Firefly Lane (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


1 I didn't I didn't think you could get any hotter, but you being pregnant has really, it's turned you - into some kind of like - Sex banshee? - Well, I was gonna say goddess, but - Oh.
Yeah, these hormones are better than ecstasy.
What's in there? Ecstasy? I can't.
I'm with child, and I have a meeting with PR today.
No, it's, uh, it's not ecstasy.
Um My parents Oh, love them.
Are they in there? No, they're not.
But they have They have this sort of saying about, uh, people that you're close to.
It's about lifeboats, or, uh, who you'd want to pull onto your lifeboat with you, you know, when you're out at sea, 'cause there's not much space.
- And Tully Hart.
I love you.
- Oh, shit.
Um And, hey I want you to be in my lifeboat.
- I - Okay, this this was my abuela's ring.
I'm gonna stop you right there.
It's, um And, you are I, uh No, hey, listen.
I totally I know.
I know that this is fast, okay.
And it's totally crazy, but our whole relationship has been It's been fast and crazy.
And I love you.
I want I want to spend my life with you.
Okay, I I want to cook French toast for you in the morning and I want us I want us to hold hands, and I want us to watch our kid chase butterflies.
I want to meet you out for coffee when you're running late and somebody asks, "Can I have this spot?" I can be like, "No.
I'm saving it for my wife.
" I-I want to be your husband, Tully.
Max the thing is I can't get married.
- No.
Hey - You're such a great guy.
- Listen.
No, hey.
- Go to work, okay? Go to work.
- Hey, listen - I will talk to you later.
Kate, it's so beautiful.
You look like a real bride.
Don't rip it.
My mom will spaz.
You have to wear this at your wedding.
Picture this with a lace gown, extra long-train, and you're my maid of honor.
- Duh, in a foxy blue dress.
- No, purple to match the flowers.
- And the groom.
- Oh, Leif Garrett.
You guys are gonna meet because his tour bus is gonna break down right in front of your house, he's gonna need to use the phone.
And when he sees me walking down the aisle, it'll be like time stops.
He'll look at me like he can't even believe that I'm real.
Do you, Kate, take Leif to have and to French for as long as you both shall live? Oh, Leif.
I do.
Stop! Whoa.
She seems intense.
You know, New York is gonna be crawling with girls like this.
I just can't wait until I get out of this dumb town.
Right? We're gonna get an apartment, start a real band.
Just do whatever we want.
Wish we were there right now.
Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going? Ah, this thing keeps fighting back.
I told you clip on was the way to go, especially under pressure.
How does it feel? Like a noose.
I tied it wrong.
I'm Look, here.
Let me do it.
Oh, man, it's so wild to see you standing here in a tux on the biggest day of your whole life.
Oh, so, you know Tully's going to do the toast.
I, um, also thought that I could say something.
Um It's not in the program.
So Yeah, sure.
Of course.
- It's the thing - Yeah.
But hey, I was thinking, you can make sure we get Tully's speech on video.
Um Yeah.
Mutt is on it.
So cool your boyfriend's a professional cameraman.
Just Well, I better get back.
Were you terrified? I mean, to confront an armed criminal? Well, I knew I had a job to do, and that's the only thing that mattered.
I had to get the story.
What'll you do now that you're famous? I'm just weighing my options.
I love your sling.
It's so cute.
I made it myself.
Oh, Kate.
Come have champagne.
So modest.
You must hate having all this attention.
Heavy is the head that wears these earrings.
No, literally.
So heavy.
Attention, ladies.
As, well, many of you know, the girlfriend hour is a sacred tradition in our family before important events.
So today, in honor of my wonderful new daughter-in-law, Julia, I thought that we could all share a little advice on marriage, and mine is this.
Find ways to keep the passion alive.
Whether that means scheduling time during the week to make love, or role playing, or talking about your erotic fantasies.
God, Mom! Oh, would you grow up, you two.
This is important advice.
And next year you could be marrying Matt.
It's Mutt, actually.
I mean, it's way too early to even think about any of that.
- But how is the sex, dear? - They haven't had sex.
Katie's still a virgin.
- Oh.
- A virgin? Thank you for that, Tully.
My late bloomer.
I've done lots of things.
All the other things.
I mean, pretty much.
I mean, Mutt and I are practically, almost, I mean, he he is so sensuous, and we've had tons of encounters.
Things are excellent in my sex world.
Some would say "sexcellent.
" Well, good.
Hey, Mom.
What about you? Do you have any wisdom to share? Oh, well, where's that handsome young man that I like so much? - I forget his name.
- Johnny? Who's Johnny? Our, um, co-worker.
That Johnny, he is a tall drink of water, and that accent.
Maybe you might want to stay off the champagne, Mom.
I've seen the way he looks at you, Tully.
Uh Well, you know, went down that road for like half a block.
Wasn't for me.
And I don't want to risk our professional relationship.
I don't know.
Maybe you want to do a U-turn and go back down that road? Too dangerous, not worth it.
I know it seemed dangerous, but it actually is safe.
All clear, really.
I don't want to, and I'm with Chad now, again.
So, back to the advice.
Oh, no, his name wasn't Chad.
He was a handsome boy with a mustache.
A fisherman.
Um, looks like Burt Reynolds.
Sean's roommate.
Oh, Richard.
Oh, it's a sad story.
He he passed away last year.
It was some rare cancer, I think.
Sean didn't go into the details.
Oh, how tragic.
I mean, so young.
Yeah, he was like a brother to Sean.
- Sort of.
- I know.
Wish I could have met him.
Sean doesn't like to talk about it.
He says he doesn't even like to think about his life before because I wasn't in it.
Isn't that romantic? And, I've never even seen him look at another woman.
- I feel so lucky.
- Cheers to that.
Marah, I made perfect French toast.
Look at it.
Do you know how many carbs are in that? Good morning! As Tom Hanks once said, "You've got mail.
" Ooh.
French toast.
Hey, Marah, grab your stuff.
It's 7:45.
I'm not signing another late slip.
Like you have better shit to do.
You can't talk to her like that! You let her talk to you like that? It's just PMS, except for the kind that you have all day, every day, all the time.
Anyway, it's worse if I take the bait.
Man, I'm glad I'm having a boy.
You're having a boy? I mean, I don't know, but Max is convinced.
He had a dream about it.
He thinks he's psychic.
Which is ridiculous.
And kind of adorable.
Oh, my God, you are so in love.
What? No, I'm not.
It's okay to be in love with the father of your child.
It's actually a good thing.
Have you guys thought about co-habitating? It kind of makes the whole co-parenting thing a little more co-nvenient.
We're not doing co-mmitment.
Unless you count the thing where he just tried to propose.
What? Yeah.
He even made a speech about French toast which is weird.
And you ran away.
Of course.
Straight here, where it's safe.
Except for the teenager.
I don't know.
Seems to me like maybe a sign from the universe.
What, the French toast? You sound like Cloud.
The universe doesn't give signs.
I'm not saying marry him today, but maybe just open your mind up to the idea of maybe someday.
I've never seen you so crazy about anyone.
Not even Chad Wiley, and you were nuts about him.
No one is getting married.
Bite your tongue.
Anyway, what are you doing today? You want to hang out? Oh, I would love to, but I told Sean I'd meet him at Mom and Dad's.
They found dry rot in the garage.
What? Divorce papers.
I think maybe you had the right idea.
Never get married, never get divorced.
Let's go.
I'll grab my coat.
I asked you a simple question! I told you where I was! What do you think, I'm a fool, Marjorie? I need to get some air.
Katie, I told you to finish sorting those toys in the garage.
Why do I have to do it? They're Sean's toys too.
- Don't worry about Sean.
- Yeah.
- He's gonna be right there with you.
- What? - I have a guest.
- So do I.
No arguing.
Get to work.
Tully, Robbie, you can stay, but no distracting.
Now, go.
All of you, go.
Don't sit up there! Dad'll be pissed if your butt makes a dent! Don't talk about my friend's butt! Do you want this? - Yeah.
- Great.
Kate, you lucky bitch! I always wanted one of these.
Oh, yeah, I never really played with that.
Sean was the one who begged for it, but Sean got a football and I got an Easy-Bake.
You really wanted to bake cakes? Fairy.
Personally, I love a man who can cook.
How's it coming in here? It's fine.
Uh, great.
Yeah, you know.
Okay, this isn't working.
Tully, Robbie we'll see you later.
- Mom, that's not fair! - Come on.
Well, life isn't fair.
Now, say goodbye.
I wish you didn't have to go.
I know.
It's okay.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I don't get the whole guestbook thing.
Everyone just writes the same corny shit.
You always need a witty line or two on deck for an event like this.
Or you could just make up a Shakespeare quote.
See? Genius.
That's why I keep you around.
Also, I need someone to hold my purse.
Oh, it's an honor to be your purse rack.
I'm glad you called.
I missed you.
Me too.
You write something great.
I'm going to go wish the groom luck.
Oh, so sorry.
I didn't recognize you for a second.
- Thought you were James Bond.
- Will you shut the fuck up? - I look like a waiter.
- A very handsome waiter.
I only ordered the long stem and now I It's not too late to back out.
Tully, we talked about this.
I'm going to marry Julia.
Just need to be happy and I just don't want to see you marry the wrong person.
It wouldn't be fair to Julia.
Or you.
Tully, you gotta drop it.
I know you miss him, but Richard wouldn't have wanted this for you.
Richard's gone.
I loved him and he died.
That part of my life is over now.
There's a plague out there.
I'd like to live to see my 30th birthday.
Not just live but have a life.
I want to be married.
I want a family.
I deserve to have what everyone else gets.
I agree.
I just don't think this is the way.
This is the only way! Every love has compromises, but I guess you wouldn't understand that.
Hey! - Excuse me.
- Oh, sorry.
Oh! Shit.
- Aw.
Johnny! Jesus! - Tully, I'm so sorry.
You okay? I didn't - No, I'm fine.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
You look Injured? Yeah.
Well, at least my sling matches my dress.
Should we talk about what happened? Well, Johnny, we were on our way to report a story and I got shot.
I mean, uh, the night before that when we had sex.
There's nothing to talk about.
People do dumb, crazy shit when they're drunk, and, um, I'm back with Chad now, so we should just Good.
Yeah, Chad.
He's, uh Yeah.
No, I don't want to - Okay, great.
- So, friends.
- Friends.
Okay? - All right.
- We should.
This one? - Yeah, let's shake on it.
- Just a little pinkie swear.
- Yeah, that's binding.
- Yeah.
- Okay, pinkie swear.
- What's so funny? - Oh.
No, just something Chad wrote in the guest book.
You had to be there.
Hey, that's, uh quite a dress.
It may be hideous, but at least it's itchy.
Smile, guys.
The bride and groom are gonna be showing this to their grandchildren.
- Oh.
Hi! - Hi! Kate.
That dress was made for you.
Oh, it was actually made for me.
- I'm gonna go find Chad.
- Okay.
Tully? Tully Hart, is that you? Oh, my God! Chad.
- This is so crazy.
- You have no idea how crazy.
I was just talking about you with Kate over French toast.
- You were? - She would say it was a sign.
Of what? Nothing.
Never mind.
- Kate, huh? - Yeah.
- How is Kate? - Oh, she's amazing.
She, uh married Johnny.
No way.
Of course she did.
They're, uh, actually getting divorced.
They have a teenage daughter.
She's amazing, and Kate is still the best.
And you were talking about me? It's a long story.
Anyway, how are you? Ah, I'm great.
I'm still teaching.
I'm - I got married a few years back.
- Mmm.
That's her.
That's Sarah.
She's pretty.
Very smart too.
She's a pediatrician.
And, uh, we had a couple of kids.
This is Indy and Niko.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
You went and, like, had a whole life.
Well, I couldn't pine for you forever.
Although, I did try.
And how about you? Are you seeing anyone? Actually I am seeing a really great guy.
- That's good.
- He's never who I would have thought I'd fall for.
And we don't make sense in any way, but it it doesn't matter.
I'm happy.
He's the person I want in my lifeboat, you know? Yeah.
- Whoa.
You can't park that here.
- Hey, what's going on? Tully Hart.
Tully, hey.
Oh, shit.
Uh, what's going on? I know I'm probably hopped up on hormones right now, but I don't care.
Babe, are you okay? No.
I don't know, but I'm sick of running from commitment.
I want to run towards something.
Towards you, and us.
I want us to be in the lifeboat together.
I want our child's parents to be married.
I I want you to be my family.
Max Brody, will you marry me? Okay, you're extremely hard to predict.
I know.
And I love it.
And I love you.
Well, you gonna marry me or what? Fuck yeah.
I love you.
Oh, shit.
Oh, no.
Shit! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Your mom asked for extra glasses.
Close the door! Close the door! Yikes! What happened? I fucked up.
I ruined the wedding.
My brother's gonna hate me.
No, no, no.
We can We can fix this.
Uh Yeah.
Everything will be fine.
Um um let me just do a bit of surgery on this, okay? - How? - Uh, well we're just gonna steal some of this, and then, we're gonna sort of patch up on this fucked-up side.
- Okay.
- And, um Look at that.
If anything, it looks better.
Tickety-boo, okay? I got you, Mularkey.
Okay, we're gonna get a bit more icing on this side.
Shit, you got some on your suit.
Oh, no! Now I'm gonna be implicated as the cake bandit.
- It's not funny! - I know it's not.
Look, worst case scenario, we just eat our way out of this.
All right? That is the flawless plan.
Sean, I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
- This is completely my fault.
- Nothing's wrong.
We're fixing it up.
I had, um Okay.
Well, there's nothing we can do about it now.
Uh, so everyone just calm down, so I don't have a heart attack.
- Of course.
- Yeah, we're calm.
I'm really sorry.
No, it's okay.
Honestly, I was expecting something like this to happen.
What does that mean? No, it's not on purpose.
You know, it's just you being Kate.
It's like my eighth birthday party piñata disaster or when you broke Dad's windshield, or the time you set the barn on fire.
I didn't set the barn on fire.
I set a tiny pile of hay It's just the standard stuff that seems to happen whenever you're around.
It's not your fault.
You can't help it.
Yeah, this really could have happened to anyone.
Sean, I'm trying my best here.
I know.
Could we just not make today about you, for once? Today could not possibly be less about me.
I mean, you didn't even ask me to give a toast.
Did you see me complain when you asked Tully over me? Looks like you're complaining now.
No, that's not what I'm Look, I accept that you're closer to Tully.
And I accept that, for whatever reason, you can't find room for me in your life.
I guess I was just hoping that today might be different.
I can't do this right now.
Hey, Sean, check this out.
Oh, man, I used to love that thing.
Yeah, me too.
Wait, no, let me see too.
- Remember when we got this? - Yeah, the Grand Canyon trip.
Yeah, when Mom and Dad were arguing, like, the whole car ride.
If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell Mom and Dad? - Yeah.
- Well A little while ago, Tully and I ditched school and we saw Mom with a man.
What? They were in the house together talking, and they were super close together - Could've been a repairman.
- It wasn't a repairman.
No, Mom wouldn't do that.
That's kind of crazy.
- But I saw it.
- You saw what? Two people sitting? Come on, don't be stupid.
I'm not stupid, Sean! Could have fooled me.
Whoa! Wow.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Sean, Dad's gonna be so pissed.
Please, like little Katie bear ever gets in trouble.
Shut up, Sean! You don't get it, do you? Everything's so easy for you! Why do you hate me so much? Is Dad ever gonna get rid of that thing? Oh, he still thinks he's gonna get around to fixing it, yet I've given up trying.
Okay, so our priority needs to be moving stuff away from that wall so the dry rot guys can inspect it.
I didn't know it was an issue.
- Mom and Dad never even said anything.
- Oh, of course not.
- What does that mean? - Nothing.
Can you grab the other end of this? So, um, how is everything? Work's been nuts since the promotion, but everything's great with the kids.
Jessie's really into her dance team and Luca got into Princeton.
- We're all going to Italy this summer.
- Yeah, uh, Mom said.
Sounds like everything's perfect.
And what about you? Mom said you quit your job? Yeah.
I couldn't really stay at that place after they published a hit piece on Tully.
Yeah, that was brutal.
At least she doesn't blame you, though.
- Why would she? - She wouldn't.
She doesn't.
We talked the other night, for like an hour, actually.
This Max guy sounds great.
I'm happy for her.
You talked to Tully for an hour? We usually just email, but yeah, we talk like once a month.
Was that ever appropriate? You know, Bud is a complex man.
- He really isn't.
- Really not.
He worries about you.
Mom too.
I'll get another job.
I think it's more about the separation.
It is actually a full divorce.
The papers came today.
Never too late to change your mind.
I mean, every marriage has problems.
Yeah? Yeah, I mean, in general, marriages have problems.
Doesn't mean it needs to be over.
But for me, it does.
I, uh, hung in there a long time and I love him, but sometimes the braver choice is knowing when to let go.
I'm eloping with Max! - You're what? - Meet me at the Harbor Park gazebo.
- What's going on? - Is that Sean? Bring him! Tully, wait.
You can't just Um So I guess we're going to the Harbor Park Gazebo to watch Tully get married? Uh okay.
- What are you doing up here? - Writing my toast.
You still haven't written it yet? I've tried so many times and every time I sit down to write it, it just comes out sounding so fake.
Is it because you're in love with Sean? What? - I don't know.
- No! Maybe it's because I just don't know what love really is.
Come on.
Yes, you do.
Then why can't I say it to Chad? It's three words.
Well, they're three pretty big words.
You'll say them when you feel it.
I don't think I'm capable of feeling it.
Which is why I am not the right person to write this toast.
Let me write it.
- Really? - Yeah, I know what to say.
Well, this is even scarier than an armed robbery.
Sean, there's so much I want to say to you.
You're like a brother to me, which means even when we drive each other nuts, I always want to be there for you.
You remember, um, those old View-Masters? You'd put in the little slide and look through the eye holes, and be transported to the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel Tower or the Pyramids.
Uh A flat picture postcard view magically comes alive.
Falling in love is like a View-Master for your life.
You never knew your world was flat, but suddenly, there's all these new dimensions.
Love changes everything.
And taking that leap can be scary, like standing at the edge of the real Grand Canyon.
To give another person your heart is the ultimate act of trust.
Sometimes the road will get bumpy, but it's worth it for the view.
To Sean and Julia.
- To Sean and Julia.
- To Sean and Julia.
And he was never really one for the ladies.
I gotta be honest, we were a bit worried, weren't we? No, I wasn't worried.
I always knew that my Seany would find the right girl.
- He did.
He did.
- He did.
Excuse me, painkiller time.
Take with food.
Oh, can't I just snort them? Only if you want me to carry you home.
Start with this.
Mm! This way.
Can I ask you something? Yes, Johnny? You think she really loves Chad? I mean, the kind of love she talked about in her toast, you know, the kind that's real scary, worth it.
Hey! Kate! Kate! Hey, I know you're protective of her.
You think that's what this is about? You tried to kiss me that night that you blacked out at the office.
What the fuck, Johnny? And then, a few days later you slept with Tully? You told me that I was the one you thought about in El Salvador when you had a gun to your head.
Remember that? You thought about me.
- I told you that, huh? - Yeah, you did.
So what was that, a lie? Something you said when you were drunk because you thought it might get you laid? No.
I did think about you.
I just didn't know what it meant.
You and me, Kate You're just, you're so easy.
I'm easy to talk to, but Tully's the one you want in your bed.
I get it.
It's real original.
No, it's not about sex.
What she said in that toast, that's the real Tully.
That's what I'm interested in.
I wrote that toast, you fucking idiot! Sister Christian There's so much in life Don't you give it up Before your time is due Well, you know, I did think about you.
I do think about you, a lot.
But, you know, it's It's just complicated.
You're such a good person, Mularkey, and I'm I'm not.
Oh, that is such a load of utter shit, Johnny Ryan.
I am not some porcelain angel on a goddamn pedestal.
I am a down and dirty, complicated human woman, and you will never know it.
But you know what? Doesn't matter.
I don't care.
I moved on.
So, you go have fun chasing your fantasy.
I'm going to be with the guy who actually wants me.
I declare a cookie war! Sprinkles attack! There you are.
You noticed I was gone.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I've just been, like, all over the place today.
Because of Johnny? Um Daytona, you want to finish that? Is there any more? That was so good! To yell at someone like that you have to be really crazy about them.
I don't want to be, but um I'm really sorry, Mutt.
You're such a great guy.
It has been the premier experience of my life to have felt for a moment like Kate Mularkey's man.
Um Shit.
Let's not pretend That love can survive How long should I give your dad before I swoop in and save Chad from his jokes? Oh, he seems fine.
It's sweet that he wants to get to know the family.
It is.
Look at them.
They fit so well together.
I hope he's happy.
I wonder if I'll ever have what they have.
You're going to have the love you always dreamed of, and it's going to be magic.
Leif-Garrett-breaking-down- in-front-of-the-house magic.
I know you will too.
Hell no.
Fuck love.
Wonder if it's too late to make that your toast.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
When I'm an old spinster, I'll still have you.
God, did you ever think, in a million years, I'd be getting married? And I'm not even drunk.
I did not see this one coming.
Now you're looking at me like I'm crazy, which clearly I am.
This is a crazy thing to do.
But you're the one who got me thinking about signs from the universe.
And Tull, I'm one hundred percent behind you if you're sure this is what you want.
I am sure.
I mean, as sure as I can be.
I can actually see a future with him.
A family.
He just feels like home.
And it scares the hell out of me, I'm not gonna lie, but I want this.
Close your eyes.
Look what I found in my parents' garage.
Now you have something borrowed.
Oh, my God.
Here, let's put it on.
I look like a real bride.
Yeah, you do.
Not bad for a middle-aged shotgun wedding.
When Tully asked me to officiate her wedding on two and a half hour's notice, I considered it the greatest challenge of my career.
Apparently, anyone can get ordained on the Internet.
Now, that chill that you feel in the air, that might just be Seattle in autumn, or it might be our groom, Max Brody.
He's certainly a very, very cool man.
Nice to meet by the way, Max.
- I'm Johnny Ryan.
- Nice to meet you.
Welcome to the family.
Um but no.
No, that chill is not the weather and it's not our groom, Max Brody.
That's hell freezing over because none of us ever thought we'd see the day when Tully Hart becomes a married woman.
Marriage It's, uh, it's elemental, isn't it? It's like a binding of molecules, they kind of fuse together and you end up feeling each other's everything.
It's an all-in commitment.
Marriage is hard.
Some of us fail.
But even when those molecules are pulled apart, we are forever changed by that love.
We are forever bound.
Now, you're gonna make mistakes.
Many, many many mistakes.
And you're gonna forgive each other, again and again and again.
Because it's everything.
It's pain and it's joy.
To choose each other like this, right now, no matter what, you'll never be the same, and it's worth it.
Do you take this man? I do.
- Do you take this woman? - I do.
Look at that.
Perfect fit.
You may kiss the bride.
- Thanks, man.
- All the best.
All right, we did it.
- Ah! - Whoo! That was some solid officiating.
Hey, thanks.
I just thought about what you'd say.
You always were the stronger writer.
I wish everything didn't have to be past tense.
Spoken like the stronger writer.
I almost tried to talk her out of it.
It just all seemed so fast.
Nah, you gotta let her go.
As long as it's what she wants.
That's all that matters.
Um I got these today.
Ah, yeah, my lawyer insisted I tie all that up before I leave for Iraq.
Mom and Dad are probably wondering what the hell happened to us.
We're gonna be in so much trouble.
- More than when I broke Dad's old Ford? - You? I did that.
No, when the thing fell in the garage and broke the windshield.
That was me.
Remember? We were playing, I threw the View-Master.
We weren't playing.
We were fighting.
Dad grounded me for a month.
How do you not remember? Fine.
Agree to disagree.
I'm right, though.
Just so you know.
I'm sorry I was such a jerk back then.
I think I was just angry, trying to live up to all their expectations when you were perfect to them just as you were.
Look at me now.
Unemployed, officially divorced.
I mean, I know what you're gonna say, that I shouldn't give up.
- I should just work harder.
- I wasn't gonna say that.
I admire you, that you know when to stop struggling or pretending.
I can't even imagine.
Of course you can't.
You and Julia are like a couple from a classic movie.
I was so envious of the two of you.
Really? Of course.
I mean, you guys just fit so well together.
You just want the same things in life.
You've raised these exceptional kids who actually want to spend time as a family and go on vacations and nobody fights.
I mean, I don't think I've actually ever seen any of you fight.
Yeah, we make a great team.
The only thing is I get this empty feeling sometimes.
And as long as I can ignore it or push it down, bury it then everything's okay.
But lately, it just keeps getting louder.
That sounds really hard.
If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell Mom and Dad? I'm, um I'm gay.
You're Really? Look, I don't expect you to understand.
I can understand.
I just I'm just trying to take it in.
Tully really never told you? Tully knew about this? - Yeah, since high school.
- Since high school? She caught me and Robbie and You and Robbie? Oh, my God, I was always so madly in love with him.
No wonder he never looked at me.
- Sorry.
- Wow.
Tully never said a word.
I swore her to secrecy if that makes you feel better.
Actually, that does kind of make me feel better.
I never understood how you could be so close to her and not me.
Well, it's different.
You're my sister.
Yeah, I'm sorry you didn't feel like you could tell me.
- I'm telling you now.
- Okay.
Th Thanks.
You've made me the happiest man in the world, Mrs.
I'm keeping my name.
Yeah, sure, of course.
But you can call me Mrs.
Brody tonight.
Like a role play thing.
Okay, I will.
Whoo! Get your sexy ass out here, wife! I'll take my sweet-ass time, husband.
Oh, God, Max!
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