First Kill (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

First Date

[theme music playing.]

Our love story could be kind of gory ♪
Far from boring ♪
We'd meet at a post-apocalypse ♪
Yeah, I'd be slowly walking in a group
Stalking you ♪
You'd be the only one alive ♪
That I could not resist ♪
Then all of your friends
They'd try to kill us ♪
But only because they'd be jealous ♪
That our love is deeper
Than Edward and Bella's ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart, yeah ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart
'Cause I want you ♪
["Suddenly" playing.]

I woke the other night ♪
The moon was shining bright ♪
It was telling me things were right ♪
But then the other day ♪
In Savannah,
you know a bad storm's coming
when the sky turns black.

With every growl of thunder
you ask yourself,
"When will the heavens part
and offer some relief?"

Come on! We need to go!
[muffled screaming.]

Let me go!
Let go of me!
Hey, bloodsucker!

- You good?
- Yeah.

Let's go.

- We're using the silver-tipped spears.

- Why aren't they dying?
Let's go.
Come on.


Pops put you on lookout duty.

But Mom always said where my brother goes,
I better follow.

I got you.

Plus, you all needed my help here.

Got vampires on steroids and stuff.

[vampires growling.]

- Oh, shit.

- They're not supposed to do that.

We gotta get out of here.
Come on.

- Fall back.

- We can't leave Tess.

I told Tess to meet us by the creek.

You're Guild.

We should be helping my family.

Who are you
to be squawking to me about family?
You sold yours out
as soon as you told that vampire to run.

I promise you'll pay for this.

So will you.

Get your ass in the car.

Oh, look, our guests.

Sneaking out so soon?
Get out of here, Jules.

- [Mike.]
Back off.

- Go!
- Cal.

- [Oliver.]
I'm gonna enjoy this.

[Mike chuckles.]
Let's rock.

Get in the car.

[Calliope screaming, muffled.]

Move and I'll feed you to my family.

Goddamn nightcrawler!
Is he?

What did I just do?
You saved me.

Grab his legs.

- And then?
- We'll figure it out.

- [sobbing.]
You killed my parents.

- I had some help.

- Tess, sorry.
We have to get out of here.

- Wait!
- Go! We have to go.

- Maybe they're not dead.

- Go!
- Just check.

Just check.

When are you gonna stop taking trophies?
- Tess wouldn't come.
What was I to do?
- Hold your position!
Instead you went full Apollo.

That asshole killed my parents.

I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

Does Cal know we're back?
Cal! Cal!
She's not in her room.
She left the phone.

- Cook's car isn't out back.

- Call him.

- Call him now.

- I did, and I called the Guild.

- They'll track his phone, call back.

- [Tess.]
I doubt it.

I overheard my parents talking.

Wherever he took her, the Guild knows.

Baby, come here.

- I wanna go home.

- I know.

Hey, I really hate
to break up this family bonding
but this silver's chafing me.

I am allergic, you know.

We had no idea.

We never would've put you
- in such a position.

- Elinor? Help me.

Oh, my God.
- Juliette, where is she?
- [Margot.]
I don't know.

- Elinor?
- She's fine.


I'm fine.

You should have seen the other guy.

My security detail just informed me
your son was captured by those monsters.


He's not healing fast enough.

I don't know how I'm ever going
to repair the damage done here.

Did you not hear me?
He is not full Legacy.

He's not healing fast enough.

Least of our worries
is whether your halfling lives or dies.

Least of our worries?
You know that he is everything to me.

I am asking for your help.

He will not make it.
If you don't use
Every Legacy here tonight
is telling themselves
we betrayed them to hunters.

Do you not understand
the gravity of our situation right now?
Excuse me while I arrange security escorts
to get our guests out
of your lovely hunter-infested town.

Your time would be better spent
finding out where they've taken your son.


Calling your bestie is figuring it out?
I'm still figuring.

- What's the emergency?
- My God.

- Why are you wearing my jacket?
- I was cold.

Remember when we pinkie promised
that we would always help each other
out of any mess, any time?
- No questions asked.

- Whenever, whatever, wherever.
Take a look.

- Whoa! This is quite a mess.

- I know.

What should we do?
First I'd start by tossing
the year-old fast food.

- Where did he go?
- Who?
The creepy dead guy.

Oh, my God!
What are we looking for?
Bunny, this is Juliette's
new friend, Calliope.

Oh! "Friend" friend?
Or "bring some over here" friend?
- Mom.

- [Bunny.]
You told me about Jules swapping spit
with some hot thing
at your secret boyfriend's party.

- Why hush-hush?
- [Ben.]

Your glass is sweating.

Oh! We can't have that.

Come in for some chocolate cream pie
if you're hungry for something
other than each other.

Good night, Mrs.

- Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God.

Good night, Letty.
Yeah, see you
when you start making sense.

No, no, no!
No, Ben!
- Who are you?
- Creepy dead guy.

- [Ben.]
Letty, let's go!
- Jules!
Letty, let's go! Come on.

Get away from him.
Let's go!
[pop music playing.]

[Cook groaning.]

Oh, my God.

Cold as the winter ♪
Ooh, she's a killer ♪
'Cause she's a sinner ♪
Cold as the winter ♪
Oh, my God.

Letty Oh, my God.

'Cause she's a sinner ♪
An eye for a killer
When you're all alone ♪
Cold as the winter ♪
Ooh, she's a killer ♪
You don't look great.

Oh, I'm
- I am fine.

- Yeah.



[somber music playing.]

Let's get you to bed.

- I don't feel like laying down.

- Then sit.


You're not here to hold ♪
What's a home without you? ♪
But a shell ♪

You gave me more the reason ♪
Kept me in this world ♪
And I give my life for you ♪
I lay my body down ♪
And set it all ablaze ♪
I throw it all away ♪


I'd give my life for you ♪
You saved me once.
You gave me
a better life than I ever dreamed of.


We're not having our goodbyes.

You promised me at least
a thousand years together.

[knocking on door.]

- What?
- Grandmother is suggesting
we burn our home down.


Hey, you.
Come here.
Sit with me.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Are you in pain?
- Nah.

Promise me that you won't let Davina
run roughshod over your mom, okay?

Not happening.

Don't even try this whole dying thing.

Not leaving me to deal with
this shit show.

Hey, is there any way I can help you?

Help your mom.

She won't ask for it, but she needs it.

I'm not leaving you right now.

These didn't work.

The Legacies are still alive,
every last one,
and I don't know where my child is.

The Guild is already
tracking down Clayton Cook
and I'll see to it that Cal gets home.

You have my word.

Your word? The same words
you gave Mike and Sarah?
[door opens.]

Do they have Cal?
Absolutely not.
She'll be home shortly.

Go upstairs and lie down.

Okay? I'll be up to check on you.

Maybe she should stay with us.

The Guild has protocol.

I don't give a shit
about Guild protocol right now.

I understand you're in a lot of pain.

But this is the mission,
we have wins and losses,
and as far as the Guild's concerned,
you've had a significant win tonight.

Our friends are dead
and my child is missing.

You want me to feel like I got a win?
You find Cook.

Make him bring Cal back.

Haven't you heard of consent?
Nothing is working.

There's something about curium,
says it weakens them.

But it's a radioactive element,
super toxic.
Even harder to find.

Do this the old way.

Stake him to the bottom of the river,
- let time and erosion work its magic.

- The Savannah River is not far.

If you guys can avoid the gators
in the sewage runoff, we have a real shot.

But I can hold my breath
for a really long time,
so make sure your calendar's clear.

I say we just take his ass apart,
one bone at a time.

Sounds fun,
have you ever cut the tail off a snake
and watched the baby grow back?
Yeah, we do that.

- Then I guess you won't mind if I try.

- [Theo.]

I've seen that mark before.

What? His ring?
It's witchcraft.

The hell is that?
Looks like I have a loose thread.

From a Daedra Coven.

- He's bound to a witch?
- Her name's Carmen.

We haven't put a label
on anything just yet.

[Oliver laughing.]


- Are you okay?
- Stay away.



It's me.

Okay? It's just me.

Shreveport, 2012, Easter weekend.

What about it?
- The real Letty would understand that.

- We were 8.

Cotton Gin Casino,
your mother was out gambling.

We ordered beignets
and you choked on powdered sugar.

What was I wearing?
You were in your Bieber phase.

Sleeveless jean jacket,
baggy white leather pants.

Maybe you know who I am,
but I still don't know who you are.

- My best friend wouldn't lie to me.

- I was trying to protect you.
How are you keeping this from your family?
Your mother, she's gonna freak.

- She already knows.

- She accepts it?
The whole family does.

They had to since they're vampires too.

- Holy shit.

- Yeah.

- Even Elinor?
- Ben.

New Year's Eve,
2016, when you kissed me,
were you just taking a little taste?
Oh, my God.

- Working up to the big chop?
- You kissed me.

Neither of us knew
what we were doing that night.

I don't wanna drink everyone in sight.

You spent seven minutes
in a pantry with Cal
and she finds out your big secret.

I've known you my whole life,
you've never said a word.
Is that fair?
My whole life I was told
never tell anyone what we are.

Or the whole family would be in jeopardy.

So you're right.

It's not fair.

None of this is fair.

Trust me, no one was more surprised
about Juliette than me.

But she saved our lives tonight.

- Where are you going?
- To get my Taylor Swift blanket, my keys,
and some paper towels for your face.

You're really leaving.

I need to go back to Paris and strategize
and ready myself for battle,
in case anybody wants
to dethrone me for this.

And my father?
What will happen to him?
He's half-made, sweetheart.

When wounded,
they die sooner than they heal.

Your mother understood that
when she turned him.

Another reason why
she should have gone through
with the marriage I arranged for her.

You'd allow my father to die
because you're still angry with Mother
- for leaving Henry Davenport at the altar.

- No.


Ashamed, of course,
but the anger, it left a long time ago.

I wouldn't be here
if she'd married into that family.

Oh, you'd still be you.

You got the impressive
half of your DNA from me.

We are alike, in almost every way.

You use your power to get what you want.

And so do I.

So tell me, what do you want
in exchange for my father's life?
Nothing you can give me, sweet girl.

Davenport clan has two sons.

Very eligible bachelors.

Let me fix what Mother broke.

Oh, wait.

- You got me that blanket on her tour.

- I'll wash it one more time.

I don't think
you can wash away the stench of murder.

Ground's too soft.
A stiff wind,
they'll smell him all the way in Atlanta.

Over there.

That's far,
and I need to get this done and get home.

My God.
My parents
formed a search party by now.

Then chop-chop.
He needs to be better
hidden, uphill of the wind, blah, blah.


[both grunting.]

How many times have you done this?
I'm not a psycho,
if that's what you're implying.

He listens to Serial, Up and Vanished.

That kind of stuff.

Sebastian, hey.

Here, drink.

- Just drink.

- I'm tired, Margot.

- I know.

- Margot.

I understand,
but you cannot give up.

- I'm trying.

- Come on, baby.
Just, please?
- I can't.

- [door opens.]

Get out!

It's okay.
Grandmother's going to help.

I couldn't let my poor, dear Elinor
suffer this loss, so
I'm not leaving you alone with him.

I don't think you have much of a choice.

Mother, please.

Where you go, I go.

[snake hissing.]

Hello, my girl.


She can smell fear.

I was fine letting you die,
but your daughter
offered to repair my wounds,
so I'm going to repair yours.

Good girl.


- [Ben.]

- [both grunting.]

No, her left.
Cal, just
- My parents are gonna kill me.

- Mine are furious.

I'm gonna be grounded for life.

Bunny's watching Below Deck without me.

- Oh, my God.

- What?
- Someone's here.

- We've been followed?
- Noah?
- Hey, Ben.

- [Ben.]

- Hey, Ben.

- Phillipa.

- [Noah.]
We were on our way to a party
when we saw your car.
Everything okay?
We're fine.

You don't look fine.


We, um
- Truth is, we're not fine.

- [Noah.]
What's wrong?
Ben was upset about Ashley.

So we came out here.

To remember her.

Oh, gosh.

- Oh, Benny.

- That's fine.

Oh, my sweet, sweet Benny.

She loved drinking in the park.

I wish you would've told me
you were having a hard time.
I am too.

- This is kind of perfect.

- It is?
Smashley's fave.

We can all remember her together.

To Ashley.

Everybody out.


- Babe.

- Babe.

We'll be out front.

Let's go, guys.

Bye, guys.

I had a good time.

The Guild traced Cal
to your parents' house.

Where is my daughter,
you goddamned nightcrawler?
She was taken to the estate by my sister.

Elinor, the mean one.

You knew that Cal had been kidnapped the
whole time and then you didn't say a word.

You start talking.

Elinor brought your Cal
to Juliette as a gift.

I got her a nice gift card and cash,
but Elinor has always been a bit extra.

Where's Cal now?
Last I saw, she was tied to a tree.

Where is my goddamn daughter?
You'd give your life
for your daughter, wouldn't you?
If I knew where your Cal was,
I'd tell you.

Wow, to be loved like that.

I wish my parents
cared about me that much, but they don't.

I'm sure they're happy now,
thinking I'm dead.


No parent wants to lose a child ever.

Yeah, I'm different.

I disturbed them.

And with the help of my sister,
they decided I was evil.

They hid me halfway across the world
to protect their coveted life
in their beloved Savannah.

Oliver, do you know
where Calliope is or not?
I bet she's with Jules, the harmless one.

- Poor lamb.

- Okay.

Well, your poor lamb
tried to kill my daughter.

[line ringing.]

[cell phone ringing.]

- Hello?
- Margot?

- Oliver?
- They have him?
Do you hear that?
That's the sound of my screwdriver
driving into your son's neck.

And that's the sound of me
not giving a shit how loud he screams.

I want my daughter back.

Your daughter?
[Oliver coughing.]

How about we meet at my place?
You obviously know how to get here.

Oh, my place is available as well.

Neutral ground it is.

["Live It Up" playing.]

Oh, my head is killing me.


They need to go so we can leave.

Driving me crazy.

I'm on the hot list, never basic ♪
Wanna go take a walk?
Young and reckless
Met on a Tuesday ♪
I can't believe you got everybody
Let's go.

I don't really care
I live it up ♪
I don't really care
I live it up ♪
Do you wanna talk about it?
Do you?

But I don't know what to say.

- You can start with
- How it felt?



It felt

And I feel different.

How do you feel
seeing me do that?

Really weird.

But, like, I know you better now.

I know what you'll do
for the people you care about.

Did you know this tree was here?
Of course not.

It was in my dream.

Your dream.

You know what I'm talking about.

You're accusing me of planning this?
Then why did you come back
to help me tonight?
Why didn't you run away?
- I did, but then I heard you scream.

- But I couldn't scream.

I mean, inside I was screaming,
but he taped my mouth.

I couldn't make a sound.

You're in my head.

You bit me, and now I don't even know
if what I'm feeling is you or me or
I betrayed my family to save you.

I did that because I know
my feelings for you are real.

If you don't feel the same,
I'm the one who should be questioning
["Alive" playing.]

I feel alive
Like my hands can't touch the sky ♪
I feel alive ♪
I feel alive ♪
- [moaning.]

- I feel alive ♪
Like my hands can't touch the sky ♪
I feel alive ♪
I feel alive ♪
["Portland" playing.]

All the way from Portland ♪
- Ooh, calling ♪
- Yeah, aye, yeah, aye ♪
I got a bag, I got a drip
Now all of these girls be calling ♪
She hit me now, she took a trip
All the way from Portland ♪
She got amnesia, saying, "I need you"
I remember she was curving ♪
Snake in the grass, now I'm aware
That I'm dealing with a serpent ♪
I got a bag, I got a drip ♪
- Phillipa looks happy.

- Whatever.

- Ben.

- [gasps.]

- What are you doing here?
- I could ask you the same question.

We were just paying
Giving an Honoring Ashley
Where's Juliette, Ben?
She's probably
Probably still on the scavenger hunt.

Oh, here they come now.

Yeah, run, guys, you won.

Hey, we just came back from, um
From a fake scavenger hunt.

Nice try, Ben.

- Let's go.

- We'll follow you.

- I'm sure Ben can give me a ride.

- I am sure that he will not.

I would suggest you all go too.

The cop that tipped me off about
spotting my daughter at an illegal bonfire
has agreed to give you all ten minutes
to get out of here.

Put that fire out and go.

- I don't believe we've been introduced.

- Dad, this is Cal.

- We were just about to take her home.

- No.

Not a chance
I'm letting you get behind the wheel.

I can give Cal a ride home.
you prefer to have Savannah PD do that.

Juliette, before the sun comes up.

You're safe with me.


[engine starting.]

[camera clicks.]

- [Elinor.]
You're not listening.

- [Margot.]
Not the time.


He's evil.
This is just like before.

What if he told them
there's a way to end our lives to
He would never do that.
No Legacy would.

- Ever.

- Oliver might.

Your brother is still one of us.

We're not having this conversation.

Oliver is a self-destructive psychopath
with serious attachment issues.

- Which one do you want?
- Don't leave the car.

[cell phone beeps.]

We're not killing anyone.

Get out of my truck.

Hey, not so rough.

- We don't wanna provoke her.

- We brought a war to her backdoor.

We're past provoking her.

I'm gonna be grounded for life.

I guess we could always
see each other in our dreams.


Mostly kidding.

He missed the turn.


- You missed the turn.

- I know where I'm going.

This isn't the way to my house.


Dad, you're going the wrong way.

What's happened to you?
[crossing bell ringing.]

Watch out.
Dad, look out!
[tires screeching.]

- [Talia.]
What's happening?
- [Oliver laughs.]

- Are you doing this?
- She loves me, she loves me not.

You can take your whole family out,
but not until I get my daughter back.

- Do you hear me?
- Sorry.

I don't see my daughter.

Seems the girls had other ideas.

Then why are you here?
To talk to my son.

Heya, mama bear.

Nice jacket.

Enough with the cheap tricks.

I wouldn't call her that.

Why are you doing this?
Why does anyone do anything?
For love.


Please, wait.

What are you doing?
And revenge.

It's good to be back.


Shit! Where did he go?
[slow pop music playing.]

Some days ♪
I never should have listened to you.

Make you dizzy ♪
Knock you out ♪
I'm sorry.

You say that a lot.

And you don't say it ever.

What if it's that moment ♪
I'm scared, okay?
Where you stand up ♪
- Your dad is freaking me out.

- [Sebastian.]
Come back here.

Both of you, come back.

When you're
in the middle of a storm,
thekind where the sky turns black
and thereseems to be nolight
you have two choices.

You can wait for the heavens to part,
offer even a tiny bit of relief.

- [Sebastian.]
- [Calliope.]
Or you can run.

Juliette, stop!
And keep running
until the growl of thunder
disappears behindyou.

[car horn honking.]

Don't let go ♪
It's not over ♪
It's not over ♪
It's not over till you say so ♪
[theme music playing.]

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