Fire Force (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Investigation of the 1st Commences

Causes of death are many and varied.
Old age, suicide, illness
But the cause of death that scares
people the most in this day and age
Company 8 and Company 5 have
carried out a joint training exercise.
It seems overly contrived.
So Obi is finally making his move.
With the greatest of skills
and the perfect amount of heat!
With the greatest of skill,
and the perfect amount of heat.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you
so much for coming and taking part
in the job-well-done party
for the nighttime joint exercise
of Company 5 and Company 8.
that was carried out the other night.
-Are we about to get chewed out again?
-Don't sound so happy about it.
Gravel can't speak
or even breathe without permission!
You gravel grit!
Right, Shinra?
That hurt.
We appreciate you taking on a
weaker company such as ourselves
Go ahead.
There we are.
Die, will-o-wisps!
Hey, what are you doing?
The lieutenant told me that
if you play with fire, I should kill them.
This is an informal party!
All right, so you're saying we have
Company 5's full cooperation?
Not Company 5. It's me, personally.
Company 5 may be a subsidiary outfit,
but it is paired with Haijima.
At present, it would be hard for Company 8
to confront Haijima head-on.
You were going to lead off
by exposing our research data
and bringing down Company 5, right?
Well, that's right.
How did you get your intel on Company 5?
Were Iris' actions
something you factored in?
No, of course not.
But she was my ace card against you.
Playing innocent, huh?
I don't appreciate that.
I doubt a musclebound gorilla
like yourself
could understand Company 5's research.
Just be grateful
that I'm working with you.
Why the change of heart?
I went through an incident
that made me despair of flames.
The more I learned about
this land and this world,
the more I couldn't help
but grow more perverse.
And by growing more perverse,
I wanted to believe
that I was becoming stronger and smarter.
That if I was to oppose this cruel world,
I had no choice
but to fight evil with evil.
But then,
when I got clobbered by Shinra,
the self-professed hero, I remembered.
The warmth of flames.
The tenderness of justice.
I was put in touch once again with
the ideals of fighting evil in the world.
Then Princess, Shinra was a hero to you?
No, nothing of the sort at all!
He's our vaunted hero of Company 8.
I'm sure he'll bring to light the darkness
of a world held captive by flames.
Investigating each company
and pursuing the mystery of the flames
is the objective of Company 8, then?
Yes. That's why we came
to steal Company 5's data.
We heard that you'd come across
something in your research
that would explain the cause
of Spontaneous Human Combustion.
Is that true?
Yes. You can understand
why I would become a devil too, right?
There's someone
who is deliberately creating Infernals.
Of course, not all Spontaneous Human
Combustion in the world is like that.
But there were some samples
among my research
that were clearly different
from the others.
So there really is someone out there
causing Spontaneous Human Combustion.
There's no way that stands.
I swear, we'll find them!
My friends and the sisters,
they all burned up.
If that was done at somebody's hand,
then I swear, in the name of St. John's
wort and the malice it symbolizes,
that I will find them and burn them
by any means necessary.
Our objective is the same then.
Yes, much as I hate to admit it.
But your investigation is only going
to get more difficult from here.
What do you mean?
The Infernals that I suspect
have appeared by human means
are all concentrated around
the Shinjuku District.
That's Company 1's jurisdiction.
Hibana, why are you at Company 8?
To make sure you grew up right, Iris.
Hey, that was a dirty move!
How rude. My body is nice and clean.
That isn't what I meant!
It must be nice for you two,
having girlish, slender figures.
And you have a nicely-trained,
beautiful body, don't you?
I do?
you're about to do something
dangerous again, aren't you?
Yes. I'm working together
with Company 8 to investigate Company 1.
It could mean war.
An undercover investigation of Company 1
using the rookie training
reassignment system?
That's pretty good thinking,
for a gorilla, Obi.
The rookie training reassignment system
is one that allows crew members
in their first year of service
to be temporarily assigned to other
companies to broaden their experience.
I'm going to have you two do
an undercover investigation of Company 1.
An undercover investigation
of Company 1? Arthur and I will do it?
Within Company 1's jurisdiction,
there may be someone
who is artificially creating Infernals.
We want you to come up
with any leads you can.
It's an important mission to help us
crack Spontaneous Human Combustion.
I'm counting on both of you.
If there really is someone
causing Spontaneous Human Combustion,
they'll pay for it.
It may seem unnatural
if there are only men from Company 8.
I'll send someone from my company too.
I'll hit up other companies
I have connections with too.
So this is the Holy Sol Obelisk.
It's even bigger than I imagined.
We could still climb it.
This is lame.
I'm not sure I'm worthy
to enter the sacred Company 1.
Who are they?
They're camouflage. Be nice to them, okay?
Thank you for taking us in.
So you're the trainee newbies?
Damn. I bet even your crap is crap.
Are you crappy, you crap?
"I bet even your crap is crap.
Are you crappy, you crap?"
It sounds like he's trying to berate us,
but he's just calling crap a "crap."
You've got the ass of an ass.
An ass should ass like an ass,
you ass!
What was that?
Easy! He's just saying your ass is an ass.
Captain Burns is expecting you. Follow me.
Captain Burns of Company 1.
The man who knows
about the fire 12 years ago.
That fire
This is the Grand Cathedral.
If it was actually caused by someone
Welcome to Company 1.
I'm happy to have you.
I'm one step closer to the truth.
Good grief, military fatigues
in the Grand Cathedral?
They're guests. Go easy on them.
First Class Fire Soldier, Maki Oze,
from Company 8!
I brought the new recruits for training!
While this is a formal function,
we're still in the Grand Cathedral.
Forgive me for asking,
but I'd prefer that you tent your hands,
rather than a salute.
Please excuse us!
Lieutenant Flam, Lieutenant Hoshimiya,
and Lieutenant Li of Company 1.
They are going to take care of you.
After you've looked around
the facility today,
relax and make yourselves at home.
Captain Burns, if I may?
I realize this is sudden,
but to have you assess our abilities,
I would like to ask you
to take us on in some sparring.
Shinra! What are you talking about?
We are aware of your abilities
from the documents we received on you.
That will not be necessary.
That's all right.
Rekka, let them take you on too.
Do you mean it?
Rekka, we're in the Grand Cathedral.
Shinra, what do you think you're doing?
Just a light jab.
If I can beat you, there's something
I'd like to ask you.
Fine with me.
I can't help but worry.
You've already sent them out.
Now please, calm down.
Be that as it may,
worrying is a captain's prerogative.
You're disrupting me.
Hey, take it easy!
Get back to your duties!
Why don't you head back
to Company 5, ma'am?
Man, that Shinra
Just because he beat me,
I hope he isn't too full of himself.
You dumbass!
The moment you get here,
you ask to spar with the Captain?
He's never even sparred with me before!
If he hurts Lieutenant Rekka,
I'll let him have it!
I'm going to do this, damn it!
I'll make him spill everything he knows!
Why do you suppose he has
such a chip on his shoulder?
He's so delighted to be at Company 1.
He's all revved up.
He's a high-spirited crewman, all right!
I'm starting to get fired up!
Who gets to go first?
I'll start with
the lowest-numbered company.
There's no need to hold back.
Put your full power on display for me.
Does that mean
I have to go first?
I'm Lieutenant Hoshimiya.
I'll be your opponent.
Second Class Fire Soldier, Takeru Noto.
My family owns a jagaimo farm,
so I got the nickname "Jaga Noto."
Oh, as in "Juggernaut!"
Let's have ourselves a heated match!
Is he all right?
There's fire coming from me too!
I'd like to get this fire put out!
Nice! Not bad!
That's your fervent passion, huh?
It is so bad! It's utterly bad!
It's hot!
That's incredible, Juggernaut!
Let me see the best flames you've got!
It's getting a little too warm
for comfort, huh?
Are you sure this is a good idea, sir?
I'll deal with any stray shots.
Make sure that you do, Karim.
Damn, nuisances are really nuisances.
What a nuisance.
I'm simmering here!
We Fire Soldiers have been waiting
for talent like yours!
Stop! Don't get me stirred up!
I'm afraid of flames!
I became a Fire Soldier
so that I could get my flames put out!
This is what happens
when you get me stirred up!
This amount of heat is incredible!
Every single shot is a juggernaut!
Lieutenant Rekka!
That's it! Fantastic! Just like that!
Go easier on the easygoing, you easy-goer!
I have you backing me up, don't I, Karim?
-What was that?
-He snuffed them out!
Where did that
tremendous energy come from?
The flames got frozen?
That would have hit the Captain
if I hadn't been here!
And I trusted you
to be here for me, Karim!
Company 1 has a Fire Soldier
who produces not flames, but ice?
What kind of nonsense is that?
Show me a person who can create ice!
So where did that ice come from?
Thermo-Acoustic Cooling.
It's a technique that converts
the energy of flames into sound
and converts sound into ice.
When you compress heat,
you can convert it to sound.
As sound abrades the air,
it can be converted into ice.
You're saying you can turn flame energy
into sound and ice?
Such a thing is really possible?
There's someone
within Company 1's jurisdiction
who is artificially creating Infernals.
Is the culprit among this bunch?
Or are they all in cahoots?
All right, next!
I never fight without a purpose,
so you'll have to excuse me.
I only have the abilities
that you see in the documents,
nothing more, nothing less,
so I'll decline too.
That would make our next contestant
I will take you both on.
Why is the Captain letting them fight him?
Bring it on.
You won't be getting a turn.
I will gallantly beat my opponent.
The end.
What are you planning to do
with that hand?
Come at me as hard as you can.
Otherwise, this match will mean nothing.
Don't blame me if you lose an arm.
It will take more than that much flame
to cut me. Set your mind at ease.
"That much flame"? Arthur's Excalibur
can cut through even steel.
Don't come crying to me later!
So you have a sword
that never fails to kill.
Don't you have any other moves?
No way. Not even Maki
could extinguish Excalibur.
What are you waiting for?
Don't ease up on him!
This crewman packs
some amazing force as well.
This will kill you
if you don't step aside!
Why did you become a Fire Soldier?
My mother and brother died in a fire!
I'm going to solve the mystery
of Spontaneous Human Combustion
and make sure
that kind of fire never happens again!
I'm going to become a hero who can
save the world from the flame terror!
You have a long way to go.
Company 1 welcomes you.
I hope you find
this training enrollment fulfilling.
Captain! Are you hurt?
There we go.
I won't let your lucky lecher
get triggered so easily, Tamaki.
Lieutenant Rekka,
I'm so sorry this always happens!
I'll take charge of you guys
from Company 8.
You were no match for Captain Burns,
but you two still did fairly fair.
Of course, we did.
Thank you very much, sir.
But whether your pace
keeps you apace at this pace
or whether your pace does not
keep you apace at this pace
is all up to you. Hang in there.
Thank you very much, sir!
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