Fire Force (2019) s01e24 Episode Script

The Burning Past

Raffles I and his disciples used the flame
bestowed by the Great Sol
and the technology cultivated by mankind
to create "Amaterasu."
The sacred flame of Amaterasu
benefits the lives of mankind
and ended up establishing the foundation
of a state in the Far East.
I'm glad to see you're feeling better.
Without you around,
Arthur tends to go off and be a real pain.
That jerk tried to dispose of
some piled-up documents with Excalibur.
Say something other than
one-word responses, Devil.
Yes, okay.
Don't do that
in front of Sister and Maki, okay?
You'll just make them worry again.
I know you've got your brother and stuff
on your mind,
but you aren't all alone.
Well, thinking about it too hard
won't help.
-Not your strong suit.
-Oh, shut up.
Come to think of it, Tamaki's there too.
Right. Toss in the cat lady too.
I'm glad you got out of the hospital okay.
Sorry to worry you.
Is everything the same with the others?
They're all quite well.
Shinra, congratulations
on being discharged.
I'm sorry, I couldn't come in person!
I was worried about you.
Oh, that's okay. You had to be on stand by
in case of a callout.
Welcome back, Shinra.
I'm glad to see the Adolla Burst is safe.
Nothing that happens seems to kill him.
Such a troublesome devil.
Hey, Devil.
It looks like you didn't get into heaven.
What about you? You still haven't gone
completely rotten, you oniony bastard?
It's good to have you back, Shinra.
Yes, sir.
I'd like you to compile the incident
reports on the Netherworld right away,
but your report
to the Captain comes first.
Congratulations on getting out, Shinra.
Second Class Fire Soldier, Shinra Kusakabe
is returning to duty as of today.
How is Company 6 recently?
Doing just fine, sir.
We have Captain Huang after all.
Things are nice and quiet
What is happening?
So this is the light-speed you've attained
by receiving grace, isn't it?
Kusakabe! You should be
on strict bed rest!
Go back to your bed!
Let them finish this.
You're not going to be able to stop them.
Burns is an old-fashioned hard-head.
Heavy-handed interchanges
are all he knows.
He's provoked by the young lad's growth
and simmering on the inside.
Why didn't you tell me?
Whatever your reasons are,
I won't accept them!
Fire Soldiers have ambition.
We can't act on our personal feelings.
Stand back.
It looks like he's getting warmed up.
It feels like I could get crushed
just getting near him.
By stoking his internal flame
and circulating the heat energy produced
by it throughout his body,
he can exhibit
a tremendous physical ability.
Burns' body becomes an enormous mass
of heat energy,
which could rightly be called
an embodiment of flame.
Those who are weak lose their lives.
That's why I couldn't afford
to tell you the truth.
If you want to know,
then convince me by showing me
that you're strong enough to hear it.
Captain Burns, you came here to tell me
what happened 12 years ago!
Quit screwing around!
What's wrong?
You don't think you can do it?
No, you damn
He just called a superior officer
a damn liar, didn't he?
He held back as hard as he could though.
You got it.
I'm going to show you
that I'm not as fragile as you think I am.
All I could save
was this one, vulnerable little life.
I'll take him down.
That jerk is going to pay.
He's going down.
I'm surprised you grew up
this big and strong.
You're going to tell me,
whatever it takes!
Is that all the resolve you have?
You're no better than a candle flame.
Don't mock me.
I've got more than this!
You're sure you won't regret
anything I tell you!
As much as I hated flames,
I became a Fire Soldier
so I could learn the truth!
Imagine, that tiny little flame
growing to be as big as this.
It's been a long time. My arm stings
from where you hit me.
You've gotten strong.
You've made your resolve known.
Very well, I'll tell you everything.
What you know about that fire
is not the truth.
The group under the Evangelist
that you fought with
was already active 12 years ago.
Do you sense anything?
The Evangelist said
this was the area, right?
A new Adolla Burst is going to be born.
The Evangelist knew ahead of time
that there would be a fire.
Then the Evangelist
and their company really did
The cause of that fire was quite clear.
-It wasn't you.
-That's right!
There was a Demon Infernal there!
We welcome you, the third one.
Hurry and get out of here!
Hurry, Shinra
Run away
A Demon?
The source of that fire 12 years ago
was your younger brother, Sho.
It was the effect of Sho's Adolla Burst
that evoked
your Third Generation abilities.
You understand the reason why
we are blindfolded, right?
Well, of course.
If we look directly at the sun,
we'll burn our eyes.
Though the sun shineth,
the children of men see it not.
If thou desirest to draw nigh
unto the celestial world,
simply feel it in thy heart.
The horned Infernal that you said
you saw was
It can't be
I've come all this way
just to find that Infernal
and destroy it.
The cause of the fire was Sho,
and the Demon Infernal I saw was my mom
In that case, what happened to my mom?
I arrived on the fire scene 15 minutes
after it started.
Where are the survivors inside?
Why aren't they doing anything
to put it out?
There's something strange about this fire!
The water isn't knocking it down at all!
Start fighting the fire again!
Those of you who are Third Generation
and can tolerate the flames, go with me!
We're charging in there
to identify any survivors!
Three, two, one!
A survivor!
-Get a paramedic!
-Yes, sir!
Let me go! My mom and Sho
are still inside there!
There's a bad Demon close by!
-An inextinguishable fire. A Demon
-Sho! Mom! Let me go!
-Nothing feels right about this.
-Sho! Mom!
I'm going in!
The body set up
to look like the mother is in place.
Haumea, how about it? Are you in control?
Talk to me, Haumea.
Have you done it?
Hey, Haumea!
Shut your trap, Charon! I'm doing it now!
Get lost if you're going to
keep disturbing me! I'll kill you!
If you could hear me, answer.
If I answer you, are you going to
help me? No, you can't!
So shut your stupid face
and go flap in the wind!
Okay, my bad.
She's terrifying.
Given the situation, things are already
A Demon and baby!
Bring the baby and come here.
Hold it!
Burns! It's coming down! Get out of there!
The Infernal!
Watch your head!
A Demon Infernal. An Adolla Burst.
An Adolla Link
The flames in my right eye
aren't subsiding.
Just like when I previously saw the light
in the other world, and it burned away.
Mom! Sho!
Watch it! Don't go near there!
They didn't go after that boy.
His abilities have been awakened.
Still, his flames are still weak.
Listen closely to me.
Your mother is dead.
So is your brother.
Why did you lie to me?
To keep you out of it.
They might have come after you
at some point too.
I told you that lie
so that you'd fear and hate flames.
I thought that
if you were afraid of flames,
you'd avoid using your pyrokinetic
abilities and stay out of this world.
I do hate them, even now.
Whatever the facts may be,
flames have taken everything away
from my family.
Flames have derailed everything.
There's no way I could ever like them.
Still, you used your flames
to come as far as you have.
I've accomplished my objective
for coming today.
Please wait, sir.
Captain Burns, did you know
about the Adolla Link
when you saw into that hell?
My right eye is the price I paid
for seeing the flames of hell.
Was that Demon 12 years ago an Infernal
with horns growing out of its eyes?
Yes, it was.
Then that Demon was probably Mom.
Where did my mom go, sir?
I never saw her after that.
By using the Adolla Link,
I can once again see that Infernal.
I can see Mom again.
But how do I Link again?
That man might know something.
please go back to your bed now.
-You look like him!
I look like him?
Lieutenant Hague
Lieutenant Hague,
are you and Company 4's captain
Oh, yes.
Captain Soichiro Hague of Company 4
is my grandfather.
Why? Do I really look like him?
Oh, no! You just remind me of him
symbolically, that's all.
-You're fine!
-I'm fine?
Listen, would it be possible for me
to meet with Captain Hague?
With the Captain, you say?
That is my report.
You think that the Adolla Link
and Captain Hague may be connected?
Yes, sir. In order to verify that,
I asked his blood relative,
Lieutenant Asako Hague
of Company 6, to help me.
I was just thinking of contacting
the Chief of the Fire Defense Agency.
Let's try reaching out
from this end as well.
if we assume
that Captain Burns' story is true,
it means that the Evangelist's group
was involved
in the incident with your family.
It's not so easy to believe that
the Demon I thought was my enemy
turned out to be my mom.
But I also thought Sho was dead,
when in fact, he's still alive.
If your mother has become an Infernal
and is still alive
I will find a way to turn an Infernal
back into a person.
What a dump.
Don't feel bad. Those who aren't knights
find it harder to use swords.
Screw you, you oniony bastard!
-I'll definitely cut faster than him!
-I'll definitely cut faster than him!
Take it easy.
-What did you say?
-King! I am a Knight King!
Gravel just needs to behave like gravel.
Lieutenant Karim!
Oh, Tamaki! What a relief
to see you reveling in the revelry.
Can I be taken off suspension, please?
For the party.
Thank you very much, sir.
I'm just here to drink some sake.
But Shinra is still too young to drink.
I didn't bring it for the kid to drink.
Those of us who can drink can enjoy it
among ourselves.
How about you?
Do you enjoy sake, my princess?
If you like, you could join me tonight
Yes, but just a little bit.
Underage gorilla.
Who are you calling a gorilla cyclops?
I never said that.
I am very pleased tonight
to host this grand party
to celebrate Shinra, a crewman
from Special Fire Force Company 8,
being discharged from the hospital.
Coming off our earlier investigation
into the Netherworld
Thank you for this food.
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