Firebite (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

We Don't Go Down

1 Fuck, they're already here.
Tyson! Get the old man! I don't wanna die! Ahhh! Argh! Bam! Argh! Anybody there? The last blood hunter! Big bastard.
Yeah, what next, old man? Oh, he did it that way.
Dropped him.
Oh, that was a stupid move.
That uppered you up.
Argh! Dropped him.
Yeah, that one.
Yes, come on.
You nearly had him, old man.
Silly old blood hunter.
What, you digging for China? You won't need that big a hole.
There's not much left of him.
I found that.
Thought you might want it.
You wanna talk about it? Nah.
We'll clean up, we'll bury him, then we'll take off.
Why? Well, because if you look around, little girl, someone gave our location away.
I'm not a little girl.
And I'm not going with you.
- Why not? - Because.
I got no time for this teenage crap, Shanika.
You know I can tell when you lie to me.
Don't be stupid.
Is Mum dead? - Look, we got no time - Is she dead? We gotta pack up and get outta here.
Tyson, I'm asking you a question! I don't know, all right? I didn't see her die.
There! OK? Is she a bleeder? Who knows? Yeah.
Now, are we good? We good? Ssst! Ohh! Oh-ho! Fuck! Ahh! Fuck! Smokey! Hey! What happened? Stay here.
I'll get you some water, OK? Smokey said bad spirits did this.
Well, rum is a particularly bad spirit.
- It's made me do awful things.
- What the fuck did you just say? Ma'am, this is a crime scene.
Then do your job instead of being a racist dickhead.
I need you to leave.
Where's the dialysis machine? Ma'am, please Let's get you home.
I hope it was all worth it, old man.
Ah, shit.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
That's a waste of good booze there.
I know you're a deadly shot, but you gotta be smart about this, Neeks.
You mean smart like you? Did you even pass first grade? Oh.
Big woman, big mouth now, huh? I gotta know if Mum's down there! We don't go down there, bub.
Look where it got Jalingbirri.
At least he tried.
What are you? A failed blood hunter? Oi! Big rain comin' there.
Yeah, that thunder gonna shake that country, and you watch all those goannas that live underground there, they're gonna wake up, they're gonna get real excited 'cause that rain has made the land come alive again.
Plenty to eat.
Big rain comin'.
You know, Jalingbirri taught me that yarn.
You think it's easy buryin' someone you know? Wouldn't know.
Jalingbirri taught me not to bottle that shit up.
All right, this is the truth, Neeks.
There's a King Vampire here in town and we are sittin' ducks 'cause now they know where we live.
How do they know where we live? I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
And I need your help.
For what? We're gonna catch a vampire, we're gonna ask him.
While we're at it, we'll see where they keep their bleeders, if they got any, 'cause if you wanna go down there, you gotta be sure.
Sorry about, um Oh, no, no, no, no.
You're right, bub.
We're gonna need more weapons, though.
I'm sorry, Smokey.
Sorry's not gonna bring Coralee back.
It's not gonna bring my brother back.
I was always told not to tell.
I made up stories to keep the kids safe.
Worked for years, but No, don't.
Don't give me that sacred story bullshit.
I seen it last night at the clinic.
In full fucking close-up.
Spirits or whatever.
They killed Coralee and they took her.
We've got no chance with these things, you know? We'd best pack up now.
I'm leavin'.
Might as well say our goodbyes.
No, you can't go, Smokey.
We're gonna need fighters.
Blokes like you who are not afraid.
The right way or wrong way, we've fought for too many years to save this country.
I'll be buggered if I'm giving up now.
I'm gonna go down swingin', my old friend, and we need your help! I don't care if I'm the first or the last.
I'm gonna stand up and fight them.
All right, so you tilt the glass, you pull on the tap and not too much head.
Most of 'em have just spent 12 hours mining, so they'll down them quick, and the more beers you give them, the less they care about the head, so - That's a first.
- Oh.
Miners? Write that down, OK? Yeah, yeah, I got it.
It's showtime.
Give you a tenner.
- Give a tenner back.
- Yep.
Too easy.
Got it! Lines are down.
I'm on it.
Carly, you're up.
What can I get you? Lemon, lime and bitters, thanks, love.
Put it on my tab.
Ugh! Ahhh.
Yeah, look.
The roo meat's just his cover.
The Bat Cave will be in there.
No way the cops would have found this.
Whoa! Well, he's got it all worked out.
Neeks, look here.
Look at it all.
There's no way we'll fit all this in the Subaru.
No-one's gonna find us here, not man or beast.
What are these? Magnesium, and an oxidiser of potassium perchlorate and phosphorus.
How you know? You can't even read big words.
It's a daylight emitting grenade.
This'll blind the suckers a little bit.
- Cool.
- Could've made this shit myself.
- But you never.
- Ruder.
Neeks, look here.
Hey, blood hunter.
Neeks, Neeks.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Give me that.
He taught me to fight with this.
Proper weapon.
Most of the stuff looks better than it would work.
That's a chopstick gun.
It's a toy.
Whoa-ho-ho! Deadly toy.
Neeks, how do I look? Did you know that in vampire lore, a King is the only one allowed to create new vampires? I didn't know that about suckers.
I reckon a few of them would break the lore, though.
I would.
These blood hunters are deadly.
I don't get it.
Why'd you leave? They're full of shit, that's why.
Don't look full of shit to me.
Yeah, well.
Come on, let's get some sleep.
Why? 'Cause if we're gonna catch a vampire tomorrow, we need to be on top of our game.
That blood hunter nonsense is a waste of time.
So, it'll give us enough power to run the blood machine.
It'll do for now.
Survivors of the wars will be coming from all over the country to build our colony: we're gonna need more tunnels.
We can get one of our contacts above ground to arrange some earth movers.
Gonna need a pit for the young ones.
New vampires? We're gonna grow our numbers.
Starting tonight.
Come on, Tyson.
This is ridiculous.
We're not babysitters.
Hey, bub.
Tyson, you're being weak.
This is stupid.
What's going on? I was wrong.
We need to get out of here.
We're not.
We need it! No.
We don't.
We're movin' towns.
What about savin' Mum? I'm sorry, bub.
We stick to our own rules, all right? - We're goin' down.
- No.
Tyson! Stop it, Tyson! Oh, just shut shut up! You are a child.
You have no fucking idea, OK? No idea! And if your mum is alive, when you see her, bub, you'll wish she was dead.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Oi! Never know where I'm headed And now I'm with you Hey, Tyson.
Not sure what to do with my life I think I might just be Beer? This one likes whisky, Carly.
Over there.
You're the most reliable woman in my life right now.
Ah, you really know the way to a woman's heart, don't you, Tyson? Ahhh! What are you talking about, baby? I'm a rock star.
The extra one's on me, rock star.
You really know the way to a man's heart.
Give us a hand.
Ohhh! Blocker! But I hope that you depend on me Hope that you depend on me Hope you depend on me Hope that you depend on me Hope you depend on me Hope that you depend on me I hope you depend on me Hope that you depend on me too Got your text.
- Oh, Kitty cat.
- Told you not to call me that.
Meow! Where's Shanika? Shanika can look after herself.
You don't worry about that.
Worry about me! How's Jalingbirri? With all this Coralee stuff, I forgot to come out.
He left town.
Somebody must have told people that he was with me.
Don't look at me.
Hmm! Don't look at me like that.
Not my fault he's on the run with a busted leg.
- So you never said anything? - To who? You I see you.
You're drunk.
Shhhh! Shhh! I'm not drunk.
I need to ask you something.
You got any coin? I only got rocks.
Are you serious right now? Oh, nah, nah, nah.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, Kitty cat.
Just kidding.
Just kidding.
Just kidding.
I'm gonna sing you a song.
I'm gonna sing you a song! You'll love it! Babe.
Whoo! Whoo! A shy black boy, he came to the city To learn about life and how his people lost their lives His parents struggled He was just a child And now his life is mystified - Black boy - Black boy - Black boy - Black boy The colour of your skin is your pride and joy - Black boy - Black boy - Black boy - Black boy Your life is not destroyed Oh, yeah! Whoo! He didn't go to school 'Cause they called him black boy He hardly talked to the girls and boys Don't be a fool Just obey the rules 'Cause you just learnt the truth Hey! - Black boy - Black boy - Black boy - Black boy The colour of your skin is your pride and joy - Black boy - Black boy - Black boy - Black boy Your life is not destroyed Go, Tyson! Whoo! Carly! Cover for me.
It's a bit swollen.
Hey, nothing wrong with it, darlin'.
You got room there.
Look, just put All right.
They won't see.
Move down here.
- Why? - Yeah, closer here.
'Cause I can't get hold Oh! - Who's that? - I don't know.
Just wait this one time.
Fuck it.
Hang on.
- Look at you.
- Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! You really are beautiful, aren't you? Ha! Yeah.
You take your panties off? Tell me about the bleeders! I said, have you got any? Do you have bleeders down there or not? Do you feed on people or not? Blackfella in her 30s? Argh! Argh! Come on, come on.
It's OK.
Ah, shit! It's fine.
You know what? Let's save it for another time.
It's never happened to me before.
Ever! Yeah.
I I totally believe you.
And it's fine.
And you know what? I've actually got to go back up.
So Oh! - Chuck us me knickers.
- Yeah.
Well, another successful shift of being objectified.
Lucky they tip well, I guess.
I need a drink.
See you tomorrow.
Is it cold? Very.
Well, sometimes you just need to take the plunge.
Not tonight.
Long day? Yep.
Help me up.
With pleasure.
Ugh! Where have you been? Hunting.
Do you know how dumb that is?! Not as dumb as getting drunk.
And definitely not as dumb as sleeping outside.
- Hey! - Free food for the suckers.
You don't tell me what I know! I'm the boss here.
OK? No solo hunting allowed.
I can handle myself.
Oh, yeah, you big woman now, eh? Mm-hm.
Hey, you need me.
I'm the closest thing to a blood hunter you got left! Nah.
Blood hunters are warriors.
You're just a drunk.
A real warrior would have saved my mum.
Hey Hey.
Hey! Hey! Hey, you awake? You caught a vamp all by yourself, eh? That's some mean shit for a teenager.
For real, bub.
Look I'm sorry about what I said before.
Truth is I always wanted to be a blood hunter.
The best blood hunter ever.
Went through all the training there.
Look And then I found you.
And you was just standing there.
You were alone and you were cryin'.
And they wanted me to leave you there.
But I couldn't do it.
I just I dunno.
I I couldn't leave you there, bub.
So I picked you up and then I brought you here.
Ah, 10 years! Bloody hell.
I still can't leave you.
Yeah, I'm scared, bub.
I'm scared every day of losing you.
I'm scared of you being alone.
And I'm a shit dad.
But we family, Neeks.
So, I reckon if you wanna go down, we go down together.
Hmm? Well, shit.

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