Fire Force (2019) s01e20 Episode Script

Wearing His Pride

Raffles I and his disciples used the flame
bestowed by the Great Sol
and the technology cultivated by mankind
to create "Amaterasu."
The sacred flame of Amaterasu
benefits the lives of mankind
and ended up establishing the foundation
of a state in the Far East.
An underground railway station?
My turnout coat melted instantly.
That's pretty intense.
Where are you?
I didn't hear a sound.
Somewhere in the darkness
The man with the flame that
exterminates mankind, the Adolla Burst,
does not belong with you.
Bringing him here saves us
from a lot of trouble.
We will take the man with Adolla Burst.
What do you intend to do with Shinra?
What is your objective?
Inspector Licht!
I've been completely isolated.
The enemy could appear at any second.
I'm On-His-Toes Man!
Inspector Licht!
Stay right where you are.
Save me, Shinra!
Man with the Adolla Burst,
if you value this man's life,
you have to come with us.
Shinra, the Rapid!
You know, the tiger hand sign!
You keep quiet!
That was an incredible speed.
"Rapid," huh?
That's better than "Kicker-Man Kick."
Did you see that "Rapid-Man Kick"?
Just "Rapid" by itself is fine, isn't it?
You'll have Captain Shinmon
shoot you down again otherwise.
No, it needs the word "man."
Shinrabansho means all of nature.
And "man" is the word
that connects my brother's and my name.
If you put my name
my brother's name
and the word "ban" together,
which means "man,"
you have shinrabansho!
So I have to be Uses-Man Man!
That makes sense.
That explanation should please
the strict Captain Shinmon too.
Is that Lieutenant Hinawa?
Others are fighting the White-Clad too.
We can't let ourselves be outdone by them.
It looks like my position
has been compromised.
My enemy is in the darkness.
The light she releases is too strong,
and I can't pin her location down.
I tried to use my Ricochet Control
to pepper a wide area,
but there's no sign that I hit her.
There are many obstacles in the area.
Should I attempt close combat instead?
Whatever I do,
this location is compromised.
I have to move.
Don't slow down.
Just slip through here
and approach the enemy.
We'll wait for our opening to strike too.
With Arrow? I doubt we'll get a chance.
I have my Ricochet Control.
Since we're both using
long-range weapons, the closer I get,
the greater my advantage should be.
Did you think you could escape
my arrows in there?
Quite the opposite.
You've lost your route of escape.
Damn it!
This is your hunting ground.
I don't let the prey I target escape.
I'm taking the man with Adolla Burst too.
You people don't know
the importance of life.
You are not getting Shinra.
The world is continuously changing,
and even now,
it's about to change dramatically.
That transition
does not require human emotion.
Those who invoke or assert the importance
of their existence
are fools who can't conform themselves
to the way of the world.
What Shinra Kusakabe thinks or wants
has no meaning whatsoever.
The Evangelist requires his Adolla Burst.
We will take it.
Once a person joins an organization,
their individual feelings
are no longer as important.
When that extends to a nation
or the world, all the more so.
In a world
where people suddenly catch fire
and their lives are snuffed out
just like that,
rather than always being tripped up by
the chaos and getting bogged down in it,
fulfilling your role as an unconcerned,
dispassionate cog in society
is what's best for the world.
There are more than a few people,
myself included, who think that way.
That way is easier after all.
Having feelings is exhausting.
So why do you fight us?
Shinra's feelings don't matter, you say?
Hand over one of my men, you say?
Don't insult me.
While I agree
that feelings are exhausting,
I can't help but feel steamed.
A devastating roar.
A devastating shockwave.
What was that man shooting?
They're standard 7,62 by 51mm rounds,
accelerated to as fast as they can go.
Even if I don't get a direct hit,
the sonic boom created by their extreme
speed means you don't stand a chance.
That force is so great that
a single shot destroys the barrel.
It's almost like a cannon.
Is Arrow going to be all right?
I was planning to find an opening
to strike at him,
but that would be like stepping into
a shootout between two tanks!
All my strength is gone.
And my eyesight
I feel like my eyelids
are stuck to my eyeballs.
My consciousness is drifting away
from my body.
In this subterranean
darkness and dust cloud,
the smell of gunpowder
is the only thing I can clearly make out.
What has become
of the other shooter?
In a world
where people suddenly catch fire
and their lives
are snuffed out just like that,
becoming indifferent to your own life
is a way to devote yourself to that world.
Even if I die, it won't
Company 8,
though we don't even have enough members,
they still made me its lieutenant.
I dread thinking of Captain Obi
taking it all on himself.
If I'm dead,
who's going to look after our men?
The reason you didn't kill me
is because your first shot
didn't hit my left shoulder,
which bears Company 8's emblem.
I'll use her flames
to increase its velocity even more!
That consumed quite a lot.
I don't think I can move for a while.
I guess the young ones wouldn't go along
with this kind of never-give-up spirit.
You're the fog and shimmer guys.
So you finally show yourselves,
you cowards.
Hitting the enemy when they're
at their weakest is a basic tactic.
Arrow has fulfilled her role.
How does it feel to be killed
by the coward you just insulted?
I doubt you have any strength left
to fight back.
I'll finish you off.
What a pity. That was a shimmer.
That was powerful,
for a last-ditch effort,
but it's pointless if you don't hit him.
I hit what I was aiming for.
Descending from the heavens,
but born out of the earth,
I venture both above and below.
I am a knight.
I saw Arthur
looking down from the ceiling.
I shot him down.
The one who summoned me,
the heavenly champion, down to earth,
was you, Lieutenant?
I don't have to explain
the situation to you, do I?
No. His face was exposed then,
but he's the one from Vulcan's workshop.
Mirage, if you would?
So it's you.
I'll bring you down again
with my shimmers.
A one-trick pony, are you?
My "one trick" is to bring an end
to all of this.
I didn't sense the weight of life
in that attack.
On the battlefield, it's all about life.
Your own life, your friends' lives,
the other side's lives.
When you're aware of all those lives,
the tension won't get you so worked up.
Don't get tripped up
by diversions or feints.
Discern the attack
that is coming to take your life!
Concentrate. If I feel the life around me,
I won't get worked up.
I am now multi-classing,
with the samurai abilities I've acquired.
A knight-samurai.
Hold on. Focus.
Being a knight-samurai
would make me a samurai, wouldn't it?
Which would mean what, exactly?
I see now, I have it backward.
A samurai-knight.
Your dynamic visual acuity is too sharp.
That may be why you're easily fooled by
what meets the eye and fine movement.
There's more out there
than just what you can see.
He must be speculating that they're all
feint shimmers probing his reactions
and just pretending to be discriminating.
In that case,
with this large a number
attacking en masse,
he's sure to think that the real me
is mixed in with them.
However, they're all fakes!
An earnest attack trying to take your life
has a distinct breathing pattern.
Be able to detect that breath of life.
Watch. Here it is, dummy!
The breath of the attack
trying to take my life.
The breath of life.
I will never get closer to you
until you take the shimmer bait
and leave yourself open.
And when that opening happens,
I will strike at you from the shadows
with my throwing knife.
The breath of life!
Hey, you! Are you trying to kill me
just because I breathed?
Don't jump to the wrong conclusion.
I am a knight-samurai.
He was hiding in the mist
to stab not me, but you, Lieutenant.
The man is as sneaky as they come.
Can you get up?
Well done.
What about the other one?
He left his pal here and ran off.
What was up with his face?
Is he even human?
It looked like a put-on face.
What did he look like, if not human?
First, we meet up with the others.
Great. Lead the way.
Well, whatever.
The path splits again.
The Netherworld sucks. I don't get it.
Which way do you think we should go?
There's something glowing down
the left way.
Something's coming this way!
Who are you calling a gorilla cyclops?
-I never said that!
-I never said that!
What? Maki?
Then those demonic eyes were
Sputter and Flare?
Oh, there, there.
Two life signs suddenly appeared.
Fifteen meters?
That's close enough for visual contact.
Are they on our side?
You will never see anyone
on your side again.
You've wrapped yourself up
in the turnout coat that you despise.
You only look like a fool, Vulcan.
You look good in anything.
What are you doing down underground,
now that you've joined
the Fire Force you hate so much?
Silly question.
To come and see you, Lisa, obviously.
What's the matter, Feeler?
Who was it that took you in?
Who taught that ignorant,
dirty little cat so attentively?
I'm the one who showed you how to
manipulate flames and manipulate men.
All you did was use everything
I taught you to get close to Vulcan.
The only reason he took you in
was because of my instructions.
You are just an ignorant,
dirty little cat after all.
Do you need another one of my lessons?
Get away from Lisa!
Feeler, Knight of the Ashen Flame.
That is my true name.
That's right. Defend me.
Yes, sir.
It's not true, Lisa!
Shut up!
The Iron-madillo?
I don't know what you taught Lisa,
but it's only right for grown-ups
to teach the youth!
You're damn condescending, old geezer!
Then you're the real ignorant one here,
feckless captain of Company 8.
Call me whatever you like.
You don't even know what the flames
of Spontaneous Human Combustion are.
Our Evangelist knows all.
Including why
the Spontaneous Human Combustion
that is attacking our world is occurring,
what the Bugs that trigger
Artificial Human Combustion really are,
the secret of the Adolla Burst
that Shinra Kusakabe possesses,
why that flame is called
the "Flame of Destruction,"
what happened in the world in the past
and what is happening to it right now.
The Evangelist knows all about it.
I'm not going to tell you a thing.
Then you really are a lousy teacher.
You are an intriguing man.
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