Fire Force (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

For Whom the Flames Burn

Causes of death are many and varied.
Old age, suicide, illness
But the cause of death that scares
people the most in this day and age
I'm begging you. Go where you're directed!
Shut up! I don't want your opinion!
When faced with an unexpected disaster,
those taking the correct course of action
are roughly 10 percent.
Those who are frantic and take inadequate
action make up 20 percent of the people.
The remaining 70 percent
are struck motionless out of shock.
Which is why they need a leader
to direct them.
You are the only one
who can disrupt this situation,
Asakusa's King of Destruction.
I've been looking for you.
Yes, me too.
The Infernals and fights in town
are only getting worse.
There are misunderstandings all over,
and nobody knows what's happening.
Apparently, there's an enemy
that can alter people's faces.
Then tell that to the folks in town!
They won't listen to anyone else but you!
Give a speech that will calm Asakusa down!
That is not my duty to perform, sir.
Everyone down there is waiting for
the big man to bring order out of chaos.
Yes, which is why I came here.
It's because everybody is so upset
that we need to hear from someone
with your kind of level-headed judgment.
Waka, you're still talking like that?
You can't keep deferring to me.
It's time for you
to make your resolve already.
No matter what anyone else says,
Asakusa is your town, Waka.
They don't want to hear
just anyone's words.
They want to hear the words of Beni.
Konro, get down the tower.
Yes, sir.
Someone like me can't do anything else
but tear things down.
That's the best you can expect.
I'm going to smash things up.
-Hey, out of the way, dumbass!
-You want to get your ass kicked?
That's enough, both of you!
Let me hear more of this shouting.
How rowdy.
Marvelous! This chaos is art!
Marvelous art of my making!
What was that?
-It's Beni!
The tower
That's crazy.
Do you hear me, Asakusa?
Right now, our town is under attack
from the outside!
They make themselves look just like
an Asakusa folk and trick us!
There's no way to tell who they are!
We are not going
to get anywhere like this!
But I don't give a damn!
Yes! Beni! That's right!
You must have something
in mind to say that!
He changed the whole atmosphere
in the blink of an eye.
This is what they mean when they say,
"the word from on high."
Captain Shinmon, what are your orders?
All of you start clobbering each other!
It doesn't matter if you're fake or real!
The people of Asakusa will not be
outdone by a bunch of impostors!
Don't worry. Company 7 will deal
with the fires and the Infernals.
Beat each other up for all you're worth!
The festival is on!
It's a fight fest!
You ate an Infernal Bug?
This is Asakusa. A power spot.
A Demon might even appear.
So why don't I test that out on myself?
He turned himself into an Infernal.
It's not just any Infernal.
An Infernal with horns.
A Demon.
Now you've done it!
That hurt, you bastard!
How barbaric. This is not art!
There are definitely impostors being
beaten up with the real townspeople.
Should we start punching each other too?
Give me a break, sir.
Company 7, your sparring partners
will be the fires!
Get to work and put them out!
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Lieutenant Konro, you sure seem happy.
Well, of course, I'm happy.
Honestly, he kept us waiting long enough.
It looks like I've found my opponent.
That looks like him.
That was an Adolla Link, huh?
You really don't belong in the Fire Force.
What was that?
Devil, yours are the flames
that exterminate mankind.
Hey, you dumbass devil! Help me out!
The bow chick is gone?
You're hard!
You're facing me now.
Hey, Company 7's Captain,
this isn't any ordinary Infernal.
Two years ago, a horned Infernal
appeared here in Asakusa.
It's the reason
why Konro has his tephrosis.
You guys stay out of this.
I'm taking over this fight.
There's someone over there.
Over there?
You said you'd give me treats
in exchange for my kimono,
but they weren't nearly enough!
Damn you! I didn't even tell Hina!
Now Hina won't be happy either!
That jerk who pretended to be you
was so gross! Let's beat them.
What? So these guys
are villains after all?
-We're done for!
-We're done for!
-That's hot! Hey!
-That's hot! Hey!
He's easily deflecting
that Demon's ferocious attacks.
You're a hard one, all right.
Two years ago, Konro opened up
a gigantic hole in the ground.
That means I'm going to need
about the same amount of firepower.
This is for what happened to Konro.
I can't afford to blow the whole town
apart in the process though!
I'm just going to take us
someplace a little more open.
Two Infernals at nine o'clock,
at the intersection 200 meters away.
Yes, sir!
What's that?
It's the Captain!
The sky, huh? Beni is the only one
who could pull that stunt off.
Are they targeting Beni?
I don't care how strong he is,
one direct hit and he's finished.
Oh, no you don't!
My body won't move. Somebody save Beni.
Before you decide to give
your life away, please use me!
Save Beni
What was that? My legs again
Thanks. I appreciate how you feel.
Lieutenant Konro?
I've got you.
What's the matter?
No, you don't!
The Devil's Footprints?
Let me be on time!
What speed he has.
He caught up to my arrow.
You can't deflect my arrow
with the will of your flames.
You really don't belong in the Fire Force.
Devil, yours are the flames
that exterminate mankind.
Screw that.
Mine are the flames that preserve mankind!
Come on!
Look up in the sky!
What is that?
You, who possess an Adolla Burst,
like the Commander,
choose to be a tool of the ignoble?
Become a devil with us.
Help us burn this world down.
I'm going to be a hero
who saves everyone with my flames!
I'm going to prove that right now!
I'm Kick-This-Away-Whatever-It-Takes Man!
He did it!
Captain Shinmon!
I'll take it from here.
This altitude should be high enough.
Iai Hand-sword, Seventh Form,
Sun Wheel!
Not even that can crack you, huh?
Captain! Let him have it!
Keep Asakusa safe!
Go, Beni!
I don't care
about the Evangelist or the White-Clad,
but Asakusa is my town!
I won't have anyone acting big in my home.
That's right, Beni. This is your town.
I'm going to have
to borrow your move, Konro.
Those flames were
the Crimson Moon.
That was an explosion
caused by a single person?
What firepower!
That's why they call him
the mightiest Fire Soldier.
Those flames were a tiny bit artful.
I hate them. I feel jealous.
Yona, we're withdrawing.
We have to report this to the Commander.
We confirmed that a second Demon
was born in the same spot.
This is a bonanza.
Haran, your life
wasn't sacrificed in vain.
I really overdid it. I'm burned out.
Lieutenant Konro,
we've put out all the fires in town.
There are no more Infernals either.
Good work.
We'll have to thank the folks
from Company 8 too.
Particularly Shinra.
They sure did repair a lot of it
overnight, huh?
If all the King of Destruction ever did
was demolish,
the townspeople wouldn't
appreciate him nearly as much.
About that Evangelist-involved company
from our records.
What did you find?
Their office was burned down.
It appears they took advantage
of all the chaos to destroy the evidence.
So they figured out
the Special Fire Force's purpose here
and took action.
They are a pretty sharp bunch.
Our fighting this time around
took its toll on the city as well.
I just hope this doesn't make them
ramp up their activities.
You're going back to Company 8?
I appreciate all the help.
-Yes, thanks!
-Yes, thanks!
Oh, no. Our coming here might have been
the trigger that set everything off.
Even if it was,
it doesn't change the fact that
the Evangelist's goons were lurking here.
All the Spontaneous Human Combustion
here up to now
might even have been their doing.
But we were able to put a stop to it.
Konro, bring it here.
Yes, sir.
I may not like the Imperial Fire Force,
but I do like Company 8.
Hey, musclebound dummy!
And his crew!
The next time you come here,
you better bring candy, or we'll be mad!
And make sure you bring stuff
that doesn't suck!
Japanese sake?
We exchange sake cups
as a token of mutual goodwill.
It's a rite of friendship
from the old country.
You don't like sake?
I love it!
This means Company 7 and Company 8
are now friends, right?
It's good to know you.
That's a hell of a smile.
What is the matter with his face?
Could he really be that happy
to make friends with all of us?
When Beni drinks sake, he becomes
the king of glee and can't stop smiling.
How do you figure I'm gleeful?
Obi Akitaru, was it?
If anything comes up,
give me a call anytime.
Right. Now that we're drinking buddies,
let's help each other out.
That smile is a bit off-putting.
You know, I have to say
What's so funny, you little brat?
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