Fire Force (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

The Spreading Malice

Causes of death are many and varied.
Old age, suicide, illness
But the cause of death that scares
people the most in this day and age
The children are trying so hard!
You were supposed to take the fall
for this crime!
What's become of you, Tamaki?
-I used to like you.
What's become of you?
-Why are you doing this
-You aren't the Tamaki I thought you were!
Lieutenant Rekka?
Status update!
An Infernal has appeared.
There's a fire in the city limits.
Let's hurry!
Tamaki, can you keep up?
Yes, sir! I'm fine!
There's an Infernal nearby.
Be sure you stay with us!
Yes, Lieutenant Rekka!
There it is!
Let me handle this!
Hold it, Rekka! Don't go rushing in!
Flames are
the breaths of souls.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
-This soul
-This soul
-return to
-return to
-the raging flames!
-the raging flames!
Honestly, you're always so reckless.
Because you always have my back, Karim.
That's because you charge ahead
on your own.
My stars!
You can't just laugh it off,
not even with that smile.
My stars?
My stars!
Quit flashing that flashy smile!
They all rely on each other.
That's so cool!
Die in my place, Tamaki!
Stop, Lieutenant Rekka
Help me.
Are you okay, Tamaki?
My stars!
Rekka Hoshimiya,
you're the culprit, aren't you?
Do not interfere!
Star Fist Jab!
Rekka Hoshimiya!
Now that the hero,
Catch-the-Artificial-Infernal-Maker Man
is here,
there's nowhere for you to retreat!
My stars!
I don't need to retreat!
I will only move forward!
Then I'm Keep-You-from-Moving-
Backward-or-Forward Man!
Kusakabe is fighting toe-to-toe
against Lieutenant Rekka.
I will not allow anyone to interfere
with our evangelism!
Shut up, you hot-blooded son of a bitch.
Oh, no trouble for me.
It just means one more dead body.
It's reacting to Shinra Kusakabe's flames.
I get it. It's trying to go back
to the flames.
All right! This is my lucky day!
So this is it. You are the third person
the Evangelist is searching for.
The undefiled flame, the Adolla Burst!
Adolla Burst?
We, who serve the Evangelists
have been seeking
for the sacred flame
that will lead mankind!
And it can only be borne
by the spawn of the Great Sol!
The pure, unadulterated flame.
For a long time, I have been
lighting pilot lights in children,
in search of someone compatible,
but imagine, finding someone right here!
In children, you say?
Exactly how many people
have you turned into Infernals?
It doesn't matter.
They were trivial sacrifices
so that we could achieve our goal.
Screw you!
You think you can get away with this?
What are you doing, you pervert?
Okay, then, off I go.
Don't walk away with my skirt!
Star Fist Jab!
Let me show you the difference
between our firepowers!
My stars!
Sorry! It's not like that!
I didn't mean to!
Enough already, just fight!
Please Kusakabe,
defeat Lieutenant Rekka.
Leave it to me. That's why I'm here.
Rekka's and my firepowers are
about the same.
Or mine is a bit lower.
But I am sure I can beat him with my feet.
I have mobility.
This building is an excellent place
to capitalize on my mobility.
Time to put it to the test.
My stars!
I will burn everything up
with my hot arms!
My stars!
Don't let him beat you!
What awesome firepower.
My knee is hot just by glancing off him.
I'll shoot you down!
Star Fist
I outmatch you in mobility!
You only have a single foothold.
But for me, everything is a foothold!
My stars
Guys, gather around!
Make sure to hide behind the pillars!
I'm coming there now!
Are you okay, Kusakabe?
I flew all the way here
and then started fighting right off.
I'm a little lightheaded.
It looks like I overused my pyrokinesis.
You're overheated.
You've used up too much
of your body's oxygen,
the source of your flames.
It's over, Rekka Hoshimiya.
Give yourself up, nice and easy.
I finally found a compatible child.
For the Evangelist's sake,
he's not getting away!
For what reason are you turning children
into Infernals?
Are there any more like you?
And who is this "Evangelist"?
I find compatible children and increase
the number of us with abilities.
We'll create Infernals
and return people back to flames.
All according to the will
of the Evangelist.
What is your objective?
Behold the brilliance of the star
of flames ensconced in the heavens!
We will return to the bosom
of the Great Sol!
Turn all people into flames and engulf
Earth in the great flames of fire!
Incinerate this imperfect Earth and
its humanity in the flames of salvation!
And turn this world
into a second sun!
What are you talking about?
To make the world a star!
Guys, we're getting out of here now!
They won't get away!
I'll take them and make it look like
they died in a fire!
They will receive the teachings of
the Evangelist during their childhood!
In a fire? During their childhood?
Did you guys take my brother too?
Burn, my Star Fists! Burn with fervor!
Stop! You'll be burned by your own flames!
I will burn all of you up
before I am consumed!
What happened?
Didn't you always say
that I have your back?
Do not interfere!
Stop. The hotter you get,
the more I'll cool you off.
I'll just vaporize this ice!
I wasn't always at your back,
that's why you were able to do
something like this.
I heard the report.
What's this I've just witnessed?
Karim, what in the world?
I've put Rekka on a lockdown.
We'll get all there is to know
out of him later.
Is Company 1 going to be all right?
This is nothing more than my hunch,
but I get the feeling
this isn't just Company 1's problem.
It's a much more whopping whopper
of a problem, affecting the whole nation.
Rekka has been
Lieutenant Rekka
A direct hit on target.
Hoshimiya has been eliminated.
There are still Fire Soldiers there.
Take some of them out.
A sniper!
Where did it come from?
I missed.
They won't escape this one.
Shinra! Put up a smokescreen!
Tamaki! Stay out of sight
there with the children!
Yes, sir!
Foien, I'm sorry.
Karim, you're Company 1's shield.
We can't afford to lose you here.
Who needs a shield
that has to be protected?
I can't afford
to let anyone else get hurt.
Shinra! Can you identify the enemy?
Two targets, on the roof
of the building to the southwest!
On Shinra's signal, extend as much of
your flame as you can toward the target!
It will give away your position,
so extend them randomly!
Yes, sir!
I've lost visuals on the target.
Karim, what's the point of the ice?
We're showing them
that we know where they are
while constructing a barrier
to block their view of us.
If we behave in a manner
incomprehensible to them,
it's up to them to interpret the reason
and get freaked out.
Snipers do their work
from a safe place after all.
It looks like our location
has been exposed.
Sniping will be impossible
with all that smoke and ice.
We've silenced Hoshimiya.
Now is not the time to expose ourselves
to danger by fighting.
We'll report this to the Commander.
We're withdrawing.
The targets are falling back!
Should I go after them?
With you overheated,
you'll just get yourself killed by them.
All we can do is stay here
hunched down like turtles.
Let them get the wrong idea
and be freaked out, and they'll run away.
They made a hell of a scene.
Who are those white-clad folks?
There are people turning others
into Infernals and killing them.
They've been running around,
setting fires.
Among them are children
they've abducted, who possess abilities.
Including my brother.
The Evangelist.
Now I have someone I can go after.
Tamaki, is that all of the children?
Yes, sir.
Cover yourself.
Oh, no! I couldn't possibly
It's okay, just cover yourself.
Thank you very much.
Remember, Tamaki. While he may have
tricked you, you need to be prepared.
Yes, sir. I brought the children
into this.
I will accept any punishment you give.
Thanks for your help with Rekka.
I'm not sure if Rekka was hot-blooded
and became a son of a bitch,
or if he was just a son of a bitch
who became hot-blooded.
But for me, Rekka was just Rekka.
I need to find out
why he was a hot-blooded son of a bitch.
Company 8's objective is to do an internal
investigation of Fire Soldiers, right?
And you're going after
the Evangelist next?
I'm going to track them down too.
Let me work with you.
Thank you very much.
Company 1 was swamped with reports and
follow-ups after the incident with Rekka,
so our training got canceled.
Rekka is dead,
Arthur ended up getting lost
running down Rekka,
and a search request
had to be issued for him.
I haven't been back
at Company 8 in so long.
It was a short appointment,
but it still feels like coming home.
The Captain's workouts.
The Lieutenant's weird hats.
The basically cool and beautiful Maki.
I'm leaving some tea for you here.
Nice work on your training assignment.
Thank you very much.
Sister's angelic smile.
I only joined Company 8
a little while ago,
but somehow, it has become a place
where I feel settled in.
What are you doing here, cat lady?
Tamaki has been placed on suspension
at Company 1 for the time being,
for her part in the Hoshimiya incident.
While she's on suspension,
Company 8 is taking her.
With the two of you together,
filing a report on this incident
will be a lot easier.
I see.
That being the case, Tamaki,
can I get your phone number?
Why would I give you my phone number?
Well, if you insist,
I suppose I could tell you.
Really? Juggernaut has been begging me.
No way! I'm not telling you!
There's an intruder in my haven.
And right after Arthur cleared out too.
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