First Kill (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

First Love

[theme music playing.]

Our love story could be kind of gory ♪
Far from boring ♪
We'd meet at a post-apocalypse ♪
Yeah, I'd be slowly walking in a group
Stalking you ♪
You'd be the only one alive ♪
That I could not resist ♪
Then all of your friends
They'd try to kill us ♪
But only because they'd be jealous ♪
That our love is deeper
Than Edward and Bella's ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart, yeah ♪
Oh, if I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain ♪
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
I'd just want your heart
'Cause I want you ♪
I gotta get free ♪
I gotta get free ♪
I gotta get free ♪
I've been trapped
Trapped in my mind ♪
Come back here.

[horn honks.]

I've got shackles 'round my wrists ♪
Like some strange diamonds ♪
But I'm foolin' nobody but myself ♪
crazy uninhibited highs,
the crashing lows of withdrawal.

It's not pretty.

Not like in the sonnets or pop songs.

It was no match for the gods of Olympus.

So why would I be immune
to the insanity of first love?
Now what?
Vampires have a trick
getting past locked doors.

After you.

I'm free ♪
I'm free ♪
I'm free ♪
What do you think that was on the road?
Some sort of demon.

Maybe an elemental.

But monsters
are definitely back in Savannah.

What was up with your father?
I don't know.

He wasn't himself.

Can we talk about something else?
So the whole breaking
and entering thing.

[both laughing.]

- Let's talk about that.

- I've never even broken a water glass.

I don't really know
why I smashed that window.
It's like when we're together, I just
- do what I feel like doing.

- Instead of what you're expected to do.


I feel the same.

It's like
Like we're connected.

I'm not talking about the weird dreams.

It's more.

Two houses,
both alike in dignity
in fair Verona, where we lay our scene.


Go on.

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
where civil blood
makes civil hands unclean.

Ancient grudge.

- Sounds familiar.

- Too familiar.

Every school I've ever gone to
did Romeo and Juliet.

Plus I've read it, like, 12 times.

You're enchanted with the bard, I see.

Best friend?
Since always.


Used to be, anyway.

- Reason?
- Let's just say
"If it doesn't work out, we promise
to go back to being best friends"
are the dumbest words ever spoken.


Favorite memory?
My sister's first spring break from Emory.

It's when we got close.

She opened up to me about everything,
which she'd never done.

We talked all night,
and I opened up too about liking girls.

First time I said it out loud.

I think I was queer from the womb.

[Juliette laughing.]

My mom kept telling me,
"It's okay if you like girls.
And I was so pissed
because I was marrying Bruno Mars.

And how dare she?
But it turns out I like girls
that look like Bruno Mars.

All right, favorite food.

- Sorry, I
- It's okay.

We call it "feeding.
Even though blood isn't really food.

- It's complicated.

- I think I understand.

I will always be a hunter.

But I will never hunt you.

And I will never hurt you.

When we're together,
all we have to be is Jules and Cal.

[metallic clanging.]

What the hell was that?
I don't know.

Probably just a rat or something.

I'm joking.
I'm joking.

[school bell ringing.]

So glad I forgot my phone.

- You ready?
- No.

It'll be okay.

We just have to explain to them
that we wanna stay at school today
and get a break from all the family drama.

Jules, there is no "we"
with Talia and Jack Burns.

They're not about this.

Whatever this is.

Well, then we'll tell them
that we'll run if they try to pick us up.

I want today with you.

Let's just try.

[downtempo pop music playing.]

[cell phone ringing.]

Where are you?
- We are at school.

- We?
Are you with that girl?
- She has a name.

- Nightcrawler, that's her name.

And you ran away
and stayed out all night with her.

Consequences be damned.

Clearly, you've lost your mind.

Her name is Calliope, and she's the reason
I see myself for who I really am.


You are a Legacy of the oldest bloodline.

They are ruthless monster hunters.

Her family would have slaughtered us all
had they known how.

Instead, they settled for torturing Oliver
and they made sure that I was aware of it.

The Fairmonts
are murderous monsters, Calliope.

You need to come home.

We have a lot to talk about,
and not over the phone.

- Can we talk tonight?
- You hear the "they're monsters" part
- of what I said?
- You don't know her.

Cal would never hurt me.

Jules, don't screw up my engagement.

- Your what?
- [Elinor.]
Surprise, hunter lover,
I'm getting married.

- I'm coming to get you.

- No, Mom, wait.
What is she talking about?
If you were home, you would know.

I will see you in 20 minutes.

I'm not going with you.

Be outside in 15.

Mom, no.

Please, just listen for three minutes.

I've never joined a club,
been on a sports team,
no organized anything.

We're never in one place long enough.

They asked me to build sets
for Romeo and Juliet.

Please, can I just stay?
I just want one normal day.


Stay away
and stay away from Cal's family too.

If you can't give me that,
we're gonna run again.

Jules, it's Dad.

Are you okay?

I'm sorry I ran, but you were
- terrifying.

- [Sebastian.]
Yeah, I guess I'm, um
I'm going through some changes.

Wait, what kind of changes?
You can tell me when I get home.

Can you please just keep Mom away?
I wanna stay at school
and have one normal day.

You deserve that
after your own father terrified you.

Stay at school,
we will discuss everything tonight.

- She's safe.

- Mm.

["Sweet Talk" playing.]

- [Calliope.]
I can stay.

- Me too.

Finally found the one thing
you're not good at.

- Really?
- [Juliette laughing.]

Can I borrow you a sec?
Don't want to hear it
I want to see it ♪
See how ♪
Rewind ♪
When we rewind
It feels so nice ♪
Are we pretending you're not a vampire
and we didn't just bury a body?
Come here, cutie.

I see what's happening.

Distracting me with my love language?
That worked when we were 7
and up until yesterday,
but today, you need to answer my question.

Cal and I are
- I think we're a thing now.

- She's your girlfriend?
Well, I'm not sure, but we have a plan.

She's accepting me for me.

What does that mean?
That she's gonna floss your fangs?
Don't be an asshole about this.

I'm not trying to rain on your glow,
but I'm a fan of reality.

And playing with humans
doesn't make you an actual human
any more than playing with a Barbie doll
makes you a Barbie doll too.

Fan of reality?

Whose reality, Ben? Not your own.

Because your reality is Noah,
a straight boy with a girlfriend.

Which makes you a sidepiece
in a closet he's not coming out of.

I'm sorry.

- I didn't
- Have fun playing make-believe.

[knocking on door.]

[door opens.]

- Hey.

- Hey.

I feel like I blinked
and you became this self-assured woman
who didn't need her dad anymore.

- I will always need you, Dad.

- I appreciate that.

- Which brings me to the Davenports.

- You mean my future in-laws?

Means so much to me you were willing to do
whatever you needed to do
to save my life, but
you don't need to do this.

I don't want you to do this.

- Sebastian, please.
Mother will hear.

- I can't believe
you're comfortable selling off
our daughter to appease your mother.

I'm sorry.

Selling her off?
I didn't know
that's how matriarchies worked.

The Emerald Malkia saved you,
made you full Legacy.

When are you going to start respecting
the traditions of our bloodline?
You took my last name to spite your mother
and her traditions, remember?
For love.

Elinor's cause is also a noble one.

The Davenports are hungry, Sebastian.

For centuries,
they have wanted to displace us
and claim the Emerald Malkia.

That damn hunter raid
gave them the opportunity
that they were looking for.

Mother also believes
that what happened at the consecration
will add fuel to their quest,
and she's probably right.

We are not auctioning off our daughter.

- Sebastian
- Okay, let's bring the rage down to a two.

I want this engagement.

And no, it's not about love.

I'm not sure I even want that,
to be honest.

What I do want,
and what I've known I've wanted
since I was in grade school
is power.

Wanna claim my rightful place
as an Atwood heir,
be the Keeper of the Emerald Malkia.

One day.

But I can't pursue my chosen path
without your blessing.

You're right.

You've always known exactly who you are.

And if you are on this path, then
it's because you want to be
and I will support you,
but you can change your mind
at any time.
I mean it.
Any time.

- I love you, Dad.

- And I'm not playing dress-up for Davina
and I'm certainly not attending dinner
with your guests.

- Is that what this is about? Henry?
- I have no interest in sharing a meal
with your ex-fiancé.

Oh, please, Sebastian.

Don't be a sore winner.

No, Mom, I agree with Dad.

He's not exactly presentable.

We are in uncharted waters.

There's never been
a Made vampire turned Legacy before.

Let's hope the shedding stops
before the wedding.

No shedding
before the wedding.
Got it.

[cell phone beeps.]

She called.
She's at school
and doesn't wanna come home.

Because she wants to have a normal day.

I'm picking her up as soon as I shower.

[cell phone beeps.]

This is torture.

I can barely breathe.

Breathing is overrated.

Tom Davenport won't be able to resist you.

Once the families are joined,
they'll stop attempting to dethrone me
and our future will be secure.

Then I'd say it's in the bag.

Or in the Spanx.

This is not a joke.

The Legacy power structure
is an intricate game of chess.

Influence, fear and allegiances
have kept our family
in power for centuries.

Her sense of humor
is how Elinor handles stress.

You won't be able
to manhandle her much longer
without her responding in kind.

She is your granddaughter.

The center of all strength,
the home of all desires is the heart.

Emerald Malkia willed it so.

The center of all strength,
the home of all desires is the heart.

Emerald Malkia willed it so.

Staking us will not destroy us.

Lilith will always protect us
and the Atwoods
will forever be the Keepers of the Malkia.

["Wait For You" playing.]

I've only got five minutes.

I gotta get to practice.

Okay, well, five minutes now,
more time in my house tonight.

I can't.

Phillipa's grandma's birthday.

She's turning 80.

So now I gotta get in line
behind your girlfriend's grandmother?
Are we really doing this again?

Dude, delete that right now.

If I can't have you,
give me something for the spank bank.

Don't play around.
Okay, no evidence.

Phillipa and I are getting serious.

I'm serious about you too, Noah.

So, what are we doing?
- Are you for real right now?
- Deadass.

We're doing what we always do.
Hooking up.

You start acting like it's more than that
and we're done.

Give it to me.

What the hell was that?
Look, whatever it is
Letty will know.

What? Why? What the hell was that?
[alarm blaring.]

Lock the doors, please.

That's the monster alarm.

We are in lockdown.

You know how this works.

On the floor, while I make a call
to make sure that it's not a drill.

- He's not texting me back.

- Just give him a minute to cool down.

He doesn't seem like the kind to stay mad.

This is not a drill.

We are on lockdown.

No one leaves
until we get the "all clear.
- It's Ben.

- See?
Okay, this is weird.

Some kind of orbs.

Those aren't orbs.

Those are eyes.
It's a fricking zombie.

Maddy, a word?
B positive, madams.

- Where's the AB girl?
- I'll have her swing by at once.

Thank you.

They're free range, you know.

Oh, I envy you Canadians.

The population of humans
willing to be blood servants
is almost nonexistent.

But only a work visa away.

How do you think it's going over there?
Looks like it's going well.

So it is.

But now that it's just us chickens,
how the hell did that hunting party
find you in Savannah?
I can assure you
that threat has been neutralized.

My darling Juliette
even helped lead the charge.

A threat, Madam Keeper?
Neutralized by your teenage granddaughter
who didn't bother
to show up at her own consecration
nor this important family dinner.

We had to hire security
to escort us out of town.

I know.
It was horrid.

And the Emerald Malkia?
Oh, serpent be blessed.

She was unharmed.

My former black ops team
escorted her to a safe location.

Still, you have to ask yourself
how they knew where to find you.

No wonder the council is all abuzz.

As I said,
I have the situation under control.

I've been feeding on humans for 300 years.

You'd think
I'd have it figured out by now.

It's okay.

Gives me the opportunity to apologize.

What I did was indefensible.

Leaving you at the altar like that.

I don't know why I wasn't honest sooner.

Because your mother
wouldn't have allowed it.

But eventually, I understood.

Despite our upbringing, I believe in love.

Is Sebastian not joining us?
- He's still recovering.

- Well, please give him my regards.

You're too kind.


In-laws, if today goes as planned.

Have you been?
- Can't say I have.

- I spent months there after Boston.

- Harvard?
- Undergrad, business school.

Anyway, the blood in Buenos Aires, divine.

Something about the latitude
and open space.

You haven't tasted anything like it.

You'll have to take me some time.

Anything for my betrothed.

Let's cut to the chase, Tom.

What do you want from this?
And spare me the nonsense about love.

Who needs love when you have power?
A man not intimidated by a powerful woman.

With an issue or two.

Word on the street is
Keeper isn't up for the job.

And where did I hear that from?
Oh, yeah, from someone
who heard it from your brother.


Oliver's a pathological liar
with unresolved mommy issues.

B positive?
Well, then.

To marriage.

To first marriages.

- Chill.

- What if someone finds us together?
We're friends,
we hang out with the same crew.

- I'm out.

- Noah, don't, please.

- There might be a monster out there.

- That's insane.

There haven't been monsters in Savannah
in decades.
I've never seen one.

Maybe this whole "no monsters
in a decade" thing might not be true,
- please stay put until she hits me back.

- No, I can't get caught with you!
Letty was right.

And the saddest part, I know you like me.

You call after too many White Claws
and text me random cute dog memes.

I'm the one on FaceTime
with you at 3:00 a.
not your girlfriend, because you're
too scared to tell her who you are.

And I'm better than some hookup
in a random musty gym.

I'm worth screaming about from rooftops.

Maybe life gets better for you
but it won't get better than me.

Again, not a relationship.

Never was.

Never will be.

[theme music playing.]

Our love story could be kind of gory ♪
Far from boring ♪
We'd meet at a post ♪
That picture,
I hope Ben didn't get close to it.

Hey, try to focus, okay?
Stay light on your feet.

It's an urban myth
that zombies are slow-moving.

Real zombies are mad fast and deadly.


- How do you know all this?
- I come from a family of monster hunters.

By the time I was 6,
I was asking Mall Santa for a katana.

Get away from me!
Get away from me!
I'd just want your heart
Yeah, I'd want your heart ♪
What is that? What is going on?
Help! Help!
Somebody help me!

Then all of your friends
They'd try to kill us ♪
But only because they'd be jealous ♪
That our love is deeper
Than Edward and Bella's ♪
You're safe with me, okay?
I got you.

I know.

I've got you too.


Drink up.
I gotta get back downstairs.

Someone was hungry.

No matter what I eat.

Wish I could say there was more, but that
Davenport woman can throw back the CCs.

She's repulsive.

- What about her horrid son?
- He seemed kind of cool.

You can't be serious.

He's funny.
I mean, he's making Mom laugh.

Real laughs? Or more polite laughter?
Dad, really?
- I should go down.

- No, absolutely not.

Do not ruin this for me.

So you like Tom, then?
He's a tool, but a tool I can use.

I love that you are ambitious
and determined, but those hyenas
have even more reason to use you.

- They can try.

- Your grandmother is one of them.

If this goes south,
she will do nothing to protect you.

[cell phone chimes.]

It's Mom.
Dad, I'm fine.
It's fine.

I should head back down there.

- If you want out
- I love you too.

- [Talia.]
You got my text.

- If this is a sequel to the other night,
I don't have the time
or patience to let you live.

My husband almost died.

My best friends were murdered.

Mike Franklin.
Sarah Franklin.

They're dead and their daughter Tess,
who I've known since she was a baby,
- she has no one now.

- Whose fault is that?
I'm on my way to pick up
my daughter from school.

Since you're on the way
She's not here,
if that's what you're asking.

I have to assume
you got the same call we got.

"Let me stay at school
and I promise to come home.
"Try to pick me up, Cal and I will run.
Mine was smart enough to leave that out.

Look, Margot,
I just want my daughter home.

She doesn't know about the Franklins yet.

It didn't feel right
sharing that over the phone.

Juliette's father was really sick
after you nearly killed him.

- We didn't share that with Jules either.

- I'd like to call a truce.

At least until our daughters
are where they should be.

Of course.
So would I.

If only it were that simple.

But it is that simple.

I spotted two armed guards in your trees.

You're obviously safe.

I'll keep my family at bay.

Don't make me out to be a fool.

I won't underestimate you
if you don't underestimate me.

Oh, Margot, give my regards to Oliver.

That looked tense.

Is everything okay?
Oh, new neighbor asking
about shopping in the historic district.

Quaint how you still bond with humans.

Well, I play one in real life.

They're so frail.

Had I been a different kind of monster,
I might have ripped out
Sebastian's throat.

Everyone gather around, please.

[banging on door.]

[zombie snarling.]

You ready?
Jules, it's your girl, Smashley.

You scared me
when you broke into the theater.

I was running my lines
and you two came in.

I'm Lady Montague, remember?
Oh, where is Romeo?
Saw you him today?
Could you take me home?
I tried to find it,
but I keep getting lost.

Maybe you can call my phone?
I can't find it either.

You scared me.

Hey, sweetie.
Just relax.


Well, that was easy.

Jules, listen to me.

She's not the Ashley you knew.

Not anymore.

- Nothing feels normal anymore.

- You're not Ashley!
This engagement is contingent
upon being blessed by the Emerald Malkia.

We would like her to be
the sole authority to consecrate the union
and final authority to dissolve it.

There's only one
outstanding issue and it's settled.


Proof that following
the grievous shit show
that was Juliette's Legacy consecration,
that our precious maker is not ensconced
in some sad hunter's herpetarium.

That you, Davina Atwood, are indeed
still Keeper of the Emerald Malkia.

Absolutely not.

Without proof, there can be no union.

Well, perhaps there should be no union.

- [Davina.]
The Sugimotos have a son.

- [Margot.]

You know Akio,
kind, handsome, twice your wealth.

Last summer, he took the 16-hour flight
from Tokyo just to bring Elinor peonies.

You insult me, Davina.

Your request insults me.

Boys, fetch the servants.
We're leaving.

You may have influence, Loretta,
but without the Malkia,
you'll never know the power you crave.

We'll assume the mother serpent is safe.

As well you should.


- We'll require seven.

- [Davina.]

- Unless the first is a girl, three.

- What if the first three are sons?
Then you keep trying.

It's your responsibility
to carry on the Atwood lineage.

I'm agreeable to heirs, but I won't sign
a contract stating I'll have ten kids.

I'm sure that won't happen.

Stop it now.

Let's agree to the terms,
get the loot, work out the details later.


Davenport, I'm simply asking that
the contract and our expectations align.

Why is she speaking?
Does no one in this family
respect protocol?
- Elinor.

- Mama, I need to speak to Dad.

- Of course.

- Excuse me.

Margot, be a dear
and continue with the next item
while I go see how our Elinor's doing.

Of course.

- It wasn't her.

- No.

Not anymore.

My God, are you all right?
That's a lot of your blood.

My first kill.

That was my first kill.

You okay?
[dramatic music playing.]

I was
I was fine with Noah's blood, but
yours is
It's bad.

I know.
But you don't wanna hurt me.

I know that too.

Of course.


Let's move her body before the final bell.

I am fighting for our position.

So you had better stop this childish
behavior and do your part as promised.

I've changed my mind, Grandmother.

I'm not moving to Toronto
to pimp out my uterus.

Then you're as useless as
your deranged brother and anemic sister.

Hey, you changed your mind?
- Yeah.

- Good.

- Where were you going?
- I don't know.

Just I'm trying to
overhear or something.

Tell me what happened.

- [Davina.]

- Davina.

She's done.
Please, you need to back off.

You are in no position
to demand anything of me.

Elinor, your entire useless family
I've had enough of you
insulting my family.
She is done.

Looks like her inferior genes won.

- I can't breathe.

- Davina, we're done.
You need to back off.

I'm the Keeper of the Emerald Malkia
and you will treat me
Like you deserve to be treated.

You need to get out of my house.

I saved your worthless life
and you will treat me with respect.

As will you.

Half of you is Atwood.

It's time you acted like one.

[Davina gasping and grunting.]

Back! Please move back!
My first zombie.

Check the body.

[dramatic music playing.]

Check the body.

Couldn't have done that
before we carried your heavy ass?
Once they find Noah's body,
everyone will know.

Monsters are back.

You have to go.

- You have to fight this.

- I'm trying.

- You know that won't kill me.

- Remember the bee?
On my shoulder.

When you invited me to Noah's party.

I thought you were a monster too.

But then you scooped that tiny little bee
and you asked me to make a wish.

That's not what monsters do.

You wouldn't hurt that bee
and you won't hurt me.

Just go now!
The Davenports are restless.

- What in Lilith's name?
- My love, um
Davina, she
She went too far.
She continued to insult our family.

She physically assaulted me.

She tried to drag Elinor downstairs.

She went too damn far.

Where is Mother now?
I ate her.

You ate my mother?

I didn't even know that was possible.

Margot you left
one of your own at the altar.

You gave up everything that you had
because you fell in love with me, a human.

Even when I got sick, we agreed you would
turn me so that we would never be apart.

We loved each other that much.

We built an amazing life together.

You You and Elinor and Juliette
are my everything.

And I will never tolerate an attack
of any kind on any of you.

Tell the Davenports
we've changed our mind.

The engagement is off.

They're free to go.

Are you sure?
As the Emerald Malkia's
new Keeper-in-Waiting, the decision
is yours.

Thank you, Mother.

Death follows you everywhere.

Oliver, let her go!
Aw! They broke our zombie.

You killed Ashley?
She came back to school
rotting and confused.

- How could you do that?
- Did it for you.

- What the hell are you talking about?
- I've been here for months.

Watching Margot buy blood pills
in back alleys.

I know those aren't for Elinor,
which meant you weren't eating.

I'm sure you were hungry.

I've been there.
I wanted to help you.

So I went to that party.

Found an easy target.
I killed the lights
and left you a present.

I thought if you saw that fresh,
oozing goodness, your bloodlust would win.

Once a girl's dead,
why not make her a zombie?
Plus, Carmen needed
a human liver for an elixir.

Thank you, babe.

You say you wanna help me?
You tried to force me
to bite somebody, like Elinor did.

I'm nothing like Elinor.

It was her.

It was her we saw at Noah's party.

- It was her we saw on the road last night.

- You have a good memory.

You also owe us a zombie.

- You'll make a fine replacement.

- She won't be replacing anything.

He won't hurt me.

- Get out of here.

- No, I'm not leaving you!
Babe, can't you see?
Your sister's in love.

You have to go, Cal.

Cal, I'm begging you.

It is impossible to be immune
to the insanity of first love.

A union predestined, written in the stars.

That's the only way I can wrap my head
around it.
But every tear,
every skipped heartbeat, the passion,
the pain, it's all worth it in the end.

Why did you come back?
I thought you'd never ask.

I want Elinor's pretty little head
on a stake.

I'm not sure what you were told,
but Elinor made our parents throw me away.

Like I was some trash.

Left me for dead.

I want her to pay for her sins
and you're gonna help me.

- Are you insane?
- No, I'm not.

What if we can
turn you into a real girl?
There's a spell for that.

Help me bring Elinor down, and
you and Cal can live happily ever after.

No strings attached.
I promise.

[eerie instrumental music playing.]

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