Fire Force (2019) s01e18 Episode Script

The Secrets of Pyrokinesis

A long time ago,
mankind suffered from the planet's anger,
and the world was engulfed in flames.
It was the Great Cataclysm.
The flames burned ferociously,
with an intensity threatening
to incinerate the places mankind lived,
the languages they spoke,
and the culture they had built up.
This is a run-down kind of run-down.
Lieutenant Karim, long time no see.
What brings you here?
Tamaki, I'm pleased to see you
in good health.
We're here to compare notes,
both now and moving forward.
We figured we should start
working together.
Am I really going to have to fight
the White-Clad and Sho?
Hey, stop spacing out over there.
-Put me down, you idiot!
-How did
Don't touch me there!
Maybe you aren't my beloved steed Silver,
the partner I've been looking for,
but even now, you're still my partner.
Isn't that right, Silburro?
Please stop hanging weird stuff
on the walls.
This is my Pegasus, who through
Vulcan's help, descended to Earth,
and made my miraculous recovery possible.
It's a donkey.
Are you okay with this, Lieutenant?
Arthur, get back to work.
That hat came from Vulcan, didn't it, sir?
I saw it here this morning.
Don't those horns get in the way?
They don't impede my work.
Lieutenant, you're much too cavalier
about fashion.
Would you like me
to buy you something sometime?
I wouldn't trust you to buy anything
that didn't come out of a fairy tale.
It would be better than those horns, sir.
Come on, enough idle chatter.
It seems to impede your work though.
Iris, sorry to trouble you.
Roger! Wilco, sir.
Hey, Obi!
I hope you're not using Iris
as your tea girl.
Hibana, I offered to do this.
But never mind that
What are you sitting up there for?
I don't appreciate being made to sit
on the same level as Company 1 gravel.
Would you prefer I sit
on the floor instead?
Yes, please do so.
What's the matter? Sit there already.
Crap. I only meant it as a little joke.
All right, let's get this meeting started.
Let's share the information
that each of us has obtained so far
and figure out any leads and plans
we have for the Evangelist going forward.
We just barely started believing
the White-Clad even existed not long ago.
I'm here on behalf of Beni,
but we don't have much information yet.
The White-Clad is behind several cases
of Spontaneous Human Combustion,
along with all the other cases
that are taking place now.
The reason Rekka Hoshimiya used Bugs
to create artificial Infernals
was to find those that he said
were "compatible" with the flames.
Perhaps they aren't just making Infernals,
but instead are trying
to find a special ability.
Dr. Giovanni was apparently
after the "key" to Amaterasu.
Do they have some kind
of designs on Amaterasu?
The attack on Vulcan
is being reported as being committed
by an imposter wearing a mask
like Dr. Giovanni's.
But this one's the imposter.
Haijima was probably afraid of
Company 3's reputation being tarnished
and arranged for a scapegoat.
Vulcan, who had seen Giovanni's face,
said for a fact the man
at the press conference wasn't him.
Company 3 apparently had
a number of people leaving it.
Probably spies that were embedded there.
They're likely back
with the Evangelist by now.
I'm not sure if all of Haijima
is against us,
but Company 3, under Haijima's control,
is working beyond the Empire's oversight.
The White-Clad's actions
are only going to get even more radical.
If we don't know the full scope
of the enemy,
we should find their base and hit them.
Licht has already started
looking into their base.
You are now a member
of the Special Fire Force, huh?
There's nothing so unusual
about that, right?
We're champions of justice.
Can you tell
where the base is from just that?
From just this? No.
Can you trust Licht?
So far, he's done well for us.
Company 8's objective is to pinpoint
where the Evangelist is and move in.
Do you have a plan for moving in,
you musclebound Company 8 gorilla?
Can Company 8's rookies fight?
Even if you do find out where they are,
you can't beat them.
Are they really that bad?
You have no idea.
The ability of their commander named Sho
probably comes from a Link
with the Evangelist.
An Adolla Link.
What do you think Company 8 needs?
Company 8's rookies are outstanding.
I can vouch for the strength and quality
of their abilities.
However, they do lack experience.
Especially when it comes
to hand-to-hand combat.
When they sparred at Company 1 back then,
they struck me
as being hasty and inexperienced.
Their abilities may be
competent and effective,
but they're lacking in actual combat.
Combat, huh?
We have someone
who does nothing but combat.
Do you want us to look after them?
Can you use that genius brain of yours
to come up with a plan
to improve the Devil's flames?
I'll give it some thought.
But you catching up to Commander Sho
will depend on him.
Yes, what's up, Konro?
Why do I have to look after them?
What? I owe them? Yes, I do owe them.
Excuse me! It's Shinra from Company 8!
Captain Shinmon?
If this was combat, you'd be dead.
Okay, step right up!
You're here to have me train you, right?
Don't let your guard down.
I told you, don't let your guard down.
the Magnetic Extinguishing Ball.
How is it used?
Oh, just watch.
It hits the flames
with a powerful magnetism,
extinguishing them in an instant.
That's amazing.
It will come in handy
for someone like me who's non-powered.
Shinra and Arthur are off getting
special training in Asakusa, right?
I don't want to be outdone,
so I'm inventing some clever stuff.
You aren't relaxing, are you?
There are no rules in combat.
You never know
when something might happen.
Is it exhausting?
Yes, sir.
That's because your life isn't at stake.
It's the tension itself you're feeling
that gets you worked up.
On the battlefield,
it's about life instead.
Your own life, your friends' lives,
the other side's lives.
When you're aware of all those lives,
the tension won't get you so worked up.
You're saying to treasure life then.
When you're aware of life around you,
it's harder to leave yourself vulnerable.
Now, on with the training.
Come at me like I'm out for your lives.
Oh, they're going at it.
-They're going at it!
-They're going at it!
That's enough.
Your aptitude is okay,
but you're not about to hit me.
Your attacks have no element of surprise.
You're lacking something.
Lacking something?
Do you know what that is?
A finishing move.
A finishing move
I told you not to let your guard down!
Devise a finishing move
that capitalizes on your speed advantage.
Leave it to you, Captain Shinmon.
You're the best at noticing these things.
Oh, hello there.
I'm Company 8's gate-crashing
forensic scientist, Viktor Licht.
I've thought up a way to power up Shinra.
Captain Shinmon,
can I ask you for your assistance?
What do you mean?
Put simply, jet propulsion.
Converging flames in one direction
will increase propulsive force.
By compressing the emitted flame,
burst firepower can be increased.
In other words,
focus one's flame tighter, right?
Yes, indeed.
Is this enough firepower?
Yes, indeed.
Right now, Shinra, your flames are
wastefully spread out in many directions.
By simply consolidating them,
your thrust will increase that much.
If you can condense your flames in
one direction like Captain Shinmon did,
you should be able to produce
more speed than you currently do.
If I can do that,
I'll have my finishing move.
Shinra, keep practicing nothing
but your finishing move.
Yes, sir!
Arthur, your ability
is your finishing move.
Spar with me,
and let's train your fundamentals.
Come at me like you mean to kill me.
Well now, let's see how this goes.
Buddy, you don't seem like the others
from Company 8.
So it's true that you came
from Haijima then.
I am too smart to be at Company 8,
is that it?
If you try anything funny with Company 8,
I'll toss you into the ocean.
Of course, I'm not going to. Good grief.
I use my toes
to fine-tune my altitude control,
so if I don't move them just right,
I lose my balance.
On the other hand,
there's no point in me pulling faces.
Thinking about something
I haven't done is a waste of time.
I just need to keep trying.
He's clever.
Just about all problems
can be settled by saying,
"Whatever, just do it,"
or "Time to give up."
That's pretty simplistic
for a clever scientist like yourself.
You first have to stand
at the starting line
before you even realize what the real
problem you should be thinking about is.
Not knowing what the problem is before
trying it, is what makes a problem hard.
In that regard,
you're a lot like us tough punks.
How does Captain Shinmon
control his flames so skillfully?
There must be some hint
in there somewhere.
How many times must I tell you
that Fire Soldiers do not play with fire,
First Class Fire Soldier Maki Oze?
It's not like that, sir!
Sputter and Flare have
an important mission this time!
Has being caught up in fairy tales
finally driven you crazy?
It's okay, Lieutenant.
I've created some new equipment
for Maki that uses Sputter and Flare.
The Twin Hover Units, "Tekkyo."
They're powered by Sputter and Flare.
They're weapons controlled
by Maki's Second Generation abilities.
What do they do?
I guess you can call them flying hammers.
They can launch physical attacks
against enemies with powers,
who are resistant to flames.
What do you think?
The flight test went perfectly.
Then the Sput-Flare-Witch is finished.
It's not "Sput-Flare-Witch," it's Tekkyo.
"A long time ago,
mankind suffered from the planet's anger,
and the world was engulfed in flames.
It was the Great Cataclysm.
The flames burned ferociously,
with an intensity threatening
to incinerate the places mankind lived,
the languages they spoke,
and the culture they had built up."
Take the big blast
of flames and squeeze
You haven't changed a thing!
Nothing but your silly face, you idiot!
What? Was I really making a face?
A disgraceful one.
A gross, ugly sourpuss.
This way doesn't work either.
Captain Obi does this one a lot.
Rock and roll!
What was that?
Did his feet just rip a huge fart?
Don't divert your attention!
When you exploit an opening,
be quiet about it.
Still, that wasn't bad.
Shinra, try that one more time.
When you put your force
behind your flames, sir,
you always do this with your hands,
so I've been trying to do the same
with different forms.
It was one that Captain Obi often does
It's hard to see what you're doing.
Take off your gloves.
Yes, sir.
In old proto-national martial arts,
there are what we call tenokata.
The thing I do with my index
and middle fingers is one of them.
I use this form to control my flames.
There are a number of different tenokata,
each with different effects.
One of them is called Tora Hishigi,
a form that increases foot power.
Place your index finger
over the base of your thumb,
and place your thumb under
the base of your pinky finger.
Making the form with your fingers
concentrates the flow of ki
in your body to one spot.
This also affects your flames.
Control my ki with my finger?
You can figure the rest out from there.
Thank you very much, sir!
How long are you going to
lie there? Let's keep going.
Turn my index finger and thumb inward
and direct the flow of my ki into my feet.
That sensation.
It was like my flames
were being compressed,
and my body
was about to be blasted upward!
Tora Hishigi is awesome!
The flow of my body's ki
I'm starting to get a handle on my flames!
This time, I'm going to shoot right up!
I feel the heat in my feet.
My tenokata
links to my feet.
I can get there faster.
I can get to Sho faster.
That's fast.
I guess this is why Joker
sees so much promise in him.
Not bad at all.
-Damn it.
-I'll give it to you
for attacking quietly.
Shinra! Use that to come after me now!
Waka was dreading this at first,
but I'm glad he's having fun now.
You mean that?
He looks awfully unhappy to me.
People who are worth training with
have stopped by.
I'm sure Waka is ecstatic.
A knight does not lose.
It looks like he's getting worn out.
Why don't we call it a day?
You took a pretty good beating.
Are you okay?
Yes. I'm a knight after all.
Shinra, have you come up
with a name for your finishing move?
Oh, right! My finishing move!
-Don't drop your guard
So what do you call your move?
-Kicker-Man Kick!
Well, how are they doing?
They're still just a couple of kids.
Too shaky for their own good.
Your proto-national sword training
is starting to take shape.
This single-edged blade moves differently
than your omnidirectional one,
but you'll have more avenues of attack.
There's no harm in learning it.
Good, that was well done.
If I hadn't known about it,
you would have hit me.
Use it well.
Yes, sir!
I heard about your brother.
He's the only family you have.
Make sure to keep him safe.
Thank you very much, sir!
Just sit tight.
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