First Kill (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

First Kiss

[theme music playing.]

Our love story could be kind of gory ♪
Far from boring ♪
We'd meet at a post-apocalypse ♪
Yeah, I'd be slowly walking
In a group stalking you ♪
You'd be the only one alive ♪
That I could not resist ♪
Then all of your friends
They'd try to kill us ♪
But only because they'd be jealous ♪
That our love is deeper
Than Edward and Bella's ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart, yeah ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart
'Cause I want you ♪
["Hopprock" playing.]


That was a crazy one.

Sometimes when I first wake up,
my heart is racing and my throat is dry.

Can't figure out if the pills are making
the dreams more real
or the reason they're not worse.

Even on good days,
I still feel like I don't fit in.

Like everyone else has it all figured out.

The clothes they wear.

The bands they like.

Who they are.

Who they wanna be.

And I'm the only one
who's stuck pretending.

["Insane" playing.]

Hiding in the corners of my head ♪
Twisted up and tangled words you said ♪
Teach me how to feel ♪
Teach me how to feel ♪
Oh, I'm covering the clues
To make me lose control ♪
Breaking through the barriers
Around my soul ♪
Something that is real ♪
Something that is real ♪
Hey, oh, watch out world
'Cause here I come ♪
Lots of my fears have come undone ♪
Riots pulse within my veins ♪
I think I'm gonna go
A little bit insane ♪
Good morning, darling.

- Sleep well?
- Uh, sure.

I refilled these for you.

- You were almost out.

- Already? Are you feeling okay?
I'm fine.

Of course I'm not fine and they know it.

They just want me to say it out loud.

But I won't.

Because that would be
the end of everything
and I'm not ready for whatever comes next.


It's been three weeks since your birthday.

We know you're nervous
but we both think that it's time you
- [door opens.]

- Morning.


Elinor, have you been out all night?
If I'm home now, does it really matter?
It does when you work for me.

Have I ever been late?
Elinor, my role model.

One day, I, too, will be a self-confident,
bull-by-the-horns kind of girl
who doesn't give a shit
what my parents think.

[car horn honks.]

Juliette, could you please
remind Ben that we have a doorbell?
Oh, he knows.

We'll come back to these?
That isn't your color.


Much better, sweet little.

[car horn honking.]

One day, I am going to kill him.

I would never allow that.

["Before He Cheats" playing over stereo.]

Fairmont, I do declare.

You are the prettiest peach I ever seen.

Well, aren't you just the sweetest thing?
Right now, he's probably up behind her
With a pool-stick ♪
Showin' her how to shoot a combo ♪
And he don't know ♪
I dug my key into the side ♪
Of his pretty little souped-up
Four-wheel drive ♪
Carved my name into his leather seats ♪
I took a Louisville slugger
To both headlights ♪
I slashed a hole in all four tires ♪
Maybe next time
He'll think before he cheats ♪
Ben Wheeler is the kind of boy
you fall in love with.

We've been jumping around in dirty puddles
and reading every book
on my mother's shelf since we were born.

We dated for a month when we were 12.

Before we both figured out,
what we really wanted.

[inaudible dialogue.]

Now he's the cool kid.

The star athlete who gets invited
to all the parties.

And I'm popular by association.

Bottom line,
when I'm with Ben, I blend in.

My body is still changing.

The headaches are still raging
but nobody knows,
because he makes me feel and look normal.

And fun and sexy,
but I don't wanna try too hard.


What are you grinning at?
Your face.

Hey, lots of people like this face.

Noah Harrington likes this face.

Noah Harrington has a girlfriend.

Noah Harrington's confused,
but he'll come out.

[dramatic music playing.]

Another migraine?
Uh, yeah.

[voice slows, distorts.]

Stay out of the sun.

It makes them worse.


That's better.

Another swing at normal.

["Panty Drop" playing.]

I'm the one callin'
All the shots, shots, shots ♪
Whether you're ready or not ♪
So I'll pick you up at 9:00?
- For what?
- The party.

At Noah's.
You promised you'd go.

Why would I do that? I hate parties.

But you love me and you have to go.

You're my wingman.



I'm the one callin'
All the shots, shots, shots ♪
Whether you're ready or not ♪
I'm 'bout to pump this place
Up, up, up ♪
I'm the cool kid from the block ♪
[clears throat.]
Look, far be it from me
to stand in the way of quiet pining,
but, you know, you could just talk to her.

I have.

Yeah, no, we've definitely

[pop music playing.]

I look into your eyes
I feel my pulse, begin to wonder ♪
Love me like a river
Hold my breath, I'm going under ♪
Hypnotize the night away
You've got control of me ♪
Aren't you in my
It don't matter where I am
With you is where I'll be ♪
Catch you later.

I wanna be your boom-boom baby ♪
Let me take your mind to ecstasy ♪
Don't know much about you
But I'm curious ♪
Why don't you just start
with something small, like your name?
[school bell rings.]

I'm curious ♪
Ain't nobody got to know but us ♪
We could do a whole Cyrano thing
where I could be doing the
I know who Cyrano is.

And no.


Back to the party.

Got that Prada jacket.

I'll go vintage on the bottom
so I don't look like a label whore.

Watch out!
Mm! Oh.


I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.
That was my fault.




It's Juliette, right?
We have English together.


And Physics.

And Gym.

Um, you're Calliope?
Cal's good.

Oh, I just mean I like Calliope.

It's strange.

I mean, it's
- It's beautiful.

- Is it?
You should meet my brothers
Theseus and Apollo.

Um, but there's a party.

Tonight at Noah's.

My friend Ben is making me go.

I'm not big on parties.

Me either.

They're dumb.

But I promised I'd go so
I'll be there.

If you decide to go too,
then maybe I'll see you?



Don't worry.

I got it.

Make a wish?
I think that only works with eyelashes.





See you there, Calliope.

But I guess I'll see you in English first.

Yes, right.



[indistinct chatter.]


You don't wanna miss this one.

Everybody's gonna be there.

I hope that's a love letter
to Flannery O'Connor.

Yes, sir.
It sure is.

I've always been sensitive.

But it's getting worse.

Every day,
the world is a little sharper.

A little louder.

And today,
just when I think it's too much,
I bumped into you.

I know you just transferred in,
but surely clocks work
the same way at your old school.


That's all right.

Since you're already up, I'm sure
you won't mind getting us started.

"Hazel Motes
sat at a forward angle
on the green, plush train seat.
"Looking one minute at the window
as if he might wanna jump out of it,
and the next down the aisle
at the other end of the car.
"The train was racing
through tree tops"
Who are you, Calliope Burns?
Why do you show up now?
[inaudible dialogue.]

I can't shake the fear
that as soon as I blink,
you'll disappear.


"The plowed fields curved and faded,
and the few hogs nosing in the furrows
looked like large, spotted stones.
Thank you, Calliope.

So let's talk about setting.

Setting is never
just a backdrop in a story.

It's a character,
often the first one we meet.

It's important, then, to note
You're not my first crush.

Not even my second.

But this one feels different,
more intense.

Like I know we're going to happen.

I just don't know when.

It's silly, but when you're
swimming around in my head like this,
everything else disappears.

Somehow, an hour goes by in five minutes.

- [school bell rings.]

- [Mr.
Essays due on Wednesday.

Midterms on Friday.

Mark the dates on your phones.

That's what those calendar apps are for.

You coming tonight?
Brad's gonna come, right?
He has to come.
He's bringing beer.

[dramatic music playing.]


Sounds good.

- Hey.

- Hey.


Oh, shit.

Who wears pure silver?
Oh, shit.



Oh, yeah.


I haven't told anyone, of course.

Not even Ben.

So why do I keep wishing I could tell you?
["Don't Assume
What You Don't Know" playing.]

Drive through the street
With your eyes closed ♪
Trip on the stick where the wind blows ♪
So out of reach but it looks close ♪
You act real hot but you're still cold ♪
You wanna be rich with a Lambo ♪
So out of reach but it looks so close ♪
Red light but you still go ♪
You can walk around ♪
[door opens.]

Were you calling me?
I was.

I'm home.

I can see that.

There's a party tonight
at Noah Harrington's
and everyone's going,
so I wanted to see if I could go.


You look peaked.

Please tell me
the night terrors haven't started.

How are you feeling?
I feel great.

Then I don't see why not.


You can unhand me now.


See you at dinner.

[door closes.]

["Lil' Drop" playing over speaker.]

Ooh ♪
Ooh, I got something new for you, baby ♪
Yeah ♪
Thought you might like it, baby ♪
I know that it sounds kind of crazy ♪

What a little junk can do ♪
You went through my bag?
Sit down, sweetie.

You can't keep taking these.

They clearly aren't effective anymore.

Your body is changing.

My body, Mom.

We shouldn't have let her wait this long.

Dad, Dad, I'm not ready.

It isn't that hard.

Just choose someone.

Margot, please.
Sweetie, I know that it's scary.

No, it's not scary.
It's wrong.

- I don't know why I have to!
- Because every day you don't,
you put yourself
and this entire family at risk.

There are humans
trained to hunt and kill us.

Your father has made it safe for us
in Savannah, as safe as he can,
but we survived
by our commitment to blending in.

Hiding in plain sight.

And every day that you refuse
to embrace your nature,
you are closer to the day
where it controls you.

The day that you kill recklessly
because you simply must feed.

Oh, no.
What did you do this time, Jules?
I just wanted to go to a party.

A party.

Elinor, this is serious.



Is that what you plan to wear?
Come with me.
We can do better.

This is not a game.

I know.

Then make her understand.

I will.

As soon as you take
your talons out of my arm.

You know, it's okay
to be nervous, sweet little.

Your first kill's a big step.

It changes you.

- What if I don't wanna change?
- You're already changing.

Which is why the pills aren't working.

Why your senses are heightened.

The kill just kind of tips the scale.

What was it like?
Your first.


He was beautiful.

Eyelashes for days
and the most beautiful smile.

You know, he barely even fought back.

I think some people prefer to die young.

Hair jewelry.

That's what you need.

The right hair jewelry
and a perfect big juicy carotid artery.

You are going to have so much fun.

Just go out there and find someone.

Unless you already have.

- I like her.

- You want her.


I don't wanna hurt her.

I don't wanna hurt anyone.

Does your throat
feel like it's on fire yet?
Have you started crying blood?
You keep putting this off,
it's only going to get worse.

Okay, now purse your lips.

Go on.

Have a look.

Just remember.

Stay calm, be prepared,
and always finish what you start.

["Live It Up" playing.]

[indistinct chatter.]

Young and reckless ♪
Met on a Tuesday ♪
And by Saturday ♪
I went away 'cause you were boring ♪
I don't really care ♪
I live it up ♪
I don't really care ♪
I live it up ♪
[partygoers cheering, whistling.]

[indistinct chatter.]

Aren't I marvelous?
It's ridiculous ♪
And I'm just too much ♪
I don't really care ♪
Jules, Benny, you came!
- Where's the host?
- Boop!
Check the patio.

I love you guys.

I'll find you later, okay?
Wait, what? No.

I'm supposed to be your wingwoman.

Time for you to learn how to fly.

- No.

- So fly, little bird.

No, wait, Ben! Ben! Ben!
["Slumber Party" playing over speakers.]

Slumber party ♪
Slumber party ♪
Slumber party ♪
[cell phone chimes.]

Slumber party ♪
What happened to Noah?
Not important.

Yippee-ki-yay, welcome to the show ♪
It's an all-girl party
Clothing optional ♪
Me and your girlfriend
Playin' dress up at my house ♪
I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus
On my couch ♪
[partygoers cheering.]

Spin the bottle? Really?
All right! Who's up?
Come on!
There we go.

[all cheering.]

All right, then.



All right.

So, who's spinning next?


Wow, okay.
Not wasting any time, huh?
Sorry, I'm socially awkward.

And have wanted to do that
for a while now.

And would like to do it again.


I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus
On my couch ♪
She cute, kawaii
Hentai boobies, that excites me ♪
I think she really likes me
Asked politely, can I?
Slumber party ♪
Slumber party ♪
Slumber party ♪
Slumber party ♪
I'm a slave for you, baby
Britney Spears ♪
I'm a Clover, she a Toros
Bring it on for cheers ♪
And I'm sexy like Christina
When I dip it low ♪
Not an H-town girl, but I rodeo ♪
[upbeat music playing.]

["Geaux" playing.]

I think a lot about
how the world treats teenage girls.

Like, everything
that's good about us is a weakness.

Our hearts, our emotions,
our empathy,
means we need to be protected.

- How was your ride?
- Good.

- Want me to drop you off at school?
- I'm good.


My whole family treats me
like they know I have
all the potential in the world,
but I have a lot to learn.

Maybe both are true.

All I know is I'm ready to prove
to them what I'm capable of.

[music continues.]

Week two in Savannah.

It's not easy to make friends
when you know you'll be
in a new city in a few months.

So head up, shoulders back,
smile politely.

Thanks so much.

Every day, I just go through
the day so I can get back home,
to the only place I feel normal.

With my family.

When my parents first started hunting,
I started having nightmares.

For years, every time I'd close my eyes,
I'd see monsters.

Ones with claws as long as steak knives,
teeth as sharp as glass.

That was before I learned
the worst ones always look human.

I learned that from JoJo when I was 3.

She's the first Guild Guardian I ever met.

My parents were on assignment
in Paris at the time.

The Guardians were doing
what I've seen them do
so many times now:
warding off monsters and evil spirits
with special candles, bunches of sage,
and strategically-placed sea salt.

I don't know how I unpacked
all those boxes so quickly.

Where do you wanna put this one?
Right over here.

- Yo, you ready?
- Yeah.

Rituals: A sequence
of important activities,
gestures, words, and actions
performed in a sequestered place.

In other words,
get your narrow ass out my way
so I can do my job right.


[car alarm chirps.]

[car doors opening.]


Easy on the threshold.

- Where you going?
- Got a tip, Calliope.

From who?
And saying my name like that
isn't gonna make me not wanna go.

Out at Colonial Park Cemetery.

Get back in the house, we gotta go.

Be back in a minute.

No, we're not.
Don't be ridiculous.

It's gonna take a lot longer
than a minute.

- You should be all set.

- Okay.

It takes a few hours
for the wards to cure.

So you keep your eyes open.

I always do.

[hip-hop music playing over stereo.]

I don't got no time
For no sleep dissin' ♪
Pull up on your block
Man, your freak missin' ♪
Hair on a swivel
Won't catch me slippin' ♪
All your songs the same
Homey, be different ♪
I try to play like X's and O's ♪
You see me as tic-tac-tic-toe ♪
This not a game
I hope that you know ♪
I'm waving my drip drag
On the floor ♪
- [volume lowers.]

- Why do you think they're showing up now?
Who cares?
The Guild sent us to kill them.

So we kill them.

It's actually a great question, Cal.

Good to know why you're doing
the things you're asked to do.

We're monster hunters.

That's why we do what we do.

But 25 years since the Guild
came through and cleaned up
and now they're just back? Strange, right?
It's strange it took them so long.

Savannah's always tough to keep clean.

All those battles, that bloodshed.

Centuries of violence and betrayal.

The cemetery we're going to now
dates back three centuries.

Final resting place of over 10,000 souls,
including victims
of the yellow fever epidemic
and graves desecrated by Sherman's army.

That's your big brother's way of saying
you can't keep a good ghost down.

I spend a lot of time
pretending to be normal.

Normal families go to the movies,
have cookouts in the back yard.

Go fishing.
Take trips to Disneyland.

We do this.

Said you got a tip.
What kind of tip?
Disturbed graves, exhumed bodies,
some very human-looking teeth.

- So we're thinking
- Ghouls.



I love them.
They don't beg, don't plead.

Don't ask a lot of questions.

Hey, whoa.

I don't think so.

Lookout? Again?
- Lookout is a vital part of the job.

- Keeping you safe
so Mom doesn't kill us.

One day, I'm going to be
the greatest hunter who ever lived.

And these clowns will simply
be known as my brothers.

Theo was 12 when he made his first kill
on a sweep with my dad.

Focus, son.

You're running out of time.


And Apollo,
he was 14 when he got his shot.

Pretty good, son.


Me? I got my first chance last winter.

And I failed.

When am I gonna get another shot?
It's up to Mom and Dad.

Well, I'm at 19 kills
and I'd like to make it 20.

- So let's hope there's actually some
- [monster snarling.]

You were saying?
So tonight, I'm the lookout.


Tasked with spotting monsters
because I once missed one.

["I Still Taste Fire" playing.]

I woke up with ashes in my mouth ♪
It took a while ♪
When hunting monsters,
there are three rules.

Pay attention to everything.

Be prepared for anything.

And always finish what you start.

Got eyes, baby sis?
Just clocked the first one.

May be a ghoul.

Talk to me, Calliope.

Clocked the second one, you got two.

Good, we each get our own.

Theo, you've got one two rows east,
three graves north.

Apollo, yours is on the move, go left.


You are ugly.

- [Calliope.]
See it, Theo?
- Yep.
About to go to work.

- Aim for the head.

- Stop

You're number 20, buddy.

Theo, there's a third.

Theo? Do you hear me?
There's a third ghoul.

I'm coming in.

- [snarling.]

- [Calliope.]
- Cal!
- Cal! Stand back!
I got this!
A damn vamp?
Yeah, you definitely had it, huh?
She looked like a ghoul.


I better see some salad on there too.

- So how'd it go?
- Oh, you know, I did my thing, so
Translation: two ghouls,
we disposed of them in short measure.

And one vamp.
It just came out of nowhere.

Really? A vampire
in the same place as ghouls?
Yeah, the way it came at me
was weird.

- Good thing Cal clocked it.

- [Talia.]
Oh, good job, baby.

They didn't used to be so bold.

I mean, even in Savannah.

No wonder they sent us, huh?
We'll get rid of them.

Love to finish a job before Pop gets home.

He hates it when we do that.

Can you pass the bread?
They keep telling me my time is coming.

They don't understand that until it does,
I won't feel like a member of this family.

I stabbed it right in the chest, right?
The thing slides down my sword
like meat on a skewer.

- [ringtone: klaxon.]

- It was crazy.

You should let me go train
at the Guild Academy right now.

- Hey, Dad.

- [Jack.]
How's my girl?
You keeping your brothers safe?
- I'm trying.

- And how's that new school?
You make any friends yet?
What's the point?
- We'll be gone by Christmas.

- I know, but
it doesn't mean you shouldn't try, baby.

You're 16 once, Cal.

You're allowed to have a life.

This is my life, Dad.

- If you let me show you.

- Your turn is coming, baby.

Yeah, but
Hi, stranger.

Hey, gorgeous.

As usual, we're gonna go over
our assignments,
and as usual,
Apollo will complain about his.

Okay, I'll let you handle it, babe.

See you soon.

All right, let's see what we got.

You have a job.
It's called school.

Stop looking for something
to be unhappy about, they're covers.

Just covers? For who?
I worked in that gym for six weeks.

Punched the clock every day.

I'm sure the fact
it was on a college campus
full of pretty girls had nothing to do
with your diligence.

I'm a stay-at-home mother.


- Okay.

- Independent analyst.

- What does that even mean?
- Whatever I need it to.

Let's see.

Oh, great.

You've gotta be kidding me.
A trainer.

Qualifications, good liar?
Oh, yeah,
everybody can have a body like this.

- This is some bullshit.

- Hey!
You want me to lose my religion tonight?
I know that's the adrenaline rush
from that kill talking.

But you better watch your language
in my house.
Hear me?
Plus, it's not a bad cover.

You get to talk about
your favorite subject all day.

Mom, can I please tell him to go to hell?
Sure, if you got somewhere else to live.

All right.

Here's to killing monsters.

[line ringing.]


You're hot.

[phone ringing.]

- What's up?
- You're alive?
- I was beginning to wonder.

- Just been busy.

You know how moving in can be.

Code for "I found another girl
and spent my time making out with her
behind the gym"?
- Yeah, right.

- You can tell me.

- What are friends for?
- And exes?
Come on, Cal.
Who is she?
- I don't know.

- You're feeling her.

- I'm not.

- You used to be a better liar.

There was a moment,
but we don't have a lot in common.

Hate that.
Straight girls
should come with a warning.

You still in Philly?
Actually, I wanted to tell you.

I did it.
I got my first kill.

Wow, that's amazing.

What was it like?
- I mean, like
- [phone chimes.]

Gotta go.

Fam's planning a surprise celebration
they think I don't know about.

Mom's calling to meet for dinner.

- I'll call you later, okay?
- Okay.

["Soldier of Love" playing.]

I've lost the use of my heart ♪
But I'm still alive ♪
Still looking for the life ♪
The endless pool on the other side ♪
It's a wild, wild west ♪
I'm doing my best ♪
I'm from a lineage
thousands of years old.

We're the best monster hunters
to ever walk the earth.

And still, even though my family loves me,
they always always underestimate me.

But don't you worry, Juliette.

I won't underestimate you.

Because there's a feeling you get
when a monster's breath
eases up your nostrils.

There's a warning prickle
on the back of your neck.

So pretend all you want.

Pretend to be kind, pretend to be gentle,
pretend to be human
but I know exactly what you are.

A daywalker.

Why else would you need these?
"Nearer, the plowed fields
curved and faded
and the few hogs nosing in the furrows
looked like large spotted stones.
I am love's soldier ♪
I wait for the sound ♪
Setting is never just a backdrop
in a story.
It's a character,
often the first one we meet.

It's important to note, then, the state
I'm a soldier of love ♪
Every day and night ♪
I'm a soldier of love ♪
My dad says that most hunters
just know a monster when they see one.

I am lost but I don't doubt ♪
Oh, tall I ride ♪
I have the will to survive ♪
In the wild, wild west ♪
Trying my hardest ♪
Doing my best ♪
To stay alive ♪
You just didn't look like one,
but you're the one they warned me about.

The kind that leads with a smile.

You're a monster.

[indistinct chatter.]

And I'm a hunter.

[all cheering.]

And there's only one way this story ends.


Wow, okay.
Not wasting any time, huh?
I'm socially awkward.

And I've wanted to do that
for a while now.

And would like to do it again?
I'm a soldier of love ♪
I'm a soldier ♪
Come on.

There are only three rules
for being a great hunter.

There are only three rules
for your first kill.

Stay calm.

Keep your head on.

Be prepared for anyone.

Be prepared for anything.

[Calliope grunting.]

And always
finish what you start.


[theme music playing.]

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