First Kill (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

First Fight

Our love story could be kind of gory ♪
Far from boring ♪
We'd meet at a post-apocalypse ♪
Yeah, I'd be slowly walking in a group
Stalking you ♪
You'd be the only one alive ♪
That I could not resist ♪
Then all of your friends
They'd try to kill us ♪
But only because they'd be jealous ♪
That our love is deeper
Than Edward and Bella's ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart, yeah ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart
'Cause I want you ♪
You think that out of sight ♪
Is out of mind ♪
You think you gotta be cruel ♪
Just to be kind ♪
You think you're moving on ♪
But God knows you never will ♪
When you're chasing the thrill ♪
My dad always says a hunter
is only as good as her gut.

Shouldn't this gut thing guide me?
Give me confidence?
Or is it supposed to weigh me down
with guilt for doing what I know
isrightfor me?
You might lose your soul ♪
In fact, you probably will ♪
What are you doing here?
Where are we?

The beginning.

I swear, when I bit you,
I had no idea it would link us like this.

You don't believe me.

I don't know what to believe.

Or how to feel.

I mean, I shouldn't feel anything for you.

- But?
- But you're nothing like the monsters
I grew up hating.

So just go with it.

Anything is possible here.



Up, up, baby girl.

The whole fam's already outside.

Nice form, Apollo.

Keep your distance.

Legacy blood touches your skin,
you're done, paralyzed instantly.

- Good.

- All right.

- That's some flash right there, Apollo.

- You're telegraphing, Theo.

You're telegraphing, Theo.


Protect your neck.
Let's go.
Hoo! Winner.

- There's a first time for everything.

- I don't know, Dad.

Sure he's ready for the Guild Academy?
You might want to send your baby boy.

I'm almost 24.
Guild Academy age.

- You'll never be ready.

- Please.
I was born ready.

You're too impressed with yourself.

The worst thing a hunter can be.

That childish need for glory
will get you killed.

Maybe our whole family killed.

Should I say I'm sorry about
the Shambler again?
That's where this is going next?
You're quick and strong, son.

But you're reckless.

A bit of your brother's humility
would go a long way.

- You're lookout on tonight's hunt.

- What?
Are you kidding me? You saw me.

I beat him.

And now you'll watch him.


- All right.

- Cal.

- Tess.
You're up.

- Watch her.

- Sorry.

- For what?
Embarrassing you in front of the fam.

- Keep your eyes on her shoulders.

- Never die.

- Come on.

- Good.

- Let's go, T.

- You got this.


That's Guild.


Welcome to
Savannah's number one station
for news you need to know.

Savannah high school student
Ashley Stanton will be laid to rest today.

What did you do with them?
Sources close to the family
say Ashley was an outgoing girl
It's rude to enter
and not at least offer
Where are my pills?
Calm down.

It's not like you need them anymore.

Unless you haven't had your first kill
and this entire consecration
ceremony is celebrating a


Hear me on this.

They won't solve your problem.

Where are the rest?
- It's not enough.

- Exactly.

But I tossed the rest.

Motivation to get you to do
the right thing.

Why do I even have to have this ceremony?
Because you lied, Jules.

Because it's our tradition.

So kill someone before Grandmother
and the entire Legacy community
arrive for the big show.

I know it's tradition.

But I hate that it is.

I mean, Oliver never had to do it.

We're a matriarchy.

That's the part worth embracing.

Really worth embracing.

And Oliver almost destroyed this family.

Do you really want to follow
in his footsteps?
So cute.

Now put those away and let's find
a little concealer before the big fitting.

Ooh, ah ♪
I'll make it effortless ♪
I got a way about my walk, my talk
No doubt about it ♪
I look like I sleep in a coffin.

Well, perhaps this isn't your era.

Let's try something else.

Can't even try it ♪
I'll make it, I'll make it ♪
Yeah, I'll make it effortless ♪
- No.

- No.

Buttercup, can you at least attempt
to be happy?
We are doing all of this for you.

Well, if it were for me,
my friends would be invited.

The guests wouldn't be from Madrid
and Tokyo and Lagos.

There wouldn't be a
creepy snake ritual
or human sacrifice hunt.

And this is why children are not entrusted
to uphold tradition.

I thought you were going to call
when you got to the hotel.


- Grandmother.

- Hello, my darling.

You're keeping your hands clean
and your bodies well-buried?
Just like you taught me.


That dress is hideous on you.

Let me look at you.

Well, you have your father's eyes,
but you have
your mother's thirst, I'm told.

Grandmother, please tell your daughter
that this moth trap belongs in a museum.

This moth trap was my consecration gown.

You see what happens when you procreate
with a vampire you've made?
They lack
the respect-for-their-elders gene.

- Sorry, I didn't mean to
- Darling.

For a thousand years, our family has been
the most powerful among Legacies.

The only ones deemed worthy of guarding
the Emerald Malkia,
the queen mother serpent
from which all Legacies draw strength.

So when you descend those stairs tonight,
when that serpent travels
from my arm to yours, you
I forgot to cancel with Ben.

That's Juliette's human.

It's so lovely to see you, Mother.

Well, I certainly hope he tastes better
than he behaves.

She doesn't feed from him.

- He's her friend.

- Darling
do your grandmother a favor.

Make sure she doesn't disappoint me.

Not easy.
She's allergic to listening.

So wrangling your little sister
is above your abilities then, yes?
I'll take care of it.

Good girl.

Oh, my God, you're like a two-year-old.

What are you doing?
Wondering where's my invitation
to that masquerade ball.

It's just a dinner.

It's a pretty elaborate dress
for meatloaf and potatoes.

Savannah Blooms Florist.

- That's a lot of flowers for a
- Grandmother.

She's in town.
Fancy's kind of her thing.

Enough already.

Admit and Forget.


Your parents are having a party
and I'm not invited.



Forgive and forget.

Thank you.

I guess this means you're not coming
with me to visit Ashley's parents,
pay our respects?
You know death freaks me out.

Does it look like I can go?
You look like you should be
frantically teaching the Beast to waltz
before the last petal falls.

So go get changed,
I need you for investigative purposes.

I think Ashley was murdered.

What? Who on earth would?
You're traumatized
because you stumbled onto her body.

Not stumbled onto.

- And what if I'm right?
- Okay.

If she was murdered,
her parents should know.

I'm wearing a dress
that weighs as much as I do
and as I stand here sweating buckets,
you're talking nonsense.

Leave Ashley's parents to their grief.

Go home.
I'll call you later.

I say a girl was murdered.

You say, "My dress is heavy, go home"?
- Okay, yeah, I can do that.

- No, you know I didn't mean it that way.

Come on.

Admit and Forget.

I admit I hate you right now.

That is not how the rules work.

You're supposed to say, "Forgive.
Her intensity reminds me
of another badass hunter.

Yeah, she's been at it
for a couple of hours.

- Good.
She has a lot to learn.

- Yeah.

Your training sessions with her
have been paying off.

I can see that myself.

She's only 16, Jack.

Theo was 12.
Apollo, 14.

And Cal was 15 when
that damned wraith almost killed her.

Then we moved here,
she faced a Legacy and won.

Okay, that's not exactly how it happened
and you know it.

Well, I know the Guild rewarded us
for her actions.

By sending us to hunt monsters
we don't know how to kill?
- No.

- Just because we haven't
- doesn't mean we can't.

- Jack.

And plus, they sent us our best friends
Mike and Sarah, who are damn good hunters.

- Baby
- Jack.

Cal ID'd a family of Legacies
that no one knew existed.

The Guild is entrusting us
to take them out.

We haven't been promoted to
Helmers yet and they're giving it to us.

I know Blades don't get
this kind of opportunity,
but it's a dangerous assignment,
even for the best of us,
let alone for a first hunt.

No, I'm not letting her anywhere near
this one, you hear me?
Baby, one, it's not the first hunt.

And two, it's been almost 400 years
since a hunter squared off with a Legacy
and lived to tell the tale.

Until Cal.

Our baby girl.

Doesn't she deserve to finish it?
Not if it puts her life at risk.

What I'm saying is that
if she's not with us when we're out there,
then we're not a family.

- You understand?
- Okay.

She is our daughter first.

I know that.

No, sometimes I think you forget.

Sometimes you put our duties
as hunters before everything else.

And sometimes I want you to respect
how I feel.

Respect my position,
instead of always trying to think of ways
to bring me around to yours,
because it's exhausting.

And I don't know why you can't see that.

Why you can't see how frustrating
that is for me.

All right.
All right.

I hear you.

And I'm sorry.

You should be.

Get out of my kitchen
unless you wanna make dinner.

Happy to.

But first, can I get a little dessert?
Brushing up on our history?
And so Eve fled the serpent
while Lilith embraced its bite.

I always found that part a bit kinky.

Will the snake really bite me?
Only if you've committed your first kill.



If you haven't had your first kill,
it'll reject you,
in front of the entire Legacy community.

Our family will be humiliated.

A scramble for control
of the mother serpent would follow.

Pure anarchy.

Come on, I have a surprise for you.

You come over late
Just to stay up and talk ♪
Tell me all your secrets
Or anything ♪
- Go ahead, it's your play.

- Check this out.
Here we go.

So your Uncle Mike goes
from Blade Hunter to Helm status,
and finally I get to kill the monster that
made me start hunting in the first place.

It was a Kitsune.

A demon that can take the form
of everything it kills, killed my brother.

Took me years to track it down.

Fifteen months, honey.

- So, what happened when you found it?
- I didn't.

Walked right up to me one day,
it tapped me on the shoulder,
wearing my brother's face.

Even pretended to be him.

I say all this to say
I know how hard it is to kill a monster
that looks and feels human.

I respect you, Cal,
which is why I hate to do this.

- Domino!
- Cal, you over there, losing like that?
Well, I think now is a good time
for a toast.

Now, the Guild sent us here
for one simple mission,
to find out why there
are monsters back in Savannah.

Now, we all know how hard it is
to shock a hunter.

Well, that's because we're trained
to expect the unexpected.

But, Cal, you shocked us all.

You took initiative,
trusted your instincts,
and single-handedly led us to Legacies.

Now, if we win this battle,
we just might be promoted.

Blade class would be
in our rearview mirror.

Which is why we've decided
you're ready for your first kill.

- Let's go, sis.

- Welcome to the hunt.

You're joining the hunt, baby girl.

Yep, you'll have the honor
of killing Juliette.

- Congratulations.

- Congratulations.

- There you go.
Proud of you.

- Thank you.

- Baby sis about to show 'em proof.

- Yes, sir.

Theo, Apollo, we're ready.

There's one Guild record
of a Legacy killing.

The tips of these six spears were forged
from the silver stake used by that hunter.

Thought we'd never get a chance
to use 'em.
Until now.

Thanks to you, young warrior, we do.



This silver is from
the only spear to ever
My princess warrior.

This goes back hundreds of years.

Come here.


It's okay to be nervous.

Everybody is the first time.

Once those monsters come for you,
your instincts kick in.

Do you, uh
- Never mind.

- No, say it.

Do you ever ask yourself
like, what if they're not all monsters?
Like inside?
What does that mean?
I don't know, I just
Sometimes I think about
how they must see us.

Like, what if maybe we're
the monsters in their story.

- Killers don't get a story, Cal.

- We kill.

To protect people.

They don't feel.
They don't love.

The more you hunt,
the clearer that'll become.

I'm sure you're right.


- Want to tell me why we're here?
- To save you from yourself.

Oh, Elinor.

Juliette, meet Eve.


Shall we?
Oh, are we not having lunch?
- In a bit.
Come on.

- Oh.

- We'll all ride over to the rehearsal.

- Oh, and lunch?
I'm kind of famished.

- There's food there.

- Oh.

That's Eve.

At least the actress playing Eve
in tonight's Legacy hunt.

But we can find a replacement.
Drink up.

Wait, you want me to bite her?



No, I want you to drain her.

No, I'm not killing anyone.

Your grandmother is a monster.

If she finds out you're weak,
a vampire afraid to kill, she'll shun you.

Just because I'm not a killer
doesn't mean I'm weak.

The truth.
Thank you.

I tried, okay?
I really did.

- I couldn't.

- Couldn't or wouldn't?

I mean, I could, but I won't,
because I like her.

Aw, you've got a crush.

Luckily, it'll pass.

Maybe it won't.

Okay, so what's your plan,
when the Malkia refuses the bonding bite
because she knows
you haven't made your kill?
Then what?
Sweet little, fate dealt you
a beautiful hand.

You are a Legacy vampire
of Atwood lineage.

I find that to be the coolest thing
in the world.

Made vampires would love
to see their reflection in a mirror,
be able to spend as much time in daylight
as they'd like to,
eat human food and not get ill.

But you and me, we woke up like this.

I'm begging you, free your mind,
stop wishing to be something you'll
never be and appreciate what you are.

You don't understand.

Change of plans.
Lunch on me.

Uh, thanks.

See you this evening.

Let's go.

The way you did that was pretty amazing.

Mike, I was just telling Cal here
how you killed that banshee with a wrench.

Greatest freehand kill I ever saw.

It was a lucky shot.

- Can we talk for a minute?
- Yeah, sure.

Listen, man, you my boy.

We go way back.

So I'm gonna be straight with you.

Cal's out the hunt.

- Where's this coming from?
- Me.

- With the Guild's blessing.

- The Guild?
I don't know what
is going on here, but you can't.

She's ready for this.

- This is bullshit, Mike.

- If you don't want to be a Blade,
you'll hear me on this one, man.

Hey, everybody.

We got something we need to deal with.

Earlier today, Cal told Tess
she has doubts about killing vamps.

And she implied we're just as bad
as the monsters we hunt.

Give me a break.
Cal wouldn't
- I was just trying to explain that
- Yes or no, Calliope.

Tess wouldn't lie.

- Yes.

- Shit.

I don't know.
I mean, I didn't.

Not like that.

- You guys see that? She's been bitten.

- What are you talking about?
- If Cal's been bitten, I would know.

- Actually, you wouldn't.

Legacy bites, they disappear.

Leave no physical trace,
and itch like hell.

And the venom can alter the mind,
and make the most devoted hunter
question her beliefs.

I would never go against my family.

- Of course you wouldn't.

- Ever.

We can't take any chances.

We've got good intel.

All the Legacies will be in one location.

We won't get this opportunity again.

Sorry, Talia.
The Guild's sending
someone to watch Cal while we hunt.

For her own safety.

It'll be fine.

Don't worry.

Tonight, a young Legacy will bond
with the Emerald Malkia Serpent,
just as Lilith the First Keeper did
in the Garden of Eden.

The Atwood family is honored to uphold
the name of Lilith,
both in practice and in lineage.

Who will present Juliette Anastasia Atwood
at this Legacy consecration?
We will.

Margot and Sebastian present our daughter.

Tonight, Juliette Anastasia
Atwood Fairmont
will take her rightful place
in the line of succession.

It's Ben.
The average
person lives 41 million minutes.


Jesus, you're a mess.

I swiped this from downstairs.

Drink it now.
Mom will kill you
if you get blood on the Valentino.

Yes, well, you're out of options.

No, I'm not.

I'm gonna tell them the truth.

The truth is overrated.

Now, pull yourself together
before your thirst takes over
and you kill whoever happens
to be nearest.

Maybe it'll be a stranger.

Maybe it'll be Ben.


- We'll figure out your first kill.

- No, I
Don't worry, we'll honor
your sensibilities, but get it done.

Finish getting ready, go downstairs
and stall the hunt as long as possible.

Wait, stall? Why?
Juliette, we are at the big-sister-
knows-best part of the story.

I got this, if you just trust me.

Got it.

As it has been and always will be.

It is time for the mature vampire
to pass through the garden.

A Legacy of the Atwood line.

Allow me to present my granddaughter
Juliette Anastasia Atwood.

Look who's all grown up.


Hey, baby sister.

Her bite marks disappeared.

I didn't think it was important.

- We understand.

- Actually, we don't.

You're part of a family
of Guild-sanctioned hunters.

More importantly, you're my daughter.

Everything that happens to you
is important to me.

Is there anything else
you need to tell us?


Okay, sorry, baby girl,
but we have to do what we gotta do.

Juliette and every Legacy
in Savannah dies tonight.

Let's move out.

- So, what are we watching tonight?
- We've got this.

What do you got in your queue?
- Dad.

- It's time to go.


You seem nervous.

Are you getting cold feet?

- Oliver.

- We both know you're not like them, Jules.

You know all this Legacy nonsense is,
well, it's nonsense.


Look at Margot and Sebastian,
the stupid looks on their faces.

If you hate them so much,
then why did you come?
- For you.

- My darling daughter
may I have this dance?
Hello, darling.

- A word?
- Of course, Mother.

That was quite the grand entrance.

Make sure your hasty exit
isn't nearly as dramatic.

Why so ornery?
Afraid I'll embarrass you
and you'll have to send me away?
- Pretend I don't exist?
- We've never denied your existence.

You wanted to upset us.
You have.

Now leave before you ruin
your sister's big night.

I think I'll stay.

You look worried.

Are you worried about your family
or your vamp girlfriend?

My first kill 20 years ago.

Staked that first one.

Sorry not sorry.

My brothers have been pulling
that move on me since I was two.

Wonder what promotion I'd get
if I dragged you out of here
because you started acting,
I don't know, all twitchy.

Excuse me?
You were bit by a Legacy, weren't you?
Who knows how that would affect you.

You might attack me,
I'd have to restrain you
drag you in.

- Look how erratic you're acting.

- You're invading my personal space.

Get back here!
Just a minute.

- Can we talk?
- You are my youngest daughter.

When you say, "Can we talk?"
I am supposed to say, "Of course.
No, not with this
surprise appearance from Oliver.

Not with the entire Legacy community
waiting to see you
It's not my place.

I don't want it.

I have been saying this for months
and nobody is listening to me.

So here I am,
embarrassing the entire family.

I didn't want that either.

I'm sorry.

I know I ruined everything
but please call it off.

You haven't ruined everything.

I did that a long time ago.

Have you ever wondered why I have
three sisters that you've only met once?
It's because I humiliated my family
by running away with my human plaything.

They have children that I have never met.

Family events
that I have not been invited to.

All because I refused
to marry Henry Davenport.

I'd fallen in love with your father.

on my wedding day
I ran.

I have had no relationship
with my family since.

They came to Elinor's ceremony
because Mother
is the most revered Legacy.

They didn't come to yours
because she gave them permission not to.

They abhor the fact
that I am Keeper in Waiting.

disdain for me, it's palpable.

- You don't deserve to be treated that way.

- Neither do you.

I made choices for my life.

I want you to do the same.

But very soon you are going to have
to make your first kill
or you will get very sick.

You know?
We wouldn't be standing here if you had.

You are a good girl, who loves her family.

If the hard part were done,
you would have gone through
with the easy part, the ceremony.


I'll tell your father we have
an announcement to make.


I'm making the choice, right?
I should tell them myself.

It's gonna be all right, Mom.

Well, it'll have to be, sweet girl.

Before the days of recorded history,
Eve and her sister Lilith frolicked
in the Garden of Eden.

As they admired a perfect peach tree,
ripe with fruit,
a serpent slithered down
from his perch atop the highest branch.

Eve, frightened,
begged the serpent not to bite her.

Where is she?
She should have come down
before Mother got all worked up.

- Stay here, for appearances.
I'll get her.

- God, unimpressed with Eve's
cowardice, made her human.

But Lilith embraced the snake.

She welcomed its bite,
and so became the first vampire,
the vampire from which
all the Legacies are descended.

And now my granddaughter will receive
the bite of bonding from the Queen Snake,
just as Lilith did.

Behold the Emerald Malkia.

Once she has anointed Juliette
with her venom,
we will release the ceremonial Eve.

And hunt her.

Come, Juliette, step into your Legacy.


Where the hell is she?
Oh, my God, you scared me.

The ritual's starting
and I have to get back.

Then we'll hurry.

No, I told Mom everything,
she supports me.

I smell blood.
Elinor, I smell
What did you do?
I scrolled through your phone
and found her.

You're welcome.

I told you Mom knows
and I'm gonna tell everyone the truth.

I told you that
I don't want my Legacy ripped from me
just because you and Mom
don't care about yours.

- Oh, my God.

- I am second in line to be the Keeper.

You know her, you like her, drain her.

No more migraines, burning throat,
tears of blood, sweaty pale skin.

Jules, this really is the way.


- Finish what you started.

- Or don't.


Calliope? Calliope?
I told Dad Prague wasn't far enough.

No place would keep me away
from these shenanigans.

A silver box at the bottom of the ocean
would've kept you away.

You don't have to live like this.

- I'm proof.

- Of what?
I got all the good genes.

No, that's what you manipulated
everybody into believing.

- That's why I'm taking Juliette away.

- Wake up, Calliope.

Untie your friend, Jules.

I'll make sure Elinor behaves.

My, what big teeth you have.

- No.

- What?
Hit the sound blast.


- Run.

- No!
Some decisions you have to
mull over, consider, contemplate.

But sometimes, you know
inyourgutthe right thing to do.


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