Fire Force (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Spark of Promise

Causes of death are many and varied.
Old age, suicide, illness
But the cause of death that scares
people the most in this day and age
Pardon the intrusion!
This is a great chance to see how far
I can go up against a company captain.
But I don't see any chance of winning
unless I can deal with that ability.
You're not getting through.
-Company 5's Angel Three!
-Company 5's Angel Three!
-Three on three!
-Three on three!
Iris, sit there and watch your allies
from Company 8 get burned up.
Why, Hibana?
Go ahead and pray to the god
of salvation you favor so much.
In this world,
you either burn or get burned.
I chose the side of those who burn others.
You saw the other nuns engulfed in
flames and disintegrating into misery.
Luckily for me, my Third Generation
abilities manifested.
I took up with those who burn.
I will burn gravel lesser than myself
to cinders until they are consumed
and stand on their ashes
to rise even higher.
That is what mankind's happiness is.
Whatever you gain from doing that
can never be called happiness!
You're just spouting your platitudes,
waiting to be burned up!
Leave Sister alone!
The hero has arrived.
I'll start by burning him up.
Stay there and watch.
Shinra, run! As strong as you are,
you can't beat the Captain!
It's all right, Sister.
Things won't be like last time.
you haven't forgotten, have you?
You can't lay a finger on me.
We'll never know unless I try.
Once again, you're on the ground.
You really are gravel!
Damn, I'm so lightheaded
What is this?
Heat syncope.
Heat syncope?
Your body is currently enveloped
in heat of my making.
The heat is causing your blood vessels
to dilate and your pressure to drop.
The blood flowing to your brain
has fallen dramatically.
That's making you lightheaded.
For someone who showed up and spouted
nonsense about being a hero
to stumble and fall over
a little heatwave is laughable.
Lightheaded, you say?
Then I got this
whole situation wrong, didn't I?
What did you get wrong?
You really are unsteady
on your feet, right?
The palpitations, shortness of breath,
and dizziness are all in my head!
From the looks of it,
you're just grinning and bearing it.
Besides, the biggest illusion you're under
is believing that you're a hero, isn't it?
Right now, I'm lightheaded in reality
and in my mind.
So misguided or not, I can be a hero too.
Ridiculous. There's no way
you should be able to stand.
Compared to the drills Lieutenant Hinawa
put me through, this is nothing.
Fine then. It's no fun burning up
an opponent who can't fight back.
You can be immolated
by my red-hot flowers.
Hibana, you can't still
Keep quiet and watch.
Princess Hibana, aren't you the one
laboring under the wrong assumption?
Yes. Tonight
I'm the Wake-Up-The-Deluded-Lady Man!
You're saying I'm mistaken?
You could be.
That's just the way it looks from here.
Screw you!
Your dizziness is all in your head, right?
You still haven't recovered your sense
of balance, and you're staggering around!
Damn it!
How can you call yourself
a hero like this?
Let me open your eyes
and show you how pathetic you are.
Writhe and dance!
Stop this already, Hibana!
If you want me to stop,
go ahead and pray to God!
You do know, don't you?
There is no God,
let alone heroes in this world!
That's not true.
If you pray with all your heart,
you can find comfort
and people have been saved by it!
That's not real salvation!
Then are you saying
there is no salvation in life?
Yes, there is.
Exploiting and outsmarting others
for your own success
and looking down
on the foolish slugs from above.
What you see from up there
is impotent gravel.
It's fantastic knowing
that you weren't scum and were saved.
The standing and money you get from
being there is a person's salvation.
How can you say that?
You prayed with us every day
at the convent, remember?
Sure, I did.
And what salvation came as a result?
The convent took in all of us orphans.
We devoted ourselves to God.
Amid all of it, I was the only one
who didn't take it seriously.
And then, that day
The other sisters suddenly burned up.
All of them, except you and me.
They were all devout nuns,
who served God better than I did.
You realize, don't you?
Nothing ever comes of our lives.
The fact that I'm still alive like this
is proof above all else!
People can only grow stronger
for their own ends.
Seeking salvation
without growing stronger?
You might as well ask for the moon too!
The fact that lowly gravel seeks salvation
with everyone else
is misplaced in its own right.
Princess Hibana, you're a victim
of the flames too, aren't you?
Are you still here, you would-be hero?
I have a little bit of an idea
of how you feel.
I'm someone whose life
was messed up by flames too.
What can you hope to know?
Sakura Blizzard!
This time, bow down on the ground
like the gravel you are!
I can't let myself collapse here.
The heat syncope
I will get back up as often as it takes.
And each time,
I won't let myself get beaten.
For your sake.
What are you talking about?
Are you losing your mind?
Listen to me.
I'm about to lay you out.
That, along with all the rest of this,
is for your own good!
If you want what's good for me,
then burn up already!
You piece of know-nothing gravel,
you're spewing nonsense!
There are flames that burn the body,
but there are also flames that light
the way and flames that warm you up!
There's no such thing
as heroes in this world!
Well, it's because there are no heroes
in this world,
that's why I'm telling you
I'm going to be one!
I am
Wake-Up-The-Deluded-Lady Man!
Wow, how pretty!
That's amazing, Sister Hibana.
Watch this, Sister Clematis.
When I add a little sodium solution,
the flames react to it.
It turned yellow!
This one is copper.
Watch this, Sister Sakura.
I also have potassium, strontium,
and some others.
How pretty!
They all look so great!
What do you think?
Flames are incredibly pretty, aren't they?
Sister Hibana, I want to be like you.
You can control flames,
and you're good at science.
Iris! Don't hide there.
Come here and have a closer look.
Careful. They may be in the shape
of flowers, but they're still flames.
You'll get burned.
See here!
Sister Hibana, are you playing
with your pyrokinesis again?
Come now, everyone, into the chapel.
Yes, Sister Sumire.
You too, Sister Hibana.
That ability was bestowed
upon you by the Great Sol.
Moreover, if you mishandle those flames,
it can be very dangerous.
I'm careful with them, so it's all right.
There you go, saying that again.
Head inside now.
Sister Hibana
I want you to show me
the flowers again sometime.
I'll show them to you
once you get over your shyness.
Do you mean it?
The sound of someone's
body burning, that person's cries,
the pain of the flames, the suffering,
as their life burns away
What do you think?
Flames are incredibly pretty, aren't they?
As if flames could be pretty
Let's go. We have to get away,
or we'll burn up too.
As if this ability were bestowed
by the Great Sol.
Flames are the devil himself, aren't they?
And since I'm able to use that power,
I thought a devil should act like a devil.
Where are you going?
Don't get yourself burned up by flames.
I'll exploit everything.
People, flames, and anything else.
That's just a little slice.
I'll turn it all over
on certain conditions.
I want the rank of captain.
And you'll provide me
with the platform and funding
to carry out my experiments.
When everyone at the convent
had no one else to turn to,
you were the one we looked up to.
You were beautiful and smart,
and you could control flames.
When we were lonely and anxious,
you were our hero.
I didn't have anyone. The only thing
that propped me up was my flames.
But then, they even turned on me.
I don't have anything now.
You've got a hero, right here.
Look up to the skies and cry out my name!
I'll come save you anytime!
Don't be absurd.
What makes you obliged to help me?
I don't need to be obliged.
When someone is in trouble,
I go and help them.
That's what a hero does, right?
Whatever the case, you beat me.
I don't intend to fight you anymore.
You think I've overcome
my shyness a little?
For crying out loud, Iris.
After you come waltzing
into this place all on your own?
I just wanted you
to show me your pretty flowers again.
I did promise you, didn't I?
Are those
Yes. They are irises.
Hibana, I love you!
The guy in glasses
It looks like you've gone around
doing a real number on us, Company 8.
-Lieutenant Hinawa.
-Lieutenant Hinawa.
How am I going to explain this whole mess
to the higher-ups
or to the gravel
still sprawled out all over?
Captain Obi was apparently
going to make it look
like it was a joint nighttime
training exercise.
But you charged in
before that could happen, right?
If you keep that up all the time,
you're going to mess up sooner or later.
I just had a great idea!
What if Company 5 and Company 8
all had a dinner party together?
That might be a bit much.
Indeed. That sounds pretty good.
Sometimes, when you're trying
to trick someone,
the more ridiculous the method,
the easier it is to succeed.
I'll say that in order to test
Company 5's fighting strength,
I asked Company 8 to play the bad guys
and stage a surprise attack drill.
Shinra, I'd like to set this up,
so round up Company 8's people for me.
You sure are being cooperative, huh?
Well, I've taken a liking to you.
Chief, we're ahead of schedule,
but we've begun
our investigation of Company 5.
Things may get a little aggressive,
so please lay the groundwork elsewhere.
Come in. Hinawa?
Yes, I've been bogged down
getting this off the ground.
I'm on my way to you now.
It's over?
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