Fire Force (2019) s01e21 Episode Script

Those Connected

There's no way you two,
who are non-powered, can beat us.
Lisa! Don't do this!
Here in this world, where Spontaneous
Human Combustion is rampant,
those who are non-powered and unable
to cope with it have no choice but to die.
However, Lisa's power
has been kindled within her.
Thanks to her compatibility with Bugs.
My parents died in a fire
caused by an Infernal.
Ever since then, I feared the flames,
but thanks to Bugs, my eyes were opened,
and the fear disappeared.
Lisa, you're being fooled!
Just like you before,
I don't have any powers.
As a Fire Soldier, carrying out my duties,
I also experience the terror
of the flames.
Dr. Giovanni is only preying
on your vulnerability
to take advantage of you!
You can say that to her
with your ax in hand?
I'm directing that at you!
Stop this, Lisa!
There's no reason to protect him!
These tentacles that envelop me
react to magnetism,
and automatically defend me.
The flames that I once feared
are now something that protects me.
What kind of Bug did this to you, Lisa?
Would you like to know?
I'm not telling you!
You're both going to die in ignorance!
You are one aggravating old coot!
Did you think you could put out my flames
with a fire extinguisher?
That won't work, Captain!
Yes, we'll see!
Are you just messing with me now?
No, I'm not messing with you.
I'm trying my hardest to rescue you
from the flames holding you captive!
I am not captive!
Then tell me, why do you look so anxious?
I am not anxious!
Putting out fires is our job.
You brought something as useless
as a fire extinguisher to the battlefield?
What a foolish man you are.
You used to be a Fire Soldier, right?
You know how dangerous a scene can be.
The motto of a Fire Soldier
is to protect lives and property!
Rescue equipment is never useless!
Kill them.
Yes, sir.
Your compassion
is going to cost you your life.
Your desire to save lives is pointless
if you lose your own life.
The last thing I'd do
is treat my life carelessly.
I've been setting things up
to save you, Lisa.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You pretended to get beaten up by her
so you could put extinguisher grenades
on each of her tentacles?
I'm falling!
I don't have anything left
Dad. Mom.
I don't think you get it, Feeler!
Who was it that saved you
from the flame terror?
I'm the one who allowed you
to stay together with Vulcan.
I know you haven't forgotten
how indebted you are to me.
Come back.
It's no use.
Dr. Giovanni is the one who
gave life to me when I lost everything.
I can't turn against him.
Just leave me alone, okay?
Don't move. I will burn through
her neck with this heating wire.
Vulcan, if you want to save this girl,
you will do as I say.
Take that gun and shoot Obi with it.
Just how rotten are you?
Rejoice, Feeler.
Right now, your life is being put to use
to serve the Evangelist.
Isn't that what you want?
Vulcan, do as he says.
I'm sorry.
Hold your head up.
Now, shoot him. You're out of time.
You can make a big production,
but it comes down
to whether you're shooting him or not.
If you shoot him, Feeler lives.
If you don't, Lisa dies.
That's all there is to it.
I swear I'm going to kill you!
You are?
Then you can watch as this heating wire
sends the girl's head flying.
Shoot me, Vulcan! Shoot me and save Lisa!
I can't!
Then Lisa is finished.
Shoot me, Vulcan! Lisa will be killed!
Yes, but
Damn it!
You'd shoot your superior
to protect your girl, Vulcan?
Damn! That's terrifying,
even knowing it's coming!
Turnout coats
aren't supposed to be bulletproof.
You had something rigged up
over your chest.
Would you like to know, Giovanni?
-It's an anti-physical-attack vest!
-I'm not telling!
I am Company 8's engineer!
There's no way I'm letting
my captain go out unprotected!
And that's
why you did something that rash.
We trust each other at Company 8,
which makes us a team.
Trust is a ridiculous,
inexplicable concept!
What kind of disordered hardware is that?
If the old man saw those,
he'd be disgusted.
Penguin-met, equip!
I'm going to give your machinery
a strength test!
You make some weak hardware, don't you?
Nice! Way to go!
Pretty smooth work
for a non-powered person.
You started out as a Fire Soldier!
How does someone
who protects the people from the flames
end up making Artificial Infernals?
What is this Evangelist after,
to do such a thing?
You said that the motto
you Fire Soldiers have
is to protect lives and property,
didn't you?
Don't you realize how trivial that is?
Take a broader look at the world.
People are just a small portion
of the energy in it.
Let stunted humanity burn,
and become a part of this world!
That's a load of crap!
Around 250 years ago,
the planet faced the Great Cataclysm.
The cause of it was the release
of a massive Adolla Burst.
Further, the source of the Adolla Burst
is a place you already believe in.
Long before the Solar calendar began,
before even the Great Cataclysm,
since time immemorial,
mankind has lived in fear of it.
Regardless of what causes Spontaneous
Human Combustion, it's our job to stop it.
There isn't a good reason
to set people ablaze!
Spontaneous Human Combustion
happens to keep the natural law.
Do you intend to defy the natural order?
Your own Bugs are unnatural!
Do you think the Evangelist
is an ordinary person such as yourselves?
Whoever or whatever the Evangelist may be,
they're nothing more than an idol
you heretics have propped up to worship!
Honestly. What a ridiculous notion.
An idol we worship?
Then what does that make
the Great Sol of the Holy Sol Temple?
What is the meaning in offering prayers
that you don't know will be answered
to a god that you don't know exists?
Say what you will, but the Holy Sol Temple
doesn't burn people!
The Evangelist is no idol.
A non-powered person such as yourself
could not comprehend the Evangelist.
Though Shinra Kusakabe
may be starting to get an inkling.
Shinra? Are you all right?
Where is this place?
Who are you?
Are you okay, Shinra?
What did I
Devil's Footprints.
What's the matter? Do you see anything?
He's there, up ahead.
Right about now,
Shinra Kusakabe's Adolla Burst should be
starting to Link with Commander Sho.
Link? What is it he's connecting with?
What is an Adolla Burst?
An Adolla Burst is a special flame
that can affect all other heat.
It's the next step beyond a pyrokinetic,
as well as the piloting light
behind Spontaneous Human Combustion.
Then what are those Bugs?
Why do you use them as pilot lights
to trigger Human Combustion?
The connection between Bugs and flames?
It's often said that the biology
of insects evolved down a different path
than the other creatures
of the Earth, right?
So then, where did Bugs come from?
What if they come from the same place
that Adolla Bursts originate?
"Like moths to a flame."
What if that behavior is them trying
to return to their mother flames?
So you came after all,
Shinra Kusakabe.
Yes! I'm here, just like I promised!
Promised? Promised to whom?
To our mom, Sho.
I don't have a mother.
The only mother figure I have
is the Evangelist.
Just thinking that you and I
might be brothers turns my stomach.
I have no recollection of being born
from that filthy belly.
Don't speak ill of Mom.
Two bearers of Adolla Burst,
right before my eyes!
You're not in the mood
for a friendly chat then?
Are you able to see this too?
What just happened?
It was like he stopped time.
How could he do that with pyrokinesis?
-Lieutenant Hinawa!
The lesson is over.
My task was to get Commander Sho
and Shinra Kusakabe together.
Now that it has been accomplished,
I have no need to buy any more time.
All by the grace of the Evangelist.
Hold it!
Adolla Bursts are the cause
of Human Combustion?
What the hell is happening to the world?
You think you can just run away?
I'll leave Lisa here.
But you can't reverse her brainwashing.
Please wait. Please don't leave me behind.
Brainwashing, religion, and faith.
They're like a curse to people.
Bye now.
However quickly you may be able to move,
you can never catch up to me.
The universes in which we exist
are different.
What? What are you talking about?
We live in different universes?
Is that why you're telling me to give up?
I'm taking you with me,
even if I have to drag you along!
What is that steam?
What? Have you been bewitched by a fox?
Universes. Time freezing.
If he's engaging enough heat
to expand the universe
It can't be!
Even if he is a Third Generation,
can a person do such a thing?
Shinra, let's get out of here!
He's too much for you! You can't win!
Commander Sho is
What exactly is Sho doing?
No matter how fast you are,
it is meaningless against me.
I can control my own universe.
Your own universe?
What the hell does that mean?
Another Adolla Link?
You will never understand it
if I explain it in words.
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