Uh couldn't sleep.
Gen's birthday, it's tomorrow.
You should go home, then.
I know a, uh, relief captain
I can swap you out with.
I'm sure you can get
a ride into town tonight,
grab a train. I'll square it with Reese.
No. No, no, I can't leave.
That poor girl's been through enough.
She needs you there.
Hey, where you headed off to?
Mostly recon, spot fires.
Um, I'll join you.
Help you out, do some good
before I leave tomorrow morning.
Your call, Cap.
I shouldn't have hit him.
Even if he deserved it.
It cost me too much.
Respect of the Three Rock crew.
You're more important.
You're allowed to slip. You're human.
But you face it.
And you don't shut me out.
Never again, mija.
Come here.
Oh, you saw the email.
What email?
Well, Luke just sent an email
about the disciplinary hearing.
- Oh, no.
- Um
the disciplinary committee's not
moving forward with any action
against you. Your job is safe.
- What? What?
- Yes. You're good.
- Shh. People are sleeping.
- Shh.
What? What?[LAUGHS]
All right, 42, let's knock this down.
Eddie, one on your six.
I got it, Chief.
Chief, wind is kicking up.
Yeah, I see it.
Fall back to the safety zone.
Let's go.
Go. Go, go, go.
VINCE: Eddie's unconscious.
JAKE: We're cut off, I can't reach you.
There's too much fire.
VINCE: We're trapped.
Just get the crew to safety.
Hey, buddy, stick with me.
Stick with me.
We're good, we're good, we're good.
Bode. Bode.
Bode, I need you.
I'm sorry about what I said.
No, Bode. It's your dad.
Eddie, hey, I'm gonna get you
out of here, all right?
Oh, come on, man. Not now, not now.
Here we go.
We're getting out here, pal.
Come on. [GRUNTS]
Lazarus Task Force 42,
Division Alpha, repeat status.
VINCE: Division Alpha. Task Force 42.
We have
no hoses, no access to water.
And we are boxed in.
Tanker 38, Division Alpha.
Priority traffic. We have
a firefighter entrapment.
Requesting air support.
Hey, what the hell's happening?
- Hey.
- VINCE: Bode there? Dad.
Just hold on. We'll find
a way to get to you, okay?
- Dad.
- Bode
I know you're gonna do
everything you can
to get me out of here
but, uh
just in case
I love you.
Tell your mom I love her.
He's giving up. Dad's giving up.
Okay, where is he?
H-How do we get to him?
Hey, Vince? It's Perez.
Is it your heart?
What do you mean, his heart?
What are you talking about?!

- So he has a heart condition?
- An arrythmia.
And how long have you known about this?
Mom, we-we got to go get him.
REESE: Water drop can't
get to him for 30 minutes.
And these woods are impassible.
That's why we sent Vince
in there after the spot fires.
It's too dense to get engines in there.
Okay, maybe so, but can we get
an engine close enough
that we could pull a hose to them?
If you can get in there in time.
- Three Rock can.
- BODE: Yeah, we can.
Permission to try?
Good luck.
GABRIELA: I'm coming with you.
Perez. We need you on triage.
Bring him back safe.
Vince, talk to me. Come on, Chief.
Chief! Do you copy?
Where are those hoses?
Chief! Come on, man. Vince!
EVE: Three Rock!
Keep cutting! Keep going!
BODE: Hey, Cap, hoses are here.
JAKE: Come on, come on,
let's get water on this now.
Come on!
Here, I'll take that hose.
BODE: Good job.
Watch that tree line.
EVE: Good work with
those saws, Three Rock.
MAN: We can run another hose!
JAKE: There's no time!
Oh, the water isn't even making a dent.
- SHARON: The fire is too deep.
- JAKE: This isn't going to be enough.
Knock it down! Knock it down!
Hey, I can see a hole.
I can run a route.
I need someone to come with me!
Me, me.
- I got it.
- I'm with you.
42, cover us!
We got it, Manny. We got them.
I'm with you.
All right. Let's go.
Ready? One, two.
SHARON: Come on! Be safe!
- Dad!
- Eddie!
He's breathing.
My dad's breathing.
Water's not knocking
the fire back anymore.
We just lost our exit.
- You ready to do this?
- We have to.
Here, help me get 'em up.
- You remember how to do this?
- Yup.
One, two, three. [GRUNTING]
I see 'em, I see 'em! They're coming!
They're coming!
Please come on!
Come on.
- Come on.
- We got 'em. We got 'em.
Easy, easy.
We got you, Eddie.
Come on, come on.
SHARON: Come on, Vince.
There he is.
You did it. You did it, Bode.
Thank you.
Yes, good job, son.
So this is why
you couldn't look me in the eye.
Well, you know, I suck
at keeping secrets from you.
I couldn't
stomach the thought
of being the problem.
And I got scared.
I can't have this job
taken away from me.
I convinced myself
that I'd be protecting everybody
by being here,
but I ended up putting
my own son in harm's way.
I'm fine. It's okay.
It's not okay.
I'm gonna go to the hospital.
And then I'll go home.
And then I'm gonna recommend
you run 42.
You know, I don't trust anybody
more than I trust you.
You just want me somewhere
where I can't yell at you.
Yeah, that, too.
Hey, hang on.
Come on, give me some love
so I can get out of here.
I'll see you at home.
He could've died.
I know.
How could you not tell me?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I make a tough decision
without consulting you?
A decision that changed your life?
- Leave it!
- No.
What decision did I make
that changed your life?
You going back to prison, Bode.
And-and worse.
Telling me to forget
about you, to push me away?
You abandoned me.
I was poison. I was protecting you.
Oh, okay. Big, brave Bode.
That's BS.
I needed you!
You and you didn't even try.
You just ran and hid like a coward!
I would give anything
to go back and-and
to change it, but I can't.
Or maybe you're the one
that's gonna break it ♪
'Cause I'm fearless ♪
I'll jump off the ledges ♪
Burn all the bridges,
walk on the edges ♪
I'm fearless ♪
I don't mind the shadows ♪
Take all the arrows,
ride in the echoes ♪
And I don't mind the night ♪
I don't mind the fight,
even if I lose ♪
Another bad decision.
I'll dive in, I'm fearless ♪
I really disagree.
Except when it comes to you ♪
Bode, this is chaos.
This is what I said that
I wanted to leave in my past.
I'm fearless ♪
Except when it comes to you ♪
I'll see you out there.
When it comes to you. ♪
KELLY: The pain, the
anguish, the sacrifice.
Our brave firefighters contained
this massive blaze long enough
for the winds to shift
and drive this fire back.
So I want to extend again
my deep, deep gratitude
to the men and women of Cal Fire
for their heroic work
in protecting our people and property.
- With me.
- Hmm?
- Please.
- What? Why?
KELLY: A while ago, I had the privilege
to meet some of the men
of Three Rock Conservation Camp
and their captain Eve Edwards.
This crew of inmate firefighters
faced financial jeopardy
earlier this year,
and I am happy to announce
Three Rock will remain open.
And continue to serve
California's northland
in the hot seasons to come.
Yeah! All right!
One, two, three! Two, three!
Hey, Vince, you hear the news?
VINCE: Listen.
I got to make this quick,
and there's no easy way
to say this. Um,
there's a warrant out for your arrest.
Sheriff's office is saying
aggravated battery,
reckless endangerment. It's, um
it's not good.
Look, I-I'm talking to Sharon's sister.
We will call in every favor that we can.
All right? We got you on this.
Just get home safe, all right?
MEN: One, two, three.
WOMAN: Welcome home!
DIEGO: Welcome home.
All right. Let's restock supplies,
head back to Three Rock,
and grab three or four months of sleep.
Back to Three Rock.
I like the way that sounds.
Let's go get you a big, big dinner.
You kept your promise.
Of course I did.
Uh, wasn't my dad driving your engine?
JAKE: Uh, no.
No. He said he was riding with you.
- What's the matter? Is it your heart?
- No.
Come here.
I just
got the most surreal phone call
from CDCR.
Reese. You remember the
division chief up at Lazarus?
Apparently, he was so impressed
with you fishing me out of that fire
that he submitted you for
[SIGHS] an Extraordinary Conduct Credit.
Wait. Does he qualify?
When-when do I find out?
That's what I just found out.
You got the credit.
And they're taking
12 months off your sentence.
SHARON: But he only had 11 months left.
What does it mean?
That means there's
some paperwork and stuff,
but, um, you're free.
- SHARON: Oh, my God!
- You're coming home.
SHARON: It's over!
Oh, my God. It's over.
Yeah, I'm back
where my roots ran wild ♪
And the barefoot stompin' ground ♪
I'm always gonna be home, town ♪
I'm always gonna be home, town ♪
I'm always gonna be home, town. ♪
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