First Kill (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

First Blood

[theme music playing.]

Our love story could be kind of gory ♪
Far from boring ♪
We'd meet at a post-apocalypse ♪
Yeah, I'd be slowly walking in a group
Stalking you ♪
You'd be the only one alive ♪
That I could not resist ♪
Then all of your friends
They'd try to kill us ♪
But only because they'd be jealous ♪
That our love is deeper
Than Edward and Bella's ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart, yeah ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart
'Cause I want you ♪
[pop music playing.]

I noticed when you're kissing me ♪
It tastes like poison ♪
As explained
by my physics teacher Mr.
in excruciating detail

Newton's third law states that
every action has an equal
and opposite reaction.

Once an action is taken
you must live with the consequences.

Falling in a downward spiral ♪
And I hate it, love it ♪
At the same damn time ♪
I think you're the devil ♪
Make me wanna sin ♪
Showin' up like
"Knock, knock, let me in" ♪
It's gonna get real ugly ♪
When you break my heart ♪
'Cause now I'm all addicted
To the dark ♪
[sirens wailing.]

Though, you want me ♪
I don't even know how this happened ♪
I think you're the devil ♪
Mm ♪
I think you're the devil ♪
When I try to walk away ♪
I have no plan B ♪
Don't look at me
I know I need to get my head straight ♪
Should I go to work
Or fling myself into the ocean? ♪
Then at least I would be free ♪
- [Noah.]
One of those for me?
- [music stops.]

What the hell? Mom?
What the?
Sorry, didn't see you.

What are you doing on the floor?
- Oh, my God, Ash!
- [suspenseful music playing.]

Noah, call 911.

I called, I'm gonna go out
to the street to wait.

[indistinct chatter.]

[police siren wailing.]

[metal clanging.]

- What's going on?
- Where's Cal?
I don't know.

[clanging continues.]

[monster grunting.]

A Shambler.
Theo, weapons.

What is a Shambler doing here?
I don't know, but he's about to get out.

Please let me take him out.

That asshole's destroying my kitchen.

This one's mine.



[indistinct police radio chatter.]

[officer 1.]
How the hell did these kids
get this much alcohol?
[officer 2.]

Same way they got all the pot, I guess.

[door closes.]

[cell phone ringing.]

- [sirens wailing.]

- [helicopter whirring.]

[monster snarling.]

- What the hell's it doing?
- It's looking for something.

What would it be looking for?
- [Theo.]
What is that?
- That's a Summoner.

- [Apollo.]
I found it at the cemetery.

- You brought a Summoner into the house?
Obviously, I didn't know what it was.

You get that damn head off my rug.

Juliette Anastasia Fairmont.

Do you have any idea what time it is?

Mom, don't.

- Did you?
- [Sebastian.]
What is it?
Her first kill.

Juliette, is that true?
Is what true?
You didn't.

It happened so fast.

I knew your instinct would take over.

We will handle everything.

Your father will dispose of the body.

Who was it?
What matters is that it's done
and now we can finally have your sister's
consecration ceremony next Sunday.

I can't do it next Sunday.

Ben is picking me up
and we have to paint the sets.


The full moon after the first kill.

It was the same for Elinor
and 2,000 years of Legacies before her.

I'm really tired.

Of course you are.

Go, sweetheart, go.

Get some rest.

There's no bigger day
in a young Legacy's life
than the consecration ceremony.

- The Monster's Ball?
- Don't be so colloquial, dear.

Beauty rest, now.

I'm sure that the Braccos
will fly in from Tuscany and
I have to call my mother.

It's the middle of the night.


Our baby girl is finally grown up.

Who cares what time it is?
At what point will you apologize
for this shit show?
Apologize? For what?
You took something that wasn't yours,
and it brought that thing into our house.

We don't treasure hunt
in graveyards, Apollo.

I already have a father, Theo.

Yeah, and you lucky he isn't here.

You know that thing
that you just had to have,
it literally teleported that goddamn
Shambler into our home.

It allowed it to bypass all the barriers
the Guardians had put in place.

Our house is trash because
you can't follow one simple rule.

Don't steal shit.

Yeah, we could have been killed.

I get it.

But what was it doing in the cemetery
in the first place?
People don't just go around
dropping Summoners.

Yeah, and hunters don't go around
picking them up.

It's the last picture I have of my mom.

- I'm sorry, it's my bad.
I'll fix it.

- I don't want you to fix it.

She made that frame.

I want you to think before you act.

Is that why
you have a stick up your ass
- because you think before you act?
- Do something!
Both of you! Shut up.

And clean up before I lose my temper.

[door opens.]


What do you think you're doing?
Do you think I didn't see you?
- Mom, I
- Get in the house, now.

Where have you been?
I know, I'm sorry.
I lost track
of time and I was gonna call
We're Guild, Cal.

We don't lose track of anything.

- The first thing that you do is
- I staked a vampire.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- My first kill.

I guess.

I staked her.
She passed out.
I ran.

Passed out? What, like, just collapsed?
She didn't disintegrate?
- Okay, then she wasn't a vampire, Cal.

- She was.
She definitely was.

When you stake a vampire, you'll know.

There is no doubt.

- There's fire and ash.

- Usually, I know.

Theo just killed one at the cemetery,
I don't know why this one didn't.

All right,
we'll discuss this in the morning.

Go to bed.

You scared me.

You scared me.
You see anything yet?
This is the first one Dad took down.

Hey, sweetie, just relax.

- Relax.

- Sorry.

Well, that was easy.


The worst monsters are the ones
who appear to be human.

Never forget that.


Get up.

- Why you standing over me like that?
- Get up.
Come with me.

["Love Love" playing.]

You could take my skies so gray
You could take my rainy days ♪
You could take this feeling
That I held on for too long ♪
You could take my waste of time ♪

You shouldn't be in here.

You are spending
too much time with the dead.

It's ruining your manners.

- What do you want?
- Money, power,
the perfect little black dress.

I hear you have a body.

It is a morgue.

I assume you mean the Stanton girl.

Relax, I work for
the District Attorney's Office, remember?
As a paid intern.

Who works for her father.

Ashley Stanton.


So much sadder when they're young,
too much of a good time?
Her liver was excised.

Sound like a good time to you?
Show me the body.

- You gotta be kidding.

- I'm not squeamish, promise.

She still has blood in her veins.

I swear, it's happening again.

I saw bodies like this
when I just started.

Corpses ripped open, organs missing.

You're too young to remember
that Savannah.

Have you seen enough?
- I gotta get this written up and
- Malcolm.

It was a head injury.

- What?
- There's no sign of anything monstrous.

All her organs are intact.

She had a blood alcohol level of .

She fell.
She hit her head.

Very tragic accident.


An accident.

Maybe you shouldn't drink bourbon out of
a thermos and pretend it's iced tea.

It's making you sloppy.

Don't worry, I won't tell a soul.

- You said we'd discuss it in the morning.

- [Talia.]
This is morning.

I had that nightmare again.

I'm sorry.

You're a hunter who made a mistake.

It's probably gonna bother you
for a long time.

All right.
Now do me a favor.

The vampire that you supposedly
staked last night.
Show me what you did.

- What?
- I said, show me what you did.
Come on.

So we were in a pantry, kind of close.

Wait, what were you doing in a pantry?
It was a dare.

Anyway, she leaned in,
and I saw her fangs.

So I just
I said exactly what you did.



Again, Cal.

Your form is perfect.

- And you're sure you saw her fangs?
- Yes.


All right.

You go to school.

All right? You keep your head down
and your eyes open.

- Got it?
- Yes.


Come on.

[cell phone ringing.]

What's wrong?
Detective Orr dropped that off.

Juliette left it at the party.

A head wound.
Why would Juliette do that?

It was her first kill.

So maybe she got a little carried away.

Don't be so worried.

This was more than carried away.

We don't slaughter, Margot.
We feed.

So yeah, I'm worried.

I know you are.

Residual humanity.

I'm worried because I don't want Juliette
to become anything like him.

She's nothing like him.


Let's recap.
Party, party, party.

Blackout, lights up.

Mortally-wounded girl
discovered at my feet.

Ben cradles dying girl.

- I don't want to use the word hero.

- Wait, back up, someone died?
- Who?
- Ashley Stanton.

Wait, what?
- Smashley's dead?
- Yeah, how do you not know that?
Have you ever taken credit
for something that you didn't do
because it was such a big deal to everyone
- and you didn't want to disappoint?
- Someone died.

And you were nowhere to be found.

I sent 4 e-mails, 13 texts, called twice.


Were you still in the closet
with the new girl?
Oh, of course you were.

Did you guys kiss?
Did limbs entwine?
Your lives change forever?
Yes, absolutely forever.


Don't be shy now.
Come on.

- I've bared my freaking soul to you.

- Wait!
Just tell me what happened to Smashley.

They say she fell and hit her head.

I don't know.
I was there.

So much blood.

Common with head injuries.

There's a vigil tonight,
you're going, right?
Yeah, of course.

- You?
- I was basically her hospice nurse.

Of course I'm going.

[dramatic music playing.]

[Tate on TV.]
I'm Natalie Tate,
welcometoSavannah'snumber one station

Lancaster Academy student Ashley Stanton
lost her life in a freak accident
atafriend's party over the weekend.

The family is still making
final servicearrangements,
but did share that Ashley will be
laid torestatOakHillsCemetery.

Ashley was an only child
- Hi, Dad.

- Hi.

How's the file organizing going?
Finished two days ago.

I paid a visit to Malcolm down at County,
not that he'll remember.

No one asked you to do that.

I was handling it.

He was about to start blabbering about
monsters being back in Savannah.

I was trying to help.

Well, the problem with your help, Elinor,
is that your talent
is uncharted territory.

I don't have it.

Your mother doesn't have it.

And until we understand why you do
and your twin doesn't,
we have asked you not to use it.

Return the file now.

I can't believe you'd compare
anything about me to Oliver.

You don't see me collecting dead squirrels
just so I have something to play with.

Besides, you should be thanking me.

Our Juliette did quite the number
on poor Ashley.

Head wound.
I heard.

Did you hear she ripped out
the girl's liver?
Maybe your baby girl doesn't
take after you as much as you thought.

- [phone ringing.]

- Thank you, Elinor.
You can go.

I'm sure I can find something
to file or copy or erase.

[country music playing.]

Yeah ♪
Blacked out heart is filled with shame ♪
Deep in my remorse ♪
- Must be the Burns Brothers.

- I'm Theo.
This is Apollo.

Sticky Fingers.

What the hell?
It's Mr.
Cook with the Guild.

He'll be joining us.

Standard debrief.

When there's an incident,
there's a meeting.

Since your little scavenger hunt caused
the incident, welcome to the meeting.

So brought a Summoner into your house,
bad move.

- Yeah, I know.
Don't need another lecture.

- I think you do.

There was a time that everyone
knew about monsters.

People were careful about
what they looked in the eye, touched
Time eats away at memory, and vigilance.

- What the hell are you rambling about?
- Apollo.

[Cook chuckles.]

Do you have it?
The Summoner.


You don't take a 3,000-year-old monster
Summoner out of its protective bag.

Do we, Apollo?
Not unless we want to fill the bar
with wraiths.

It's damaged.

- That happened during the melee?
- Not sure.

Why don't you get the Shambler here
and ask it?
- Apollo.

- What?
He wants to ask me a dumb question,
he gets a dumb answer.

Okay, here's an idea.

Take that giant chip off your shoulder
and just tell me exactly what happened.

And the devil knows my name ♪
[knocking on door.]

- Hey, sweetie, got a minute?
- Yeah.

First of all, I know I didn't
fall all over myself last night
when you broke the big news, but, um
I'm incredibly happy for you.

And proud.

Thanks, Dad.

- Ah.
Almost forgot, this belongs to you.

- Oh.

I've been calling it all day.

Yeah, you left it at the party last night.

Might want to be more careful
what you leave near your bodies.


Amanda Victoria.

Surprised to see her still hanging around.

Survived the great
stuffed animal purge of 2018.

Lucky girl.

I remember when you were little
and you were scared of thunder.

Uh I wasn't scared of thunder.

Amanda Victoria was.

Well, that's what I meant.

You were so sweet with her.

You would cuddle her, and you would say,
"Everything is gonna be okay.
And Elinor used to put her dolls
in the microwave.

She thought they were cold.

You had compassion.

You still do.

Mom says it's a weakness.

Your mom.

I love her.

But she is a different breed, literally.

And I'm more like my dad.

She tells me all the time
and not like it's a compliment.

Listen to me.

Compassion is not a weakness.

It is a gift.

To be embraced.

I'll try to remember that.

I have faith in you.

I believe that the next time you take
a life, you will show some restraint.

Dad, I, um
- Dad, I didn't
- Sweetie, it's okay.

You got a little carried away.

First-time jitters.

Remind me to tell you
my first kill story sometime.

[classical violin music playing.]

Then the lights came on and I saw her.

I knew that our beloved Ashley Stanton,
Beer Pong Champion, was gone.

She slipped away in my arms.

- I thought she died at the hospital.

- I saw the light leave her eyes, okay?
This is so awkward.

I didn't even know her.

Do you see the vampire you staked?
No, not yet.

Come on.

[pop music playing.]

Are you ready for
What's coming down?
You like that, don't you?
Want me to be gentle?
No, baby, I want you to make it hurt.


It's coming down ♪
The devil's out ♪
I ain't giving up
I ain't giving up ♪
The trigger pulled ♪
Shadow grow ♪
Your reckoning day has begun ♪
This never happened.

Never happened.

See you next week.


Thank you, Principal Waters,
for organizing this so quickly.

We're grateful to see so many of you here.

Ashley had so many friends.

Her phone never stopped ringing.

[voice breaking.]

We called Ashley our social butterfly.

Seemed like everywhere she went,
she made friends.

She could strike up a conversation
with absolutely anyone,
and they'd walk away smiling.

It was a true gift.

Even though academics
were never her strong suit,
she loved coming to school every day.

- [music continues.]

- [heartbeat thumping.]

Now I can see why.

One thing we all know about Ashley,
she never said no to a good time.

I left my physics book in my locker.

I need it.
I'll be right back.


Hey, Juliette!
I just want to talk.

Like in the closet?
That was instinct.

I could say the same.

[pop music playing.]

Feeling all the weight of this
I'm trying to run away from you ♪
I said, leave me alone.

And I said I just want to talk.

I try to hide but you lurk in the dark ♪
Your shadows move with me
On every part ♪
I'm too afraid to fight you ♪
But I know the only way I'll win
Is if I do ♪
I'm in a game of tug-of-war ♪
I look in my reflection ♪
When I'm wrestling
With the thoughts of ♪
Nowhere to run.

- Why'd you stake me?
- Why'd you bite me?
Because I
- I wasn't myself.

- You were exactly yourself.

The reason why my family
was sent to Savannah.

And why are your tears red?
- I'm not a monster.

- Back off.

You guys been training too?
No, I was born this way.

- We don't have to do this.

- Of course we do.

On display ♪
You've made your final case ♪
Why can't I feel my hand?
What did you do to me?
It's not me, it's my blood.

It paralyzes.

Get away from me!
It'll wear off.

The 16-year-old Stanton is remembered
by her friends as a vivacious young woman
who enjoyed skiing and theater,
while Stanton's parents,
Savannah philanthropists

remember their daughter as quote
Yeah, not the word I'd use.

I'll bite.

What word would you use?
I'd use two.

And up.


Sounds like she got drunk and fell.

That so hard to believe?
I've fallen and hit my head a bunch
of times, never lost that much blood.

Maybe you're not doing it right.

The Stantons have called for a full
investigation into their daughter's death.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests
- My sister goes to that school.

- So did I, but we never partied like that.

Oh, yeah?
Let me guess.
Homecoming Queen.

That obvious?
Varsity running back?
Be careful out here.

Have you ever hooked up
in a women's bathroom stall?
Can't say I have.

You will.

The roof? Really?
A million no trespassing signs
weren't enough?
I was upset.

Obviously, so I left.

And Calliope was nice enough to follow me
to make sure I was okay.

She was clearly upset,
and I was worried about her,
and it was quiet on the roof.

She needed to process.

Someone on the roof could mean
active shooter, possible jumper.

Oh, just in time.

Sorry about the circumstance,
but always a pleasure to see you.

Thank you for coming.

- Hello, Cyrus.

- Hello.

Thanks for calling.


- Talia Burns.

- Hello.

I'm so glad you called,
Principal Waters.

You're just in time to hear your
daughter explain herself, Mrs.

Young lady? We're waiting.

Well, it's like Calliope said.

I didn't mean to go onto the roof.

I just started walking and kind
of wanted to go somewhere private.

To think about Ashley.

This all seems like
a big misunderstanding,
doesn't it, Principal Waters?
Girls their age,
they're under so much stress.

School, grades, the loss of a classmate,
and on top of it all, Juliette's
Debutante Ball is this weekend.

Family coming from everywhere,
her proper presentation to society.

I admit that I may have added
to her stress.

You know, it just hasn't been easy
on Calliope, either.

You know, being new,
arriving so late to the semester
and then trying to make friends.

Why don't we let the girls go to class?
I was about to suggest the same.

Oh, I'd be happy to stay
and to talk this through.

Oh, I have ideas to ensure that these
misunderstandings don't happen again.

All right, Ms.
Fairmont, Ms.

I expect you to be on your best behavior.

You know, you're a really shitty liar.

I mean, everyone has a tell, but I just
I thought monsters like you were supposed
to be good at deceiving humans.

Yeah, well, I guess I'm not very good
at being a monster.

Was everything you said a lie?
I certainly didn't jump up on that rooftop
to make you feel better.

But still.

You were the first person
to welcome me here.

You smiled at me, made me feel
That was before I realized what you were.

How did you know?
Like I said, everybody has tells
if you look hard enough.

And I couldn't keep my eyes off you.

I know you were planning
on killing me at the party.

When I followed you into that pantry
all I wanted to do was kiss you.

I've been thinking about it
since you first walked into my class.

I didn't mean to bite you.

But you did.

Would you have staked me if I hadn't?
I still would have staked you.

- What?
- I can hear your heartbeat.

It races when you lie.

[school bell rings.]

Girls these days.

I swear I never got in that much trouble.

Oh, I did.

It's not very easy, is it?
Being new in town.

- No.
It's not.

- Then why don't we have lunch?
At my house.

And don't say yes, and mean no.

I realize that the girls
got off on the wrong foot,
but that's nothing
a glass of Chardonnay can't fix.

I'm more of a Pinot girl.


Margot, you have such lovely skin.

- What's your secret?
- Sunscreen.

How's next Sunday after church?
Yeah, sounds good.

Maybe we can get the girls
to bury this, whatever it is.


I like you, Talia.

I can tell we're gonna be friends.

Next Sunday.

I can't wait.

[eerie electronic music playing.]

There you are.

I haven't seen Mom this keyed up
since my own debut.

You know, I can't believe
you actually did it.

Baby's first kill.

Come on, we tell each other everything.

I want to hear all the details.

Not much of a story, really.

I just bit her.

That's not what I heard.

Did you really have to bash her head open?
And the liver?
What possessed you to take such
a gruesome calling card?
Tell me, was it before
or after you got this?
Who does it belong to?
I don't know.
I didn't see their face.

You are a terrible liar.

If you say so.

Sweet little.

When did we start keeping secrets
from each other?
- We don't.

- No.

We don't.

I'm here, when you want to talk.

- Hey, stranger.

- Oh, my God, Tess?
Aunt Sarah.

- So good to see you, Cal.

- Hey.

- Hey, sweet Cal.

- Uncle Mike.

- [Mike.]
How you doing?
- [Calliope.]

Hey, kiddo.


Why are you back so
What's going on?
Actions always have
an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton's third law.

You were right.

You staked her perfectly,
but she's a Legacy vampire.

That's why she didn't die.

I don't understand.

Once an action is taken,
you have to live with the consequences.

Legacies were born vampires.

Their bloodline stretches back
thousands of years.

They believe, to the Garden of Eden.

They aren't even bound to the dark.

Very rare.
Hard to find.

And even harder to kill.

But you led us to them, baby girl.


Now each and every one of them must die.


I am a member of the Burns family,
a Guild-trained house of monster hunters.

Our hearts drive us.

Duty and logic lead us.

And we vowed to rid the world

[theme music playing.]

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