Fire Force (2019) s01e19 Episode Script

Into the Nether

As the world was being covered in ash,
one man appeared.
He would later be called Raffles I.
Raffles I took his disciples
on a journey in search of light.
At the end of his journey,
he found an "unsullied flame"
and brought forth the light
that would be mankind's salvation.
Any time now, there will be a company
that will find out about us
being in the Netherworld.
You're right.
That actually works in our favor.
Notify Yona at the gate
to be on guard as well.
We will get ready and scout around.
No need to scout. The man who is coming
is the one with the Adolla Link.
Shinra, clean up here
before you read your book.
Are you sure? If you're a bad boy,
you'll be taken to the Netherworld.
I'm not afraid of the Netherworld.
If you ever get taken
to the Netherworld, Sho,
your big brother will definitely come
to rescue you, okay?
The Netherworld, you say?
After Licht finished examining
what's left of Vulcan's workshop,
he discovered that the Evangelist's men
are hiding in the Netherworld.
The Holy Sol Temple teaches
that the Netherworld
is an unclean place
where the Great Sol's light doesn't reach.
Like Sister said, the Netherworld,
or the area beneath the Tokyo Empire,
is considered a forbidden land.
Those who are using it as their base
could be heretics
who oppose the Holy Sol teachings.
As for the Netherworld, Tokyo once had
subway trains that ran beneath it.
Most of them crumbled and were buried
during the Great Cataclysm,
but I have determined that
there are some places underground
where the caverns still remain.
From the items
that Dr. Giovanni left behind,
and the regions
where Artificial Infernals have appeared,
I've narrowed the area down.
Tomorrow, we're heading to the base
of the people
who are creating Artificial Infernals.
That's where the mysteries
behind Spontaneous Human Combustion
are sure to be.
We're not laying anyone to rest.
This is a fight with our lives at stake.
We're bringing your brother back.
Yes, sir!
Company, let's get ready
for tomorrow. Dismissed!
Tamaki, do you have a moment?
Yes, sir.
It's hot. Where am I?
An earthquake.
It doesn't feel like a big one.
There sure have been quite a few lately.
This is our first call-out.
It gives you the jitters, huh?
You look out of place in that, Licht.
I've got my lab coat on
for an inner layer.
Is there some reason for that?
We're finally starting to look
like a company.
You're right.
The Netherworld is a place
you need to obtain special permission
from the church to go into.
Ordinarily, going in there
would be impossible.
Only Company 8 has permission
to go into the Netherworld to investigate.
The Holy Sol Temple
has not permitted people
to go into the Netherworld en masse.
The Netherworld is an unclean place,
which is connected to Hell,
and where inhuman creatures live.
It's super-scary there.
I can't believe trains used to run
This is the entrance to the Netherworld?
Are you freaking out?
I'm not afraid of the Netherworld.
You must be joking.
We're really going in?
My mom is going to be mad at me
for going near this place.
Vulcan, you seem okay with this.
Yes. I don't make a habit of it,
but I have been here a few times,
inspecting the water treatment facilities.
It's not that often though.
Are we really going in?
Stop making such a fuss.
All right, I will now offer a prayer.
If you please.
Ever do we worship the rising Sun.
Please grant thy light
to the souls of the innocent.
Sister, please step back.
It opened on its own. It's a magic door!
That's impossible.
Are we being invited in?
Oh, it opened.
It looks like electricity is running.
That was you? Don't scare us like that!
The dark Netherworld
Not the Netherworld! I'm scared!
So what's inside? Let me see.
I went in!
Captain, you're too spooked.
It's dark.
Well, it's the Netherworld.
Wow! Is this for real?
This is the Netherworld?
Maki, some light.
Oh, let's see. Yes, sir.
Sputter, Flare.
A regular light would have been fine.
Don't forget that
what we're heading into is Hell.
The Evangelist's base and the mysteries of
Spontaneous Human Combustion are inside.
Stay sharp and keep moving.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Yona, let's stir things up.
Artistically and with creativity.
Everyone, stay close!
When did
Where did everyone go?
Shinra, I'm being pulled by something!
Shinra, help me!
Inspector Licht!
Wait, Shinra! Don't get separated!
Iris, give me your hand!
-Make sure you don't let go!
-Make sure you don't let go!
This way! The fog
is thinner this way! Hurry!
-Who are you?
-This way!
No! Watch what you're doing!
Damn it, they got us.
There are two life readings.
It looks like
there are just two of us here.
You're the real Captain, right?
And with those funny animal goggles,
you're the real Vulcan.
Sorry. I made these life-sensing goggles
to counter Mirage.
Who would have thought
they'd use this much fog
and impostors against us at the same time?
I'm supposed to be a sloth.
I see.
Thanks to Mirage and Yona's teamwork,
we succeeded in dividing the enemy up.
Send in Assault the Slaughterer.
I'm going too.
Then again, Assault,
the Bloody Fire Blast,
might just wipe out
the entire Company 8 all alone.
Iris! I'm the real one!
I'm the real one!
How are you having trouble with this?
Any way you look at her, she's the fake!
That's not true! She's the fake!
This is outrageous!
I was the one who was holding
your left hand, remember?
And I have flame ears. See?
Yes, you're right about that.
She's trying to do something
I can't do to trick you! How cruel!
How mean! I could cry!
This could be a cleverly-set trap.
Jeez, Iris, there's no way
to convince you!
Also, she has the voice of an old man!
You're the real Tamaki!
Yes, I'm Tamaki.
I'm going to take my frustration
toward Iris out on you, old man!
Old man?
Hey! Hold it!
You're first, aren't you? There are
many others after you today.
Assault. That's the name of the one
who will kill you.
I won't hold back.
You're kidding me.
I am all alone here in the Netherworld?
Oh, it's just a woman.
You look frightened.
Are you afraid of the dark?
We're about to show you
an even greater terror.
Thank goodness!
I was anxious here by myself.
I thought you were ghosts.
What's up with this woman?
Did being in the dark make her crazy?
Kill her.
You dare screw with us?
I'm not screwing with you.
I can handle you
as long as you're a person.
Prepare to engage!
Set elevation angle to 90!
Pressure circuits check!
Power unit disengaged!
Thermal power charging!
Maintain formation!
You're Flail.
I understand you're the one
who roughed up my dear colleagues.
Twin Hover Units Tekkyo, activate!
You look like you work out,
but what can you do by yourself?
We are combat pros.
Really? You don't look it.
Don't you mock us!
A Second Generation, huh?
That level of flame won't do any good,
no matter how much you shoot.
Why you little pest!
In the name of the Evangelist,
remission of death to the fool!
This fireball is my ability.
I can control it at will.
Meteor Strike!
Let the flames crush you!
I don't care how brawny a woman you are,
you're still a woman!
That didn't hurt!
are you calling a gorilla cyclops?
I have to hurry and meet up
with the others.
Iris, stand back.
He's a Third Generation, all right.
Your resistance to flames
is pretty high, at least.
Are you all right?
Stay back!
I have other things to do today.
Besides, enemies of the Evangelist or not,
I am not interested in beating up
women and children.
I will kill you all at once.
Are you sure you want to go?
You're supposed to be with Company 1.
I don't want to force you to do anything.
I may be on suspension, but right now,
I'm a member of Company 8.
I will go on your missions.
Hey, I heard about it.
You're going to
the Netherworld too, right?
If you ever get in trouble again,
call for me anytime.
I am a Fire Soldier! My job is to protect,
not to be protected!
Come to think of it,
you are a Fire Soldier.
I wear the same coveralls, don't I?
I can do this.
I'll protect you, Iris.
Assault, Assassin of the Abyss,
solemnly gets going.
You do not run when I confront you.
I applaud your courage.
Crimson Bullet.
This is over now. Farewell!
Give me more credit than that!
She avoided it?
Off I go
Get off!
I can't see!
-She got me
-It feels breezy
I won't be done so easily
How about that?
Did you see that, Kusakabe?
I can protect others by myself!
Are you sure you'd be okay
with Shinra seeing that?
Oh, no. But all is well that ends well.
You're someone I can turn to.
It's dark now.
Don't get separated from me.
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