Fire Force (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

We Are Family

As the world was being covered in ash,
one man appeared.
He would later be called Raffles I.
Raffles I took his disciples
on a journey in search of light.
At the end of his journey,
he found an "unsullied flame"
and brought forth the light
that would be mankind's salvation.
Grandfather, Father,
I brought your favorite sodas.
The tops are already open, so you don't
have to worry about them spraying out.
The two of you are gone,
so it's three times as much work for me.
But since you brought me up to be tough,
I'm managing somehow.
Once I decide to do something,
it's surprising how well I can do it.
Also, I have some people helping me.
My new family.
Please check my prototype.
Yu, you put this together pretty well.
Thank you very much!
All that's left is
Something is left?
It's still not good enough.
If you smash it that hard,
of course, it's not!
You dumbass. Some things in this world
can't break, no matter what.
Like what?
Ships and cars. People would be
in danger if they broke down, right?
Then there's Amaterasu.
Everlasting perpetual power generation.
It never stops and never breaks down.
Awesome, right? If it did break down,
it would be an Empire-wide disaster.
Vul! Yu! Dinner's ready.
Lisa, you made something else
that's indestructible, huh?
It's food. Don't hold back, just dig in.
Thank you for this food.
"All things must pass."
It's said that anything with form
will fall apart someday.
I wonder if people's feelings
and bonds have a form.
Do families fall apart in time?
My father and grandfather died,
and my family was broken up.
Then again, even dead,
we're still a family.
Those bonds don't break.
I want to build those bonds,
the kinds that don't break!
Dr. Giovanni is out to take Vulcan's life?
I don't know the reason why,
but that's what I felt.
The Captain of Company 3 was here
trying to recruit Vulcan, right?
Why would the Captain want to kill him?
It might have something to do
with his history with Haijima.
Even if you tell Vulcan about this,
do you think he'll believe you?
I mean, I don't even believe it.
Does this have something to do
with the Adolla Burst
that you mentioned right afterward?
Adolla Burst.
Adolla Link.
It happened in Asakusa too.
It was too distinct for it
to be a mere hunch,
almost like I was hearing someone's voice.
Moreover, it was real.
I can't afford
to let this intuition pass by either.
Sister, you and Arthur go back
to the workshop
and tell Vulcan he's in danger.
All right.
What are you going to do?
I don't know if we're dealing
with just Dr. Giovanni or Company 3.
Still, the other side won't know
that we're here too.
If I can ascertain the enemy's movements
from a high vantage point,
we can make the first move.
Arthur, you and I are the only ones
who can fight. It's up to you.
Wait! Say that one more time!
Kill everyone in the workshop.
In this day and age,
there are Infernals, fires,
and any other causes of death available.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Hold up.
Get rid of those false clothes.
-As you command.
-As you command.
-Faithfulness to the Evangelist.
-Faithfulness to the Evangelist.
You say Dr. Giovanni is going to kill me?
I'm the one who resents him
enough to kill him!
Why would he come after me?
It's kind of like we heard about it!
That's what it was like!
I thought you were a little strange
to be Fire Soldiers,
but are you also using ridiculous threats
to get me to come with you?
You really don't have any idea why?
You have some kind of history
with Haijima, right?
Like I said, I'm the one
who has beef with them!
The back way is surrounded too.
All for me? This is way out of proportion.
He let that big a force get by unnoticed?
What is Shinra doing?
It's so quiet.
I thought things seemed unusual
at the workshop.
The folks from Company 8 are here,
aren't they?
I wasn't counting on that.
Damn it, who's there?
Where are you?
That's the Company 8 rookie
who possesses an Adolla Burst.
I'll capture him and take him
to the Evangelist.
They're flying it by controlling
the booster in the wrist.
They're a Second Generation?
Just follow the wire
They're gone.
That hurt.
What kind of monster are you?
This is two million volts of current.
Okay then.
Your friends at the workshop are now
meeting the same fate that you are.
"Is the enemy behind that tree?
What if they aren't?"
"Is there only one of them? Or several?"
"Do I feint and see what happens?"
When you don't consider
every possibility, you make mistakes.
But you picked the wrong opponent.
Running away was the right call.
Sometimes it's necessary
to look twice before you leap.
This is Dr. Giovanni.
I just found an unexpected bonanza.
Requesting retrieval.
Yes, that's right.
The man with the Adolla Burst.
This will bring us one step closer
to the salvation of the world
by the grace of the Evangelist.
All that remains
is to get the key that Vulcan has.
You're Fire Soldiers, right? Do something.
I don't have the gear I need
to use my ability.
Also, I don't feel very knightly
right now, so I can't get going.
If I don't feel knightly,
I can't use my ability.
Without something more swordly,
this is all the firepower I have.
Something more swordly
would raise my firepower.
I am the Knight King, Arthur Boyle!
The more I look the part of a knight,
the stronger my ability becomes!
That's why I am a knight!
I could tell at first glance,
but you really are dumb, huh?
In short, If I make you more knightly,
you'll get stronger, right?
A horse?
Mirage, wait here
and keep the perimeter in place.
Got it.
I'll go take out the people inside.
Vulcan, is putting blue sheeting
over him going to be enough?
He went out there happy.
It all depends on how he feels.
Who am I to say?
Here goes.
Then again, that's not a horse,
it's a donkey, right?
It's asking an awful lot
to call him a knight looking like that.
It is my mission
from the King to protect the Princess
and the other VIPs in that water mill.
I cannot allow you to pass.
You're not from the workshop, are you?
Arthur's sword flame
is stronger than usual.
You're kidding, right?
Let's go, Silver!
By the providence of the Round Table!
What was that?
My shimmers!
So your army
was a bunch of flimsy paper dolls?
No one told us there was a man like this
here other than those in the workshop.
Who the hell are you?
I am the Knight King, Arthur!
Second Class Fire Soldier of Company 8!
I'll eliminate you if you interfere.
The will of his flame is strong.
Don't get sloppy.
That idiot
is ridiculously strong, isn't he?
The Knight King is one with his steed!
You cannot stop us!
No matter how many of you there are,
I will not allow you to pass!
You look ridiculous,
but you have strong firepower.
My appearance looks unusual
to you, villain?
-I'm telling you, this won't work.
-I'm telling you, this won't work.
-Who is this oddly-dressed person?
-Who is this oddly-dressed person?
It's you.
-That's me?
-That's me?
This isn't knightly.
On a closer look, Silver
you're not a horse,
but a donkey, am I right?
Vulcan, the magic has been dispelled!
What's your deal? Are you messing with us?
Do you think I'd mess around
when my beloved horse has been killed?
His firepower
has dropped off considerably.
You'll pay for this.
The folks surrounding the rear
have disappeared too.
Lisa! Yu! Now's your chance!
Get out through the back way!
You there from Company 8, go with her.
Take her someplace safe.
Vulcan, what about you?
I'm the one they're after, right?
You don't have any reason to stay with me.
No way! I'm not just going
to leave you here and run away, Vul!
Vulcan, you should escape with us!
We're family, aren't we?
He may be an idiot, but I can't run
and leave the guy fighting for me behind.
Why are they after you?
I can't go along with this
unless I know why.
I don't know. Except that Haijima
has taken everything from our family.
Our family and our technology.
Yes, that's right.
The culmination of the technology
that my forefathers spent so much
of their time and pride creating.
My forefathers are the ones
who built Amaterasu.
There's something I made
for emergencies like this out at the back.
You can get away by using it.
Even separated,
we're an indestructible family.
Sister, I hate to do this,
but look after these two.
Weak as I am, I'm still a Fire Soldier.
Leave it to me!
What are you doing.?
Lisa, what are you doing?
Yu, keep quiet.
Don't move!
Try anything funny, and I'll kill him.
It wasn't a coincidence
that you took me in back then.
It was all so I could sneak in
and find a certain something.
Hand over the key to Amaterasu.
The key to Amaterasu?
Lisa, what are you talking about?
I am a servant of the Evangelist.
You say you want to build something
that won't break?
It was broken, to begin with,
playing house like we were.
It's not true
Lisa, please stop!
Giovanni is heading this way.
If you don't tell me
where the key is, he'll kill you.
What is this, Lisa?
Are you concerned about me?
Just how gullible are you?
Wrong again!
Damn it!
Don't let anyone in.
Very well.
You're not getting past me!
The shoe is on the other foot now.
You're the one
who can't get near the workshop.
Lisa, stand down. I'll take it from here.
Vulcan, you can die after you tell me
where the key is, or you can die now.
Lisa was here undercover
to search for the key to Amaterasu.
Gullible people don't suspect others,
so they get tricked.
You should learn to look twice
before you leap.
Was it fun to play house with Lisa?
Was that really the reason
why you came to my workshop?
Foolishness must have been handed down
to every generation of yours.
Everyone in your family line
was pathetically gullible.
Appeal to your emotions,
and you're quickly fooled.
Your old man was the same way.
Generation after generation
of deceived fools.
However, when it came to Amaterasu,
at least, they were cautious.
They did look twice before leaping
with the key to Amaterasu.
I'm not hiding anything,
and I don't have anything!
Was that child a part
of your little make-believe family?
Where is the key to Amaterasu?
Damn you, Giovanni!
Well? Do you remember now?
It's a life-threatening wound, but there
may still be time if you act now.
Stop this already! Save Yu now!
He's hurt because of you.
You didn't tell me what I wanted to know.
Where is the key?
What do you mean by "key"?
I have no way of knowing!
Please don't take anymore from us.
I have made careful arrangements,
stopped your supply of materials,
been especially cordial in recruiting you,
and sent in Lisa undercover.
I kept looking and looking
before I leaped.
Do you really not know? Damn you, Vulcan!
As dumb as you all are, you hid the key,
and that's why this is happening!
Your whole family is a rotten mass
of technology, talent, and gullibility!
Damn you, Giovanni. I'll kill you!
I have looked and looked
for that key!
I should have leaped and leaped on you
to make you talk!
Does he really not know where it is?
He treasures these worthless pieces
of junk so much.
Stop that.
It's breaking.
It's broken.
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