Fire Force (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

The Trap is Set

Causes of death are many and varied.
Old age, suicide, illness
But the cause of death that scares
people the most in this day and age
The day is breaking.
Are you okay? Where is that Infernal?
Yes. Beni, I made it.
You've carbonized, you know?
Why did this happen?
If I'd fought with you,
you wouldn't have had
to get this beaten up.
Why didn't you let me fight too?
Beni, we can't afford to lose you
at a time like this.
You dumbass!
We're all still here because of you!
Now that you've ended up like this,
who's going to be in charge of Asakusa?
You're going to do it, Benimaru.
Look and make sure
there are no civilians buried!
-The Special Fire Force.
-There may still be Infernals around too!
They show up after it's all over.
Those could collapse at any time!
Watch yourselves!
I'm Soichiro Hague, Captain of
Special Fire Force Company 4.
Konro, right?
You're the neighborhood
watch representative?
By order of the Emperor,
the Asakusa firemen
are hereby formally inducted
into the Special Fire Force as Company 7.
You're just afraid of what we can do!
Beni, hold on a second.
We will be Company 7? What's in it for us?
Once you're an official company
of the Empire,
you'll be supported financially,
as well as given equipment, supplies,
and top-notch personnel.
I do not see any reason
for you to decline.
I can't answer you immediately.
Let me consider it.
It will be comforting to have
tough men like you on our side.
I'm looking forward
to your favorable response.
You're thinking of becoming
an imperial dog?
If we could have operated
as an official company,
the damage we suffered this time around
might have been a bit lower.
If the Empire means to exploit us,
we can just exploit the Empire right back.
The fact that my body
has gotten like this is on me.
Waka has nothing to be concerned about.
You went to that length
for Captain Shinmon?
Waka is the person
who should be in charge.
I have no regrets sacrificing my body
to intercede either.
You men know what I mean, right?
If it means supporting Waka,
I'll offer my two-bit life
as many times as I need to.
You shouldn't do that, sir.
For almost as long as I can remember,
my family and everything else
I held dear has been lost.
So to me, there are no two-bit lives
or even high-priced ones.
Everyone's life is precious.
I want to be a hero that saves everyone!
Lieutenant Konro,
before you decide to give your life away,
please use me!
I want to be of help!
Thanks. I appreciate how you feel.
Until you find something
truly important to you, I'll count on you.
Important to me?
I feel much better after
staying here and talking to you,
but I can't lie around all day.
I'm going to go do some interviews too.
Is there any way
that we can help with the investigation?
It won't bother me.
As long as I'm there,
it shouldn't be a problem.
I found you!
-You're pretending you didn't meet Kanna?
-You just got through telling me!
What are you saying? Why would I tell you
to throw out my shoes?
What's going on here?
How many times
do I have to say it? I'm innocent!
The hell you are!
I was there, and I saw you steal it!
Are you sure it was him?
Yes, no doubt about it.
I saw you walking around
with another woman!
I'm telling you, it wasn't me!
What the hell is going on?
There's no way there could be this many
cases of mistaken identity in one night.
Hey, you!
What are you giving me that face for?
No, what's your problem?
-You little stink!
-You little stink!
Come on now, you two
Hey, stop that.
It's unusual for Hika and Hina to fight.
She's not Hika!
She's someone who's not Hika!
She's not Hina!
She's someone who's not Hina!
What are they talking about?
How can you say
she even looks like Hikage?
Come on, are you dense?
Who are you then, you big jerk?
What the hell did you do with Hika?
Give Hika back! I'll rip you!
What did you put Hina?
Give Hina back to me!
Hinata, Hikage, stop it!
Let's play tag again, okay?
We'll play nice.
Come on now, you two.
You disgust me.
What did you do,
you rotten onion-headed knight?
-How could you do that to a child?
-I thought you were a good idiot!
But you were a bad idiot, huh?
Look closer! That's definitely
a tiny old man dressed up as a girl!
Are your eyes stupid too?
-Is this something a knight would do?
-That's definitely Hinata or Hikage!
You're not just an idiot, you're nuts!
Take it easy, there, Company 8.
What? A tiny old man?
That's not Hikage!
I told you so.
What the hell?
Your face is my canvas. You're going
from a regular person to a work of art.
As quick as a dart,
It feels great.
You'll be fine.
It feels great.
I use heat to manipulate blood vessels,
dilating your capillaries,
and lymph ducts.
Then I utilized the localized swelling
to change the shape of your face.
That's it, relax.
You are going to be a work of art.
It feels great.
No, I don't like this.
You treacherous flop! Did you think
your face could bask in the light of Sol?
-You treacherous flop!
The blood is starting to boil!
My craft is a big bang!
That's hot!
-My art does not betray me.
-we have a limited supply of followers.
-Anyone who turns on me is not my art.
-Don't waste them.
The Bugs are ready. The plan is complete.
We should get going too.
We're going to turn Asakusa
into a sea of flames again.
As quick as a dart, art.
As quick as a dart, art.
Hey, you! What's the big idea,
eating at my restaurant without paying?
I'm telling you,
I don't remember doing that!
Hold on! I'm not the one who did that!
How are so many
misunderstandings taking place?
Is there a shapeshifting
fox about, or something?
How could I even be at your restaurant
when I was eating elsewhere?
How the hell am I supposed to know?
This is the same thing
I went through earlier tonight.
-There's an Infernal!
There's an Infernal here too!
Hurry and call the Fire Force!
Not now!
In the chaos of the fires
and the impostors,
no one will trust anyone now.
Then they will learn that Sol
is the only thing they can believe in.
Asakusa is a power spot.
Someone compatible may come about
through the Bugs.
Or perhaps another demon may be born.
We'll take advantage of the confusion
to hit Company 8.
Here we go.
Yo have gone and turned into an Infernal!
Captain, let's help to put them to rest!
No! This is Company 7's jurisdiction.
We can't take any action on our own.
Do you want us to just sit and watch?
While we may have Tamaki
who has undergone sister training,
she hasn't taken her vows,
so we can't officially put anyone to rest.
Besides, there are some here who don't
wish to be put to rest the imperial way.
As far as the people here go,
if we have to die anyway,
we want to have Benimaru
be the one putting us to rest.
Where has Waka gone?
Company 8 will rescue civilians
and direct the evacuation!
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
We're being sniped at?
Kusakabe, that was
Yes, the same as the time with Rekka.
Stay back! I've got this!
I can't deflect it
I'm all right.
Sputter came leaping into my arms.
I'll draw their fire!
Don't do anything crazy!
Yes, sir!
You go too, Arthur.
That was in-enviable!
It curved?
The second shot may have curved,
but it clearly came from a
different spot than the first one.
They're taking advantage of the chaos
-to shoot while on the run.
If they attack again right away,
the third shot will come from
Over there!
Hey, what was that explosion just now?
That explosion was mostly from my kick.
That flame arrow wasn't about to
be deflected from its course,
even when I tried to turn it aside.
What's more,
the third shot came from
a good way off from me.
Are they trying to avoid me
getting too close?
Or maybe they're luring me away to
separate me from the rest of Company 8.
Even if they are
Arthur, you keep pursuing them on foot!
I'll direct you
to where they're shooting from each time!
If you tell me left, or right, or east,
or whatever, I'm not going to get it.
Make sure you point!
Is he acting big about how dumb he is?
Let's go!
Where is the real Hikage?
Were you also the one who transformed
into Company 8's Captain?
People are untrustworthy.
They lie. They deceive.
They betray. They die easily.
That's why we need Sol.
I didn't ask you
about any of that god crap!
I only want to hear one thing from you.
You're hurting me.
What have you done with Hikage?
You proto-nationalist scum
who turned your backs on Sol,
I have nothing to say to any of you.
A vial? Did you
Long live the Great Sol
and the Evangelist!
are the breaths of souls.
And smoke is the souls' release.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
This soul, return to the raging flames.
Damn it, what the hell was that?
Was that one of those
Artificial Infernalizations?
Sorry for not doing that
proto-nationalist style.
No sweat.
The guy wasn't from Asakusa anyway.
We tried to evacuate the town's people,
but they would not do a thing we say.
We need someone who can lead them.
Hey! Don't go there, you people!
That way is an inferno!
Waka! There are Infernals over there too!
We can't stop them anymore by ourselves!
I'll deal with the Infernals.
Can you somehow direct the townspeople?
There appear to be people throughout
town stirring things up.
Konro, what would you do?
Where are you? Where did you go?
You're not getting away!
It's no use. You can't stop my arrow.
White-Clad. You're in league
with the Evangelist.
Again? That sword has
a rather strong-willed flame.
Oh, no you don't!
You dumbass! Stay out of my way!
I was trying to help you, you know!
You keep out of this!
No, you keep out of this!
If you can repel my arrows,
I'll just have to use exploding ones.
Get off of me, now!
You just keep lying down, Good Knight!
That hooded guy is still coming.
We have to work together,
or they'll do us in.
You don't have to tell me, I get it.
Even when I tell you,
you still don't get it!
I'm Puts-Up-with-Stuff-That-Sucks Man.
People talk about being on the same page,
but I'm not expecting that with you.
Let's split these two up somehow.
That does seem like the best plan.
You've got the longer reach,
so you take the hooded guy.
With my speed, I can get in close,
so I'll take the archer.
The hooded guy moves to protect
the archer, so we have to peel him away.
-Let's do it!
The reason why
they can move around so well
is because their forward and rearward
responsibilities don't overlap.
We need to establish
our own formation too. Meaning
Like this, right?
You can't escape!
There's no way you're getting away!
Forfei Forbear!
Fall back, Arrow!
You can't escape!
A Bug!
I don't know your name, but at least
let me relieve your suffering.
Way to hang in there.
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