Firebite (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Last Bloodhunter

1 Neeks! Neeks! Stay there.
I'll winch you.
What the ? Back, now.
Now! No, no, no, Neek! I'll hold 'em.
Neeks, hang on! - Argh! - Hold! Hold! Neeks! Aim for his bloody heart! Quick! Hold on! Where'd you learn that? I thought I told you to watch your back.
Good to see you too.
You know him? Ohhh! Don't touch me! I'm fine.
Let's get him in the car.
Who is he? Big swingin' dick blood hunter, that's who he is.
- What's a blood hunter? - Keep pressure on that wound.
Be even more annoying if he dies.
I'll never hear the bloody the end of it.
You're gonna be OK.
- What's his name? - His name is Jalingbirri.
Oh, come on, answer your damn phone! My truck! I gotta go.
Hey, you're gonna bleed out.
Stay where you are.
Bandages, medical supplies.
What the hell are you doing here? I want answers, Tyson.
I need you to go.
I'm not going anywhere unless you tell me what's going on! - What's a blood hunter? - Yeah, give that! Blood hunters are blackfellas that hunt vampires.
- Like us? - Yeah, like us, but not.
These men are trained like lore-men.
- We should call his mob.
- Nah, he got no mob.
Blood hunters got no family.
They live away from everyone.
Uh, sewing needle, thread.
Where is it? - Neeks, look at me.
- I can't find it.
Go get Kitty.
You bring her back here.
I'll deal with this.
- But - No, you're following orders.
OK? We'll have the biggest yarn when you get back and this shit is dealt with, you copy me? - Yes.
- All right.
Hey, eyes to the ground! Shit.
No sign of him in the eastern shafts.
Looks like he wasn't alone.
Find the blood hunter.
Elvis! Elvis! El! Hey! Uncle Elvis! Hey! - Where you at, Unc? - No, no, no, no, no.
Uncle! Something's not right.
- Uncle! - We should go.
- What? Why? Hey! Unc? Hey, who are you? What you doing? Jalingbirri.
There's no-one here by that name.
Run, JT, run! Leave her.
Let her spread the fear.
It'll flush out the blood hunter.
Bring him with us.
Hey, love.
oi! How do you deal with them? I just don't make eye contact with the real sleazy ones.
Jerk! Is it your ex? I don't know, Ellie.
You know, you just keep thinking one day things will be different.
All right.
What do you want? It's on me.
Well, whisky, then.
Tell me not all men are fuckwits.
I am working a bar on the edge of the bloody desert on the other side of the planet to avoid my ex.
So I am not the one to talk about hope.
Yeah, you got got any kids? Nah.
One fire opal and we'll be out of here.
You're right as.
Hey! I don't pay you to run a girls club.
Why are these glasses still unwashed? Look, I've got a crazy idea.
Why don't you wash the glasses and I'll look after customers? All right? Girls club would run rings around you, Spud.
The king wrote his resignation Swallowed it in capsule form Wow.
Look out.
A bunch of lost cowboys.
Band on the run.
And said, "I ain't gonna reign no more "I ain't gonna reign no more" You know I'm tired of all the expectations And the diseases in my meat So he hung a sign 'Position vacant' As he kicked the chair out from under his feet Whoo! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh Oi! What's that kid doing in here? - Come on, mate.
- Shanika! - Come on.
- Aunty Kitty, we need you.
Hey! Get your hands off her! She shouldn't have been in here! Oh, piss off! She's leaving with me.
You old bastard.
You knew I was still here.
Hey! Hey, wake up! Hey! What the hell are ya doin' here? Why have you got my number? Fuck.
Shit! You keep quiet, old man.
What's his name? Jesus.
Not good.
Get blankets.
Let's see.
Way too close to the main artery.
Is he gonna be OK? Let's keep him warm.
Can't let him slip into hypovolemic shock.
Hypo what? This bloke could die.
I can stop the blood loss, but he needs to go to hospital now! No hospital.
Nah, you won't force him.
Trust me.
This motorbike crash, was it on the north road? - Yeah.
- Nah, south.
You think I was born yesterday? Come on, Kitty, just help him.
He needs a hospital by morning.
I ain't gonna last that long.
All right.
He's through the worst.
I don't wanna go out I don't wanna go out Dickhead! What was that for? Come here, I'll have ya! Oh! Oi! Break it up! Bastard! I don't wanna go out I don't wanna go out Hey, what was that all about? I don't wanna go out Jalingbirri's not here.
No-one knows him.
I don't wanna go out I don't wanna go out This place is different to how I imagined.
All right.
Now that you're leading us, we're confident to come out of the shadows.
We've been trying to recruit the outliers.
Before you got here, we weren't really united.
Just kill them.
Kill them? Mmm.
Those that don't fall in line.
It'll be easy to rule.
I don't wanna go out I don't wanna go out I don't wanna go do it Oi, Spud! Keg's been replaced, cans have been restocked, and can I please crash here for a bit? What happened to your last place? It didn't work out.
Yeah, righto.
Well, you can take the room out the back.
Thank you.
I don't wanna go to the movies Going to the movies costs too much I don't wanna go through the till I find that they're a bit too much I don't wanna go out I don't wanna go out I don't wanna go oh-oh-oh-oh I don't wanna go out Afraid she's not for sale.
So, beer? Oi.
I think you spilled my beer, mate.
I'm sorry.
Can I buy you another one? Nah.
- Oh! - Ooh! Ah! Get dressed for school, you mob.
We can't keep the secret much longer.
Can't find Elvis anywhere.
Cops don't care.
They reckon he probably took a bus out of town.
That's bullshit.
Call off the search.
What? It's too dangerous at night.
There's too many open shafts.
Well, what if my brother's down on one of them? I'm not gonna give up.
Sorry, Smokey.
Well, keep lookin'.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, you seen JT? I can't can't find him.
He got a call from his mother's side this morning.
Had to leave early to go down south.
- True? - I'll get one of the other boys.
Yeah! What's this? Breakfast.
You never give me breakfast.
Oh, well, things have changed.
I think we should tell Aunty Kitty what really happened.
We have one rule, Shanika - keep it between us.
I thought it was "eyes to the ground".
Oh, well, two rules, then, OK? No-one else, just you and me.
Not even Kitty.
Why didn't you tell me about how you know the old fella? He's from a lifetime ago.
Before I even knew you.
Were you a blood hunter? No.
Shit, it's your school.
Are you late? No.
I'm suspended, remember? Oh, shit.
Watch him.
Hello? Women shouldn't hold boomerangs.
This woman saved your arse with this boomerang.
You definitely take after Tyson.
How do you know him? Same way I know you.
You're a blood hunter.
Yeah, we got to meet your principal tonight.
You right, old man? Yeah.
No thanks to this girl here.
This girl saved your arse.
Who saved his arse? Glad to see you're OK.
Your wound looks all right.
But maybe stay off it for a couple of days, eh? And get over your elder stubbornness and go to a hospital? I don't need a hospital.
Well, I can't be following you round 24/7.
I'm not even allowed to know your name.
Well, bub.
- See you later.
- 'Bye, Aunty Kitty.
I gotta go to work.
Hey, I just wanna say You know, Tyson, I'd like to think we shared something special between us once upon a time.
Yeah, we did.
We still do.
I'm not even expecting the full truth anymore.
I deserve at least halfway.
Yeah, I know.
So he taught you about vampires? Yeah.
How do you kill 'em? Boomerang to the heart.
Is that the only way? You can cut their heads off.
But it's a bit hard to get through the backbone.
Sunlight'll kill 'em too.
He ever take you down? No.
We're not allowed to go down.
So that was your first time down there? Are you OK? A blood hunter doesn't bottle shit up.
So what do youse do? Pest control.
Above ground only.
What's wrong with that? He's not following lore.
What? Same lore that says women can't hold boomerangs? You can't wipe out a colony unless you go down.
That's what a blood hunter is.
We don't dick around with defence.
We attack.
We kill 'em.
We win.
Was Tyson a blood hunter? He could been.
What stopped him? He was selfish.
Neeks, get outside and check the gate, bub.
- Why? - Shanika OK, cut the shit.
What the hell are you doin' here? The King.
The King? You know what a King is? Yeah, one of 11 First Fleeters.
I didn't forget everything you taught me.
We chased him out of Bree where he left a dozen bodies.
I tracked his car he took to cross the desert.
He sent his vampires to ambush me when I arrived.
The King showed his face.
I thought all the Kings were dead.
He's the last.
The other blood hunters? They're all dead.
He was too strong for me.
The sun saved my black arse.
I'll never give up! So, you're the last one? You need my help, but you're too bloody stubborn to ask me! 'Cause this is the last colony.
And you're too gutless to go down there! I think we both know why that is.
Hey, I've been keepin' this mob safe.
Safe? How many bleeders have they taken over the years? - None! - How would you know? You never go down! I've been countin' a shitload of missin' blackfellas up and down the desert.
Vampires been draggin' em down and feeding on 'em for years.
You think bleeders aren't worth it?! It's easier to write them off than to try to save them, eh? Yeah, typical blood hunter.
"Gotta go down the hole and die!" Nah.
Not me, old man.
I wanna live.
Hey, you just told me there's a King in town.
This might be your last drink.
Oh! Whatever.
You trained her.
Wouldn't get in the way of that left hook, but.
Neeks? Neeks! From here.
Pssht! Pssht! You know how stupid that sounds? Oh, here we go.
Not to mention all the lores you broke.
Yeah, well, culture changes.
All right? This is not 1788.
Tyson, this isn't playtime! Them bastards sent them everywhere! America, Asia, Africa.
Every colonised country is at war and you choose to piss your life away! Oh, cut it out, all right? You sound like a bloody history book.
A boring one.
You're selfish.
You choose to protect one person instead of a community.
You're a disappointment.
An embarrassment.
And you're a failure.
Hmm? Yeah? Your old, wise ways, they're gonna die with you.
And no-one's gonna cry when they bury you! You cranky, old Neeks! Come on, we gotta go, see your principal! Oh, thanks, Maria.
Hey, look, uh I I tried to get her to eat, but she won't.
Every time she goes to sleep, she just wakes up screaming.
Take her to the clinic.
You reckon? Tell them she hasn't slept, she's having difficulty eating.
Maybe they'll give her something to help.
I'll round up some fellas to continue looking out bush.
- No worries, bro.
- Be back before sundown.
Thanks, Maria.
the outside.
Light's on.
Rocket's plain restless.
Why are you quiet? Set now.
And they're off.
Don't go all teenager on me.
Jumped about mid field Do you remember that day? What day? Yesterday? Do you remember that day? - What day?! - The day with Mum.
Yeah, what about it? Did she die or was she taken? What's this got to do with anything? What's a bleeder? Is it true that they take blackfellas and keep them down there and bleed them? Yeah, it's true.
They're evil sons of bitches, Neeks.
Is my mother one of them? I don't know.
Did you see her die or was she taken? She died, bub.
Come on, now.
Let's nail this meeting.
You with me? Honestly, she's a treasure.
I mean, we've had our challenges, of course.
I mean, who doesn't? But this kid here: A1 plus.
Now, she's so helpful around the house.
History genius.
Every morning she just can't wait to get to school, can you, Neeks? - No.
Can't wait.
- Yeah.
Mr Walker, Shanika's behaviour at school has been escalating.
We are concerned.
All right, well, um, I'll stop her listenin' to rap music and playing video games, how's that? Shanika.
How are you feeling? Tell us how things are, really.
I know how it looks and yes, he's a dickhead.
But he's not an arsehole, if that's what you mean.
So the doctor's prescribed tablets to help with the sleep and anxiety.
Is this for the spirits? Yeah, for the spirits, sis.
Oh, what the ? Hey, you guys got a generator here? Dunno.
I'm I'm new here.
Hey, stay here, guys.
Anybody there? Oh.
It's them.
Smokey? Behind you, Coralee! You killed our brother! You fucking die! Get back here! Get back here, Coralee! Yah! Argh! Coralee! Smokey, save yourself! Coralee! Oh! Ohh! The blood machine.
That's all he wants.
Grab the body.
All right, Neeks, seriously, we need to talk.
Here, pull my finger.
Neeks? Neeks, pull my finger.
Neeks? Neeks, pull my finger, pull my finger.
Please? Please? Please? Please, pull my finger.
Pull my Come on, pull my finger.
Come on, please.
Oh, I'm gonna bust! Neeks! Neeks! Ehhhhh! You're a dickhead.
You're a dickhead.
Where are these from? The servo? Nah.
The cemetery.
- Hmm.
- A thankyou.
Tyson Walker thanking me? Thought I'd never see the day.
Yeah, yeah.
I was about to come and see you mob, check on the patient.
Nah, no need.
He's right as rain.
Back to being the pain in the arse I knew he was.
What's with her? She's sulking for some reason.
Anyway, let's go to the pub for a feed.
Pub's closed.
Big dust-up there last night.
Some whitefellas looking for a blackfella.
You wouldn't know any blackfellas on the run, would you? Tyson? So you gonna tell me what's going on? Gotta tell that old bastard those suckers are above ground and they're lookin' for him.
The last blood hunter.
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