Fire Force (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa

Causes of death are many and varied.
Old age, suicide, illness
But the cause of death that scares
people the most in this day and age
It's almost like a festival, huh?
It must be their own special way
of mourning
because it's different
from other proto-nationalist funerals.
Scaffolders, get started on repairs!
Anyone whose house was demolished
for Kantaro's funeral,
you can stay at the guardhouse!
We'll look after you
until the repair work is completed!
Captain, would it be okay
if we go and help with the repairs too?
Good idea.
We can't really negotiate an investigation
until the town gets fixed up.
Please let Company 8 help!
With my ability, hauling stuff
and elevated work will be no problem.
I'll move this rubble out of the way too.
You can leave the welding to me.
Oh, not bad.
This is too heavy to move.
Company 8's Matchbox was down
on Yagen Street in Asakusa.
What would Company 8 be doing
in Company 7's jurisdiction?
Company 8 went to investigate
Company 1 over the Rekka matter.
They may be trying to sniff us out.
What does the Evangelist say?
"Exterminate them."
We failed to finish the job last time.
Get the Bugs and traps ready.
Today's work is done!
Today's work is done!
You don't have to trouble yourself, Waka.
The youngsters
have finally gotten a breather.
At least let me do this much.
Thank you.
Does that hurt?
No, it's just cold.
You really should have been the
one to become the captain, Konro.
This is Company 7,
where the rowdies come to live.
Anyone who can't fight
has no business being the captain.
Hey, hold on!
What? What's going on?
This big bozo is chasing
Hika and Hina, trying to capture us!
He's seriously screwed up!
I was just playing tag with you,
and you call me a bozo, you jerk?
I'm not showing off my flaming top
for you anymore.
Flaming top?
He shoots flames out of his feet
and spins around wicked fast.
It's so ridiculous!
It's breaking!
It's called break dancing!
And it's not ridiculous, it's cool!
You are such a kid.
Sorry about this, Company 8.
Not only do we have you help with repairs,
-but now you're looking after kids.
-We're not kids! We'll smoosh you, Konro!
-No, I don't mind hanging out with kids.
-Don't treat us like children!
We'll smoosh you, Shinra!
Here, I'll show you my flaming top.
Let's go.
Shut up!
Don't tell Hika and Hina what to do!
The folks from Company 8
are some fairly pleasant people.
They're not the same sort
as the other Fire Force companies.
They are kind of like
those of us in Company 7.
I guess.
Why not cooperate
with their investigation?
If you were the captain,
is that what you'd do?
Waka, you weren't chosen to be
the captain just because you're strong.
The reason Company 8's folks were
helping us is because you
I know. I've heard it repeatedly.
I'm just not cut out
for being in charge of others.
Come on, face forward.
I can't wrap this bandage.
I'll cooperate.
I don't dislike these Company 8 folks.
I'm sorry about before, sir.
No problem with it.
About Lieutenant Konro's body
When a Third Generation exceeds
the limit of his pyrokinesis,
his body starts incinerating
if he keeps going
and before long, is reduced to ash.
Is this your first time seeing it?
We learned about it
at the Training Academy,
but this is my first time
seeing it in person.
At the time, I
I need to talk to your captain.
Where is he?
He actually asked me to
come and get you, Captain Shinmon.
He's across the street talking
to Lieutenant Hinawa, sir.
What are you going to do now?
Are you going back to Company 8?
As long as you're here,
you could always stay over at our station.
It wasn't what we planned,
but after helping out with the repairs,
we're on much better terms
with Company 7 guys.
Hey, lady! Strip again for us, okay?
I will not!
I hope we'll get permission
to conduct our investigation now.
Captain Shinmon said he wanted
to talk to Captain Obi earlier,
so I think we'll be able to investigate.
All we have so far is just breadcrumbs,
but we're still going after
the Evangelist.
Seeing as there are so many
proto-nationalists in Company 7,
we left Iris behind.
And Company 5 is holding down things
at Company 8 while we're gone.
I sure hope
we can start investigating soon.
Get that desk out of there
and set up Shinra's desk!
You can toss Obi's personal things
outside or something!
Captain Hibana,
what is the reason for this?
Punishment for getting carried away
and driving Company 5 so hard.
Should we just accept this?
You gravel! Where does gravel
get off telling me what to do?
I am gravel! I'm sorry!
Please step on me even more!
That went well, right, Lieutenant?
Yes, it did.
We succeeded in turning
that Kantaro guy into an Infernal.
Yes, we did.
Let's turn even more people
in this town into Infernals.
Yes, let's do that.
A fire?
I'm going to check it out!
Don't do anything rash
until we meet up with the Captain!
What's suddenly happening?
Why is he attacking?
It's because you ate
their daifuku, Captain!
It was only one! He's overreacting!
I'll kill you.
What's the matter?
Shut up. Don't think you're getting
out of Asakusa without paying.
You turned Kantaro into an Infernal.
We made him an Infernal?
Captain Shinmon, what are you saying?
Don't play dumb! Your true intent
is to turn this city upside down!
You tricked us. I saw it with my own eyes.
I don't know what you saw, sir,
but please take it easy!
What? Screw that!
There's no reason to take it easy!
Evangelist, my ass!
I saw your captain and lieutenant
plotting how to turn this
town's people into Infernals!
You're mistaken!
I'll crush you all and string you up!
I know exactly what I saw.
It was definitely them.
Captain, I don't think he's joking around.
Wait a minute, please!
We don't want to fight you!
Then go ahead and defeat me.
Prove to me what you really want!
Around here, proving your might
makes you right!
If you don't want to fight me,
then prove it by fighting me!
Bring it on, Company 8!
You're facing Benimaru Shinmon!
-We managed to instigate him.
On to our next trick.
Leave it to me, sir.
Waka! The musclebound dummy
is running away!
Hiding behind women and children?
Just how rotten is your core?
Everyone, get back!
We're Fire Soldiers too!
Would you mind not looking down on us?
Do you think you deflected that?
You can fire your peashooter at me
all you want, but it won't work.
I know it won't work. I was just seeing
how much of your Second Generation
and Third Generation abilities
you can use at the same time.
Arthur! Tamaki!
Iai Hand-sword, First Form.
Fire Moon.
Is that all you've got, Company 8?
What have you done to my men?
Captain Obi.
Let's settle this, captain to captain!
Why the hell did you turn somebody
from my town into an Infernal?
No matter what I say,
you aren't going to listen.
So just shut up and come at me!
You reveal your true nature, you scum!
You're not canceling them out?
Cancel them? There's no way
I can do that, you know.
I don't have any powers!
You what?
Then aren't you afraid of flames?
Sure, I am! They're hot!
Why would somebody
who knows the terror of flames
gratuitously turn Kantaro
into an Infernal?
I'm telling you,
there's been some kind of mistake!
I clearly saw you!
There can be no mistakes!
Don't talk to me about Second Generation
or Third Generation.
I train every day.
An extinguisher grenade?
You gassed yourself too?
I finally got one shot in.
You're not one to shy away, are you?
There's no way I could possibly shy away.
I've taken being the captain
of Company 8 upon myself!
What's with the musclebound dummy?
He's non-powered, right?
He got a shot in against Waka.
Is the Captain really that strong?
What? Did you think he was weak?
But still, I can't bear to watch him
fight so recklessly.
Both Captain Shinmon and Captain Obi
has an innate knack
for winning people over to them.
We can't let the two of them
keep fighting anymore.
Is there any way we can stop them?
Is beating him the only way
to set the record straight?
-Let him have it!
What in the world is all this ruckus?
Word is that Company 8 folks are the ones
who turned Kantaro into an Infernal.
Waka snapped and started this huge fight.
What? That's ridiculous.
Someone as strong as you?
I'm not buying it!
You wouldn't go down
without a full-fledged attack then?
Then I'm done playing around.
What is he planning to do?
Iai Hand-sword, Seventh Form.
Sun Wheel.
Waka, don't!
Don't stop me, Konro.
Did you know that these guys
are trying to turn the people
of our town into Infernals?
That's ridiculous.
I saw these two plotting it out!
How many times do I have to tell you
that you're mistaken?
Take this!
Konro! Let me go!
Waka, cool your jets!
You dumbass! Why the hell are you
using your pyrokinesis?
Hikage! Hinata!
Bring me a cooling blanket!
We will do!
Waka, why don't you at least
hear out what Company 8 has to say?
What were you all doing
when Waka saw what he thought he saw?
Captain Obi and I
were buying some items we were
short on at the town general store.
We also told Maki
that's where we were going.
Yes, that's true.
But the Captain told me
to go and get Captain Shinmon,
and that he'd be waiting
in the back alley.
When you told me about that,
I headed to where they were.
I don't remember ever saying that.
Are you trying to fool your own men?
I'm going to go ask around
at the general store.
For Konro's sake,
I'm going to excuse this for the moment.
Do not leave here
until I say you're in the clear.
Honestly, Waka is such a stubborn boy.
After all this time, he's still the same.
Lieutenant Konro,
would you tell us
what happened to your body?
It's all because I wasn't strong enough.
Captain Shinmon seemed
remorseful about it as well.
Waka did nothing wrong.
Waka didn't do anything wrong.
Do you want to hear about it?
It happened before we formally
joined the Special Fire Force.
Run to the river!
What the hell is going on?
How can there be
this many Infernalizations in one night?
Whatever the reason, right now,
we have to get the people evacuated.
What about the Special Fire Force?
When are they finally going to get here?
We can't rely on them.
We'll do it ourselves.
Damn it, I can't breathe.
Try as I might, it doesn't feel like
I'm getting any oxygen
You're at your pyrokinetic limit.
Beni, you stay here.
Don't be a dumbass!
You're in the same boat as I am!
What is that thing?
A Demon?
That Infernal is
Oh, no!
What the hell are you doing,
I have to go that far,
or else a hell-raiser
like yourself won't sit still.
Beni, this isn't where
you're going to meet your end.
I'll deal with this!
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