Fire Force (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Infernal Insects

Causes of death are many and varied.
Old age, suicide, illness
But the cause of death that scares
people the most in this day and age
Yes. The evangelism
is proceeding smoothly.
There may be some slight obstacles,
but it will not be a problem.
Infernalization will move
forward without a hitch.
Very well then, Evangelist
The core remains of sample Infernal A
showed different characteristics
compared to those of Infernal B.
After analyzing them, soot and DNA
from a creature other than the victim
were identified in the core.
You concluded that
it was bug genetic data.
Those are conclusive experimental results,
which I concluded through my research.
I've investigated many Infernals.
and the samples
that I believe were artificially created
all had the same thing in common.
All of the samples had traces
of some kind of creature
entering the core from the outside.
It's been five days
since we joined Company 1.
Our investigation will last a month.
We have to find leads
on Artificial Infernals within that month.
Lieutenant, what are you doing here?
Are you all right? Any problems?
Is Arthur doing fine?
I told you, we're fine, sir!
Please don't come by every morning.
Isn't he the Lieutenant from Company 8?
He is working hard again today, I see.
He certainly is concerned
about his men, isn't he?
He really is.
This is getting embarrassing!
Please leave!
What's come over you all of a sudden?
You should check in
with the Captain more often. He's worried.
Yes, all right.
Go away, please.
Captain Hibana is here too.
They have people from other companies,
like us, prowling around,
and they aren't acting
like they're on guard.
At Company 5,
with all of Haijima's trade secrets,
you'd never see anyone
behaving this openly.
According to my investigation,
Artificial Infernals appear primarily
in security zones,
where only Fire Soldiers can enter
and in fire sites
that have been closed off.
Much as it disturbs me,
chances are high that
a Special Fire Soldier is the culprit.
But is the culprit here at Company 1?
Why did all of you become Fire Soldiers?
Well, I want to be a hero
and protect everyone
from Spontaneous Human Combustion
and Infernals!
It's only natural that a knight
would fight on behalf of the weak.
Well, I'm a Third Generation.
And as a Fire Soldier,
I'd be in with the ladies.
You're all so great.
I can't really use
my pyrokinesis very well.
Nor do I have any grand
objective like the rest of you.
Forget about the objective.
As long as we end up helping others,
that's enough, isn't it?
Yes, I guess so.
Thanks, Shinra.
How long are you going to keep eating?
It's time for morning assembly!
Everyone, hurry back
to your appointed stations and
-Sorry. I was reaching for the mayonnaise.
-What the hell are you doing, pervert?
Wait, hey!
You jerk! You stay away from me!
Could you knock off your lucky lechery?
Is that for the morning assembly?
That's the alarm!
An Infernal has appeared!
report to Lieutenant Hoshimiya!
Kishiri, Lieutenant Li!
You two from Company 8,
report to Lieutenant Flam!
There are five victims who Infernalized.
This appears
to be another multiple incident.
Nozaka Squad, make sure the civilians
are all evacuated.
Matsuda Squad, gather information
and share it with everyone.
The rest of us
will look for the Infernals.
Let's put them to rest quickly!
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Awesome. This is one swift,
take-charge company.
You two from Company 8,
stand by here with Matsuda Squad.
But we can help too!
Our leadership structure
would be thrown off by newcomers.
Keep on keeping yourselves here.
Are you all right, sir?
What happened?
There they are!
After them!
What about the Infernal?
Right now, we'll just have
to let Company 1 handle him.
You'll pay for this.
Fire Soldiers are supposed
to protect citizens!
Don't think that you can escape my feet!
What are you doing? I thought
I ordered you to stand down.
What have you been doing back here?
I will
-We don't get to visit Shinjuku often
-What the hell
-so we got lost
-are you doing?
Lieutenant Rekka,
laying to rest has been completed.
Tamaki, good work.
All right, we're heading back.
Hey, why did you stop me?
Aren't those lieutenants
our Artificial Infernal suspects?
We still don't know who the enemy is
or who our allies are.
We could have been eliminated
right there on the spot.
Then what are you planning to do?
You saw what happened.
Yes. I definitely saw it.
He pressed a bottle containing
a Bug against that civilian's back.
Immediately afterward
The man Infernalized.
This is the worst.
How can a Fire Soldier
be creating Infernals?
The person you saw wearing those robes
was only one of three lieutenants
from Company 1.
We'll have to start
by investigating Karim and Rekka.
You sure are enthusiastic.
These guys are formidable foes.
Of course, I am. I don't care
who they are, they have to pay.
The first thing we should check
is Karim's room.
He's not there right now?
I told Juggernaut to come up
with some excuse to keep him occupied.
Have you told him about our mission?
He seems to have taken a liking to Tamaki,
and when I told him
I'd get her number for him,
he was only too happy to cooperate.
Never mind him though,
why are you dressed like that?
I made a job change,
from knight to assassin.
After carrying on about being
a knight for so long, you just
I'm a knight.
Mini Excalibur.
I made it from a sheet of plastic,
so it can only be used once.
You dumbass! This will leave
evidence that someone broke in!
That doesn't sound like you.
What? Did you lose your nerve
after Burns beat you, you wuss?
If solving the mystery of Spontaneous
Human Combustion could be done cleanly,
it would have been solved a long time ago.
Say whatever you want,
but you're not going to solve it.
That's it!
You can make an Infernal
with one of these?
That clinches it.
Karim Flam is our culprit.
I left that bug-like Bug there on purpose.
Your behavior in the back alley
was abnormal, so I thought I'd test you.
It looks like Company 8 is here pursuing
that bug-like Bug too.
What are you talking about?
I'm out to get the owner of that Bug too.
Oh, so you're on our side.
How can we trust you?
You saw the culprit, right? The fact that
you narrowed your suspicions on me
means they were wearing robes like this.
Isn't that right?
There was one other man there
at that moment wearing robes like mine.
Rekka Hoshimiya.
There was an incident two months ago
where a group
of children collectively caught fire.
It was far too unnatural.
It was then that I found the Bug.
Children burned?
I got a five-star from the gacha machine.
Really? No fair!
Hey, you two
Fires sure are scary, huh?
You heard about that incident
where children your age burned up, right?
There's a way to make sure
the flames don't get you.
Why don't you come with me?
What are you doing?
Okay, let's go!
Tamaki, thanks for rounding them up.
I finally found a sacred prayer
to protect against Infernalization.
If we can save the children
from the flame threat, I can die happy!
I want to save even more,
but I'm much too wretched! Curses!
Father, will they really
not become Infernals?
Yes! But you haven't told anyone
because we don't want squabbling, right?
Yu at my cram school burned up.
I don't want that to happen.
If I do whatever you say,
I won't ever burn up, right?
Of course, you won't.
Everyone, now that I'm here,
everything will be all right.
You'll be mighty people
who can't be beaten by flames!
Tamaki, would you mind stepping outside?
I'd like to focus on the prayer.
Thanks for all the help you've done.
I'd like to see the prayer too, sir.
I would do anything for you,
Lieutenant Rekka.
My stars!
Thank you, Tamaki!
You're really making too much of it, sir.
Tamaki! I'm so grateful!
All right!
to find someone suitable
for the pilot light.
You all have been chosen.
We've changed our minds!
We can't have that. You would
destroy your own child's future?
What a poor mother you are.
Return to the great flame of fire.
You're going to go look for Rekka, right?
We're coming with you.
This is Company 1's problem.
You two keep out of it.
We are currently assigned
to Karim Squad, sir.
Then your squad's lieutenant
is ordering you to stay out of this.
We have no intention
of following that order.
We're not even formal members.
So you're like men who are
my men, but aren't my men, then?
How freeing for you.
Feel free to feel free then.
Well, that didn't work. I just wish there
was someone here who was suitable.
Stop crying!
You won't ever get strong that way!
You shouldn't be afraid of the flames
if you want to get stronger!
Right? Isn't that what you want?
Lieutenant Rekka, what is this?
I was going to let you live
to take the blame,
so I must not have squeezed hard enough.
What do you mean, sir?
You are the only one who can accept
my passion and fervor, Tamaki!
This isn't happening, right?
Lieutenant Rekka, are you the one
who has been creating Infernals?
I respect you so much, sir!
You respect me, don't you?
Why do you let your feelings change
as easily as that?
I'm not giving up! No matter how many
innocent children must be sacrificed,
I won't give up! Not ever!
I will create Infernals
for the Evangelist,
until the day when I find someone suitable
for the pilot light!
You were a hot-blooded guy who was awkward
but never let it get you down.
I always found that to be cool about you.
But you were just a hot-blooded
son of a bitch, weren't you?
My stars!
Lie there and be quiet.
Now, for the pilot light.
No! Stop!
-No! Stop!
Here you go, Tak. It's all right.
It must be my imagination.
Hang in there!
I know you can accept the flames!
Hang in there, Tak!
Fight, Tak!
He didn't become an Infernal?
He's compatible.
I did it! I finally found someone
compatible with the pilot light!
There are still four of you left.
You haven't been spared yet,
so take on the pilot light
and earn the victory for tomorrow!
Charge it up and let's fight!
Don't let it beat you!
Please. Stop it already
Somebody help us. I'm begging you
Somebody help!
What are you doing, Tamaki?
I thought you were an outstanding,
obedient subordinate!
What are you doing, Tamaki?
There are children watching!
You shouldn't be like this!
The children are trying so hard!
You were supposed to
take the fall for this crime!
What's become of you, Tamaki?
I used to like you.
I figured you were the only one
who could do it!
I'm going to have to
change the plan and kill you.
The hot-blooded, gentle lieutenant
I'll make it look like
you burned yourself to death!
Curses! I have faith
that you could do this!
This is hard on me too!
My fist is weeping over this!
I will stand by and see your end through!
You're going to die in my place, Tamaki!
Stop, Lieutenant Rekka
I looked up to you.
Help me.
Are you okay, Tamaki?
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