Fire Force (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Hero and the Princess

Here is today's
Meteorological Agency announcement.
A record-setting short-period
heavy rain warning has been issued
for the 4th District of the Tokyo Empire's
northern area at 1 p.m.
Any person heading into this area,
please exercise care and caution.
Also, please be sure to keep your distance
without good reason.
-Subject marked, sending now.
-Switching all monitors to trace mode.
-Tracking ID identified.
-Canceling standby mode.
of GIS and tracking ID complete.
The error of indication is 0,083
within an acceptable range.
Fire Defense Agency alarm control system
activation signal confirmed.
-Continuing to monitor.
-Subject has entered Akihabara District.
-Going to Akihabara.
-Subject is in Akihabara.
Don't forward it. I prefer the confusion.
Commencing alarm system hacking.
Kanda Fire Fighters
requesting instructions.
Stay out of it.
Isn't Kanda
under Company 8's jurisdiction?
Gravel doesn't get to weigh in.
Gravel doesn't get to weigh in.
They're the ones who asked.
What's wrong with me answering them?
Incoming message from Haijima Industries.
I'll listen to it later.
That's my research unit.
I don't take orders from the main office.
Company 5 is heading out.
Even if we have to step
into Company 8's jurisdiction,
we're going to secure that Infernal!
The object is approaching the subject
at high speed!
Judging by the Adolla pattern,
I believe it is a Third Generation
Fire Soldier from Company 8.
Gravel from Company 8?
That's all the news we have.
Today's Amaterasu
operational rate is normal.
All right, everyone, have a pleasant day.
Sure enough, there's no news
on yesterday's incident
or the man known as Joker.
Could the Special Fire Force
indeed be hiding something?
If I stick with him,
I'm sure I can get closer to the truth
about the mystery
of Spontaneous Human Combustion
and the day I lost Mom and Sho.
Pardon me
for interrupting your discussion.
The analysis on the ashes
that Joker used to blow up
the training facility has come back.
Apparently, their main component
is Infernal ashes.
Those were Infernal ashes?
They're using the remains of the dead?
Is nothing sacred to them?
The flames of the original sin
In the end,
I wasn't able to tell them about Sho.
Hey, stop looking like you're dead
when we're in the office!
It's killing my own mood to work.
This is Arthur Boyle, Lord of Camelot.
What is the nature of your message?
I'm sorry about that.
Special Fire Force Company 8.
Oh, yes.
Yes. A dog? Right. Very well.
-What is the address?
-What is the address?
-Why did you become a Fire Soldier?
-Okay. Very well.
-Because I'm a knight.
-Okay. Very well.
We'll be there right away.
Hey, you two.
A dog got caught up in a tree
and can't get back down again.
Would you mind going and rescuing him?
Rescue a dog? Isn't that a job
for regular firefighters?
We get calls mistaking Fire Soldiers
for regular firefighters all the time.
And you two aren't getting anywhere
with your work anyway, are you?
I'll take care of the rest.
All right. I'll go.
With my ability, it will be easy
to get him out of a tree.
That's not a dog.
It's Mamoru, isn't it?
Thank you very much.
What were you doing up in a tree?
While passing out balloons during
a function at the shopping district,
some neighborhood college students
hoisted me up.
Why would they do that?
Do you remember the serial killings
carried out by that firefighter?
The man was a firefighter but went on
a killing spree and killed four people.
Ever since that case,
people's discontent with the Fire Defense
Agency and firefighters has grown,
and sometimes, we get picked on like this.
So what happened to that firefighter?
His verdict is scheduled
to be announced today.
Word is that he'll probably be found
not guilty for psychiatric reasons.
Thus, we find the defendant,
Setsuo Miyamoto, not guilty.
-The death penalty's too good for him!
You scum!
Do you know how many people he killed?
That was easy.
The law is just a big pushover.
The country would be up a creek
if a firefighter was found guilty.
No sweat!
It burns! Somebody! Put me out!
-That's what you get!
-Get an extinguisher or a blanket!
-The Great Sol has decided to punish you!
I'll kill all of you!
-Spontaneous Human Combustion!
-Hurry and get out of here!
The Infernal just spoke!
Hey, Your Honor. How dare you decide
what's going to happen to me?
But I said you were innocent
and set you free, didn't I?
Shut up! I'm the one
doing the judging now!
Captain Obi! About the Infernal
in Taito-ku, Ueno District
He has self-awareness?
I want him, whatever it takes.
To the control room!
Where are Shinra and Arthur?
An Infernal has appeared.
Emergency vehicles
are now passing through.
For all other traffic, please pull
to the side and clear the path.
An emergency dispatch?
The Matchbox!
Shinra! Arthur! I know you're in the area!
You two are wandering without permission.
When we get back,
you're getting disciplined
until you can't move anymore!
I'm sorry, both of you! I'm sorry!
I couldn't tell him I sent you.
-Maki, what's the matter?
-I'll do anything. Ramen is on me.
Mamoru, I'm sorry,
but you have to take over!
See you, Arthur! I'm going on ahead!
What are you doing?
Take me with you.
Let's go, Silver!
Why you
I'm seriously
Shinra! Arthur!
What are you doing? This is a public road!
Never mind about that,
an Infernal has appeared, right?
A murder defendant at Ueno District Court
has become an Infernal.
He's apparently
attacking people right now.
You two hurry ahead to the scene!
Yes, sir!
Saving lives is your top priority!
I am your lawyer! I'm on your side, right?
That's right. As a firefighter,
I used to save people like this.
I just saved your life.
One might say
that it now belongs to me, right?
That means I can do
whatever I want with you, right?
Stop that!
God have mercy!
What the hell?
What the hell?
What the hell is your problem?
Because of you,
Mamoru got hoisted up into a tree!
What? That's your issue?
I see. So you're Special Fire Soldiers.
You're a murderous gang
of bogus helper-men, aren't you?
How nice. I'm a bit jealous.
We're here too!
Sputter Comet!
Sputter Comet!
He really is speaking?
His self-awareness is intact?
When one's attachment
to life and will is strong enough,
their character in life still remains,
but I've never seen it go this far.
So there's no way to escape.
All right, I surrender!
If you're not a murderous gang,
then you'll let me off, right?
I was found not guilty at my trial.
You can't very well kill me, right?
Unfortunately, I'm not so good-natured
as to pardon scum like you.
You really are a gang of murderers!
I'm going to go around killing people
the way you guys kill Infernals!
Captain Obi!
After him, Shinra! You're the only one
who can catch up to him!
But sir, he has self-awareness.
He's no longer human.
I know how you feel, but
Pay no heed to what he says.
Dispose of him.
Okay, get going!
Yes, sir!
Dispose of him. I have put to rest
someone who's self-aware.
Hinawa, I'm sorry.
It's okay. Please always
remain our shining light.
If I don't do this,
other innocent people will get hurt.
I'll do it!
I'll put him to rest!
It's an Infernal!
This city is almost like a toy box.
Who should I play with?
How dare you interrupt my good time?
Do you have any idea how many people
I rescued in my firefighter days?
You can't fault me for killing a few
of them in my Infernal days, right?
You killed them during
your firefighter days too, didn't you?
Can't you do addition
and subtraction, you idiot?
Those don't balance out
the number I saved, you idiot!
Who is this guy?
What is your deal, man?
You're the Devil!
I'm a hero!
Observed a second Adolla Burst
from the subject rookie.
That rookie is the real jackpot.
But it would be a waste to extinguish
an Infernal with self-awareness.
Move to retrieve him!
Flames are the breaths of souls.
And smoke is the souls' release.
Wait! Hold on a second!
I can't offer a Sister's prayer,
but this is good enough for you.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
I'm still afraid to die!
At least let my end be met with
a sister's prayer of peace! Please!
What the hell?
The sister and the others
are probably headed here now.
Until they get here,
stay still and repent.
Yes, I'll do that.
You are an irredeemable scum.
Damn you! Hero, my ass!
You shut your mouth!
I'm putting you to rest!
Special Fire Force Company 5
Captain, Princess Hibana.
Company 5 will dispose of this Infernal.
Hey, what is this? Let me go!
Take him away!
Yes, ma'am!
Hold it! Company 8 is putting him to rest!
Don't try to swoop in
and do whatever you feel like!
I am a captain. Are you defying me?
You are not my superior!
Damn it. What the hell did you do?
You low-level Company 8 gravel grit.
Gravel should lie spread
on the ground like gravel.
I don't want to hear your useless fussing.
The only time you make a sound
is when I step on you, gravel grit.
Lick it.
You people at Company 5
are a bit domineering, aren't you?
I said lick it.
I'm speaking to you seriously!
Hold him down!
-Company 5's Angel Three is on the scene!
-Company 5's Angel Three is on the scene!
Out of the way! Move!
Hey! Fire Soldiers are supposed to
keep the people safe, right?
What are you guys at Company 5 doing?
It's just a kid who fell on the ground.
It's not like he got burned.
You'd even joke about burning a kid, lady?
Let me show you what a Fire Soldier is.
Bring it on, Company 5!
I, Shinra Kusakabe,
Second Class Fire Soldier from Company 5,
will take you on!
This ought to be good.
It's unusual for an Infernal
to be as self-aware as this one.
It would also be a waste
to dispose of him like this.
Company 5 will secure him.
This is Company 8's jurisdiction.
Don't you think you're being
a bit presumptuous?
The moment he Infernalized,
he became officially deceased,
and putting him to rest
will return him to ashes.
That being the case, I see no problem
in taking his body in as-is.
Besides, Company 8 was formed in a rush.
I understand
you don't even have a science division.
This is a precious specimen.
Wouldn't taking him back to Company 5
represent an important step
toward solving the mystery
of Spontaneous Human Combustion?
Will you share the results
of your investigation with us?
Of course, I will!
Very well.
Company 5 can take over from here.
How lame.
"The Captain of Company 8
is a non-powered nobody, right?"
Seriously lame.
-What did you say?
-Do you want to die?
Now Captain Nobody's flunkies are
butting in. Second-class nobodies.
Shinra! Arthur!
-Why, you! I'll teach you!
-You're screwing with the wrong man!
Obi, if a Fire Soldier starts
sticking his nose in too deep,
it won't be the fire, but himself,
that gets extinguished.
Are you saying that I'm blowing smoke
in other people's faces? Is that it?
Then again, the flames of Company 8
won't be put out so easily.
Special Fire Force Company 5,
we're heading home!
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