Fire Force (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

The Blacksmith's Dream

A long time ago,
mankind suffered from the planet's anger,
and the world was engulfed in flames.
It was the Great Cataclysm.
The flames burned ferociously,
with an intensity threatening
to incinerate the places mankind lived,
the languages they spoke,
and the culture they had built up.
Haran was martyred
and returned to the flame.
However, a new Demon was born there.
We confirmed that the Adolla Burst
possessed by Company 8's new recruit
had an Adolla Link with the demon.
An Adolla Link?
I want it at any cost.
It is what the Evangelist desires.
It would be a waste
to leave it in the Fire Force.
It may also be connected
I will come along next time.
Supplementary crewmen? I don't care
who they are, that was unusually fast.
Haijima said Company 8
doesn't have a science team,
so they strong-armed this one through.
They're plotting something.
I thought that it was
because after the Evangelist incident,
each company was instructed by
the Empire to beef up their forensics.
It's true, our science team is lacking,
and we have been searching,
but we have been getting help
from Company 5's Captain Hibana.
Yes, but you can't rely on another
company's captain forever, can you?
That's why I'm here from Haijima.
Viktor Licht,
hereby assigned as Special Fire Force
Company 8's scientist.
I smell a rat.
A Fire Soldier always salutes
with his right hand.
Sorry about that, Lieutenant Hinawa.
I'm a scientist after all. It was my bad.
So as a scientist
-Hey, easy!
-Are these the Adolla Burst feet?
Oh, let's see it here!
Do not touch Shinra so casually!
That hurt!
Viktor Licht.
Advanced placement
into Tokyo Imperial University.
On top of which,
after graduating at the top of your class,
you headed
the applied pyrokinesiology lab
at Haijima Industries.
In short, I'm brilliant. Sorry.
So why would someone as brilliant as you
-join a dump like Company 8?
I used to be all cooped up by myself
in my lab at Haijima,
so I thought I'd get my hands
on some raw data
through an outfit that was much
closer to the scene of the action.
If there are any problems, you can
kick me out, but please let me join you.
From what I can see,
far from having a science team,
you don't even have an engineer, do you?
Who is servicing your vehicle right now?
If you're careless with machinery,
you'll be up a creek later on.
We are eyeing someone to be our engineer.
Lieutenant, have you contacted him yet?
No, still no word from Vulcan.
You guys are trying to get him
on your crew?
Who is he?
From Haijima to the Special Fire Force,
everyone who's tried to recruit him
so far has been turned away.
He's Vulcan.
Someone with a crackerjack skill
that lives up to the name
of the God of Fire and Smithing.
Perhaps we should pay a visit
to his workshop in person sometime soon.
I wouldn't recommend it.
He hates Haijima
and apparently also hates
the Special Fire Force
for dealing with them.
You'll just end up getting driven away.
would you head over to Vulcan's workshop
with Arthur and Sister?
I want you to go see
if he's someone appropriate for Company 8.
You want us to go and make
such an important decision?
You're around the same age as Vulcan.
Don't be too eager. Just go by
how you honestly feel about it.
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
Better go in your casual clothes
so that you won't look too uptight.
But there's no need to be cagey
about who we are.
Be sure not to mislead him about anything.
Knowing him,
if you just get to say hello,
you'll be successful.
Roger! Wilco, sir!
-Whereas the other companies
-"Roger! Wilco"? What does that mean?
-persuaded him with money or status,
-Those are words Company 7 were using.
-they're persuading him with these kids.
-What a delightful expression.
Vulcan has a deep hatred
towards the Fire Force.
This is a fool's errand.
We at Company 8 are trying
to transform this country.
We might as well go for it.
Always with fascinating moves.
I guess we'll get to see
if Company 8 will be useful to us
for achieving our objective.
I've seen an animal with a long snout
in a picture book before.
Let's see, what was it called again?
"Elephant," was it?
This place is incredible.
Excuse us, please!
Maybe he isn't in.
Maybe he's pretending not to be in.
Second Class Fire Soldier Arthur Boyle,
the Knight King!
You dare show hostility
towards the Knight King?
He was reacting to you
being a Fire Soldier!
Get lost!
It hurts!
How thickheaded.
Hey, you! Stop screwing around
and get out here!
Projectile weapons don't work
against Knights!
Is there something you need?
Please excuse us. We're here
from Special Fire Force Company 8.
I'm Second Class Fire Soldier,
Shinra Kusakabe.
I'm a hero.
If you Fire Soldiers have come here,
you must want to recruit the master.
Master? I've returned
with the parts you asked for.
Yu, I told you not to call me "Master."
Either call me "Vulcan" or "scumbag."
Okay, Vulcan,
I have all the parts in my bag.
-Hold it, scumbag!
-Hold it, scumbag!
Hey, that's enough!
What? There's someone else inside?
I'm not helping Fire Soldiers. Leave!
He really is a dyed-in-the-wool
hater of Fire Soldiers, isn't he?
We're not going to get anywhere
if he's this defiant right off the bat.
Let's get out of here.
Just a moment, please!
I'll hear what you have to say
if that's all right.
The sound of his work is rhythmic.
Did Vulcan make everything around here?
Pretty much.
There's stuff from his father
and grandfather too though.
Yu, was it?
Does Vulcan make you
run his errands for him?
Of course, he doesn't make me do it.
I'm sort of Vulcan's
self-proclaimed apprentice.
I've always loved tinkering with machines.
And after falling in love
with Vulcan's skill,
I ended up supporting him with his work.
Although lately, I am more like his gofer.
Wasn't it like this before?
Vulcan's skills are the real deal.
His security, the precision of his work,
his speed, his creativity
He has everything a craftsman needs.
His taste in skulls may be
a bit troubling though.
So he gets a lot of recruiters
from Haijima and the Fire Force.
But Vulcan sends away
every last one of them.
As a result, thanks to some doing
by Haijima, who was not amused by this,
the merchants that were once
providing materials to Vulcan
have now all stopped doing so.
That's where I come in,
running around to different junk dealers
to collect his materials.
No wonder he hates Haijima.
Still, it seems like
there's some other reason
for Vulcan's hatred of Haijima
and the Fire Force.
Company 8 isn't like the other companies.
I guarantee it.
So can I ask you to at least get Vulcan
to hear what we have to say?
You're from the Fire Force,
but you're not like
all the others before you.
All right. With that in mind, let's do it.
Are you sure about coming in
without asking first?
Vulcan may get mad at me, but
Wait, this is a machine?
Was that a knuckleball?
Another machine?
This is Lisa. She lives with Vulcan.
Hey, Yu!
Don't go letting
the Special Fire Force in here!
You're hurting me!
He's putting that together
with awesome speed.
It's almost like he's beating on drums.
Yes! It's done!
Why did you kick it after you just
finished making it? You'll break it.
A machine that would break that easily
is no different than a defective unit.
And hey, who said you could come in here?
Easy now.
Hey, Yu, what are you doing?
We have guests! Bring some tea!
Yes, sir!
As if!
At least hear us out!
I've heard more than enough
from the Fire Soldier tripe.
You've got nothing I want to hear!
Vul, it's him again.
All right.
Will you be all right by yourself?
No problem.
It's the Captain of Company 3.
Company 3 is the one
that's under Haijima's control.
Haijima is going to snatch up Vulcan.
But if Vulcan goes there,
his dream won't ever come true.
How has your work been going ever since?
You've liked animals
since you were a child, haven't you?
That was a damn dirty trick to play!
You're the one who stopped the supply line
to my workshop, aren't you?
Do you see now that you can't
build things with just blueprints?
Stop being so stubborn
and come join Company 3.
We have all the material you need.
I wouldn't even change a mini light bulb
under your orders!
This is your final warning.
Don't blame me if you choose to ignore it.
Are you going to kill me if I do,
like you did my father and grandfather?
What are you talking about?
You backstabber!
What a pity.
Your skills will go to waste
if you stay in a scrapyard like this.
Are you still carrying on that dream
about the world's animals?
Shut up!
It's a worthless dream.
Don't you sneer at my dreams
when you left for money and power!
If you were to offer your skills
and talents to the Empire,
just imagine how many people's
lives could be saved.
Your dream is so preposterous,
it isn't even funny.
You're still here, you damn Fire Soldiers?
So Haijima is exerting pressure?
It doesn't have anything to do with you.
Yes, it does.
Company 8 was formed to do internal
investigations of the other companies.
We're not like the companies that are
constrained by external organizations.
We genuinely want to save people.
So Vulcan, we want to help you.
Where did that come from?
Sorry. I touched where I shouldn't have,
and it did something it shouldn't have.
Don't touch where you shouldn't.
We're having a serious talk here.
What does this do?
No! Under no circumstances,
you can't push that!
Why did you do that?
Hey, this isn't stopping.
Then keep holding it!
What's this here?
No, don't touch that either!
I'm going to push it!
The elephant!
What does this do?
Not this one!
Oh, I'm sorry.
How are you guys so messed up?
Are you really Fire Soldiers?
You can't go back
without accomplishing anything, can you?
I'm about to show you something
that will make your trip worth it,
so once I do, leave me in peace.
What is it?
I haven't seen it in a long time either!
can I take this with me too?
Leave it here.
That should do it.
What is it? Did you make it?
I made it with my father
and grandfather when I was a kid.
Now, just watch.
I don't ever want
to make just ordinary machines.
Did you know that long ago,
there were over 1,750,000 species
of animals in the world?
Are these elephants?
Are those
Migratory birds.
Once, they flew around
from continent to continent,
but now, there's nowhere left
for them to go home to.
Why is this?
I just can't hold back my tears.
Amaterasu can only provide energy
for the Empire's people.
So I want to create an energy source
that will allow the whole world
to come back to life,
and bring the animals that
have gone extinct back into this world.
That's my dream.
Someone who can use technology
for lives other than his own.
Captain Obi,
Vulcan is a good fit for Company 8!
Every time I see it, it's fantastic!
What did you all think?
I was impressed!
Holy cow.
Listen, Vulcan,
I'm sure you'll love Company 8 too!
Would you at least come
and meet our captain at least once?
No matter what you tell me,
I'm not keen on associating with anyone
who's under Haijima's thumb.
I'll go my own way.
Same old Vulcan.
How long have you been with him?
I lost my parents in a fire
caused by an Infernal.
I lost everyone close to me
and almost got stuck into a convent,
but I'm not about to become a sister.
Oh, sorry. You're a sister, aren't you?
Oh, that's okay.
I ran away from there.
I lost my place
so I stayed out in the rain,
and when I spent the night
in this scrapyard
Vulcan took me in.
He's a kind man, isn't he?
He's kind, all right. Unusually so.
No matter how much more Vulcan
has to look after others,
he just figures he can work
that much harder.
Whose grave is this?
That's Vulcan's father's
and grandfather's grave.
I heard they both became Infernals
at the same time.
Is that something that happens a lot?
Vulcan seems skeptical of Giovanni.
Why does he suspect Giovanni?
Vulcan's grandfather had two apprentices.
One of them was Vulcan's father,
the other one was Giovanni.
Right after the two of them
died unnatural deaths,
Giovanni went to work for Haijima.
That's something that was strictly
forbidden by their master.
Vulcan's whole family has apparently
had a history with Haijima going way back.
I should get in and start
making Vul his supper.
I hate to say this,
but you should give up and leave.
I'm sorry I wasn't any more help.
Don't be like that
The time has come. Kill Vulcan.
It's that same sensation as before.
At that time,
it was Lieutenant Konro's cry for help.
This time,
it's Dr. Giovanni's hostile intent.
It doesn't look like we can persuade him.
Maybe we should head back
to Company 8 for now.
We can't leave here now.
Hero's intuition.
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