Firefly Lane (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

You Say It's Your Birthday?!

Mom! Mom! Cloud! Where are you? Call my mom.
I need my mom! that I deserved such a - shitty mother? - [BABY COOING.]
Take her.
She's yours now.
I I lost the baby.
I lost the baby.
I lost the baby.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
Mommy's here.
Where's the baby? Where's the baby? I can't find the baby.
I can't find the baby.
No, no.
Oh, no! Mellow out, babe.
- [GASPS.]
Mama's here.
I just want to wake up.
My darling girl, you are awake.
Hey there.
What's going on? Um, could you give us a second? Yeah.
Every soul knows when it's time to come into this world.
It wasn't time.
What's going on? You've been sick, honey.
Was I in the hospital? Yeah, you had an infection.
They kept you there for two days and then you insisted on coming home.
I vaguely remember yelling at someone in a lab coat.
I was so worried.
I remember you sleeping next to me.
And Max It feels like a dream.
I lost the baby.
I'm so sorry.
What the fuck is Cloud doing here? You kept calling out for her.
You wouldn't stop.
- I was clearly delirious.
- We didn't know what else to do.
- [MAX.]
Can I come in? - Of course.
I really know how to throw a honeymoon, don't I? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
Never a dull moment when you're married to Tully Hart.
God, I could eat, like, a million pancakes right now.
Well, good thing Kate made a million pancakes just in case.
Can you all feel that? Energy is shifting powerfully.
I feel this warmth spreading through my heart chakra.
Can you maybe put out the flaming cinnamon stick, though? It cleanses the air [COUGHS.]
inviting the ancient goddesses to bring you healing light on your birthday.
It's not my birthday.
Cloud, my birthday is after Thanksgiving.
I missed Thanksgiving? You really didn't miss much.
I mean, whole thing was kind of a massive bummer.
Oh, shit.
That means I've missed at least three tapings.
I can't believe you guys just let me stay in bed for no reason.
It was not for no reason.
It's okay to rest.
I mean, that's what you told me when I had mine.
- I've rested plenty.
- [CLOUD.]
I spent at least a month in bed after I had mine.
You had a miscarriage? I had at least three.
Remember Leon? - Of course I remember Leon.
- You were maybe 14.
I just stayed on the floor of the bathroom bleeding on the rug and he kept saying, "Get up.
Get up.
" Asshole threw a cigarette at my head.
Why didn't you go to the doctor? Because the womb has wisdom that Western medicine doesn't understand.
I I have a show to do.
- Babe.
- No, you don't.
Today's The Girlfriend Hour Gift Giveaway.
Biggest show of the year, and it's live.
- I can't let down those sponsors.
- It's fine.
I talked to Johnny.
They're just gonna rerun last year's.
Hell, no.
The show is already teetering on the brink.
I'm going to work.
It's gonna be the best show I've ever done.
- Tull - Hey! It is my birthday and you can't stop me.
This is too much.
I mean, the posters, the records.
How much did you even spend? I had some allowance saved up.
Um - One more.
- You don't have to give me more.
Just open it, silly.
See, I have one too.
You're right.
It's stupid.
Don't know why I thought this was a good This is the best gift anyone's ever given me.
Really? Are you sure? Because I actually think it might be turning my neck green.
I love it.
Will you put it on for me? Of course.
See? - Mmm? - [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
I love you.
- Firefly Lane girls forever? - Forever.
And ever and ever and ever and ever - [TAMBOURINE JANGLING.]
- No! - Oh [KATE.]
Making sweet, sweet music together.
I'm drunk on your love Like the sweetest cherry wine Oh, my God, that is so hot! That is so [KISSES.]
hot! [GASPS, SIGHS.]
Well, that was something.
You know, babe, it's our birthday? No way.
- You and Tully have the same birthday? - It's her birthday.
But it's my birth day.
It's the day I gave birth.
Katelyn, it was magical! The moon was full, my cervix was ripening, and then this Sagittarian creature just slithered out of me like some aquatic beast.
I actually orgasmed.
It was the most exquisite pain.
I became a woman that night, so it was my birth too.
That's really cool.
Birth-gasm! Totally appropriate story to share with your daughter.
It is! It's our story.
So, I was thinking that we go have dinner at a fancy restaurant to mark the occasion.
You can bring Kim.
Cloud, for the last time her name is Kate.
I know, but that's, like, our joke.
I call her by the wrong name.
- Really? - Duh.
Do you think I'm that stupid? Uh [CLOUD.]
So what do you say? Big dinner to celebrate my special birthday girl.
But you have to dress up.
Um - Wow.
Okay, yeah, sure.
- Yes! - I'll go pick out a dress.
Thanks, Mom.
She called me Mom! She never calls me Mom! [LEON.]
So cute.
Yay! Got your sling off in time to cut some birthday cake! Yay! - [BLOWS.]
Mularkey, that is way too much.
Oh, um, that's not from me.
- Who's it from? - Whoa.
Wilson King.
What? Wow! That is so cool.
Who is Wilson K Wilson King? He runs KLET.
They're number one for news in Seattle.
If you work for them, it is basically a springboard to a national gig.
He wants to take me for drinks tonight.
Oh, my God, I bet wants to poach me.
- Neat! - It's not neat, it's fucking fantastic.
This could be huge for me, especially since they're not promoting me here, even though I took a bullet for them, literally.
Congratulations, Tull.
This is so great.
Oh, shit, my birthday.
I bet you had a whole thing planned.
Oh, please! Wilson King is so much better than my lame scavenger hunt.
I love your scavenger hunts.
Well, look at you.
You got the sling off.
So fast! If I didn't know any better, I'd think you faked the whole thing.
Just kidding.
Just lucky, I guess.
The bullet went straight through, barely left a scar.
How wonderful.
How's the leg? Only two more surgeries left.
I'm getting the pins out next week.
- That's great.
- Good for you.
Okay, I couldn't help but hear that you're meeting with Wilson King? Looks like your little incident was a real shot in the arm.
- Ha.
- It'd be a shame to lose you, though.
Well, you haven't lost me yet.
Kate and I still have our story on the East German thing.
Oh, yes, that cute little piece about the pen pals.
It's an East German man and Seattle woman who fall in love writing letters, but it's really about the geopolitical implications of the Cold War.
- Okay.
Tacoma loves it.
We have to crash it for tomorrow, though, so you two need to stay and edit tonight.
- I can't.
- Oh, I'll stay.
Tully has a thing.
What thing? Nothing.
- You're being poached, aren't you? - She's meeting with Wilson King.
That's Congratulations.
Well, don't congratulate me yet, it's just drinks.
All right, I'll stay and do the edit with you, Mularkey.
Oh, uh Unless that's a problem.
No, not a problem.
Well, it's my birthday, but it looks like you are the one getting the present.
And how is that exactly? You and Johnny, alone in an edit bay all night, cutting a piece on forbidden love? Do I need to draw you a map? Yeah, a map to a night of awkward misery.
It's been so weird between us since Sean's wedding.
Good, then this is just the thing for you guys to work it out.
There's nothing to work out.
I just hope you can take me with you to KLE and then Johnny Ryan can just become some distant memory of a guy who I used to work for that I sort of had a crush on once.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Tully Hart! - [CHEERING.]
Welcome to The Girlfriend Hour Gift Giveaway.
- It is my birthday! - [CHEERING CONTINUES.]
Happy birthday! [TULLY.]
And you all know what that means! You get presents too.
This is a bad idea.
You think? She had a miscarriage, like, ten minutes ago.
Although, she seems Totally fine.
- [SIGHS.]
- It's eerie, right? It's Tully.
Oh! Thank you, birthday elf.
What's it gonna be? All right, girlfriends, check this out.
This little baby is state-of-the-art.
It looks like a regular cell phone, but with one very special addition.
It takes photos.
I know! Can you believe that? It is a phone with a camera in it.
Now, this model is not going to be in stores until spring of 2004, so unfortunately it's not available yet.
But check under your seats.
You all get one now! - [AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING.]
All right! And thank you! Speaking of photos, this next gift giveaway is something I really love.
Brought to you by Photos Forever, it is a state-of-the-art picture frame that can display a slideshow of over a hundred digital pictures.
Isn't Isn't it amazing? [MAN COUGHS.]
Shit, what's happening? This is not good.
I have a question for the audience.
Who here has had a miscarriage? Cue the out music and go to a commercial break.
But won't that be worse? Than having a meltdown live on television? No, wait, please, don't cut to commercial, please.
My producer Johnny Ryan wants to kill me right now because we're live, but he's leaving the show and it's his last day.
So he owes me.
Keep the roll.
Who here has had a miscarriage? It happened to me last week.
In fact, I'm still bleeding and it sucks.
But I don't want to be ashamed.
I don't want to try to hide it.
Why do we all pretend that we're okay when we're not? I'm not okay.
And the crazy thing is at first I didn't I don't even know if I really wanted to have a baby, but then I did.
So badly.
I let myself dream about what it would be like, what that baby would And now I'm just left with this empty, lonely feeling.
I don't know why I'm telling you all of this.
Maybe it's because I know I'm not alone.
Has it happened to any of you? I know it can't just be me.
Hi, what's your name? Laura.
[WOMAN 1.]
I still have dreams where I'm pregnant.
Me too.
[WOMAN 1.]
And the doctors told me it was God's will because I wasn't married.
You're gonna be okay.
- [WOMAN 2.]
I felt so guilty.
- [TULLY.]
I feel the same way.
[WOMAN 3.]
I just felt so ashamed.
There is nothing to be ashamed of.
[WOMAN 4.]
I had already given her a name.
- [WOMAN 5.]
I felt I failed.
- [WOMAN 6.]
I'm gonna get through this.
[WOMAN 7.]
You really helped me.
Thanks for giving us a voice.
[WOMAN 8.]
Thank you for seeing me.
[WOMAN 9.]
It feels so good to talk about it.
Thank you so much.
And we're out.
- Great job, everyone! - [BELL RINGS.]
And that's another day on The Girlfriend Hour! Wow.
You did good, babe.
How much do you want to kill me right now? Zero.
I'm proud of you.
The sponsors, on the other hand Eh.
I'll make it up to them.
Well, either way, not my problem anymore.
Who could go for some tequila right now? That I'm sure a doctor does not recommend.
I'm getting some.
Hello? Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Um I'll get there soon as I can.
What's going on? Marah vandalized a biology lab.
They're waiting for me in the guidance counselor's office.
I should have my mail forwarded there.
I'll come with you.
No, that's okay.
It's your last day.
No, I can come back.
I want to be here while I can.
Sure, okay.
All right, I'll just tell Tully.
I am so sorry we're late.
- Jesus, Marah, what did you do? - Really? - Nothing! - [KATE SIGHS.]
Well, it wasn't nothing.
They disrupted a frog dissection in biology class.
They threw paint.
- It's animal cruelty.
- Why spill the blood of innocent reptiles? They're amphibians.
Frogs are amphibians.
It's not like we can't learn it some other way.
They broke several beakers in the process.
Someone could have been hurt.
Okay, but was anyone hurt? - No, but that isn't the point.
- The frogs got hurt.
- They were painlessly euthanized.
Hold on a second.
I kind of see where they're coming from.
I mean, you don't have to kill actual frogs to learn about biology.
You could use fake frogs, right? Yeah.
That's what I'm saying.
This will be Marah's third suspension this semester.
One more could result in expulsion.
Oh, God, Marah.
Expulsion? [JOHNNY.]
Or And I'm just spitballing here, instead of a suspension, we make them clean up the lab and then sit through their classes looking like this.
There you go.
That feels like more of a natural consequence.
- But it's in my hair? - But I'm all painty! Shoulda thought about that before you threw it on your head.
It does seem like we have an opportunity here for a teachable moment instead of the suspension.
I mean, it's a more powerful lesson.
I cannot believe that worked! Our baby's not getting expelled yet! - Is it nuts that I'm proud of them? - [KATE.]
No, I agree.
I'd rather have them stand up for what they believe in.
- Even if it's a bit messy.
- Even if it's a bit messy.
Wow, you guys are really on the same page.
That's really cool.
Much better than punching, am I right? Uh, look, I gotta get back to work, but I'll give you a lift home first, Kate.
Oh, that's crazy.
It's like the opposite direction.
Yeah, I can take Kate home.
No problem.
Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Oh, yeah, great.
Thank you.
And, you know, if I don't see you good luck out there, man.
Take care, mate.
- Okay.
Bye, Johnny.
- Okay, bye.
I wish I thought this was all about activism for Marah, but I think she's pissed her dad's leaving and wants to stir up some shit.
Yeah, I know.
I get it.
Life can be a pain in the ass, sometimes you gotta throw a little paint, you know, even responsible adults like us.
Right! I mean, I feel like that.
Sometimes I just gotta Like this morning, I found loose M&M's in the bottom of my purse, I just, like, took them to the bathroom by myself and ate them all.
- Not exactly what I was talking about.
But you know, yeah, after Rachel died, I kind of started to go off the rails a little bit, but then I found an outlet.
A way to throw a little paint.
So what's up? You got a little time? You want to You want to try? Um Come on.
- What is it? - Come on.
This is so fancy.
Nothing but the best for my baby girl on our birthday! [GIRLS GIGGLE.]
Thank you.
- I'll have a Manhattan.
- Of course.
And two virgin mai tais.
Right away.
Cloud, what's a Manhattan? I have no idea, but I saw it in a movie once and it sounded really cool.
Oh, my God, they're warm.
Thank you.
Oh, my God, that is heaven.
- [GASPS.]
Isn't that ? Leon works here? How do you think we can afford it? His employee discount.
And now for your birthday surprise.
Oh, shit, what is she doing? [CLOUD.]
Hi, baby.
I think she's going to sing.
I knew it was too good to be true.
Hello, everyone.
My name is Dorothy Hart.
This is my first time at Russo and Banks.
Very nice.
Um I hope you dig this tune.
It's for my daughter on our birth day.
Crazy I'm crazy for feeling so lonely I'm crazy Crazy for feeling so blue [KATE.]
What are we doing here? [TRAVIS.]
Oh, you'll see.
- Oh, God.
- Oh, yes.
- You want first song? - No, thank you.
I'll pass.
I'm not, um much of a singer.
Ah, you're missing out.
Skydiving ain't nothing compared to the rush you get when you do a little raoke-oke! Kate Mularkey, you got next song.
But first, let me show you how it's done.
At first I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinking I could never Live without you by my side But then I spent so many nights Thinking how you did me wrong And I grew strong Yeah, I knew how to get along And now you're back From outer space I just walked in to find you there With that dumb look upon your face I should have changed that stupid lock I should have thrown away your key If I'd known for just one second You'd be back to bother me - Oh, no, now, go, walk out the door - Whoo! Just turn around now 'Cause you're not welcome anymore Weren't you the one Who tried to hurt me with goodbye? You think I'd crumble? You think I'd lay down and die? Oh, no, not I, I will survive Fuck, yes! [GIGGLES.]
Thank you.
Tully Hart, how very nice to meet you.
The pleasure is all mine, Mr.
Oh, call me Wilson.
Your ears must be on fire.
Why is that, Mr.
King? Everyone in Seattle is talking about Tully Hart.
Oh, I took you for a martini girl, so I ordered you one.
- Dirty.
Hope you don't mind.
- The dirtier the better.
Wow, this place.
You been here before? Once, on my birthday.
Ten years ago tonight, actually.
- It's your birthday? - Indeed.
This is what my mother would call a CCC.
Crazy Cosmic Connection.
Then again, she was crazy.
Well, let's just call it fate.
Oh wait.
They still have bananas Foster on the menu.
I am so ordering that.
You are quite disarming.
I've watched that piece from the convenience store at least ten times.
Well, I wasn't disarming enough that day.
I got shot.
True, but your poise, your grace under pressure.
Where does that come from? I decided at age 14 that I was going to be the next Jean Enersen.
Why stop there? Why not Barbara Walters? Why not indeed? - Cheers.
What the hell are you still doing here? You're off the clock.
Turn in your badge.
Go home.
What the hell are you doing here? You should be at home resting.
But it's my birthday.
And I have to toast my favorite producer.
Fucker's leaving me, wouldn't you know? Hell of a last day.
Wish I could be here tomorrow when you tell all those angry sponsors to piss off.
I'm actually looking forward to doing it myself.
I don't care what they say.
That was my best fucking show ever.
Maybe you should go celebrate.
- With your husband.
- [SIGHS.]
My husband.
That sounds so weird, like someone mispronouncing my name.
He's a good guy.
Yeah, better than I deserve.
Well, that's not true.
He didn't sign up for this shit, I'll tell you that.
Well, then you didn't listen to the vows.
Better or worse, sickness or health.
Yeah, I just thought better would come before worse, you know? [SIGHS.]
I just don't think I can face him.
I've seen you face worse.
Go, Kate! - We'll be singin' - [TRAVIS.]
When we're winnin' We'll be singin' [TRAVIS HUMMING.]
I get knocked down, but I get up again You're never gonna keep me down I get knocked down, but I get up again You're never gonna keep me down I get knocked down, but I get up again You're never gonna keep me down I get knocked down, but I get up again You're never gonna keep me down Pissin' the night away Pissin' the night away He drinks a whiskey drink He drinks a vodka drink He drinks a lager drink He drinks a cider drink He sings the songs That remind him of the good times He sings the songs That remind him of the better times Oh, Danny Boy Danny Boy, Danny Boy [HUMMING.]
I get knocked down, but I get up again You're never gonna keep me down I get knocked down, but I get up again [TRUMPET PLAYING.]
You are being wasted at KPOC.
So make me an offer.
Wow, you just put it all out there, don't you? Life's short, why bullshit? I respect that.
I don't bullshit either.
So, I say, we have another drink while we figure out a plan to get you out of KPOC and into my anchor chair.
I say waiter, bring me another! - Attagirl! - [LAUGHS.]
My darling My butterfly moonshine I'm drunk on your love Like the sweetest cherry wine [INDISTINCT WHISPERING.]
Cherry wine I'm drunk on your love Like the sweetest cherry wine I wrote that for my daughter, Tallulah.
- Thank you so much.
I hope to be back real soon.
You gotta try this, Tull.
Oh, I'm not hungry.
What a rush! I feel so electric! [GASPS.]
What'd you think, Tull? Huh.
Okay, I'll have another delicious Manhattan.
Actually, can we get the check, please? - Of course.
- I said that I want another Manhattan.
And this is comped.
We are guests of Leon Musker.
Uh, who? The piano player.
He gets a free meal every night that he works.
I believe you're mistaken, ma'am.
Don't call me "ma'am.
" I am young.
Babe, will you please come over here and tell this guy what's what? Thank you.
- [LEON.]
What's the problem? - Well, he says that we have to pay.
And what this asshole doesn't understand is that we work here and that I am the talent.
- Is there a problem here? - [LAUGHING.]
Yes! There is! Can you tell him, please? [LEON.]
I'm sorry, boss.
She's confused.
You're apologizing to him? Just get back to work.
You'll need to settle up.
You're disturbing our customers.
Yes, you know what? It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay to splurge every now and then.
I'll just go to my car and get my wallet.
All right, come on girls.
No, no, no.
They can stay here until you get back.
Ease up, man.
You don't have to treat me like I'm some kind of crook.
I just entertained your customers for free.
You should be paying me.
That was an original song.
If you can't pay your bill, we'll have to call the police.
Oh, great fucking plan.
Call the fucking cops.
Arrest my daughter on her goddamn birthday.
- You need to settle down.
- Get your fucking hands off me.
- You need to leave now.
Come on! - Call the cops.
I don't care! Call the fucking pigs.
You're worse than the pigs.
And your restaurant sucks! You know what? Hey! Guess what? Leon says there's rats in the kitchen.
Little rats all in your food! - Come on, let's go! Now! Come on! - Little rats everywhere! - Little rats in the kitchen! - Let's go! Thank you so much for dinner.
It was delicious.
You're welcome.
I want to be in business with you, Tully, bottom line, but I don't want to make you the next Jean Enersen or the next Barbara Walters, I want to make you the first Tully Hart.
Okay, if you insist.
I'll be an icon.
- It's good to see you again, Mr.
- Thank you very much.
So, um, you'll come to my office tomorrow, say noon, and we'll talk about your future.
I'll be there, definitely.
Well, here's a thought, um [SUCKS TEETH.]
We could continue this conversation now.
I have a room at the Regent on standby.
Egyptian cotton sheets, bathtub the size of a swimming pool.
Um I actually have plans right now with my friend Kate.
Plus, I have a boyfriend.
Is that going to be your standard answer? What do you mean? Don't dick me around.
I want to make you the next superstar, but I can also make you the next Lucette Lagnado.
Who's Lucette Lagnado? Exactly.
Think about it.
Thanks for a great night.
Happy birthday, Tull.
You girls are so lucky.
It's all in front of you.
Promise me that you will follow your dreams no matter what.
Don't let anything get in your way.
Not men, not society, not kids.
Just live your life for you.
Well, that was fun.
Let's do it again next year.
We will.
Except, without all the awfulness.
I promise, forevermore, to make sure that your birthdays are amazing and special and happy, because you deserve that.
By the power of the best friends necklace, I do so swear it.
Thank you.
Of course.
This romantic union between Heinz Neugebauer and Betty Weathers, two people from opposing worlds who found they have more in common than their differences.
Perhaps it will be a harbinger of hope for all of us in the years to come that the real Cold War will someday start to thaw.
- It's good.
It's really good.
- I'm Tully Hart for KPOC.
She's a star.
I wasn't talking about Tully.
You put this piece together.
You wrote it, you produced it.
I kind of feel like it's missing something at the end.
We could use that shot of them holding hands by the water.
I was thinking more of, like, a shot of the Berlin Wall.
I like the hand-holding.
It's a story about the Cold War.
It's a story about love.
Jeez, Johnny, when did you start losing your edge? When did you become such a cynic? Right.
Well, this wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it'd be.
Um, thanks? Well, last time we really hung out you were yelling at me.
Yeah, well you were being an ass.
- You're right.
I was.
And I'm sorry, for everything.
You know, since the wedding I've had some time to think and I realized something.
I'm shit at relationships.
I just end up hurting the other person.
We never had a relationship.
But I hurt you.
I mean, not really.
It's okay.
No, no.
I tried to kiss you and then I forgot all about it.
- It's fine.
- It's not cool.
You know, I I wasn't in my right mind.
- I get it.
- No, I didn't No, not like that.
It's not like I didn't feel things.
- I did, but, um, you know, it's like - You really don't have to keep talking.
I'm I'm no good for you.
Or anyone, really.
Uh Wish I was.
I I would like to be.
But I'm not.
Anyway uh, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I mean, it's water under the bridge.
And I am already paddling away, fast as I can.
- See? Fucked that up too.
- No, you didn't.
It's fine.
You mean so much to me, Mularkey.
And I would really love it if we could start over.
As friends.
We already are.
Dad fell asleep on the couch.
You kick him out? No, of course not.
How you feeling? He's leaving in a few days, must be hard.
The worst part about being 14 is you have zero control over anything.
Stuff just happens to you.
It sucks.
Makes you want to throw paint.
I did it for the frogs.
I know.
Put on your shoes.
- Why? - You'll see.
Where you been? I tried calling.
I was, uh, having some drinks at work.
Where's Kate? I sent her home so we could be alone.
- Two hours ago.
- Shit.
Was she mad? We always do my birthday together.
Yeah, I thought maybe we could do your birthday together.
Yeah, it's kind of a promise I made Kate.
By the power of the necklace.
You think maybe you've had enough? Gee, I never met my dad.
Are you him? I don't want to fight, Tully.
I was worried about you.
- We need to talk about this.
- [SIGHS.]
Why? [MAX.]
Wh Why? [SIGHS.]
Because we just went through something huge.
I don't want to talk about it.
I've been talking about it all day.
I'm done.
So you can open up to millions of people on television, but you don't want to talk to your husband? Yep.
That's pretty much the gist of it.
Nailed it.
- I know you're upset.
- You don't know shit.
- Excuse me? - [EXHALES.]
I'm tired.
I want to go to bed.
- Okay, then, let's just go to bed - Alone.
I want to go to bed alone.
- Come on, Tully, I'm your husband.
- Because of the baby.
But now there's no baby.
Think I married you because you were pregnant? I know I married you because I was pregnant, but now I am not pregnant, and that's probably for the best for everyone.
Jesus, Tully.
- What? I'm sorry.
Don't pretend there isn't a part of you that isn't a little relieved.
Of course, I'm not relieved.
Tully, what the fuck? I am.
I would have been a terrible mother, Max.
And that baby knew it, so good for her, or him.
Come on, will you just stop? Okay, you're drunk, you're talking crazy.
Let's just go to bed.
Will you get the fuck out of my house? Please? [EXHALES.]
I just want to be alone.
I don't want you here, Max.
We made a mistake.
How are you not getting the point of this? Get the fuck out! [DOOR CLOSES.]
Oh, God! Goddammit! [SIGHS.]
Crazy I'm crazy for feeling so lonely [SOBS.]
I'm crazy - Crazy for feeling so blue - [SOBS.]
I knew You'd love me as long as you wanted You want to go night boating? In the rain? Not exactly.
You'd leave me for somebody new Mom, it's rotten, you told Dad to get rid of it.
I know, I just want to let off some steam.
You're crazy! Come on! Try it, you'll like it! All right.
Yes! What in the world did I do? I'm pissed! Crazy For thinking that my love Could hold you [DOOR OPENS.]
I'm crazy for trying And crazy for crying And I'm crazy for loving you Crazy For thinking that my love Could hold you I'm crazy for trying And crazy for crying And I'm crazy for loving You - You don't work here anymore.
- Been trying to get a hold of you.
My Blackberry broke.
What's up? Mandrake dropped the show.
It's been picked up by a new distributor.
New boss is just waiting in the studio.
Johnny, it's okay.
It's a good thing.
- I'll make it a good thing.
- [MAN.]
Tell me those numbers.
Might wanna go over them with staff later.
Hey, Tully.
Great to see you again.

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