Fire Force (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The Battle Begins

Causes of death are many and varied.
Old age, suicide, illness
But the cause of death that scares
people the most in this day and age
Was she crying?
I really am sorry.
That's okay.
I was the one being absent-minded.
Be careful when you're training, okay?
Thank you very much.
Well, if you'll excuse me.
Wait, Sister.
Is there something troubling you?
Helping others out is a Fire Soldier's
duty, so maybe I can help.
Thank you very much.
After that little ruckus
with Company 5 yesterday,
you probably know this,
but that bunch is suspicious.
We're going to investigate them,
and it may come to blows.
Captain Obi,
that's no longer physical training.
It looks a whole new level
of training to me.
Our primary objective
is to put Infernals to rest
and keep the public safe.
we must keep in mind
Company 8's hidden objective
is to investigate suspicious crew members
and find the means to stop them.
Like Captain Obi said
I'm so distracted by his cap,
I can't listen to anything he's saying.
Damn you, griffin!
How dare you attack my castle again?
I'll tarnish Excalibur with your blood!
You really are an idiot.
Say what you want, but please don't
take down that adorable griffin.
You'll be arrested for violating
wildlife protection laws.
You're pretty dangerous yourself, Maki.
Then again, 90 percent of the time,
Maki is cool, beautiful, and lovely.
It's just a shame
about the other 10 percent.
A shame?
Hey, you guys.
This is an important meeting.
No unnecessary chatter.
Lieutenant! Please don't point
your gun at us, even as a joke!
Do I look like the kind of man who jokes?
My leg!
There's nothing there.
But how? An air gun?
No, it's a real gun.
Lieutenant Hinawa
is a Second-Generation, like me.
He can't start fires on his own,
but he can control them.
He weakened
the gunpowder's explosive force
so that when he shot you,
it was with nonlethal force.
Unlike Infernals, when you face
a hostile Second or Third Generation,
there's no telling what they might do.
We're going to start going up
against them too.
Arthur, you're an idiot,
so that goes double for you.
I'm a man who slays dragons.
You'll have to find a dragon first though.
Training starts now.
I'm going to push the hell out of you.
Don't focus only on the upper body!
Watch your opponent's whole body!
I can't stand how Company 5 would
even joke about burning civilians.
Who is that Captain Princess, anyway?
Third-Generation Fire Soldier,
Princess Hibana.
She rose out of nowhere from Haijima
and landed in her current position.
From what I've learned,
she seems to have gotten where she is
by illegally researching Infernals
and selling away her data.
In that case, she might already know
the cause behind Human Combustion!
She has enough data to allow an upstart
like her to become a captain, at least.
We're planning on
using force to get it too.
We're going to infiltrate Company 5,
even if it means using violence.
Your feet and Arthur's plasma
will be useful to that end.
Forget the data,
I'm just in it to smash Company 5 to bits.
Please stop it already!
Silence! Your body
is the one I'm talking to!
Tell me everything about yourself
that I don't already know!
Both you and everything
that's not you is all gravel!
Lay the foundation for my happiness,
you gravel scum!
It's coming out!
Why do I care, you piece of crap?
Keep on screaming, you nobody.
Lie there on the ground
for my strong, beautiful self, gravel!
Flames are the breaths of souls.
And smoke is the souls' release.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
May thy soul return to the raging flames.
I ought to know.
That smile was strained.
Does it have something to do
with those Company 5 guys?
Hey, Arthur. Do you know
if something is up with Sister?
What? Has the Princess appointed me
Commander of the Order?
You look absolutely ridiculous
when you sleep.
What's up?
Is something wrong with the Princess?
Stop calling Sister "Princess."
Besides, what about Maki?
-That woman is an ogress
What brings you here?
Does either of you know where Sister went?
I beg your pardon.
What is a sister doing here at this hour?
Would it be possible for me
to see your captain?
What are you talking about?
Please tell your captain
that Iris is here.
Is there something I can do for you,
Little Miss Have-not?
I'm not entirely sure what you're doing,
but it's dangerous, isn't it?
It's also corrupt research
that defies the Great Sol!
Are those really your ideals?
Do not wear that habit in front of me!
Hibana, why?
Sisters are nothing but window dressing
for the Fire Force.
And you've devoted yourself
to this nonsense.
Once a fool, always a fool, I guess.
Don't talk to me about God.
What you all worship is a hollow puppet
that doesn't even exist.
What we have in this land
and across the world isn't God.
We only have devils such as myself.
I'll use you to lure Company 8 here
and then crush them.
What was that? A mortar?
Something came down from the sky!
Who are you?
Who am I? Well, let's see.
I'm the Find-Sister-and-Crush-
the-Company-5 Man from Company 8!
Lieutenant! Are you sure
we should be acting so rashly?
Company 5 has long been carrying out
some pretty shady research here.
It's not exactly like
they can file any reports!
Shinra, you go and find Sister.
Maki and I will take care of things here.
Just the two of you, against all of them?
Once you get inside
and start tearing it up,
we'll have more room to move too.
Arthur, keep going! We'll cover you!
You watch yourself too, Lieutenant.
Here he comes!
You won't get past me!
He's fast!
Feel not, it was the back of my sword.
After him! Don't let him get away!
Don't think you can escape my discipline!
Lieutenant, as usual, you seem to be
more merciless against people
than you ever are against Infernals.
I chose not to join
the Special Fire Force,
but instead joined Company 8
under Captain Obi,
so I could lay out the idiots of this land
who won't listen to reason.
You pound on them too, Maki.
Pound on them until they tell you
where the Spontaneous Human Combustion
research data is stored.
I left the military
and joined the Fire Force
because I wanted to save lives.
So I'm not big on man-to-man fighting.
You did hit that rookie
from Company 5 earlier, right?
That was just a light tap.
That devil sure can move fast
when he's running away.
I can't track where he went.
Devil's Footprints.
Are you following
the Devil's Footprints too?
Who are you, old man? A conehead?
It's dangerous here. Go back to your farm.
I can't have you snooping
around Company 5 like this.
I'll kill you.
Aren't you
By administering a drug
I've been researching,
I've boosted this Infernal's firepower.
I'm happy to have found
such a fine specimen.
We meet again, murderer.
I'll take my sword and
My sword
Those small-timers from Company 8
are too big for their britches.
What is that?
Lieutenant, get back!
That was some tremendous firepower.
They are just nobodies.
I just blow some flammable gas
into my zero-oxygen bubble gum,
send it toward my target,
pop the bubble,
-Here comes another one.
-and when flammable gas
hits fresh oxygen, it explodes!
That's what's known as Toru Kishiri's
Backdraft Bubblish Gum!
Maki, where are these coming from?
From that warehouse.
The target must be hiding there.
I can't be sure.
That's good enough.
How lame. What are you even aiming at?
From the sparks generated on impact,
I will tweak each bullet again.
Pathetic. It takes more than this
to stop my rookies.
Maki, we're going to get these crewmen
to give up where the documents are.
Yes, sir.
Hold it!
-Company 5's Angel Three is on the scene!
-Company 5's Angel Three is on the scene!
Have you made your peace?
Finding yourself alone in an enemy's base
shows that the meager Company 8
is as undermanned as our intel says.
The Infernal that my research
has fortified will reduce you to cinders.
He's my new weapon that can focus
his augmented firepower into one point,
and then release it!
Leave neither a body nor ashes now.
Thanks to your drug, the flame
and power within my body are surging.
Now, they're ready to come out!
That was close.
Hey, you! Are you trying
to turn me into knight teriyaki?
What kind of seasoning
do you think you're basted in?
I alight upon the scorched earth,
clad in golden robes
Are you talking about tempura now?
What are you, an idiot?
I'm a knight.
The Angels versus Hinawa,
Arthur versus the Infernal,
and Obi is nowhere to be seen
at the moment.
Like moths flying into a flame.
Burn them all until there's nothing left.
The truth and the intrigue
behind Spontaneous Human Combustion
are the results of our research.
I won't allow gravels to stand in my way.
Are you really
a Special Fire Force Soldier?
You're having cold feet?
You're not putting up a fight.
Don't act like this is no big deal.
What's the matter with you?
You're only acting like you're tough
when you're actually ridiculously weak!
And stupid!
What's wrong with me?
Why am I not my usual self?
The problem doesn't lie with you.
My Infernal's firepower
is just too strong for you.
There are chumps who just say
they're out of the zone or whatever.
When in reality, they couldn't do
anything and just run away.
It's exactly the kind of excuse
bogus Fire Soldiers would use!
What a bunch of moronic nobodies!
The newly-assigned rookie can't even
fathom how outmatched he is.
Then he blames it
on having a bad day. Pathetic.
An idiot who can only act tough
calls himself a knight?
Good one, coming from
a behind-in-the-count loser!
I'm not just a knight,
I'm the Knight King!
Shut up!
The least I can do
for a nosy nobody like you
is to kill you while making you suffer!
Why? I'm getting no power at all.
My left? Why am I holding it in
my left hand when I'm right-handed?
What? How should I know?
You can use that excuse
when you get to the afterlife!
Violet Flash.
What do you know?
I thought something was strange.
What the hell?
He's ridiculously strong!
Company 5's Angels Three's, 3-on-3
3-Sheets Grated Slasher, version 2,3!
That's way too many numbers!
Are there more than just three members
on Company 5's Angels Three?
It looks like that's all of them though.
I wonder if Shinra and the others
are doing okay.
While Shinra is dashing around,
we'll look for their documents.
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