Fire Force (2019) s01e22 Episode Script

A Brother's Determination

A long time ago,
mankind suffered from the planet's anger,
and the world was engulfed in flames.
It was the Great Cataclysm.
The flames burned ferociously,
with an intensity threatening
to incinerate the places mankind lived,
the languages they spoke,
and the culture they had built up.
This is Yona.
Yes, that's right.
The crewmen from Company 8
have been split up.
At the moment,
the two of them are still quiet.
It's just getting started.
Shinra Kusakabe
and Commander Sho's second contact.
Just as the Evangelist has declared.
Now then, I'm concerned about
what's happening.
Off to where Commander Sho and Shinra are.
I'm here.
Don't sneak up and stand behind others
like that, Haumea! You startled me!
Commander Sho and I are not the only ones
who possess an Adolla Burst.
It seems like it's about to happen.
It has been 198 years
since the Solar calendar was instituted.
The Evangelist is pleased.
The Adolla Burst is a primordial flame.
It is called the Flame of Destruction
and is still considered a mystery.
But you are now seeing this
via Adolla Link, aren't you?
This unusual land,
with its black ground
and countless flames rising from it.
This is the Adolla Burst.
Then Adolla Bursts are flames
from this other dimension?
How do I, ostensibly still on Earth,
have something from this other dimension?
Because it is an energy
that can affect all other things.
So then, what? You're saying
that Spontaneous Human Combustion
is caused by this strange world
we're looking at now?
The Adolla Link
What exactly is this place?
This is the underworld of Adolla.
Those who witnessed
this land anciently called it
Do you see who is behind me?
This is the Evangelist.
You're the Evangelist?
You're the one who's using Sho
to carry out Human Combustion?
It vanished?
Shinra, are you okay?
What's going on? Is something the matter?
Through the grace of the Evangelist,
I can affect all things.
Your Adolla Burst cannot measure up.
Yes, Commander Sho's ability
It allows him to mess with
the thermal expansion of the universe,
and stop time!
You can do that with an Adolla Burst?
He is correct.
I steal the heat
of expansion and stop time.
I don't care
how fast you've gotten, Shinra,
if the benchmark of time itself is
stopped, you'll never catch up to him!
Well, screw that.
It doesn't mean that I can just give up!
Damn it!
No matter how hard you struggle,
you look like you're standing still to me.
You little brat
It's no use! You can't beat him!
It is beyond you. You cannot catch me.
What was that?
You cannot beat me.
"You cannot this, you cannot that."
Stop that nonsense.
You're a really sassy little kid.
What you can do is be nice and
call me your big brother at least once!
Man, now I'm angry!
Just watch!
I'm going to catch you right now!
Good luck, "big brother"!
Knock that off!
Now, let's continue our game of tag.
After all, you couldn't even
toddle around 12 years ago.
This is pointless. A waste of time.
Go on, start running, Sho.
Your brother is it,
and he's going to catch you.
You've never played tag, have you?
Hitting the person who's it
is against the rules.
I have no intention of playing along
with your silly games.
You really are a stuck-up brat!
I didn't come here just for the fun of it!
Sho, your big brother
is going to play with you!
He forced a Link with me?
Shinra, have you gotten even faster
since we came down here?
So close. I went faster than I thought,
and my timing was off.
What did you just do?
The reason why Sho's ability is so strong
must be because he has such a high-grade
connection to the Adolla world.
An Adolla Link, huh?
When my feet tingled, my speed increased.
Is that another effect of the Adolla Link?
The Evangelist, who is it?
Are they even human, like us?
My Adolla Burst will get stronger
if I receive
the Evangelist's "grace" or whatever.
But how?
Damn it.
I've had a number of Adolla Link
experiences happen to me already.
There's no reason why I can't do it!
The way this is going,
I can't hold out forever.
Severed Universe.
It's only a matter of time
before you collapse.
Twice now, other people's emotions
have found their way inside me.
Lieutenant Konro's plea for help
and Dr. Giovanni's bloodlust.
Those must have been due
to an Adolla Link.
Up to now,
I've only been on the receiving end.
But this time,
I'm going to be the one charging in!
I'm telling you, an Adolla Burst
without grace will do you no good.
I know!
Shinra, you should get out of here!
You're going to get killed like this!
Why do you just keep coming toward me
when you know it won't work?
The image of your face
when you were little haunts me.
What is the significance
of blood relations?
There is no connection
between you and me at all.
I've been treated warmly by my seniors
who are around me.
In that case, we have no choice
but to believe it as well.
We're going to form our strategy
around the premise
that Shinra's brother is still alive.
Things have been weird
ever since you got back.
The other companies ought not to
interfere with Company 8's matters.
I'm going to track them down too.
Let me work with you.
Until you find something that's truly
important to you, I'll count on you.
He's the only family you have.
Make sure to keep him safe.
And now, I'm going to hook you up
with that kindness.
Look Sho, to you,
I'm nothing more than a guy
who showed up out of nowhere.
But to me, you're
After I lost you and Mom,
I never thought I'd see you again.
"Just once again.
If only I could see them once again"
I've lived my whole life
up to now thinking that.
I'm just not going to collapse
that easily.
I can't afford to give up now!
Sho, thank you for still being alive.
You're like a miracle to me.
All I can do is keep going faster!
And nothing else!
This is the motionless world.
He disappeared?
Another earthquake?
There sure have been a lot of them lately.
I'm getting a case of nerves in my nerves.
I hope Company 8 is all right.
Keep the chatter to yourselves.
I beg your pardon, Lieutenant Onyango.
Sorry to call you out of retirement.
What choice did you have,
after Rekka went off?
Old soldiers can't afford
to just fade away.
Is your right eye okay?
Could this rash of earthquakes mean
I didn't want Shinra Kusakabe
to find his way here.
Where did you go?
Do I return time to its normal speed?
No. It's too dangerous to go back
without identifying his actions.
But I'm at my limit.
That hurts.
That was pretty fast.
I went right by you, huh?
When did you
How did you move all the way over there?
Maybe I'm getting awfully close
to your speed.
Our game of tag isn't over yet.
I promise you, I'm going to catch you.
Sho, what should we play today?
That image just now.
Was that an Adolla Link?
Tell me,
how did you vanish a moment ago?
Hell, if I know.
I was just trying to go faster.
Shinra disappeared
from his world of stopped time.
He just tried to increase his speed
and disappeared?
When a body exceeds a certain speed,
it can no longer withstand the shock
and self-destructs.
If it travels at ultra-high speed,
the body could break down
into the invisible particle level
But no, once a person splits apart,
how would they come back together?
But then, Commander Sho
is doing something as ridiculous
as cooling the universe, isn't he?
If they can affect everything,
then returning a divided body back
the way it was is theoretically
Who is this Evangelist
who can make these things happen?
Here I come.
I'll dilate the universe
before he moves
I haven't quite got control
of this down yet, huh?
Commander Sho didn't react.
Could Shinra have moved at him
faster than the speed of light?
If a body exceeds the speed of light,
it would send time backward.
Maybe after he splits,
his hyper-speed reverts his own body
back to before it splits?
But if he moves about at that speed,
it would create a black hole!
And if that happened,
forget the Netherworld,
all of the Tokyo Empire
would be wiped out!
Should I tell him?
Of course, Shinra isn't aware of this.
No. I'll be able to witness it.
This is a scientist's dream!
I'm starting to get the hang of this.
You'd better dodge this one,
or you'll be the it this time.
As long as I stop you
before you move, it's not a problem.
I'm a bit surprised
that you could force an Adolla Link,
but it isn't a big deal.
You've managed to let me
stave off some boredom.
He's entered the motionless world.
Oh, I hit you!
How can this be?
How did he come into a stopped world?
And with an Adolla Burst
that lacks the Evangelist's grace?
It's the same as those times
with Lieutenant Konro and Dr. Giovanni.
If my feelings are strong enough,
I can connect with you, Sho.
You and the Evangelist
are connected, right?
So once I connect with you,
I'm connected to the Evangelist too.
You're saying you attained
the Evangelist's grace through me?
It's finally happening, Haumea!
The stirring of the Adolla Burst
via an Adolla Link with the Evangelist.
One might call it the awakening
of a Fourth Generation.
While Commander Sho can control
the universe's thermal expansion
to stop time,
Shinra stops time by moving
at faster-than-light speed.
So our times are the same?
Bring it on.
I'm keeping my promise to Mom.
I'm going to bring Sho back.
I've finally met up with him.
I am going to catch him!
I don't have a clue what's happening.
Haumea, can you see them?
More or less.
I wonder, for every word or two
that we exchange,
how much are they fighting?
Not even I, who isn't human, can tell.
Which one of us was the last one
to touch the other?
What are you talking about?
Our game of tag.
Which one of us is it now?
What nonsense.
Why are you so obsessed with me?
I am not your little brother!
What are you getting so agitated for?
Is it a rebellious phase?
Don't you show up out of nowhere
and play at being my brother!
Hey, you! Over here!
Follow the sound of my clapping!
Oh, has your speed started to drop off?
Shut up. I can keep going.
It looks like you're close
to being overheated.
It's over.
You're coming with me to the Evangelist.
Your flame is needed.
Shinra! This is bad!
Don't fight him anymore! Stop!
If you overheat while using your ability,
there's no undoing the damage!
Listen to me, Shinra! Every time
you stop time, you split your body apart!
In other words, you're dead!
Dead, you say?
Your ability uses your flames
to accelerate you to light speed
and stop time.
The shock of that happening breaks
your body down to subatomic particles!
Accelerating even more,
beyond the speed of light,
causes time to run backwards!
Then your body goes back
to the way it was!
If you overheat in the middle of that,
you'll atomize and die.
You might not be able to come back!
I won't be able to come back?
What's so funny?
You're turning my stomach.
Back off. It's a nervous tic.
No, it's not. I'm not smiling out of fear.
I'm happy to be playing with you, Sho.
Stop coming in like it's nothing.
It disgusts me.
No, Shinra! You won't be
able to come back this time!
Yes, I will!
I'm not leaving Sho by himself anymore!
If I die and leave Sho behind again,
then I'm a failure as a brother!
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