Fire Force (2019) s01e17 Episode Script

Black and White and Gray

Raffles I and his disciples used the flame
bestowed by the Great Sol
and the technology cultivated by mankind
to create "Amaterasu."
The sacred flame of Amaterasu
benefits the lives of mankind
and ended up establishing the foundation
of a state in the Far East.
Please stop that already!
That has precious memories
for Vulcan of his father!
Don't break it!
I decided to listen in on the bug
I planted on Iris and what do you know?
It hurts!
Captain Hibana!
Hold still. I'm going to untie you.
Please hurry! The workshop is in danger!
Maybe I'll just carry you back like this.
I really should have
taken him back with me.
Another one?
Arthur, status?
Shinra, get to the workshop!
I found it.
You hid it in this piece of junk.
Vulcan, now I just have to dispose of you.
The Put-the-Damn-Masked-Nose-
Out-of-Joint Man is here!
What the hell are you doing
to our engineer?
Lisa, why?
Are you okay, Vulcan? Can you move?
I got hit by flames.
I still can't move on my own yet.
Shinra Kusakabe,
how did you get out of that?
It doesn't matter. I'll just dispose
of these pests and capture you again.
You let someone
approach the workshop, huh?
Damn it, what a hassle.
My shimmers? Yes, unlike that fellow
who went to the workshop,
someone who tries to take on every attack
would be pestered by them.
Just keep letting my illusions
distract you.
Warmer air becomes lighter,
while colder air becomes heavier.
Shimmers are false images created
by density variations in the air.
This means that if I add enough heat
to blow those variations away,
the images will naturally disappear.
Impostors! Scatter like fruitless blossoms
before my flowers!
I'm on your side.
Gravel is the same all over.
Shinra excluded.
Rise, Fishing Fire!
Wrap his body up!
These flames
My flames are magnetic.
They latch on to the faint magnetic fields
living things produce.
Sister, hit the buttons on the wall!
Good, Sister! Keep hitting them at random!
Everything you made is pointless.
I'm starting to feel faint from the heat.
Writhe around on the ground, gravel!
Are those
Did Sister start up again?
Machines, you see,
have a mild magnetic field.
I figure that
if you get enough of them together,
they could easily get mixed in with
the normal magnetic fields of people.
It actually worked.
I got careless. I can't keep up
with him with all this gear.
Contrary to the report,
nothing here has been taken care of.
Are you the one who just Linked with me?
You're Sho, right?
You're my little brother, aren't you?
You and I might be brothers!
No, we definitely are!
Sho, it's you, right?
You and I, brothers?
Oh, you're crazy adorable too!
Watch out for this ultra-handsome
young man, everyone!
What are you, an angel? That's my brother!
Sho, you're a full-on angel!
I can finally keep my promise to Mom now.
No matter what happens, Sho,
I'll keep you safe. I'm in your corner.
I see.
This is what the Evangelist meant by,
"You'll know him when you meet him."
This man is my older brother.
This is so hard to describe.
My only feelings are disgust.
When did he
Man with the Adolla Burst,
you're coming with us.
Amazing. You actually reacted.
What is that he's been doing?
I can't follow Sho's swordsmanship.
Retrieve only the one with Adolla Burst,
dispose of the others.
-As you command.
-As you command.
Where is the item?
I have obtained the key to Amaterasu.
Shinra, get in!
Looks like you're no worse for wear.
Inspector Licht!
Lisa, come on!
He's fast. How did he do that?
You're not getting away.
Leave the man with the Adolla Burst here.
What a pity.
You can't have him yet.
The hero arrives.
Sho! I swear I'll come back for you!
You must be Joker.
Oh, I guess I've gotten famous.
That's enough to make even me uneasy.
Do not interfere with us.
It's no fun allowing either the Fire Force
or you guys to do as you please.
It looks like they got away.
There's no point in me staying here now.
Not so much as an Adolla Link
What a monster.
Captain Obi.
Yes, sir, I checked the injured
from the workshop into the hospital.
The workshop was half-destroyed,
and we went up against the White-Clad.
Dr. Giovanni is a traitor.
I also met someone
who might be my brother.
may still be targeted by the enemy.
We'll stay with him now.
We'll wait here for you to pick us up
and join you then, sir.
Vulcan, would you mind coming
to Company 8 with us for now?
I think that's the safest thing
for you right now.
Yes. Okay, sure.
I didn't want you to come like this.
I wanted to welcome you in
as our official engineer.
Even with Arthur along, we weren't
able to keep you and Yu protected.
I really am sorry.
Your response was fast.
It's my fault for not listening to you.
You don't have anything to apologize for.
Yu may be tiny,
but he's tougher than he looks.
And Lisa really isn't
Anything in this world can be fixed.
So Yu's not going to die,
and I'll bring Lisa back around.
I'll put the whole world
back the way it was.
What about you? You must be pretty
broken up about your brother.
Don't worry about me.
I don't think of myself
as the only one who has it bad.
This is how the world is, for all of us.
Vulcan, you aren't alone.
I'll work with you as hard as I can
to make your dream come true.
Don't forget that.
Thanks, man.
Anyway, how did you show up
at the right time?
Oh, you know
It's late, and they still haven't gotten
back, so I just came looking for them.
Or maybe you're the one who brought
the Evangelist's goons with you.
Ridiculous. That's not true.
In fact, it's because I came along
that everyone was saved, right?
Any funny moves,
and I'll stomp you flat beyond repair!
Arthur's wound
was fortunately not as deep as I imagined.
Soon after, Yu was out of danger too.
Vulcan ended up taking refuge
at Company 8 under Captain Obi.
Sho really was serving
under the Evangelist.
But I swear I'll bring him back.
I will keep my promise to Mom,
whatever it takes.
I'm so sorry about this!
I hope our rookies weren't too
disrespectful of you. Right, you dummies?
No, we weren't.
If anything, I was the one
who was rude to them.
Dinner is ready.
You had dinner duty tonight?
No, the Lieutenant made it,
because of our unexpected guest.
For real? Yes!
Hey, what is that supposed to mean?
You can guess, Tamaki.
What was that? Guess?
Wow! Thank you for this food!
I'm starving!
Don't take my stuff!
Where were you
when the workshop was under attack?
Oh, that? Dr. Giovanni managed
to get the jump on me.
Don't let that happen!
Like you were so perfect fighting them!
Of course, I was!
-Sorry about that.
-I wasn't going to let
-It's okay.
-Silver's sacrifice be in vain.
-I'm always at the workshop,
-Who is "Silver"?
-so I'm used to the noise.
-I'm taking all that meat!
-Be quiet!
-That doesn't even make sense!
-We have company!
-Just give it to me!
Shut up
Stop looking at me.
I'm not taking it anymore.
It's a good day whenever
Lieutenant Hinawa has dinner duty.
I'm liable to overeat.
We should do better too.
The Lieutenant beats us in this.
Did you get enough?
You can still have second servings.
Is it always like this here?
Well, yes, right now,
with Tamaki's lucky lecher lure inactive,
it's a little better than usual.
Lecher lure?
This isn't really what I was expecting.
you may have heard this
from Shinra already,
but our objective at Company 8
is to save the world and its people.
I like to think I'm well aware
of your family's rules,
but do you feel like joining Company 8?
You're free to decline, of course.
We'll continue
to ensure your safety from here on out.
So I want you to consider this
openly and honestly.
What did Vulcan come back
to his workshop for?
He probably left something behind there.
He said something
about making a clean break.
If he does become our engineer,
that would be fantastic.
Yes, it would.
Father, Grandfather,
here's your usual soda.
I don't know if you're watching me,
but the Fire Force took me in.
I know you're not wild about it.
I mean, the outfit is affiliated
with Haijima.
Am I out of the family?
I mean, our family promise was
to never give any help to the Fire Force.
Maybe it's our family curse
for making Amaterasu.
Everything and anything
that's precious to me gets broken.
I have to build something
that doesn't break, no matter what.
That's what restoring the world
and bringing the animals back was about.
I thought I could do it all by myself.
Now there's Yu, Lisa, and this guy
who told me I'm not alone.
I'm sorry, Father, Grandfather.
I'm breaking my promise.
Cleaning time!
Let's start cleaning!
From here to here is your part, okay?
Don't come anywhere near me!
No, Kusakabe, you stay away from me!
What's this?
I put it there
to make this place more visitor-friendly.
The old, drab church looks
a little better now, right?
I got permission from the Captain.
Oh, that's kind of nice, isn't it?
Nice, sir? You mean, that skull?
Even among the Special Fire Force,
we're in the position of outsiders,
so this is pretty rocking and cool!
I'm going to keep expecting
more from you, Devil.
I'm not a devil, sir, I'm a hero!
I think they're both pretty cool.
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