Fire Force (2019) s01e23 Episode Script


As the world was being covered in ash,
one man appeared.
He would later be called Raffles I.
Raffles I took his disciples
on a journey in search of light.
At the end of his journey,
he found an "unsullied flame"
and brought forth the light
that would be mankind's salvation.
Here I come, Sho!
Stop playing at being my brother!
This is unpleasant. Why do you persist?
You have no memories of me either, do you?
Yes, I have. It's your face!
When you were a baby, you'd laugh, cry,
and act a lot more human!
Was that too dark? It's all right now.
Your big brother helped you out.
That was your memory.
What an unpleasant vision.
Stop coming in uninvited!
-We used to be brothers!
No way!
Not until I get the real you back!
Accelerate back
to the time when we were together
as brothers
and take hold of it!
You're the devil. Devil!
You disgust me.
Just look at his face.
They said when his family died,
that's the way he smiled.
These are Shinra Kusakabe's memories?
Just hold on.
Shinra Kusakabe's memories
are flowing into my head.
I don't know what kind of feelings
I'll have when I see you, Sho.
Even so, the promise I made Mom
is the bond
that keeps our family together!
Promises. Bonds.
What do those things even mean?
You're right. The promise I made to Mom
is important to me,
but now that I'm seeing you like this,
the promise doesn't have anything
to do with it.
Whatever the case,
it doesn't matter to me.
Are you sure?
Look, Kusakabe is here.
I heard he killed his baby brother too.
He burned him up. What is he, a devil?
It wasn't me.
Someone was there during the fire.
Someone besides Mom and Sho.
I'm going to find him and I swear,
no matter what, I'll tear him to pieces.
Did you see his face just now?
He's the devil.
Leave me alone.
Ever since the fire,
I get that nervous smile.
I killed Sho?
I'm not the devil!
I'd sure like to see you again.
What is the point
of showing me these memories?
I am not your brother!
You and I are the same.
How is it that when we were little,
we were able to smile,
but now, neither of us
can openly do so anymore?
I don't have a past.
I don't need a past.
Is this memory which I've lost?
Twelve years ago, we were a family.
Mom, you, and I.
Up until that fire broke out,
you and I both could smile
without having to think about it.
We just merrily smiled every day with Mom,
and we were happy.
We were brothers, and we were a family.
I love you.
This woman is our mother?
Mom, what are you making?
I'm washing my hands now,
just hold on, okay?
Let me handle it, Mom. I'll go help him.
I'm coming, Sho!
Are you okay? Your big brother
is here, so don't you worry.
The wind must have blown that on you.
Sorry, I'll get that for you right now.
Dark. Scary. Help.
The light
Was that too dark? It's all right now.
Your big brother helped you out.
Stop crying now.
Your big brother is a hero.
See? Don't worry. Your big brother
will always be in your corner.
You were in the dark for a long time, huh?
I'm sorry for leaving you
by yourself for so long.
Let's get out of this place
and go someplace brighter.
I'll take you there.
This man is my brother.
Let's go home.
Sho, this isn't your fault.
Oh, hello!
Oh, my. It looks like
he couldn't control his speed,
and ended up stabbing himself.
Shinra Kusakabe bears an Adolla Burst.
We can't have him dying on us.
I will withdraw with him.
This is bad! Another enemy has shown up!
Who the hell are you?
You're the ones
who abducted Sho, aren't you?
What do you plan to do
after you collect Adolla Bursts?
The Great Cataclysm, 250 years ago,
seems to have been a misfire.
By gathering Adolla Bursts, we're going
to start the Great Cataclysm again!
That's why we're using Bugs
to create pyrokinetic
and searching for Adolla Bursts!
Also, we need you and Sho to do that!
Hey! Why are you telling him?
Oh, my bad!
Who cares? Even if they know,
there's no way they can stop us.
Now then, let's claim Shinra Kusakabe.
Sho, is something wrong?
First, tell me what happened 12 years ago.
Who can say?
I'm a sucker for forceful men,
so why don't you beat it out of me?
Stop screwing around.
Come on, out of the way.
Severed Universe.
Is something the matter?
Time isn't stopping. My Link has been cut.
What have you done?
What do you know? You're still pretty
lively, aren't you? Amazing!
Okay, why don't we get going too?
What was that?
I was aiming for her head,
but it got deflected.
I'm going to be the one
to put you down, Devil!
No dying on me in here!
Some uninvited intruders have turned up.
Arthur, she uses some kind of
strange technique.
You keep quiet. Don't talk. Hush up.
Now you're in my way. Move it.
It didn't work.
What a load. A scare technique?
Come at me.
A plasma? It must be interfering
with my electric signal.
You're a pain-in-the-ass opponent!
Haumea! We're out of time! We have to go!
Yes, I know! It'll only take a moment
to crush these guys!
Now what is it?
My Tekkyo
Did the electrical system short out?
Help Shinra while I keep her at bay!
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
That plasma is getting my wires crossed,
and I can't reach their nerves!
Damn that plasma-user!
He's a real pain in the ass.
Shinra, you're going to be okay now.
The earthquake is starting.
This tremor
It's shaking creepily.
It is the doing of the Evangelist!
We're out of time, Haumea!
See you later, if you survive.
-Wait! Give Sho back!
-No! Don't move!
We're getting out of here too!
It's still shaking.
This has been going on for much too long.
She said it was the Evangelist's doing.
What are they up to?
Sho is
Shinra, right now, you just hold on tight!
If you survive,
you can see your brother again!
To the emergency room?
Good idea. Let's call on our colleague.
When it comes to treating a pyrokinetic,
no one can beat her.
Director Huang!
Director Kayoko Huang!
What is it, Lieutenant Hague?
Captain Huang, my gratitude.
I have a gravely injured crewman.
We were informed by the Empire.
Was he injured
during that underground operation?
How did the Netherworld investigation go?
Any guesses what's causing
that incessant quaking?
Are you sure the Great Sol
isn't mad at Company 8
for violating the forbidden Netherworld?
That's not it.
It turns out this "Evangelist"
and the White-Clad
have been creating artificial Infernals.
They're looking for those
who possess Adolla Bursts,
flames that come from
the underworld Adolla,
to destroy the world.
I'll ask you all about it later.
Captain Huang,
can you fix up Shinra?
Honestly, it will be tough.
Maybe if the patient
has enough strength left.
And even if we do save his life,
the worst-case scenario
is that he'll suffer lasting effects,
such as being paralyzed.
The patient is a Third Generation,
and possesses an Adolla Burst, you say?
I have never come into contact with
the sacred flame known as Adolla Burst.
There is no telling what may happen.
He's my valued crewman.
Captain Huang,
please do your best.
I'll try. I'll do everything I can.
O Sol, please grant Shinra
the light of life.
The extraction of the sword
was successful.
His vitals have stabilized too.
Now I have to treat him with my ability.
Then again, with a wound like this
I'm not sure my ability alone can heal it.
It rests with the strength
of his flame as well.
Here goes.
Now beginning the final operation
on patient Shinra Kusakabe.
Rod of Asclepius!
Serpent, revitalize him!
It's been an hour
since the operation started.
Where are the others?
The sister went to pray for Kusakabe.
Lieutenant Hinawa is also being treated,
and Inspector Licht is investigating.
What about Vulcan?
He's with Lisa.
Apparently, Lisa is an emotional wreck.
So is Company 6 a hospital?
What kind of company is this?
You really don't know anything, huh?
You're aware that
all medical treatment in the empire
are rites that can only be performed
by the Holy Sol Temple, right?
You see, like Company 1, Company 6
is an entity of the Holy Sol Temple
and is the company
that specializes in medical treatment.
I see.
So that means this is a Holy Sol Temple.
One that's a hospital.
It's a Special Fire Force Company!
I hear that no one is better than
Company 6's Captain Huang
when it comes to treating a pyrokinetic.
The word is that
she uses a unique ability to heal them.
Is there something special
about Captain Huang's treatment?
Apparently, her ability
controls a flaming serpent
that treats injuries, illnesses,
and all sorts of symptoms.
When the patient is pyrokinetic,
it also makes use of their flame
to instantly relieve them
of their suffering.
It's a pretty flame.
At this rate, there should be
no problem at all.
This Adolla Burst is incredible.
He's used up all of his flames
so it may be a few days
before he wakes up.
It's been three days.
It's clear out.
I'm awake.
I'm really hungry.
I want some rice.
What happened to Sho?
I managed to save him, but
Has he gone back to the Evangelist again?
I should be looking at this sky
with my brother.
Damn it!
Impressive. You're awake,
just like Captain Huang predicted.
It must be the light from the sun,
but you don't even look that pale.
That being said,
you're still recovering. At ease.
I'm just glad you're all right.
Captain Burns?
What are you doing here, sir?
I came to check up on you.
Check up?
You came here for a Second Class
Fire Soldier from Company 8?
Am I putting you out?
No, sir.
If you're up to it,
how about a little check-up visit chat?
About the fire that happened 12 years ago.
Get dressed.
How about we take in
some of the air outside
while you have some rice?
Are you a big eater?
Yes, sir. More than usual.
You sure have grown up.
You know who I was
for the last 12 years, don't you?
You really were the Fire Soldier
who was there at the time.
You know everything, sir?
If I had been the one
who reported the truth of that fire,
you wouldn't have had to bear the stigma
of killing your mom and brother.
I don't care what happened to me!
Captain Burns, did you know
that Sho was still alive too?
Yes, I knew.
Then did you know he had been
taken away to the Evangelist too, sir?
Yes, I knew.
Why didn't you help him?
Why didn't you say anything to me?
If I'd known, I wouldn't have left Sho
in that darkness for 12 years!
After 12 years,
you're all grown up and you still
nearly died, so if I had told you,
what do you think you could have done?
This was a fluke.
I'm not the same
as I was when we first sparred.
I'm not so sure.
The fluke is that you survived.
If you're really not the same,
then show me.
Come at me.
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