Fire Force (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8/The Mightiest Hikeshi

These are the incident records
that may be connected
to the White-Clad
that we discovered the other day.
Company 8's first fire.
This is the research report
from right after
Sister and Maki joined us.
Come to think of it,
how is it that Company 8 came to be?
I hadn't heard about
what happened before I joined.
Well, let's see. It has something to do
with the matter of the heart of Company 8.
Lieutenant, tell them.
You're a better speaker than me.
That's an order.
I hear there has been another increase
in Infernals lately.
Maybe there's something better
we could be doing
besides patrolling
and investigating criminals.
Infernals fall under
the Special Fire Force's jurisdiction.
Don't get any funny ideas.
Sergeant Hinawa!
I'll see you tomorrow, sir.
I don't recognize her.
Could she be
General Oze's daughter, Private Maki Oze.
She's so thin.
Is she all right?
She gives twice the effort
compared to others.
She also trains
even harder than she's told to.
She'll build up her strength
before you know it.
Pretty impressive
for being a general's daughter.
She's still daddy's little girl though.
And she only got in because of him.
She's too kind and desperately
not cut out to be a soldier.
All of the work she's putting in now
will be for nothing.
You're as harsh as ever, aren't you?
If she's trying that hard,
you should be behind her.
Wasted effort
doesn't get to be called effort.
She's no different from a goldbricker.
I'm surprised you'd say something
like that about such a cute girl.
That's because you're too kind, Tojo.
Something the matter with that gun?
I'm following the Special Fire Force
and took it to be baptized at the church.
Speaking of waste.
Waste? Between a gun
that was baptized and one that wasn't,
you'd rather be shot
by a baptized gun, right?
How about it, Hinawa?
If you go to the church and have
your gun baptized too just to try it,
your point of view might change a little.
I don't believe in Sol. It's not like
the effects of shooting a gun change
just because it's been baptized.
I've known you for a long time,
and that's what I thought you'd say.
How come someone as kind
as you sticks with me anyway?
Hinawa, you're not as cold
a fish as you think you are.
I mean, you are busing my tray with yours.
Hinawa! Shoot!
Shoot me! While I'm still conscious!
Hurry up and shoot!
You'd rather be shot
by a baptized gun, right?
Why couldn't I shoot him?
I failed to shoot him.
Lieutenant Tojo's gun.
I finished changing the owner's name
to yours as you requested.
Thank you very much.
The Blue Stripes have arrived!
We will direct the civilians
and check the spread of the fire
until they finish putting them to rest.
Reporting in! I'm in charge of
the Fire Fighters here, Akitaru Obi.
We heard there were two Infernals.
Yes. There are two, but they are currently
in different locations.
One is belligerent and is currently
running around inside our cordon.
The other one is more docile
and staying inside this store.
One of the two of them
isn't going to earn many points, right?
The situation is clear.
You Fire Fighters pull back.
We'll start with the live one.
Leave the one with fewer points alone.
Excuse me, Mr. Fireman, my husband
is patiently enduring those flames.
Please put him out of his misery quickly.
There is an order of precedence
we follow at a scene.
Let us handle the arrangements
of putting him to rest.
Let's go!
Please wait!
Excuse me.
Wouldn't that just mean
sending only two men in pursuit,
dividing your forces in two,
and putting them both to rest?
We are pros.
There is such a thing as on-site judgment.
You mean points?
That's right.
By assigning rankings to Infernals
and awarding points based on results,
I can maintain my men's morale.
Maintain their morale?
Morale doesn't mean a damn
when putting a person to rest, does it?
Don't second-guess our job, amateur.
You Fire Fighters
just get ready with the water.
Nobuo, hang in there. Just hang in there.
I'm sorry I can't do anything for you.
Ma'am, if you like,
I could take it upon myself
to put your husband to rest.
Please allow me.
What are you planning to do?
Who are you?
Sergeant Takehisa Hinawa,
Tokyo Imperial Armed Forces.
Beyond here is Blue Stripes territory.
If a soldier like you or a Fire Fighter
like me crosses this tape,
we will be severely punished.
Compared to the suffering
of the Infernal inside,
accepting punishment
is no skin off my nose.
You think so too, don't you?
Sergeant Hinawa, do you have
any experience fighting Infernals?
I turned my gun on a friend
who became an Infernal the other day,
but I couldn't shoot him.
I am not a pious follower of Sol.
Nonetheless, I could not shoot him
with an unbaptized gun.
Infernal sighted.
Sergeant Hinawa, it's not about
whether or not I believe in God,
but how much I can do
for the sake of a dying Infernal.
That's what I believe is important.
Baptisms and prayers
are a part of that belief.
And they're also salvation
for those who put Infernals to rest.
I'll do it.
Flames are the breaths of souls.
And smoke is the souls' release.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This soul
Sergeant Hinawa, you are a kind man.
You have courage.
You're the one who has courage.
If you hadn't taken action,
I likely wouldn't have done anything.
Making up your mind to move forward
on your own isn't that difficult.
It's easy to believe in yourself
after all.
But trusting in someone else,
taking action, and sacrificing yourself
are things that require
a tremendous amount of courage.
Today, Sergeant Hinawa,
that courage was yours.
If so, then you're the king.
That settles it!
I'm going to establish
a Special Fire Force company.
I want to be a Special Fire Soldier
and pursue the mystery of Infernals.
How can I sit back and do nothing
while the world burns down around me?
I'm going to need men like you
in my company,
who cherish life above anything else.
When that time arrives,
by all means, reach out to me.
This is the fire cathedral
that will serve as our base.
It's as run-down as you'd expect
of the dwelling of a bunch of outcasts.
So are we the only two crewmen?
Oh, well
Gathering crewmen I can trust
is quite a difficult task.
As it happens, I have a line on someone.
A subordinate from my soldier days.
Someone who works harder than anyone,
but isn't much of use as a soldier.
She's compassionate
and thinks of others before herself,
which makes her a good fit for Company 8.
Oh, yes?
Way to go, Maki!
I thought I was only brought in
to be a meat shield because of my ability.
Lieutenant, you said that?
I'm so happy!
Lieutenant, nicely done.
The heart of Company 8 has remained
unchanged since its founding.
Respect and prayers
for the Infernals we put to rest,
deliverance from the flames
for those who are alive,
and cherishing human lives.
This is kind of turning into a long story,
but this was Company 8's first fire scene.
It was a hot day.
It was our first call out,
and we were all nervous.
The victim who had Infernalized
was dressed in all white.
We put them to rest without incident,
but there were a lot of
suspicious factors about that fire.
There was an unfamiliar red cross.
No relatives were present.
The company where they worked
hurriedly came
to collect their personal effects.
Looking into it,
that business still exists.
It's located in Asakusa.
That's Company 7's jurisdiction.
Come on by! We have hops available,
only for cheap!
Hey, Beni!
-Hello there, Waka, sir.
-We have monjayaki, monja, and beer too!
I made some daifuku. Take some with you.
I've been telling you.
I don't like sweets, all right, old lady?
She makes too much.
Hey, Beni! I haven't seen you
in three days. Are you doing all right?
Come have a drink with me tonight!
Buzz off.
Daifuku from the old lady.
Anyone who wants one, help yourself.
I love that die-hard old hag's daifuku!
An old lady who can't make daifuku
would be better off dead!
Hinata, Hikage. Now, look
-What is it, Waka?
-What is it, Waka?
-We won't listen to nagging.
-We won't listen to nagging.
They're just parroting you, Waka.
I'm not listening to nagging.
You see? Right there.
These daifuku are delicious!
The last glimmer of a die-hard old biddy.
It's the light of a dying old hag
that is tasty!
I never said anything like that.
By the way, Waka, we just got word
from the folks at Company 8.
They say they want to search our
jurisdiction over that Evangelist matter.
Too much trouble. Ignore them.
We beg your pardon,
but we're already here.
What do you think you're doing
barging your way in here?
I heard that Captain Benimaru Shinmon
hated the bother of formalities,
and we decided to just come over directly.
So you've come here unannounced. Fine.
And I don't care a bit
about this Evangelist investigation,
but I can't have anyone coming in
to disrupt my turf.
The Evangelist
is artificially producing Infernals.
There's a possibility that the people
of this area will be the next target.
That's what the Empire says, right?
It's not like I've ever actually seen
one of them turn a person
into an Infernal myself.
I'm not so naive to believe that.
Well, I have seen it myself!
It doesn't matter to me
what some imperial dog saw.
I don't need to hear any tales
from a credulous pup.
And I don't need to hear that
from some incredulous do-nothing.
Captain of Company 7.
Sir, you're the mightiest Fire Soldier,
aren't you?
You're so powerful
that you forced the Empire
to acknowledge
your town's firefighting force?
Well, now it's my turn to kick your ass
and make you acknowledge me!
"Fires and fistfights
are the flowers of Edo," huh?
An Infernal?
You had to go and jinx us, Waka.
Damn it.
Beat it on out of here before I get back.
That must be it.
Who is it?
The ever-ostentatious Kantaro.
He just invited me
to have a drink with him.
Kantaro over on Block 3
has turned into an Infernal!
Seiya! Soiya!
What's he planning to do?
The festival is beginning!
Those homes!
He flew away.
What kind of ability
does their captain have?
There you are, you old coot!
Another block!
We can rebuild houses
as many houses as we need to.
But now that Kantaro has become
an Infernal, his life is over.
What's going on? Is he starting fires
and controlling the flames?
There may be a trick to those
matoi he's using.
Waka can use both
Third Generation pyrokinetic
and Second Generation
flame manipulation abilities.
Both creating fires and controlling them
are a piece of cake for him.
He's a compound Fire Soldier,
unlike any other.
Look at this, Kantaro!
The whole block is a mess!
You're much too old to be running
around like this, you old coot!
This is just like you.
You're always so ostentatious, aren't you?
Way to hang in there.
Thank you for letting me see Kantaro
through to the end.
Was Benimaru's way
of putting someone to rest
strike a Company 8 Fire Soldier
like yourself as being too rough?
Just as the Holy Sol religion
offers its prayers,
we destroy blocks of houses
as an offering.
Everyone in our world is terrified
by the flames of Infernalization
and are looking for a place to die.
As far as the people here go,
if we have to die anyway,
we want to have Benimaru
be the one putting us to rest.
Benimaru Shinmon,
Asakusa's King of Destruction.
Too sweet.
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